Into the wild (animal sex, dog)

Dezie A.'s sex story
I bought a cabin in the mountains, it was deep in the wilderness, I decided to stay there for a month, there was a wolf that came up to the cabin door on the second day that I was there, he is bigger than any dog I'd ever seen.

The cabin in a reck, I set out to get it in shape to live in, I heard something on the porch, I hoped it wasn't a bear, I got my rifle and opened the door slowly, there in front of me was the most beautifules young male wolf that I'd ever seen, he was big, shoulders was above my waist height, his fur shine in the sun light, he had the biggest dick sheath that I'd ever seen, he saw me, stood there for a minute, turned and walked off the porch and layed down next to a tree,I thought to my self, what's he up to? I went out on the porch with my rifle and set on edge of porch, he didn't move, just watched me with those ghostly blue eyes, this went on for about 20 minutes, I felt comfortable with him being there, but still cautious about his intend, that night I heard him come to the door and lay down, he was there the next morning when I opened the door he came in and lay down next to the fire place, he started licking his dick and it came out a little, it was 3' across and wasn't even hard! It looked to be about 12-13'long, I was in awl with him, I only had my shorts on, it was a warm morning, I push them off and started rubbing my dick, he was watching me, his dick started coming out of his sheath more at this point, God he is big, I'm horny and terrified at this time, I set on edge of my bed, hard dick, he gets up and walks over and sticks his nose to my dick and licks it, I'm terrified he might bite it off, his dick started to get larger, I decided to see if he wants to fuck me, I get on the floor on all fours, he walks around me, sniffs my butt crack and licks it, his tongue feels like soft sand paper with lube on it, it starts to loosen me up and it goes in deep, his tongue is bigger than most mens dick that have fucked me, I'm well lubed now from tongue fucking me, I slowly start rubbing his belly and ease my way to his dick, I stroke it a few times and that's all it takes, he mounts me and starts humping me, I roll my ass up to him and he finds his mark and rams into me, he feels to been about 4' across, he's knot hasn't got to my pussy lips yet and feel the tip of his dick at my belly button, his knot is big maybe 5 maybe 6'across, I start pushing back against him to met each stroke, his knot starts opening me up, it stretching me open, it goes in and I scream, I haven't felt that hurt since I was a virgin when blue raped me, he's slamming into my pussy harder and faster than anyone has ever fucked me before, he slows and turns, I can feel this wild creatures dick getting bigger inside me, I not sure I can take it getting any bigger, I don't have a choice in it,his locked in me filling me up with his come, it super hot in me, I can't clinch down on him, I'm so stretched open, I feel his knot on the inside of my hip bones, the tip of dick is above my belly button, it pulsing, I put my hand on the bulge and stroke it like a dick, I feel each shot of come on the insides of my palm, this seems to go on for ever, I'm lost in this wild creatures world, him breeding me,I don't want him to stop, finally he starts getting smaller, I pull my self off this beautiful animals dick, come pours out of me, I hug him, he licks my face, I lay on the bed, come licking out of my pussy, it's stretch open bigger than ever and I fall asleep, he fucks me first thing in the morning, we fuck everyday know and I don't think I'm ever going to leave.

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