The Good Doctor (short sex story, true story, straight)

Skysun69's sex story
So I call him The Good Doctor, he has his own doctors office in his house so no matter what time it is he always takes us, my mom trust him well, then again my mom has a problem in trusting everyone, we've been going to him for years.

my bests friend told my mom to go to him that the old doc is good with kids and he also use to see him when he was a kid, so mom leaves me there while she does food shopping sometimes and he lets me help him around when he finishes with me, he asked me, ok buddy where does it hurts? I said my stomach, he lifts up my shirt, unbuttons my short pants and massages my stomach, he asks, do you feel pain when I do this? I said a little, he asks, have you been to the bathroom to do number 2 yet? I said no, he says, ok you just must be constipated, I asked, what’s that word you said, he said, you'll see, get on top of the bed, take off your pants and lift your cute bubble butt for me, I giggled, he laughs, his funny, he laughs like Santa Clause, and his belly jumps as he laughs, hey, kind of thinking about it, he looks like Santa cos of his white beard too, hehehe, so cute, I was not shy to him cos he has done this to me before, no matter what I come here for it’s always the same checkup, he said, if you be a good boy I will give you a lollipop, I said Yes Sir, cos I like the kinds he gives, it’s like a big ball of candy and I like sucking on that big ball, it’s the blow pop kind, with gum inside, Yummy, :-) ok so there I am facing the wall, with my chin on my two hands on the bed and my short pants and underwear off and my ass up in the air again to him, just like always, he tells me not to look back so I don't get scare, so I do as am told, so he can tell my mom I'm a good boy, I want my mom to get good news of me, as I'm lying there in a doggy style, I feel something soft he is rubbing inside my anal, I have been noticing that when my anal is being touched it tingles and I get weak, I don’t understand why though but it makes me go crazy sometimes, so I make girly voices, OOH, YEAH, AMM, OOH DOC, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, then he sticks like a finger slowly in me and moves it around, he says, if it hurts to tell him, I said, its ok, I'll be a good boy for you again Doc, I want the lollipop, he says, good, good, I like that you sweet boy, I feel he moves it in and out slowly as my butt hole gets adjusted, I notice that when I do like a breathing exercise it helps me relax my anal and it feels better and it opens more, so he starts going faster, oh good, I can hear him breathing heavy so that means I will soon be getting my blow pop cos his almost finished with me, I have been noticing that his breathing hard and fast means he is about to finish with me, I asked the good Doc while he is doing me, hey doc, why does everyone I meet likes to play with my ass? Is it ok that I let them? Or am I a wired boy like they call me cos I have a bigger butt then the normal boys have? I mean they say I am so cute but they all end up always grabbing my butt, they tell me it’s a cute bubble butt so they sometimes call me BB, and when they find out I am a boy some of them call me names, is it ok that I let them touch me so they stop calling me names also and be my friends, Doc? I ask you cos when I talk to my mom about this she always gets mad at me and beats me for talking like that, she always finds what I say is wrong, maybe I don’t know how to talk to her about this or maybe am saying it wrong, I moan a little cos he is really digging his fingers in me, Ooh, Yeah Doc, Mmm, I continue, I can't talk to my dad cos his not around anymore and the few times I see him his too busy for me, so tell me doc, WOW, I can feel his breathing stronger now and his fingers in me is making my pee, pee hard and wants to pee again, like my best friend did to me, I bite hard on the pillow as he is doing his checkup on me, he answered me as he moans, OOH BABY, OOH BABY, YES, YES, YES, GOOD BOY, GOOD BOY, OOH YES, YES, YESS, your ass is unique ok so don’t feel weird as you say in carrying it, you’re stuck to it so enjoy it, you will find good use for that gift, as you notice and like you said, everyone loves you for it so how could it be weird son, so don’t worry and as long as you feel good it’s not wrong but keep it personal cos not everyone will see it my way or your way, some people don’t appreciate the special beauty that you carry out so they are jealous, that is your choice, if you like it, it’s not wrong, he must had seen my pee, pee getting hard cos now I am meeting his beat and moving my ass more up to meet his now 2 fingers more in me, WOW, it feels so good, I said, Doc I have to go to the bathroom to pee much badly but not for number 2, I think you helped me to go pee instead, my stomachache is no longer hurting but it’s coming out peeing a lot, he said don't worry son just do it there I will clean up the mess, my pee, pee was dripping with what I understood later was precum or cum and as he fingered me deeper and faster I couldn't hold it so something inside my asshole let me go so much pee, and all I kept hearing was, THAT’S A GOOD BOY, WHAT A GOOD BOY, OOH YES SON, OOH YESS, WOW, what a mess but at the same time I felt I was in heaven cos I also peed so much, am all wet, as he took me to the sink to clean me up I notice his long dick was hanging out and also dripping, I smiled and giggled he asked me why am I laughing I said, cos it’s funny how your dick swings sideways as you run and also you peed and I feel good that I made your big long dick feel good again, he asked, you like making me feel good son? I said, Yes, but only friends that ask me to help them or like me, :-) I giggled, so the good doctor gives me my blow pop and asked me to help him clean up, he was not worry I would tell my mom what happen cos he knows she will never believe anything I say cos mom told him I am a trouble maker and to spank me if I misbehave and I was afraid of getting beat, Doc knows am always forward to him telling mom am a good boy so mommy can feel happy with me, anyway, besides it wasn't the first time the good doctor made me feel better like this, mom came back and the good doctor said to mom that I was feeling better now, just to give me prune juice if I get it again and if I feel bad to bring me by again, that I was a very special good boy, he even told my mom being that we live close by if its ok with her I can come over the office to help him after school cos his along and his younger helper had quite on him, my mom asked, he's only 5 going to 6 years old what can he do, he said that I am smart and he will teach me like a son, besides, with me there mommy could have more free time on her hands cos he would babysit me also, you see, he never had kids, well the truth is he was more like a grandpa Santa then a dad, hehehe, I looked at mom and begged her to let me try, I promised to do as I was told and I'll be a good boy too so she said, will see, thanks doc she said and she kissed his cheek she told me to go thank him and to give him a kiss cos his like family now, I went to him and kissed him, he had a big white mustache that's cute and ticklish, then as his hugging me he pinched my ass, I said, Ouch, and I told him on his ear, you see what I mean, he say what, I said, you pinched my ass, everyone plays with my ass somehow or other is that wrong? He says did you like it, I said, well, Yeah, I guess so, it use to bother me but I got use to it cos it happens so much that I feel it’s a normal thing now, so he said, well enjoy it then, I said, Hmm, ok, if you say so, I will then cos you are an adult and I should listen to you, :-), mom asked, what we whispering about, Doc said, it’s a guy thing,,,,, We went home, my best friend is there to greet us, I jumped on him so he carries me, mom says, Oh, good, you not shy of him anymore, I giggled, I told him, look I got a blow pop again my friend said, hey, you are a sport, that means you must have been a good boy, I use to get them too when I was a good boy also, you have to earn them, I said, Yeap, and boy did I earn it cos I did as I was told, my mom looks at me and says, that’s right cos you know what I do to your jelly tushy if you don't, I told her, Yes, I know, as I am rubbing my ass, my friend is carrying me and he asked my mom in a worried tune, so what did the Doc say, she said to ask me cos she went food shopping and she has to put it away, so he tells her, ok am taking him next door so he can tell me all about it, she says, ok but don't keep him long, as he is carrying me to his place I can feel him playing with my ass, squeezing it, I said to him, I see you miss me cos your touching my ass, I giggled, he smiles knotting, Yes, I said to him, here, share my lollipop, he opens his mouth and I put it in, I told him what happened at the doctors office and he said his JEALOUS, I asked him, what means jealous cos Doc also use that word and I forgot to ask him, he explained, when someone loves somebody just for themselves and don't want no one to touch them or when someone wants what you have but can’t have it, I told him, oh, OK, but I had to do it, his the doctor besides I love you (like I know what love is) cos you are my best friend, I saw he was sad so I asked him if there is anything I can do to make him happy cos I don’t want to see him sad, when I am sad he makes me happy, so he sits me on his lap so I can make him happy and he asks me, can you wiggle that pretty jelly ass for me, so I did as told, I started wiggling my ass and giggling faster, I took back my blow pop from his mouth and right away I felt him getting happy, he said, show me how good you can suck that blow pop, so I took out my tongue and showed him as I licked the pop and I wiggled my ass faster and faster, he was moaning, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, OOH, YEAH BABY, THAT’S IT BABY, RIGHT THERE PRETTY BABY, YESS, as I went slow then fast then faster, I was shaking my ass so much I was feeling the hardness so close to my anal that my pee, pee was getting hard and wet cos I was thinking when the good doctor had his fingers deep in my hole, and I got weak, now I was imitating his moaning but in a girly way, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHI, OOH, YEAH, YEAH, AMM, we were both feeling so good as I suck that pop I was drooling, he unbutton my shorts, put his hand on my small hard pee, pee and shake it for me, I was getting weaker so he lay me on the coach, pulled off my shorts not my underwear, I was wearing baby white short brief so what he did was open my ass cheeks and fitted my side end briefs inside the crack of my ass, as a wedgie as if I was wearing a thong so he could feel my ass cheeks, and he lays me belly down, he puts a sofa pillow on my stomach so my ass sticks up, he got on top of me and humped me, I asked him, hey buddy, what are you doing? It feels nice, I feel like two big hairy balls are slapping my ass, hehehe, it tickles, He said, making love to you, push back to me so you feel it better, as I am laying there sucking my pop, my ass up on a pillow lifting my exposed ass looking like I am wearing a tight thong on my ass and my legs wide spread, as I now am humping back to him, am remembering what the good doctor said, if it feels good enjoy it, so I did as I was told, I let my best friend dry hump me cos it’s making him happy and it felt good too, all I heard was him saying I LOVE YOU BABY and I giggled cos it tickled and I like to hear him say that so I went into moaning with him, OOH MY, OOH MY GOODNESS, AM GOING TO PEE AGAIN, AM GOING TO PEE BUDDY, OOH MY GOODNESS BUDY, AM GOING TO PEE AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, then all of a sudden I felt my underwear getting so, so wet cos I wet it and as he kept pocking my asshole I felt more hot wet creamy like thingy going in me pushing the juice in my hole, it just burst in me, it felt so hot and good, I was feeling so loved that I just lay there sucking my pop and smiling as I am also now humping back to meet his beat of humping me, he said, now I am going to clean you wait, I told him, no, don’t, leave it like that I like the feeling of hot wet creamy thingy in my asshole just lay next to me and play more with my asshole, it feels good when you do that, I love making you happy, my mom was calling me, yelling in the hallway and he told her I was so tired I fell asleep so she told him when he wakes up send him to come eat, I told him thanks and then I really fell asleep in my best friends arms as he played with my wet asshole, I sucked his thumb cos I ate the pop, that’s how excited I got, I don't know what happen after that afternoon... :-)

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