Trip with Friends (straight)

Riya's sex story
For the first time, a fun trip with my friends to Goa made me excited to do a lot over there.. Do read my experience in the story..

I am a working girl in Hyderabad. I work with Infosys., I am very fair and i am 34 30 and 36. I have more of boy friends than girls, cozz i love more of boys as friends.. Every weekend we enjoy in pubs or bars for fun. all the corporate working men n women in hyd looks class outside but date each other secretly... and we r such classy sexy friends cum colleagues..

One of such weekends we had a bash party and were drunk to peaks. And the next day morning, I had such hangover and headache that i was just absent minded the whole day.. Got ready to office and I forgot to wear my bra inside my t shirt and started to office. And that t shirt is also a kind of transparent one. when i was in bus, i realized that I was not wearing a bra inside and that is the reason all men were starring at me from so long., as if they wanna suck me if given a chance.. I have very firm bouncy boobs and they were dancing when i was walking. Then i decided not to feel embarrass for having great boobs & what if there is no bra., and was walking with confidence and attitude. I reached office, all the members were looking at my bouncing boobs whenever i am walking. Also my nipples r popping out from my very transparent t shirt, which is sight pleasure for all men in my office. I felt good, when they r looking at my assets..

I have a very dear friend and my colleague Amit in the office, he was a new joinee in office. I liked him and we had been good friends too. He was starring at me on my boobs since i had no bra, his looks are so magical that i was feeling shy.. but he made me comfort, he says coming to me that i had really very nice boobs. we became very good friends in no time. He always tries to touch me, my boobs or butt, i notice him many times, but even i feel good.. so i was never 'no' for his touches.. we started liking each other.. Mostly we leave office together.

He made a plan to propose me on coming valentine then. Mostly people used to take us girlfriend and boyfriend but we were not a couple. I was shy as I was actually from a small city. I was little bit opened up being with him and my dressing sense was also changed bcozz of his friendship and suggestions. I am little sexier now after getting into western outfits.

on the valentine day., He reached to office early on valentine and made arrangements, I got to know from his friends. He had bought some nice flowers and a gift. He also booked a room in hotel. I came to office and he proposed to me in front of entire office. I was little surprised and more excited and felt proud. I said yes in excitement. We both were happy. We wanted to make love and were not able to work. I went to boss and requested for leave. He allowed us to go.

We went to movie and then we did shopping for myself. Then, i asked for my gift? he said – ' i had booked a room., now you will get your gift in hotel room only.' I was happy and think that today, i will be luckiest person in world. We went to hotel and checked – in. He had ordered wine. As we entered in hotel, I hugged him tight. I pulled his collar and slapped him and said – ' i knew, you love me. But, why you took you long. I made my mind, if didn’t propose me today. I must be fucked by anyone and will loose my virginity.'

Then, he pushed me on bed and came over me. He opened his shirt and i kissed his chest. I was kissing him madly. he was pulling my hairs and pushing my mouth in his chest. i was really horny and I was hunting him so hot like wild tigress. Then, he pushed me under him and was kissing every where on my face. he had kept my lips on his lips and was sucking my lips. Our breath were really fast and we both were moaning in sexual pleasure mmmm eyyyy ahhhhh hmmm …. his dick was so hard and it wanted to come out. I had made me nude instantly.

I was in netted bra and panty, I was not able to control myself. he had removed his all clothes and came closer to me. i took his dick from over his underwear and was pressing his dick hard and then enjoying its smell. Then, I kept my dick in her mouth. he was amazed that i was playing with his dick like a professional call girl. When he asked about this, I said – ' i love to see blue film and do fingering every night in my pussy and even my room mates fingers me n we do lick each other's boobs and pussy.' He said, it is good for him since i am doing better. he pulled me up and removed bra and panty had pushed me on bed. My firm rounded boobs were inviting him to hunt me.

He attacked boobs and was pressing them hard. he made my boobs straight with his hands holding them and kept my brown cute nipples in in his teeth. he was biting my nipples and pulling the boobs. he said- ' Wow… u r awesome… sexy… very hot.' he had put his one hand on my wet pussy, i had taken his dick in hand was rubbing it on my pussy. i was very thirsty now and wanted to get fucked now. he also didn’t wanted to make more delay. he kept his dick in my pussy door and pushed me. I was virgin and his dick then slipped one side since it was not so easy to push his dick inside. he then bent on his knee and kept his tongue on my pussy, started licking the pussy and made it wet and gave me many orgasms. I was moaning in pleasure aaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmaaahhhhhhhh aahhh ahhha ahhhhh mmm mmmmmm yaaaa yeaaaa mmmmm…

Then, he kept his dick inside my pussy again and pushed. This time, my dick was in for some inch… hhhh hmmm … yes … oooo…. pushed 2 – 3 more stroked and dick was entirely inside. I was in pleasure to heaven.. and had no words excpet moaning with closed eyes..

We both were enjoying hard. he was pushing dick so hard. It was giving pleasure to both of us. he was about to cum, he pulled his dick suddenly out and released his all cum on my navel. It was so hot that i was moaning in nice pleasure.he said- ' you are really awesome !!' and we had our first sex really enjoyable.

Loved that experience and from then whenever we wanna have fun, we used to meet in weekends and pleasure ourselves greatly.. Our love had successfully turned into marriage and we r having a really happy life now !!!

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