My Best Friend and I (bisex, teen sex, young)

Skysun69's sex story
This are true stories of how I learn the raw hard facts of life, and how I became Bisexualy and loved it, so enter my mind if you dare...

Then one night, When I was 8 – ½ years old, as my best friend was taking care of us, while my sisters slept in their rooms, he wakes me up, takes my thumb out of my mouth and tells me, wake up sport, let’s have some fun, he carried me to his apartment that was next door to us so we can play wrestling, I woke up, so he put his mattress on the floor, he said that the wrestling game is played in underpants as those on real TV wrestling, then he tells me to take off my clothes so we play cos I was in PJ's and I did as told, then he told me the rules to be fare, that to be count out from him to me is up to 10 and from me to him is up to 3 only cos am little and whoever loses the fight had to lay down on the bed, belly down, and be tied up and tickled, I said, ok, cool, sounds like fun, but no cheating, I giggled he laughed, so we start, he makes the amusement as am warming up by jumping around, IN THIS CORNER, WE HAVE THE POWERFUL BF (Best Friend) FIGHTING FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP AGAINST THE GREAT BB (Bubble Butt), and the bell rings, DING, DING, DING, so we are going round and round, am giggling cos he is making funny faces and every time he jumps his big soft cock comes out of his underwear opening moving side to side and up then down, looks so funny, hehehe, he is on his knees now cos he is taller than me, he tried to grab me and I moved fast so he fell and I took fast action and jumped on top of him, as I am on top of him holding his arm back making my kill move cos he is facing up, I get on top of him, I put my feetsys on his face and I pull on his arm to pin him down, I count, 1, he tries to get out, 2, and he pushes me off, so we go round and round again, then he makes a move on me that makes me fall on my belly, so he is on top of my ass now and counting, 1, and one slow hump, I say, hey, none of that and I tried to get out as I giggle, 2, and two slow humps, he spreads my legs, am giggling, I yell, YOU CHEATER, STOP THAT, 3, and three slow humps, I said, hey stop that, not fare, this is a professional game, I giggle more, 4, and four slow humps, he laughs and says, I have to make you weak to win, 5, and five slow humps, am giggling hard, and fighting to get him off me, so I raised my ass to get him off me, bad idea cos I felt him more, 6, and six slow humps, I try to wiggle my ass out of him, another bad idea cos now he got closer to my anal, now I can feel his hard cock poking my anal, 7, and seven slow humps, am getting weak, but giggling, I kept saying to myself, I must stay strong, I must stay strong, cos it was now feeling good, and I girly moan, OOH MY GOODNESS, 8, and eight slow humps, I lifted my ass up one more time real hard to make room so I can move my hand down and in back of my ass, WOW, did I felt that cock trying to rip through my white short brief to get in me, and another soft girly moan sneaked out of me, OOH MY BUDDY, AMMM, YEAH, 9, and nine slow humps, that was feeling nice but as he is giving me the nine slow humps I took advantage to escape and as I put my hand down to his hard cock, which felt very pretty good in my hand, hehehe, I grabbed his balls and squeezed the hell out of him that he just jumped off me screaming, OUCH BABY, he was humping me and poking my anal so much and hard that my underwear was all in my ass crack, I see that he seemed to be in pain so I go to him saying sorry POWERFUL BF, and I giggled, well he was hurting much so I felt bad and I went to him as he is holding on to his crouch, saying, OUCH, OUCH, I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you, as am also worry That he tells mom I was a bad boy so I asked him, is there anything I can do to make it feel better? He said, NO, in an angry tone, so I get closer and said, ok, ok, ok, look, let me kiss your boo, boo, like my mommy use to do to me when I hurt ok? And he said, ok but it hurts so be careful, I said, ok, you cry baby, just tell me where it hurts, and I giggled, so I kneel by his hip on his side and I bend over and I grab his hard cock on his underwear, and as I am kissing his cock head, I ask, is it here? Kiss, kiss, he says, no, lower, so I tilt his big hard cock, and I kiss the sides of his cock over his underwear and ask, is it here? Kiss, kiss, he says, no, lower, then I pull slowly and softly his big hard cock up as he spreads his legs and I reach and feel one of his huge hairy balls through his underwear and I kiss it, I ask again, is it here? Kiss, kiss, he says no, lower, well, it’s hard doing all this cos am doing all this with his underwear still on him, now I reach his next huge ball and I kiss it asking, is it here? Kiss, kiss, he says, no, lower, I say, WOW, so where did I hurt you POWERFUL BF CRY BABY? Hehehe, and with my little hand I lifted his huge sack of balls and cock as he lifts his legs straight up then with my middle finger I pointed to his wide ass crack and I asked, did I hurt you way down here? And he said, YESS, so with one of my little hand I pull his big hard cock up higher and with my other little hand I move up his huge sack of balls out the way but it was very hard to do cos of the underwear still on him so I tried my best to kiss his anal part where he claims it hurts, now I got wet, I notice I was like precuming, hehehe, he felt better and we continued playing, we began to go round and round again, I yell at him, COME ON YOU POWERFUL BF CRY BABY, as I am trying to grab him I trip on the mattress and landed on my belly again, he jumps on my back quickly and the humping starts again, I mean the counting starts, hehehe, sorry, it seems that my best friend has a problem laying still on top of my ass, I guess he can’t count without humping, hehehe, OH MY GOODNESS, IT TICKLES SO MUCH, I giggle as he counts, 1, one slow hump, 2, two slow humps, I giggle, 3, three slow humps, I yell laughing, STOP IT, STOP IT, giggling much, 4, four slow humps, now my underwear is so up my ass crack, giggling so hard, 5, five slow humps, am screaming, OOH MY, OOH MY, STOP IT, HEHEHE, 6, six slow humps, he is doing a good job in humping me that I have no strength left and all that humping is making a big tingling in my anal, Ooh my, Ooh my, Ooh my, 7, seven slow humps, WOW, am feeling his cock pushing my underwear aside and its poking my anal, 8, eight slow humps, Oohhh, my am getting weak, am in trouble now, 9, nine slow humps, I moan as my pee, pee gets hard and wet, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, OOH MY GOODNESS, OOH, 10, and ten slow humps, am now humping back as I lose the game match, well, clear as It was he was bigger and stronger than me so guess who lost in every game, hehehe, (Smart Man) then as I am belly down he tied my hands apart, he took my underwear off before he tied my legs apart, on the mattress cos it had like a handle there that’s where he tied me too and started tickling me all over, I am very ticklish so am cracking up giggling and touching my ass inside as tickling my anal with his fingers made me giggle like a girl and weak, he was soft and gentle so not to hurt me, he put like an oil deep inside my little hole with this tube that he inserted, he said it would make me feel better, which it did, my inside hole was full of this stuff that made my asshole TINGLING deep in me, then he started slowly putting in one finger at a time while with the other hand he kept tickling me, as I giggled more he went deeper in me and he would pull out his finger if I hurt, I asked, are you trying to make me happy? He said, yes, do you like it? I said, sure, everything you do to me I like, you are my best friend and you make me giggle, with you I feel no hurt cos I get sad when I think of daddy not giving me time, so I lifted my jelly BB, Bubble Butt, up for him cos it feels better and he has better access to freely do me, so there we are, am belly down tied up on his mattress, all naked and my ass perked up, getting finger massages deep in my hole as I feel he is stretching me, we played this same game every day for like more than 6 months and of course again I lost, but I didn't mine, he would prize me with candies, so one finger at a time then two fingers and so followed that way till after so many days and massages to my little hole that it did stretched big, he then asked me if he could PENETRATE me, I asked, what means penetrate? He said, well, going inside you with my cock, now my hole was so stretched out cos I had learned how to relax my anal with breathing techniques and from all the times of massaging it that he now wanted to try with his cock, I asked, is this another different game and is it bad? So he says, Yes, is like another good game and no baby, it’s not bad it’s part of growing up, as you become a big boy you will have more fun, I did it too when I was your age, so I said, Oh, OK, let’s try it, if it makes you happy it will make me happy to play more with you, if it didn't hurt me, I was now wide open and for the first time I felt a cock in me and I liked it, I felt it go in so slowly and softly but tight a bit, then when it went all the way in me he stood there and I felt everything, his hard hot cock was pulsing in me, it was driving me nuts, I moved my ass to feel it go in and out but he said, no baby, just stay still cos I don’t want to cum yet, as I lay there with my ass perked up and him in me, I asked, what means CUM? He said, well baby, my cock will shoot a white hot creamy liquid like when you have to pee badly, I said, Hmmmmm, sounds like me, maybe I CUM too, he said, Yes, you have baby, so I asked, is that bad, Cumming? He said, no baby, why do you think everything is bad? I said, I don’t know, maybe cos I don’t hear no one talking about it and when I ask questions like that to my daddy or mommy I get beat or punished so I think its bad cos I get in trouble that’s why I ask you cos you don’t hit me or punish me, I feel free to ask with you and I learn things with you, and I thank you for teaching me all this, as we are talking he is still humping me very, very slowly and I am liking it more and more, I girly moan, OOH MY GOODNESS, he says, well baby, look, all the times I had made your pee, pee peed that’s when you had cum, and you feel good cos you be very happy after, right? I said, Yeah, your right now that I think of it, so true, cos I make girly noises too, WOW, am thinking to myself, a excited of all the things am learning from him, so am getting real happy and I started humping back faster so my asshole gets all wet from him, then he even gave me a present when we finished that day cos I kept lifting my ass up DOGGY STYLE, I learned that name, doggy style much later, so he shoots inside me easily and a lot cos I kept feeling his CUM shooting in me, but he told me never to say anything because I was his best friend and he didn't wanted to loose me and if they knew we were playing wrestling which was a dangerous game that they will split us apart and take him away from me (smart man, hehehe) he untied me cos game was over every time he CUM in me, though I wanted to keep playing but he would say, I have to wash you now baby, so I did as I was told, No blood ever came out that I remember cos he was very clean and gentle, he use to wash me after each CUM shot every time he went in me, he also some times used like a balloon he called rubbers on his cock sometimes when he did me, but I don’t like when we play with the rubbers on his cock cos I can’t really feel when he CUMS in me, besides I like when he is in me hard so I tell him not to take his cock out when he finish CUMING till he gets soft then the game is over cos if he takes it out before then he will loose, so he did as I say, hehehe, he is so cute, I liked when he bathe me, it feels so good, he shows so much love when he bathe me, then he would tell my mom that I was a good boy, my mom was a tough Strick woman at times and very sweet at others, she would had beat me if I didn't listened to him, cos he was an adult and I had to listen to him, then in one game when he penetrated me again he didn't use the balloon, rubber and left me this hot creamy liquid, CUM, inside my asshole again I said to him, hey you, I felt that inside me, gushing in me, but I didn’t wanted him to get mad, I want him to tell mommy I was a good boy, so I let him in me and I liked it too, it felt good how it kept going in me and so hot, it had happen way before but outside my hole I remember I was too tired to ask what was that hot creamy thingy I felt, he kept saying sorry to me as he came inside me cos I didn't understand why then, all he told me was he had peed inside me playing around so I giggled and I told him, Uffff, now wash my asshole good then, for some reason I knew it was not pee, it felt different not a watery liquid but a wet thick creamy hot juices one, but I am getting use to taking his hard cock going deep in me, then one other night my mother was going out again so she had ask him to watch over us and that she had put my sisters to sleep and me already so he won't have much problem, he said that we are no problems to him and he was more than happy to help besides the extra money was good, she called him an sweet angel for always being there to help us, when she left he went and checked on my sister's, I saw him go in there room cos my room is right across and my door was partly opened, then I waited for a while thinking to myself, what’s taking him so long? I see him coming to my room and he is pulling up his pants, so I realized he must had been making my older sister happy, its not the first time, he is so good to us, always trying to please us all, they were dead asleep so he closed there door then he came and checked on me, I pretended to be asleep sucking my thumb, as I was going to surprise him, hehehe, I was the one that got the surprise, he called me but I didn't answer, I was laying on my stomach, so he started to pull off my superman tight brief underwear, Yes, I have a problem with my boys brief underwear, they all fit me tight due to my big jelly BB ass, anyway, I thought, oh WOW, his playing the tickling game with no ties, so I kept silent, he spread my legs and I kept closing them to play with him, then he kissed my neck, pulled up my PJ shirt and started licking my back as I was now naked, all the way down to my ass, letting his tongue wonder off, that felt so good that I was having goosebumps so I spread my legs back fast and moaned, OOH, HMM, MMM, UFFFF, I feel one hand spreading my ass cheeks, he squirt a soft liquid inside my asshole, I felt the tube again, while putting in one finger at a time, I moaned more, OOH, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, HMMM, AMMM, UFFFF, cos he moved them around slowly, I counted three fingers so far, then he pulled them out, I wanted him to play more so I almost let him know I was awake by lifting my butt to him, then he pushed himself on top of me and he tilted my head and kissed me on the mouth, that was wired he open my mouth and in went his tongue, I didn't wanted him to know I was awake so I let him, as this happened he was putting his cock inside my asshole, in and out went his cock and at the same time he tongues me, which later I learned it’s called, FRENCH KISSING, WOW, I was feeling so good I perked up my ass so he could do me good, though I didn’t know how to French kiss yet so I just opened my mouth wide and let him in it, but I learned how to play tongue games, I wanted to moan but I didn’t wanted him to know I was awake, as he came inside my asshole with his hot creamy thingy, I sucked more his tongue in moaning as I felt him in me, HMMM, MMM, I peed the bed really so wet as he came in me that he noticed I was not sleeping, then he told me, you little rascal you was up all the time, and I said, Yeap and I giggled, I told him, I wanted to make you happy, hehehe, he was going to pull out and I said, no pleaseeeeezz, leave it in me I like it, then he let me sleep with his cock still inside my asshole as I suck my thumb, I kept squeezing my anal as caressing his cock in me so he can feel good and get hard but he was tired now, after all these times of being with him so openly I then knew that’s all I wanted, a best friend like him for ever that makes me feel so good and wants me and shows me he needs me, making me feel that much more important in life, I fell asleep ♡,,,,,,,, Morning came, my sisters are up, I see him kissing my older sister, my mom didn't come home last night, he tells me, sport, take your thumb out of your mouth and wash up I made you guys breakfast, I asked him, Hey, where is my KISS? So he kissed me, hehehe, I get up with a slippery wet assholes, phone rang, I picked up, it was mom, she says, Hi baby, can you please put your friend on the phone, I pass him the phone, I hear her cos am close to him now eating and she talks loud, she says, sorry am not there yet we had car problems but will be there like in 2 hours or more, if you can babysit longer I will pay you more, he said, I love too, but you don't have to pay more, I love your kids, she says, thanks, you’re an angel, oh one more thing get the girls ready, there dad will be picking them up and my son stays with you,,,,,,,,,,,

My Love For Animals Started At The Zoo

He says, ok, he asked my mom permission to take me to the zoo, she said, Yes, thanks again for being so good to my kids, so he tells us the day plan, I got so happy, I jumped on to him and kissed him, he got my sister's and me ready, all dressed up, my little sister gets dressed by herself but he helps my older sister get dressed, kissing her as he changes her panties, he is so helpful, hehehe, the car horn beeps, I look out the window, it’s my dad so he takes my sister's downstairs to daddy, I went to say hi to daddy, and I asked daddy for some money cos am going to the zoo but he said he don't have change, I was like, WOW REALLY, he don’t see us for weeks then he comes empty handed too, am sad I didn't get money, my friend said, don't worry baby I got you, so we head out to the zoo, at the park he held my hand all the way, lots of people there, sometimes he carried me over his shoulders like I spread my legs and sit on his neck holding on to his head cos am too little to see the animals, he buys me a small BLACK TEDDY BEAR, I was so happy, we saw elephants, tigers, snakes, parrots, monkeys, I got on a pony ride, merry-go-round and more, we were having so much fun then we went to eat, we chat as we eat, he asked me what animals I found interesting and what did I like best? I was thinking, then I said, I liked best the merry-go-round cos I was on your lap and I remembered something very interesting about the monkeys and the pony that caught my eye so as we are eating, I asked him, hey, why was the monkey putting in his mouth the other monkeys pee, pee? He answered well,,,,, Ahhh.,,,,, Hmm,,,,, OK,,,,, WOW, you caught that huh, I said Yeap, I asked, why is bad? He says, no baby, look,,,,, Ahhh,,,, the monkey that had the other monkey’s pee, pee in his mouth was trying to make the other monkey feel happy, I said, Hmm, Oh, like you did with my older sister when I was under the covers? He said, Yes, your sister was trying to make me happy, even the animals have lots of love in them and sometimes more than humans, they are not ashamed or shy to show there love, so why should we, then I continued to eat my fries as I absorb what he just told me, so he asked me and the pony? What you liked about the pony? I stopped from eating and my mouth just suddenly open wide as I remembered, I asked, did you get to see the size of that pony’s pee, pee when he was taking a piss? WOW, I never seen something so huge, it was my biggest eye opener at the zoo, I love animals, so he asked me, did you like it? I said, Yeap, Yeap, Yeap, it was cute, Yeah,,,,, Hmm,,,,, Aahm,,,,, you know I never seen your cock, buddy, I felt it and kissed it on your underwear when I hurt you in wrestling but nope, never seen it so can I see your pee, pee cock? He said, next time baby, and how do you know my pee, pee is called a cock, I said, cos I hear the teachers talk, but I want to see it now, you seen mine and played with it so many times and bathe me so why I can't see it now, I yelled, I WANT TO SEE YOUR PEE, PEE COCK NOW!!! he whispered, baby, baby, lower your voice, I can't just pull it out here, we are eating, and there are many people here looking and I will get in trouble, I said, OK, OK, sorry, then, I will go under the table and you show me, Yes?, He said, but sweetie you don't understand everyone will see me and I will get in trouble and go to jail, I said, Hmm,,,,, I see, Aahm,,,,, ok, I have to go to the bathroom, he said, ok let’s get some napkins in case they don't have toilet paper, I said, Okie, dokie, brokie, :-) so we go to the bathroom we take the last booth so he could go in and help me, he unbuttons my short pants, he takes them completely off with my tight brief underwear, I sit on the toilet but it’s so wide for my ass so he has to hold me that I don't fall in, as I am waiting I start looking for his zipper to bring it down so I can see his pee, pee cock, he tells me you little sneak, you don't have to use the bathroom, you just wanted to see my cock, I giggled so hard he laughed harder, he says, ok, you win, wait, hold on to me, I will let you peek but we have to do this fast ok, I say, Yes Sir, and I giggled some more, so there I am sitting with no pants or underwear on in front of him, waiting for him to pull out his cock, he whips it out, his cock almost banged my head when he took that big guy out, my jaw just drops and all I can say is WOW, I felt it before and kissed it on your underwear but I never really seen it up close, I asked him, can I hold it, he said, ok, I had to use my two hands to grab it so I almost fell in the toilet bowl when I let go of him cos I was holding on to him while he whips it out and when I let him go to grab his monster I got scared cos I almost fell in, we were cracking up laughing, I asked, is this big thing what I been feeling in my little asshole, he said, Yes, do you like it? I yelled in a girlish voice, YEAH, IT’S PRETTY, HI MR. DICKEY, WOW, it looks like the one the pony had, cool, is it wrong that I like it BUDDY COCK? He said, No baby, it’s not wrong that you like it, I like yours too, ok I have to put it away, we have to go home, it’s getting late, I said, wait, I want to make you feel happy, let me put it in my mouth like the monkeys did, so I can show you I love you as you said, he said, no baby, not here, show me love some other time, I said in a girlish voice, ok, see you later Mr. Dickey, so I shake it good and I kissed it before he puts it away, now as he is putting on my briefs and shorts he spanks me, I said, Ouch, Hey, what was that for, he said, for tricking me, we laughed some more and he said, I love you baby, I said, I love you more and we went home, when we got home my mom was still not there so he calls her back and asked, hey are you guys ok, we are back from the zoo, mom says, we are so, so sorry, in one more hour we will be there, he said, NO, no problem at all, I was just worried, we already ate, do you want me to make you dinner cos your coming in late and do you want me to bathe him? She says, Oh no, thanks, we also ate, but Yes, please, you can bathe him, thanks, put him on please, so he says, sport, your mom wants to speak with you, I say, ok, hey mom, I asked, what’s wrong? She says, nothing sweetie, are you being a good boy? I said, Yeah mommy, we went to the zoo, and we had lots of fun, and mommy, buddy bought me a teddy bear, and hey mommy, I saw a lot of animals and mommy, I saw a big snake and it opened its jaw real big to eat a big meal, and mommy, mommy, I saw a pony that was peeing, he had a huge pee, pee mommy, I giggled, she laughs and says, Ooh my goodness, so you had fun, good boy, am glad you enjoyed yourself, now he is going to bathe you, so get all your things and do as he says and don't play around wetting his floor ok, I said, Yeah mommy, OK, I will do as he say, love you, she says love you more baby, so he goes next door to my place and picks up my sleeping clothes and my GI-Joe toy and says lets go next door to my place sport, I told him, don't forget teddy too, he filled up the bathtub with Mr. Bubbles and said, I have a surprise for you, I am getting in with you so we can play together ok, I said, WOW, THAT’S SO COOL, I never bathed with my daddy you are my bests friend ever and I kissed him, I strip off all my clothes he does too, I was so amazed at his naked hairy body, I said to myself, I never seen a man naked, he looks so pretty, he did show me his cock at the zoo but completely nude I never saw him, Hmmm, not bad at all, he is so cute, hehehe, he saw me staring and smiling so he asked, is everything ok? I said, Y,,,,, Ye,,,,, Yea,,,,, Yeah,,,,, well, your naked, I never seen you like this, your pretty, he said, you mean I am handsome not pretty, handsome is for boys, pretty is for girls, ok, I said, OK, Yeah, you are pretty handsome, I giggled, he laughs, so we get in, he sits first, then I on top of his lap, I say, Hi there Mr. Dickey, I told you I’ll see you again, hehehe, as we get in together the water just over flows, we both say at the same time, OOPSSS, and we started to laugh out loud, so now he is sitting in the tub naked and I am sitting on top of his lap naked, as I am paying with my GI-Joe toy figure in the water with one hand and with Mr. Dickey in the other hand making girly voices, he is washing my long curly brunette hair, when he finished with my hair we did some talk as he slowly sponge cleaned my back, he asked me, Sport, do you really love me? I said, Yeap, a whole lot, buddy cock, I keep playing, he asks me again, and would you do anything for me that I ask you too? I said, Yeap, I have too, buddy cock, he asks, why you say you have too? I said, cos you are an adult and I must do as you say cos I must be a good boy so mommy won’t hit me, he says, Hmm, so you would do anything, anything I ask you too? I said, Yeap, cos I don’t want you to get mad, he said but your my best friend, I will never hit you, I said, but mommy will if you say I was a bad boy, am now soaping his cock to help him wash, as he softly sponges my back, then he says, I will never do that, you will always be a good boy to me, so you will do as I say no matter what, huh? I said, Yeap, ok, look, I also do it cos I want you to love me, ok, I don’t have this love from my daddy, that’s why you are also my best friend, ok, I finish washing his cock, he tells me to turn and sit facing him so he can sponge my front, I position myself as so by putting one leg on each side of his thigh, I took my GI Joe and kept playing diving under water he jumps cos I hit his cock, so I tell GI-Joe to say sorry to Mr. Dickey, I hold his long big soft hose of a cock up out of the water and I play with it, making kiddie sound like if Mr. Dickey is talking to my GI-Joe, dickey say, Hey you hit me, Joe says, I am sorry big fellow, dickey, why did you hit me on my head, Joe, it was an accident, meanwhile my friend is just laying back resting letting me enjoy myself playing with his big long hose of a cock, so dickey says, you hit me on my head, Joe, you want me to kiss your boo, boo, dickey, Yes and do it good, Joe, Yes Sir, I whispered to Joe, you must do as he says, I through Joe to the floor I turn around, clime on my friends chest with my little feetsys, I bend over, put my ass up to my friend face, so I can bend over, now we are like in a 69 position, I grab his cock with both hands now, my friend asks, what are you doing baby, I said, I am playing, I am on a mission here, he asks, what is your mission, I said, well, Joe accidentally hit Mr. Dickey on the head so I told Joe to apologize, he did but Dickey wants Joe to kiss his boo, boo, so I am doing it for him, I whispered to buddy cock so Joe don’t hear me and say, cos Joe can't kiss, buddy cock just starts laughing so hard and says, ok while your down there and while your ass is in my face I will finish cleaning you, I said okie, dokie, brokie, clean away, Sir, I giggled, so I grab Mr. Dickey and I start kissing him, I remembered the monkey scene, putting the other monkeys dick in his mouth to make him happy, as my friend said, so I tried it, but it don't stand up so I give it some slow shaking and pulling it to wake him up I yelled, WAKE UP MR. DICKEY, WAKE UP, I FELT YOU HARD AND STRONG SO WAKE UP, and I felt its working so I shake it more faster, now it was coming out of the water getting hard, so I did more shaking, WOW, now is real hard and standing straight up, I put it close to my mouth to kiss it, as I do that I feel my asshole being licked, I said, Hey, what you doing back there, he said, I am on a mission to clean your ass, so I giggled with his cock close to my mouth, and I slipped cos of soapy water and Mr. Dickey went in my mouth a little bit, so I said, Oopss, sorry, it went in my mouth by accident buddy cock, he said, Oh, no worries, its ok, I like it, and I asked him, is it wrong if I put it in my mouth? He says, No baby, it’s not wrong, you have to learn all these entire things so when you grow up you know how to deal with it and have fun,,,,,,,

The Art Of A Blow Job

It’s called giving a blow job, I asked, what means blowjob? He says, when you’re sucking on a dick, or a cock, I said, ok, but how do I do a blow job? He says, ok, first of all, when ever your going to blow, if you have long hair as you do you should put it on a ponytail so its out of the way, stand up in front of me I will show you and you will like it, so I stand up in front of him as he is sitting down in the tub, my legs are spread side by side on his thigh, as he starts showing me how to do a blow job he shows me using my body, he says, you have to grab the dick or cock, I asks, why you say, dick or cock, aren’t they the same? He says, well, Yes, dicks is for boys on there teens and cocks are for older men, now, if it has a hood skin on the head cos not all dicks or cocks have skin, then you jerk it like this till it gets real hard, and wet, WOW, my pee, pee got hard fast, he says, then when you see it got real hard and wet, then you pull the skin way back and you lick the head good to lubricate it good so you can start putting it in your mouth, you open your mouth real wide and you slide it in slowly at first making sure your teeth don’t hurt the dick or cock and no biting, there will be times when the dick or cock will be too big for your mouth so then you might have to stretch your jaw like the snake you saw that she disconnected her jaw to make it wide enough to eat that big meal, so as he is showing me how too I am feeling very strange, my pee, pee is very hard and in his mouth and he is pushing it in and out of his mouth, I now start making girly sounds, OOH, OOH, HUMM, AMMM, MMM, he pulls it out and says, see you are liking it cos you are moaning and precuming, so as you put it in your mouth you can also SUCK on it, jerk your head in and out motions and with your tongue you can play with it while it’s in your mouth, if the dick or cock precums or cums. in your mouth you can play with the CUM in your mouth or swallow it, all you do now is keep repeating the job in your mouth then every now and then you take it out and jerk it more to keep the dick or cock real hard, when you feel the dick or cock PULSING in your mouth he is ready to cum then you decide if you want to let him shoot his cum in your mouth and swallow or on your face or where ever you want, also occasionally playing with his balls too will help him stay hard and cum faster, you like it your training, sport? I said, WOW, Yeap, it felt great, I asked, so you think I can try giving you a blow job now? He says, sure, be my guess, so we go back to the 69 position, him doing me and I doing him, I did everything he told me too, I grabbed his cock, jerked him till he is hard and wet, I pulled his skin back, jerked him some more till he got real harder, I saw his cock head precuming, I thought he came already but he explained it was just his cock getting first wet, so I continue by licking his cock head, but when I was going to put it in my mouth, it was too, so big that it won’t go in my little mouth, I told him, hey, it won’t go in my mouth buddy, he said, well, you must stretch your jaw like the snake when it’s going to eat a big meal like we saw at the zoo remember?

So now I understood and went back to work on giving my best friend a good blow job, now we were moaning and getting horny-ER, there we were on a mission to please each other, he was getting his blow job, and I was getting my ass job, cos he is doing a good job in sucking my asshole, I came as fast as he put two fingers in my anal, as I get weak fast, he came as soon as I pushed his hard cock in my little mouth and I sucked dry his cock, he came so much in my mouth some on my face and chest too, I had to swallow fast or I would had choked cos it streamed shooting straight into my throat that I didn’t even had time to taste it as much, we finished then we showered, he dried me up and as I toweled his big long cock, I asked him where is your cock skin like I have, he says, some men has it and some don't, but you pushed mine in all the way back and didn’t fix it back, I said, oh, ok, sorry, let me fix it back, though I like it back, it’s cute too like mine when it’s backs, but It hurts sometimes when I push it back, he said, cos sometimes its dry when you push it back so the trick is to wet it and push it forwards, here look I will show you, so he picks me up, am still naked, he puts me to stand on the bathroom cabinet, tells me to spread my legs, and he pushes back slowly my pee, pee, it got stock so he puts saliva on his finger and puts it on my pee, pee, then he shakes my pee, pee forward till the skin falls through, he then kisses my pee, pee and says, SEE, you’re as good as new, I said, Yeap, thanks, we got dressed, I said, thanks again for teaching me how to do blow jobs and the pee, pee skin trick, he said, anytime baby, he says.

Oh, I have a special movie ready in the projector for us to see, it’s going to help you even more in the future, it’s called, “DADDY TEACH ME HOW”, so he turns it on while we wait for my mom to call for me, and OH MY GOODNESS, they were all naked in the movie and this little girl was trying to convince these older men to do things with her, but I was so tired, he got my teddy bear, I lay down on his lap, I took his thumb to suck it so I can sleep, he says, hey use your own thumbs, I said, but yours is bigger and I giggled, he says, okie, dokie, brokie, and he puts his other hand on my bubbled butt inside my batman briefs and inserts one finger in my hole and I fall asleep,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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