The Spanking Nuns (extreme sex, fetish, true story)

Skysun69's sex story
This is my TRUE STORY of how I became to know and feel bisexuality, in details so those how never felt or been through what I did can feel my path, follow me into my word, my wild and ecstasy mind if you dare...

When I was growing up it was not easy, it was a time where kids had no saying in a matter and no one will take the time to help or listen to what was going on in a kids world or their surroundings, not like now where kids rule the world, hehehe, the word adult meant final word and the torture or abuse that bounded in a day care, school, family’s or home wouldn't be proven right on behalf of a poor kid, cos no one will listen so you would never be heard, for being an adult only meant, DO AS THEY SAY, now a days, kids are protected by abuse, laws, but in my time there were no such thing as kids being abuse, That They Knew Of, they just didn’t believe it was possible or really happening, Hamm, my daddy and mommy had to work and we kids had to be babysit so from family houses to Catholic day care to friends’ houses we jumped at my age of 4, our family had problems in taking care of us, and I had problems with Catholic Nuns at my ass, you see, I was born with a unique butt that for a little boy it was what they called, OUTSTANDING, so I was always consider a special boy, it was like my ass was curse, later on in life it became a blessing, :-) , I had a problem with the nuns taking my sister away from me, when we first started going there it was good cos they confused me with a girl due to my long curly brunette hair and my outstanding ass, but when they found out I was a boy all hell broke loose, see, they had this stupid rule, girls with girls, boys with boys, which I couldn't get used to, so I use to cry so much cos I wanted to be next to my sister and for that the 4 nuns took me to a room full of boys, pulled down my short pants and made my tan jelly ass cheeks red with a ruler, all 4 of them took turns at my ass just because I use to cry cos they would separate my sister and me, and the worst part was that after having a red ass I had to bend over and hold my short pants down to show the boys, I thought nuns were supposed to show care and show compassion as well as understanding, but no, not for my ass they didn't, I mean wasn't it just enough hitting me that they had to bend me over in front of all the boys to witness so they can see and to show them as a warning to all who don't obey what would happen, then there was this cute redheaded boy that would sneak by me and tell me not to cry and he would bend over and kiss my boo, boo, so cute, he had this way of making me feel good and I would stop crying just cos he was there to comfort me so I didn’t feel lonely, I over herd before they started to spank me that one of the nun said, I had a very cute BUBBLED BUTT and it was a shame to change the color of it cos am crying so much, anyway, this went on for a long time, when my mother notice I couldn't sit still in the house, I tried to explain why but she hit me again in disbelieve or maybe I didn’t explained correctly, as she was hitting me my sister yelled to her, STOP IT, STOP HITTING HIM, why you hitting him more, didn't he get hit enough with the nuns, so she pulls down my pants and saw the red marks, those nuns hit me so hard the you could use my ass cheeks to measure cos the numbers of the ruler was still on my ass cheeks, hehehe, that’s when she said, no more Catholic schools, so it was up to the family now to take care of us, a family that didn’t really like us for we were to them the black sheep of the family but it was the only thing we had to go by so mom tried it out, we never got Christmas gifts from them, we were always the last ones to eat, if there was any left overs, but they did a good job in bathing me,


See, this little incident happen that I think the hate from my family came from when we took a vacation trip to Puerto Rico, I was age 4 going to 5, we stood over my grandma’s big house, there was a mountain at the back of the house where on top of it was a tree where the best cherries grow but it was way up on the mountain and we were told never to go there cos the boogie man will take us and he eats kids, like to keep us away from the cherry tree, the real reason that later on I learn by hard was that a very old lonely man lived up there in a wooden shack, so my female cousin, my age, told me the legion of the boogie man who eats kids was not true that they just didn’t wanted us kids taking the cherries off the cherry tree and that he was a nice old man that likes kids, my Cuz tells me, she knows cos she sneaks up there every time, so she says to me, lets sneak up there I know a short cut that no one will find us, I have gone there before and the nice man gives me candy when I visit him, I said, hmm, candies, cherries, Hmm, ok, sounds good, let’s go, so we went, it took long to go up there, I thought we got lost but my Cuz really knew how to go up there cos she has done it before, she said that she has even brought food for the old man and he plays with her and gives her more candy, when we reached up there my tongue was hanging out that’s how tired I was, hehehe, I saw a very old, old house, that had the biggest cherry tree right next to it, we called out to him yelling, MR. CANDY MAN, MR. CANDY MAN, then he opened the door and he says, hi sweetie, and who is this pretty girl with you, my Cuz says laughing, he is not a girl, he is a boy, he is my cousin, then candy man says to me, oh, am sorry, baby, I saw the long curly brunette hair and your nice big butt so it confused me, my female Cuz says, yeah, he has a good one that’s why he is my boyfriend, we are going to get married someday and have baby’s, like when you and me play house, I look at my Cuz like, what the hell is she talking about, anyway, then I say to candy man, its ok, they tell me that a lot, she tells candy man, hey you could play with him while I get cherries from up the tree, so he asks her, do you think he would like to play with me, she says, sure we play all the time, so she goes out and she climbs the tree with a dress on, she is such a tomboy, I like that, I really like her, so candy man stares at her as she claims, I gigged cos her panties were showing, and candy man helps her get up on the tree putting his hand on her ass and she tells him, hey, thanks for the lift, he says, my pleasure little angel, my pleasure, Cuz was right, he is a nice old man, not like the bad things they say about him, then he tells me, come over here and sit on my bed pretty boy, as I am on his bed he asks me, do you know how to play doctors? I said, yeah, I played with my Cuz that before, so he tells me ok, well, you will be the sick one and I will be the doctor that will cure you and then give you candy ok, I said, Ohm, ok, so being that I am supposed to be sick I lay down on the bed and he takes off my clothes, my T-shirt, my sandal’s, my short pants, my brief underwear, am all naked now, to check me, he checks my chest, touches me all over and he takes my pee, pee then tells me to spread my legs, I do as he says, he tells me, tell me if it hurts here or it tickles, so as he is jerking my pee, pee he tickles my little balls, I giggle, he says, hmm, the problem is not there so I must check more, he tells me to turn on my belly, I do as am told, he touches my whole back and when he gets to my ass he spreads my jelly bubble butt and tells me to spread my legs again, I do as he says, am sucking my thumb now but he makes me giggle even more as he tickles my anal by flicking his finger that he had put in his mouth, he asks me, does it hurts when I push it in? I said, no Mr. candy man, you are not hurting me cos you are doing me softly and it tickles, thank you, and I giggle more, and more as he shakes his finger deeper in me, he says, oh what a good pretty boy you are, then as he lays next to me I feel him licking my asshole I ask, why you are doing me like that? He says, you said it tickles so you like it and I want you to come visit me again so I must make you feel happy so you return like your cousin, she keeps coming back cos she likes me and I want you to like me too, I have no one to like me, so can I keep doing you like this or you want me to stop? I said, Ooh no, don’t stop, it feels good, I like you too, I will keep coming to you, so you could tickle me, he then kept licking and licking me and I kept sucking and sucking my thumb faster and faster, I don’t know why but I did and I notice myself also humping back to his face as he sucked the hell out of my hole, the bed was shaking so much cos he was making it move as he humped it, then all of a sudden, he stopped and made loud noises, like, OOH, GOOD PRETTY BOY, OOH, OOH, YES, YES, YESS, then I felt like something hot and wet on my ass cheeks as he was yelling, my Cuz comes in with a lot of cherries and says, oh, good, you guys are playing doctors, she tells me, I told you he is a good man, she tells me, Cuz, get up and get dress, we must go now, so as she is helping me get dressed she see my wet cheeks and say, Ooh, nice, he wet you too, I see candy man’s wet dick, I giggled so much telling him, hey, you peed on yourself, Cuz and I laughed so hard, candy man gave me lots of candy, we left and when we got down the mountain cuz tells me, we must hide the candies and cherries cos we will get beat if they knew we went up there, so we hid it, we kept going up there all the time I was there on vacation, eventually some games we did left my asshole very wet outside, he claims to had peed in me, he is a funny man, I gigged, then we got caught, that was the end of the family but the beginning of my TINGLING FEELING in my asshole, we got the beating of our life, then my family blamed me saying it was my fault, they claim I was the one pushing my cousin to do it, even though my female cousin had been sneaking up there before me, since then the family looked at me as a trouble maker,,,,,,,,,,


Breaking My Innocences

I think I was the cleanest boy in the block for all the baths they gave me, and they loved leaving me in the nude cos for them it was a cute thing to do, as I remember I was always the center of attention, not that I wanted to be but it was the spot they had for me, again thanks to my ass, so at the age of 5, I was more of their monkey in the middle for their fun, they called it games we would play, I mean it wasn’t that bad, I use to get candy for my performance, like, they would put crayons in my butt hole and watch me run around trying to take it out, I can still hear them laughing there ass off as I tried grabbing it round and round and round, like a doggy chasing it’s tail, they loved seeing my big jelly ass cheeks wiggle, bouncing around, my sister was never around to see this cos they would do me when she was sleeping cos they say my sister would tell on them so if I was a good boy and let them play with me they would give me candy, I started to believe they really loved me cos I got a lot of candies from them, they even try to feed me my baby bottle of milk through my asshole and squeeze the milk inside me, they told me if I can hold all the milk inside me they would give me more candy and if not that they would beat me, so they would put me in a doggy position and put the nipple of the bottle inside my hole and fill me up with milk, I don’t know how I did it but I learned how to hold a bottle of milk inside me even though after, it became a mess so they would always have a reason to bathe me, they would tell my mom I was a dirty kid, always messing myself up and that’s why they had to always bathe me, of course my mom believed them, they were adults and I had to do as they say, some times they would dirty up my clothes on purpose so I can stay naked, and when they put me to sleep I had to leave the pacifier holding it up my asshole or they would spank me hard if I let it fall, that’s how I learned to sleep well with something stuck in my hole every time I slept, it came to be so bad for me to sleep that when I couldn’t find my pacifier, I would look for something to put up my asshole so I can sleep well cos I couldn’t sleep without having to feel something in there, this also went on for a very long time, then one time in one of the crayon games we played my mom came home early from work and as I was running around trying to take out one of the fat crayons from my asshole which was deep in me this time, they got so scared and ran after me but they couldn’t catch me so they left me alone and each went to their rooms, mom comes in and hugs and kisses my naked body but when she picks me up she felt the fat crayon in my asshole and yelled, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE, she was really mad, cos I had crayon marks up my ass in different colors that she knew I couldn’t have done me that, she called everyone to the living room and of course everyone lied saying I was a bad boy and was naughty but mom was not stupid, she knew I was too small to even think of doing this, and that ended up my candy factory, hehehe, cos she found out it was always my older female cousin who would play with me like that but all the rest of my family just let it happen, so we left for good, no more family babysitting, now I had another sister too so it was three of us, my dad and I were not close as a father and son should be, I hurt so much for that, I don’t know why but that affected me so, so much, I saw how other daddy’s would hug, kiss, play and spend time with their son and for my daddy it was very hard for him to do all that, no kids should never ever have to go through life without a daddy’s affection of love, so much pain, maybe that’s why it was easy for me to seek that attention of other older men, it was like, I wanted a hero daddy in someone, I didn’t care in looking in young men cos all they want to do is hurt me, call me names and play rough with me, it was easier for me to fall on an older man’s lap when they would show me daddy affection cos I would melt on any affection I got from older men and it was easy for men to grab my attention cos of my OUTSTANDING defect as a boy, but I guess no one knew how to worn me as I notice, everyone around me just looked at my so call outstanding as a normal thing so I did too, I didn’t let it bother me cos I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I was born with it, though I asked many, many people about it and no one seemed to complained so why should I, my mom had to work and study to become a teacher, I didn't see her much bit I missed her a lot,,,,,,, My mom left us, my two sisters and I, in care of this man who was a friend of the family, he was 21 of age at the time, who would think anything would happen to us cos he was a friend of the family, right, Hamm, in those days no one did background checks,,,,, so my mom told us, DO AS YOUR TOLD, OR SOMEONE WOULD TAKE US AWAY AND WE WON’T SEE MOMMY AGAIN, so after a while when growing up in an environment where life is introduced roughly and blunt but sweet, after a while you learn how to see it all normally, things didn't happen right away with him, he had to win my trust and me being shy didn’t help either, a little bit about me, as a kid I was very pretty OK handsome, husky, long curly brunette hair that people kept telling mom to cut it cos I looked like a girl, which many did confuse me as a girl, baby fat but all in the right places, wide chest and yes I was born with an unusual big round jelly bubbled butt, that a normal boy wouldn't and shouldn’t have, the nuns called it, BUBBLED BUTT, catchy name, hehehe, that’s what I always herd them tell me, mom called it JELLY TUSHY, which in school I had problems with guys bullying me, always grabbing my ass and touching my chest, pinching my nipples, I had to fight much cos of that but then after time passed I got use to it cos I can't fight the world, besides my mom always thought I was a trouble maker and that’s why they picked on me, she would believe that I would make stories up not to go to school, WOW, she would beat me every time I had a fight, I would get beat up in school cos I wouldn’t let them touch me and I would get another beaten home for fighting again cos she had to report to my school and loose a day of work, then those kids would act like angels and the teachers would covered for them, then my mom had to apologize for me getting beat up, so what’s the use in fighting it, ok back to the babysitter, he wanted to make sure I trusted him cos I was a very shy boy, and I was always next to my sisters or behind them, he wanted me to let them go, so every time he would take care of us he would watch wrestling on TV with me, cartoons, while I suck my thumb, I loved wrestling or we would play games, many times as I was playing with my GI-Joe action figure in the floor he would lay down on the floor and play with me so he can win my confidence, well it wasn’t hard for him, cos as sad as I was for my daddy leaving me he always found a way to make me feel so good, when my mom left the house to work or school or to go have fun hanging out with her friends, he would take care of us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Games We Played

He'd say, Let’s get comfortable and play, by the way, by comfortable he meant on our underwear’s, I now notice it was always games like touching, Twisters by color codes where you would put your buddy in different positions, he would always try to be next to me and somehow or another he would end up falling on top of me and he would lay there on top of my ass and laughing for a long time, I didn't think nothing of it cos he would do the same with my older sister and I use to see her having fun and laughing so I thought it was ok and it was funny how he would fall on top of me, we would also play hide and seek, my sister's together, him and I would tag on, he would always want to tag on with me, so I started trusting him cos he was so funny, he would turn off the lights we would go around the house to hide so he would put my sister's to be the monsters and look for us, one time hiding in the food closet he put me on his lap and he said, we must be silent or we'll lose, he put his hand on my pee, pee and touched my small pee, pee, that’s when he started to really touch me, I asked, him why you touching my pee, pee? He said, cos you are my friend and I like you, I like to make you feel good with me and make you happy, so I like playing with you, I said, oh, like you did with my older sister, she was 9 years old, and he said yes, I made her feel good and she was happy, but you are special then he asked, do you like it? He was like rubbing it softly, I didn't mine cos it tickles and it was on my underwear, I said, well, yeah, it tickles, I giggled, as he did me I was remembering when I saw him doing it to my older sister and the way she made the girly sounds, it seemed like she really was enjoying him making her happy so I guess it was ok cos he didn’t hurt her, I put my hand on top of his hand cos it was feeling nice and ticklish so he moved his hand and mine and put them both inside my underwear so I feel myself better, he was like showing me how to touch myself now, he asks me, you feel how hard your little pee, pee is getting? I said, Yeah, why? He said, cos I am making you touch yourself so you can learn how to MASTURBATE yourself so you feel happy, and your pee, pee likes it cos it’s hard, I asked, what means masturbate, is this good? He said, Yes, baby, it’s very good, it’s actually a game that you can play with yourself or you can play it with an other boy to help him feel happy too, I said, Oh, OK, I like playing games and to make people happy too, then I felt something hard on his lap like growing under me, I asked him, what was that hard thingy I am starting to feel down my ass? He laughed and said, it was that he was feeling happy to play with me, WOW, Breaking My Innocence, I wiggled my ass to get comfortable on his lap cos it was pocking my hole and tingling me, it was a tight spot inside that closet, he liked that I wiggled so he said to keep doing that, so I did as I was told, then he kept touching my small pee, pee softly and it started to get more hard and wet cos we were playing with it and he said you see you are also feeling happy, I said, yeah, I asked, is that a bad thing? He said, no, how could feeling happy be bad and he hugged me tight and told me if I liked to be his best friend I said, yeah, cos I always wanted a big brother or a father or a good friend and I liked when he hugged me, I asked him, why is my pee, pee, wet? I think am going to pee more the way you are moving my pee, pee, in and out, he said, its ok if you do it here, I will clean it up cos if we get out we lose, if you pee when I am shaking it that means your pee, pee is happy and he kept moving it so I grab tight my pee, pee and I said loudly, Ohm my, Ohm my, I really need to pee he said, no really, its ok baby, do it, then all of a sudden, I released my pee, pee and I just peed so much but I felt it coming out different then my normal pee, I even made girly sounds as I was shaking, OOH MY, OOH MY GOODNESS, AM PEEING GOOD, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, I learn later on that the girly sounds I made were called MOANING, he put his hand in front of my pee, pee so I could pee on it, and he catches all my different pee as I hold his hand tight to my pee, pee as I peed, he then ask me, do you like that I am making you feel happy this way? I said, Ohm yeah, I like to feel happy, my daddy don’t play with me and he do not make me feel happy, he don’t have time for me, so he says, I will make you very happy, then he stood up and said, I got a candy for you, I couldn't see what it was cos it was dark in the closet, he just put it in my mouth and told me he will hold it so I don't swallow it and to keep my hands on top of my head so my hands don't get sticky cos then we would have to stop the game to wash my hands and we would lose, so I did as I was told, at first the candy was too big for my mouth but it was warm and soft like a mush mellow and very wet but sweet and long, he told me to open my mouth wide and don't bite on it so I don't choke just to suck on it, so I opened my little mouth as wide as I can, I didn't know what kind of candy that was but it tasted like honey, I like honey on my pancakes not syrups, he knew cos he makes them for me, he put his two hands on my ears and kept my head steady as he put the candy in and out of my mouth sometimes he stopped so I can breathe cos it was a big candy, it’s started slow at first then I notice he was going faster and faster, he kept telling me he loves me and to suck harder on the candy so I did as told, the candy got hard fast, then he took it out real fast and I felt my face getting splash like with a hot wet creamy thingy, it slowly dripped on my face, it felt warm, my hands was still on top of my head, I asked, what happened? He told me the candy melted and my face and got dirty, he said don't touch it I don't want you getting your hands dirty just stand still and open your mouth so I did as told, he said, take out your tongue and suck the melted part of the candy he was putting in my mouth with his fingers so I don't dirty my hands, then he asked me if I wanted to stop the game to go get cleaned up and I said no cos then we lose the game and I wanted to keep playing, he then put his fingers on my face to clean some more off and stuck it in my mouth, he told me to suck the candy off his fingers so I did as told, it tasted like a creamy thick sweet and salty but hot juices, then he said, ok take your underwear off so I can finish cleaning your face of this candy and I did as told, as he cleaned me I sat back down on his lap waiting for my sister to find us, as I sat naked on his lap I wiggled my ass and didn't felt the hard thingy on my anal so I asked him in a sad voice, are you not happy no more? He ask me, why I said that, I told him cos I don't feel the hard thingy on my ass, so he asked me, do you want me to be happy? I said, yes, cos you’re my best friend and don't you want to be happy with me? Did I do something wrong cos I mess up the candy? You told me you love me before I got my face wet, and I want to love you too cos you make me feel special, no one gave me so much attention or affection as you did, I want you to love me, so he told me, no baby you didn't do anything wrong, as he touched me again he said, I see you are feeling happy too cos your pee, pee is hard again, do you want me to stop, I said, I don’t know but it feels good, he then stands me up and tells me to put my hands up on the closet wall and spread my legs cos he wants to check and see if the candy went on my ass, so I did as told, there I was with my two little hands spread on the closet wall and my legs wide opened and naked, he put one hand on my pee, pee, moving it in and out, and the other hand went on my butt, he was like massaging my jelly ass cheeks, I felt he spread my ass cheeks and put his finger like circling my asshole, that felt so good and ticking, my asshole was tingling I never felt that before and he said, yes you have candy there so he spit on his fingers and was moving it around more and more cleaning my asshole of the melted candy, which I don't know how candy got there, and at the same time moving faster and faster his hand on my pee, pee, wow, I really had to pee now, I was feeling so happy and good that I was making girly sounds so he asked me, do you like me cleaning you and making you happy, I said in a moaning why, YES, YESS, AM I BEING A GOOD BOY? AMM, as I get weaker, he says, Yes, you are being a good boy, then he asked me, do you want me to stop, I moaned more, NOO, NOO, PLEASE DON'T STOP NOW, OOH, I WANT TO BE A GOOD BOY FOR MOMMY, AMM, I didn't know what was happening to me or what I was feeling, I was so confused but I didn't want him to stop, and being a good boy was important for mommy cos I was a trouble maker, he told me to bend over so he can clean me good, so I did as was told, he told me to get on my 4 and lift my ass up so he could do it good and to spread my legs on my tippy toes, so I did as high as I can but then he told me to spread my ass chicks with my hands, it was uncomfortable but I did it anyway, so I put my head on the floor, it was so dark I couldn't see what he was doing to me but I liked the feeling a lot, then he said he will have to lick my ass to get all that candy off me or we would have to stop the game to get a shower, so I said, ok clean me good and I giggled as he licked my asshole cos it tickled due to he didn't shaved, as I lay there with my head on the floor, my ass up high on my tippy toes and my hands holding open my bubbled cheeks, he started licking me all over, putting his tongue deep inside my asshole with one hand holding me up that I don't fall and his other hand shaking my hard wet small pee, pee faster and faster I was so overwhelmed of the new experience in pleasure that I just kept screaming and moaning like a little girl, OOH, AMM, AMM, OOH, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, he put my underwear in my mouth so they don't hear me screaming, I just went crazy moving my ass more up so he has easy accesses to clean me more I was too shy and afraid to ask him what he was doing to me cos I didn't wanted him to stop and I didn’t wanted him to get mad, cos if he tells my mom I didn’t do as he said, then I am a bad boy, he took my underwear out of my mouth and he asked me, do I love him, I said in a loud scream, OOH, YES, YES I LOVE YOU, BUT I HAVE TO PEE VERY BAD, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHI, AHÍ !!!!! I then peed all over and I collapsed on the floor so tired and sweating, Oh my goodness, I felt so weak and confused and wet, I peed on myself, but now that I think back, he had made me CUM so much it was my first time cos I felt very we, when I relaxed I asked him, why my pee, pee piss color is differently and I felt different in pissing too, all he said was that he made me happy as I made him happy and that it happens when we as guys get happy, I said Wow, ok, we then herd my sister coming so he covered my pee, pee and ass with his hands and picked me up and carried me to the bathroom telling my sister game over and he must bathe me cos it got hot in the closet for all the waiting that I was too weak to talk or do anything so he washed me, I thought to myself, wow, what a best friend I have I thought as he bathe me, he plays games with me, feeds me candy, hugs me, makes me feel happy and makes me feel good, teaches me things, and has time to listen to me, I started to open up to him fast ...... The next day my mom called him over to ask him if I ate something extra cos I had a stomachache, I saw his face turned pale, he told my mom that after dinner we were jumping and playing around that maybe that’s the problem, she said, ok, anyway he is due for a regular checkup and she'll get something for my pain, she told him to dress me for the doctors, then he comes to my room and tells me in a low worried voice, look buddy, I lied to your mom, I didn't tell her about the candy I gave you cos you know she would had beat you if you ate that so late at night, he was right my mom was very strict and she believed in hitting punishment, I mean real beating with a leather belt more than listening to me, so he told me, let’s keep it a secret, ok, I said OK, OK, he went home so white he looked dead, I wonder why, hehehe, we went to the family doctor, he is so nice to me, I think he likes my mom since he knew my dad left, but he is to old, I mean like Santa Clause old, hehehe, I am not scare or shy to go to him cos he don't hurt me, when he is going to pinch me with a needle on my ass he kisses my butt cheeks and tells me if I don’t cry he will give me a lollipop, it’s the good big ones, he always tells me what he is going to do before it’s done...
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