More than window dressing (gay, oral sex, anal sex)

man behind the door's sex story
This is a gay erotic story, mostly non-fiction, about a man and his desires...and what can happen at any time.

I just turned 43 but have the body of a 25 year old and the sex drive of an 18 year old. I have always been a bisexual bottom and have kept that hidden from the world. I love the slide and stroking, the feel of a hard hot shaft inside of me. I have owned quite a few dildos and my ass play always revolved around fantasies of being with a man. I wanted it to happen so badly, but was always a little too scared to actually go through with it. My toy play took me into my mid twenties, a single guy who, on nights when i didn't have much going on, i would enjoy renting a movie and riding one of my dildos. I would drive about 30 minutes away, two towns over, to rent my movies. The rental place had a back room, no one knew me there, and i could get my gay porn without anyone being the wiser. My first time with a man started in the very back room I mentioned. I was lost in myself, looking at at one cover consisting of hung and uncut men. Uncut men have always been a turn on for me. I didn't notice a man enter the room or work his way to near where I was. He leaned towards me and said 'looks like a good one'. I jumped, being startled, and quickly put the cover back on the shelf and headed for the door. On my way out I grabbed the closest movie to my hand and hurried to pay, not even knowing what I grabbed. I left the rental place and walked towards my car, lighting a smoke as I walked. Curious, I looked in the bag and read 'Blondes with big boobs'. Crap! I was pretty miffed about how this jerk startled me and now I had a movie that was not even close to what I wanted. I got to my car and stood there puffing on my cigarette. I glanced at the store thinking I should go exchange it and saw my 'friend' walking out. He glanced my way and I shot him a dirty look and turned away taking another couple drags and decided not to go back in, not wanting to draw attention to myself. I opened my door, tossed the movie onto the passenger seat, was about to take my last drag flick my butt and get in the car when a car pulled up by me. The window rolled down and look who it was, this same guy. 'I don't mean to bug you, just wanted to know if you wanted to watch this with me?' I looked and he was holding the uncut men movie I had been lost in. I was planning to say no, but that not what came out. 'Yeah, sure,' I heard myself say. He opened up he door and pushed it 'hop in'. I locked my door, closed it and got in to his car. My heart was pounding so hard as I sat there quiet, a million things going through my head. Omg, was this real? Did I really get in a guys car and agree to watch porn with him? Whats gonna happen? He introduced himself as Steve. I looked at him really for the first time then. Older guy, 50-ish, a little grey in the hair, nice face, from what I could tell he was in good shape. 'Joe' I said introducing myself. 'I just live a couple blocks away. I can bring you back to your car after.' 'Ok,' another one word reply. Calm down, I tried to tell myself. We drove through a subdivision an Steve hit a opener on the visor. I saw a garage open to a pretty nice two-story home. He pulled in, hit the button again and the door began to close as we got out and walked to the door. I followed him inside, heart still beating crazy fast. He turned a light on and we were in a kitchen. 'So, you're pretty quiet. Nervous?' 'Yes' I replied 'I have never done this before. Never dreamed I could.' Steve looked at me and said 'Really? Look, nothing will happen that you are not comfortable with, ok? Tell you what' he said and walked into another room which I followed. We were in a living room, recliners, couch, entertainment center 'why don't you throw this in the dvd, I will go and get us a couple drinks made, and we can relax and see what happens.' Ok I said, and followed him back in the kitchen to grab the movie. I watched him get things out of cabinets 'shot?' He asked. I shook my head yes and he handed me a glass. 'Whiskey alright?' With another nod, he poured me a double and I gulped it down. 'Hey, I am gonna run up and get comfy clothes on, take over for me here and I will meet you in the living room. Coke is in the fridge'. One more nod from me and he was gone. Soon as he was out of sight, I did another shot. Drinks made, I headed to the dvd player and put the movie in, turned the power on to the tv, and the title popped up. Steve heard and I heard him yell 'Go ahead and start it.' I did just that. It was a compilation so the sex started immediately. A muscular guy (uncut) was getting his dick sucked by a skinnier guy. Another of my fantasies, I have always wanted to feel a dick in my mouth and suck on it. As I sat watching lost in my own thoughts and getting hornier by the second, Steve had made his way back. He sat on the couch with me, grabbed his drink, and said 'Woah, nice! Cheers!' And offered a toast to me. I clinked his glass and saw he was in a robe. It was loosly tied so I could see his chest and the bottom was open enough to see a little bit of his cock. I gulped a sip down and looked back to the tv. I cant tell you what the scene was about because all I could think of was Steve and his cock. I was so hard and I saw him looking at me. I glanced back at him and my eyes quickly moved to his lap. He was hard and his cock had pushed up through the robe. I gulped down the rest of my drink and looked back at him. He was smiling 'you like what you see?' I nodded. 'Give me your hand' he said. He reached out and took it, before I could think about it. My head was swimming and my heart pounding as he placed my hand on his erect cock. I held it, staring at how wonderful it was, how good it felt, the warmth, the pulse. Steve moaned and leaned back. I began to slowly massage him, stroking gently up and down. 'Would you like another drink?' He asked, and I again nodded. He took my hand away and stood up. He leaned over me to get my glass and his dick was almost directly in my face. He looked down at me smiling, grabbed my glass and walked off. It was my chance, I thought. It was right there and I could of licked it, kissed it, something! I was cursing my fear when I heard Steve call back 'gotta be pretty uncomfortable for him. Why dont you take your shorts off and give him some room?' I did what he asked, stripped totally naked there on his couch and sat waiting. I was playing with myself when Steve returned with two fresh glasses. He had lost the robe and was nude as well. I could see him fully now and was turned on by this man. His cock was of good length and thickness. The head was big and swollen. I followed it with my gaze as he sat down close to me. He did not hesitate and grabbed my hard cock. I followed his lead and grabbed his, stroking him as he stroked me. I squeezed the head and precum came out sticky and warm. 'Taste it' he said. And I did, without thought, without hesitation. It was wonderful, I wanted more. I squeezed him again and more formed. 'Suck it, put it in your mouth.' His hand moved off my cock to the back of my head. He guided me towards his dick and I watched it get closer. I was scared but was not going to stop this. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and used my hand that was holding his cock to guide it in. I wrapped my lips around him and moved down, trying to take him all the way in. It choked me and I coughed. 'Easy' Steve said'go slow, a little at a time. Get use to it, enjoy it. Make me feel good.' I did, just what he said. I watched him lean back and relax and let him guide my head, position my mouth and tongue, to make it feel good for him. I was hungry to learn, wanting to please, and wanting to make him cum. I rolled my tongue over his shaft and head, sucked him in and out, up and down, all the while watching to make sure he was liking what I was doing. Time seemed to go by too fast because I was enjoying this so much, 'I am close to cumming.' He said, 'its your choice to pull me out or not'. I shook my head no with his cock still firmly inside my mouth. I put my hand at the base of his cock and started bobbing up and down on him faster and faster. Steve began thrusting his hips up into me. This is gonna happen I thought, I am gonna make him cum. He did just that! With a loud moan and one last massive thrust, his dick exploded into my mouth. The first spurt hit my throat and I swallowed hard to not choke on it. Then another, and another, and another shot into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed thinking he wasnt going to stop. Five, six, the spurts were getting smaller. Seven, eight, nine, so much wonderful hot gooey liquid. One last moan, and shot number ten was mine to savor. Steve collapsed as I finished licking him clean. 'That was incredible.'Steve complimented. 'Ii have always wanted to do that,' I replied. 'Well, call it beginners luck or something because that was a helluva blowjob. I cannot believe you have never done that before.' I thanked him and assured him it was my first time doing it for real. 'So what other first times would you like to try before you have to leave?' Steve asked. 'Ever thought about more than just oral?' I nodded and took a drink as he followed up with 'I would love to fuck you.' I almost couldn't contain myself. 'By the size of that smile, I would say that may have crossed your mind.' 'I wasn't sure how to bring it up. I was just going with whatever.'I responded. 'Well, for the most part I am a top, or the giver if you will,' he started. I cut him off 'Thats great!!! I am a bottom, always have been.' Well, then all you have to do is ask' he said walking up right in front of me. He leaned down and kissed me. I kissed back hard and felt our tongues entwine. Steve kissed my cheek, over to my ear, and sucked my neck. I letout my own moan and whispered 'Please give it to me, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. Will you? Will you fuck me steve? Be my first?' Steve grabbed my face and kissed me firmly. His hands moved to my waist and he pulled my body to his. My throbbing dick pressed against his stomach, 'oh, we have to take care of you.' 'Don't worry about that' I begged 'I want to do this before I get cold feet'. It had been about ten minutes, so I wasn't expecting anything soon. Steve grabbed my hand and led me to an upstairs bathroom. We showered together, washing one another and kissing. By the end we were both clean, and Steve was hard as a rock. He dried off, dried me off, rehung the towel and led me to his bedroom. He stood before me kissing me, nudging me back closer to the bed. When the back of my legs hit it, Steve gently pushed me onto the bed. I lay there watching him. He moved to the nightstand and opened the bottom drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube (I have used enough of them to recognize the bottle) and a dildo. 'You said you are familiar with these.' I smiled as he tossed it to me. Steve stepped back in front of me and knelt down. I scooted back a little and propped my feet on the bed. I felt the wetness of lube on my inner leg as Steve pushed it to my hole and packed it in with his finger. First one, then I felt a second finger. More lube was squirted and Steve began finger fucking and working my ass. I was still holding the dildo and began sucking it as I felt finger three pop in. Steve moved his hand in, out, twisting, pushing, pulling, loosening me up. Finger four made my breath escape and I began thrusting and moaning while sucking the dildo. Steve stopped pulling his hand away. He jumped on the bed laying opposite of me and took the dildo from me. I lay in wait knowing what was coming, but didnt wait long as he pushed the head of the dildo into my butt. Steve pushed slowly, inserting almost all of the 8 inch toy into me. I started pushing against him wanting him to use it on me good, letting him know I was ready and could take it. He began fucking me with it and i was enjoying it, being toyed by someone else (another first). I was laying back enjoying the roughness when I felt Steve's mouth engulf my dick. I moaned loud 'Oh yes, that feels sooooo good. Don't stop, PLEASE don't stop,' I begged him. It was too good, I yelled that I was going to cum. Steve pumped the rubber toy harder into me and I blew. Steve stopped fucking me and concentrated on my exploding dick. He sucked all my cum and swallowed it. 'Now, I am going to fuck you'. He lay atop of me and kissed me, I could taste my own cum. He got to his knees and grabbed my legs, pushing them up, exposing my willing hole. His cock pressed against me and I begged him to do it. He pushed in me with one quick motion that took my breath again. He just stayed like that for a minute, buried fully inside of me. The motion started, he began stroking in and out, pumping. I begged him 'harder, faster, fuck me. I need to feel you cum. Cum for me, fill me up.' I tried matching his thrusts, pushing against him, feeling our bodies smack together. His breath was heavy, his muscles tightened up, I could feel him swelling inside of me. He howled and buried himself in me, body shaking, pinching my legs with his grip. I could feel him cum, his hot fluid surrounded his shaft, I wrapped my legs around hi pulling him to me. I wanted every drop of his cum deep in me. His cock pulsed over and over again inside me, shot after shot of heavy cream. He collapsed on top of me, but I wouldn't let him pull out. As long as he was hard, I wanted him in me. I could feel the pressure slowly releasing, the pulsing slowing, his dick reducing in size. After a couple minutes, I felt him slip out of me. I kissed him over and over, thanking him for giving me such a good time. He said it did not have to end and invited me to spend the night. We fucked 2 more times, and once again in morning before taking me back to my car. We dated for 3 years...secretly. Next time I will tell you about my birthday present. Hope you enjoyed...

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