Emanuelle's space adventure (straight, teen sex, science fiction)

Vendome's sex story
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’ve had some hit and misses plus I lost a lot of my stories that I never even got to post but here is a new one from me hopefully you enjoy it and id like some feedback please as I have a lot more of this series waiting to submit. Happy reading.

In 2022 the first mission to mars started the great migration by 2122 a hundred years after the first landing thousands of people had migrated to the red planet with the promise of a new life…

Emanuelle was starting to have second thoughts.

She couldn’t believe she had been talked into coming to the outer hub. It was her new friend Grigonel’s idea. ‘live dangerously’ she had said well it was dangerous the Hub was located just outside the security of the city it was both the star port off Mars and the nexus for transport to the frontiers and the mines. But more than that it was an overcrowded slum, many people had travelled here to escape the over populated earth and hand now found themselves packed into Large domes and underground ghettos.

Emanuelle was from the city of first landing with its high walls and crystal buildings surrounded by lush green parks a true monument to human achievement. Her father was a computer programmer who had moved the family from earth two years ago to start a new life, and Emanuelle was starting to wish she was back enjoying that life right now.

The streets or tunnels were crowded Emanuelle held tight to her friends Grigonel’s hand as she wove through the crowds of people miners covered in red dust and beggars dressed in rags where just some of the people they bumped into as they made their way deeper into the Hub.

Emanuelle almost bumped into a prostitute who was wearing a tight black synthetic leather skirt and had her hair styled in a pink Mohawk. Emanuelle realised that she wasn’t dressed so differently she defiantly didn’t look like the inexperienced young girl she was she looked like an outright slut it was Grigonel’s idea to dress the part all about ‘blending in. Emanuelle had even dyed her blonde hair a light shade of blue with a temporary hair dye that she hoped would wash out easily when she got home, she wore a tight black skirt a white singlet that didn’t cover her belly and a blue synthetic jacked that she had modified to also leave her mid-section bare and only come down to her forearms. On her feet she wore heels she had borrowed off Grigonel and black socks which came up past her knees, all in all she did look the part so much so that a Hub preacher yelled at them condemning them for their sins but from what she knew of preachers they believed mankind leaving earth was in itself a sin but since they were here too that made little sense to her.

‘We are here’ Grigonel said turning to face Emanuelle with a huge grin on her face. Grigonel was very different to Emanuelle in physical appearance even though they were dressed much the same, Emanuelle was athletic though she was fairly short where Grigonel was tall and thin with large fake breasts. Grigonel had decided to leave her long blonde hair un-dyed but she had styles it into two long pigtails trying to add more to her already youthful appearance.

This is where you took Jean?’ asked Emanuelle looking up at the neon sign that said ‘the Underbelly’
‘yeah it’s the best place in the Hub trust me’ replied Grigonel pulling Emanuelle’s hand leading her down the wide ramp down toward the huge doors.

The line for the club had maybe thirty people in it but upon approach one of the guards spotted the two girls and waved them through to the front the guard was a large darker skinned man with a shaved head wearing a dark grey flight suit style uniform with a vest and his side arm in a leg holster. His face was worn and he had the look of a distain though he seemed to almost smile as Grigonel approached.

‘I told you I could get us in’ chirped Grigonel as he waved them through, though Emanuelle thought it might be more because of how they were dressed than Grigonel ‘conections’.

As they entered the large door Emanuelle saw that the place was one huge converted hanger or warehouse with a large bar in the centre that was surrounded by the many patrons and Emanuelle suddenly felt almost over dressed as some of the females had even more flesh showing. Emanuelle looked up and she could see the walkways of the upper levels filled with people drinking and dancing.

‘Let’s dance girl’ said Grigonel lifting her hands up into the air as she moved towards the dance floor with a look of triumph on her face. Emanuelle followed her still wide mouthed at the size of the underground club, the flashing laser lights and dark techno messing with her sensors.

The dance floor was packed with sweaty bodies as males and females grinded against each other. Grigonel pulled Emanuelle to her and started rubbing up against her which seemed at first strange to Emanuelle but she went along with it and found soon two young guys were trying to join in with them and Grigonel whispering into her ear that she thought they were cute. Grigonel even managed to get the two young guys to buy them drinks.

Soon Grigonel was all over the taller of the two guys she was locked in an embrace with her grinding herself up and down on him. Emanuelle was fast realising she was very inexperienced in even being in a club let alone with males. Sure she had fooled around with a few guys back in the city and she had even been to a few nightclubs but it didn’t compare to this. Emanuelle was watching girls in tiny shorts and skirts dancing in ways she had never seen, she was trying to copy some moves she saw like when Grigonel was almost bent over rubbing her arse up against the tall guys crutch.

As Emanuelle bent over she felt the strangers hand running on her upper legs sending a shiver up her spine she had by now had a few drinks and something was taking over her, she started to rub her butt against the random guy she looked back over her shoulder to see the look on his face as she could now feel a bulge in his pants rubbing against her arse. There was only one way to explain it Emanuelle felt like a total slut which was out of character for her but she was enjoying it. She was even contemplating giving this guy a blow job at the end of the night.

Meanwhile Grigonel was making out with the taller of the guys and was even letting him play with her huge fake breasts Emanuelle was getting the impression Grigonel was a lot more experienced and had a lot less morals than she did.

At the break in the music Emanuelle and her dancing partner moved over to the main bar to get a fresh drink straight away the young man started running his hands across her bare skin of her thigh his fingertips sending little electric shocks to her pussy. As they were standing at the bar waiting to be served he even got bolder and rubbed his fingers against her pussy she could feel the sensation through her silk panties. It was then that Emanuelle realised he had his hand up her short skirt she quickly looked around to see if anyone in the crowded club noticed but everyone seemed oblivious the thrill of being caught excited her in a way she had not expected.

Just as Emanuelle was starting to feel her pussy getting wet she spotted her friend Jean she didn’t even know she was here outside the city, Grigonel had said she had brought her here once before but she never thought the shyest girl she knew would be here alone. Jean wasn’t even dressed like she belonged there more like she was going for date in a city bar.

Emanuelle was about to call out to try and get Jeans attention when she suddenly hesitated, she didn’t want Jean to see her almost getting fingered in a club by some stranger she didn’t even know their name. As she watched Jean heading toward the bathrooms Emanuelle saw her crash into a man walking into the club the man helped her back to her feet he looked stocky and had a shaved head. Emanuelle thought from a distance he looked like a total hard arse not like the pretty boy who was trying to rub her up but then he un- expectantly bent over and went to help Jean back to her feet.

Azure started to feel her silk panties being pulled to the side and a finger brush against her now wet clit, but Emanuelle broke away straightening her skirt up and moved over to her friend leaving a very confused young man standing at the bar. By the time Emanuelle reached Jean she was thanking the stocky man for helping her up.

‘You alright’ said Emanuelle as she reached Jean
‘Oh hi Emanuelle, I dint know you were here… yes I’m okay’ replied Jean
‘Well I’ll leave you two beautiful ladies be, have a nice night girls’ said the man who Jean had bumped into. Up close Emanuelle could see the man was in his mid to late twenties he had ice cold blue eyes that had a hint of kindness in them he also had a large scar on the left side of his face that ran into his closely shaven hair line. He wore a tight tan shirt and dark blue-grey pants, his bare arms were covered in intricate blue tattoos and they were rippling with lean muscle up close he wasn’t that stocky but he sure was muscly.

‘Wow he was fucken hot’ said Emanuelle to Jean as he walked off Azure still staring at his muscular shoulders as he made his way to the bar.

‘He looked a bit ruff for my liking but he was nice. When did you start coming here?’ asked Jean
‘Now, Grigonel brought me’
‘Oh fair enough are you having fun?’
‘Yeah just dancing and stuff are you here alone?’
‘Umm yeah just got here I’m meeting some friends’ Answered Jean though Emanuelle seemed to think there was more to it infact she knew all of Jeans friends and she doubted they came here.

Before Emanuelle could question Jean further the guy she was dancing with approached with the drinks he had been lining up to get. Jean excused herself as he approached saying she had to go to the toilet and that she would probably catch up with her later.

Emanuelle thanked the young man for the drink and as they were walking back to the dance floor she caught sight of the ‘bad boy’ talking to a bar tender who was pointing him towards a side bar in the club. Emanuelle locked eyes with him and he gave her a smile as she was lead off by a guy she didn’t think she was too interested in anymore.

Grigonel smiled at Emanuelle as she saw her come back to the dance floor Grigonel was now dancing with someone completely different and this new guy was a lot older and bigger than the tall young guy who she was originally grinding against. Emanuelle resumed dancing with the younger guy who didn’t seem to even notice that Grigonel had discarded his buddy for some other guy.

Emanuelle started to realise she was actively looking for the muscular guy with the tattoos so much so she was now dancing at the edge of the dance floor with her young dancing partner. A few times she thought she saw him but every time she looked again he wasn’t there. Emanuelle was starting to feel slightly light headed from the drinks and she realised even the bulging boner in her partners pants or his wondering fingers that kept trying to finger fuck her wasn’t really turning her on anymore so she excused herself and told the young guy she need to visit the toilet.

Though as she approached the toilet she seemed to be drawn towards the side bar she had seen the bartender point towards. The side bar was a smaller room off the main hanger and was somewhat less crowded or loud. The smaller bar was also poorly lit and had a few booths around the walls. Emanuelle looked about then spotted the guy she was looking for talking to two other men in a corner booth so she made her way to the bar and ordered another drink.

As she started to drink it she kept glancing over at the booth trying to see if he had noticed her and when she saw the two men he was talking too leave she tried to get the courage up to go over and talk to him. Just as she thought she was ready she turned to see the young guy she was dancing with appear.

‘Hey what you doing over here’ he asked reaching out to touch her

She took a step back and saw he had a puzzled look on his face that then turned to anger as he knocked her drink out of her hand.

‘Fuck you slut I’ve been buying you fucken drinks all night…” his angry rant was cut short by a huge crack as he almost ended up over the bar. Suddenly he was ripped back onto his feet and Emanuelle saw the muscular man punch the younger guy again sending him to the floor. The young man struggled to get to his feet and seemed to be looking about for help but even the guard by the bar seemed to just be watching almost uninterested, and so the younger guy outmatched retreated out of the side bar.

‘You alright?’ asked the man as she wiped the front of her singlet and jacket
‘Yeah thanks’ she said looking up at his ice blue eyes.

The man ordered her another drink and invited her over to the booth he was sitting in, and introduced himself as Gregor.

‘Thanks for back at the bar, would you like to come and dance?’ she asked hopefully
‘No thanks I’m not much of a dancer’ his reply made her feel like a naïve little girl she had been hoping to tease him on the dance floor with her new found moves. ‘I’ve seen your moves girl and I would cramp your style’

Emanuelle now realised she had seen him and he had seen her dancing like a slut on the dance floor great I’ve blown it she thought to herself when suddenly she felt his hand on her thigh his fingers running up and down her bare skin she instinctively moved her legs apart willing him to move his hand towards her pussy.

She felt his fingers move slowly toward their goal as she took another drink from her glass trying to act normal. Emanuelle was feeling the excitement as fingers ran under her skirt and across her silk panties for the second time that night and they also started pushing slightly on her clit through the silk which was getting more sensitive by the second.

Gregor looked Emanuelle in the eyes as she let out a little sigh as his finger moved backwards and forward across her clit she could feel her silk panties getting wetter as he leaned forward and started to nipple on her ear playfully. She was even starting to buck her hips forward to put more pressure on her throbbing clit.

‘Let’s bail from her back to mine’ whispered Gregor into Emanuelle’s ear and her response was only to nod as she felt him kiss up and down her neck.

Gregor stood up and helped Emanuelle out of the booth she could almost feel the pussy juice running down her legs. She quickly sent a message through her comlink to Grigonel (hey Grigonel I’m going to head off where are you?) within a second Grigonel replied (I’ve been invited up to the private floor I can get you up here) Emanuelle messaged back that she was fine then let Gregor lead her out of the club.

The two of them made their way through the crowded streets and laneways of the Hub till they entered a small alley that Gregors apartment was on and when they came to the doorway Gregor pinned Emanuelle up against the steel door and started kissing her neck as her hand started to rub the bulge in his pants. Emanuelle soon had her skirt hitched up revealing her silk covered pussy, his hands gripping her arse cheeks as he pulled her closer to him. Oh fuck he’s going to take me right here in this dirty alley she thought to herself as she fumbled with the front of his pants trying to get at his cock.

As her hands found their way into his pants she was panting heavily from his fingers rubbing her clit and now her arsehole through her panties he was also kissing sucking and nibbling her neck and earlobe to add to the overwhelming sensation. Her fingers finally found his cock and wrapped around what she could only think of as a monster it was bigger than any of the boys she had fooled around with and her small hands fumbled with the thick shaft.

As soon as she started to jack Gregor off she could feel his hand slide down the back of her panties and a single finger run between her pussy lips then up over her tiny arsehole which was a bit of a shock for her but his finder rubbing her clit was turning her on even more.

So there Emanuelle was having her clit rubbed through her panties while she tried to jack off a man she just meet and to top it off she was also getting her own pussy juice rubbed into her arsehole. This was getting out of hand fast maybe the drinks had got to her maybe she was secretly a slut. No she decided she wasn’t a slut… well not yet.

‘Let’s get this off the street’ said Gregor removing his hands from her arse and clit and opening the steel door to his place the apartment was small and Spartan with minimal furniture or clutter though it was tidy she had not expected that after seeing what the rest of the Hub looked like.

Almost as soon as the door was shut Emanuelle was on him she wanted to see this cock for real. She pulled down his pants and unleased his cock wrapping her hands around it looking up into his eyes. She had given head a few times to some guys she attended classes with and her boss at work but she had never seen a cock that looked so nice. It was over six inches long and was a nice thickness that wouldn’t be too much trouble to get in her mouth.

So she started to do what she knew and ran her tongue around the head of Gregor’s cock as her hands played with his balls, her boss back in the city always loved having his balls played with so she figured Gregor would too. Slowly she started to jack off the shaft as her mouth engulfed the head of his cock. Still looking up at him she slid her mouth further down till she could go no further sure she couldn’t deep throat but she was trying to.

She slide his cock from her mouth and went to sucking on his balls as her hands jacked him off quickly she normally got her boss to cum like this, but it seemed Gregor had other ideas and picked Emanuelle up off her knees and threw her onto the couch pulling her silk panties aside he started to run his tongue up over her clit tasting her sweet pussy, this was a new sensation Emanuelle had never felt anything like it was so much different to fingers.

It’s finally going to happen she thought to herself. Her head was swimming should she tell him her secret, should she tell him this was her first time, I’m going to let him fuck me and we have not even kissed, what about a condom? She realised she hadn’t thought this trough she had been fingered before given head before but she realised now that this was about to go a lot further. Emanuelle could barely concentrate as his tongue parted her pussy lips and ran over her clit again and again.

But what happened next was more of a shock she felt one of his fingers slide right into her arse she had so much pussy juice flowing from her cunt it had become lubricant for her tiny hole. Gregor worked his finger in and out of her arse as his tongue worked her clit then he pulled it out and Emanuelle was a little relieved that was until his tongue started to probe her arse, this was even more unexpected but she found herself enjoying it.

After a few minutes of his tongue fucking her arse he replaced his finger but this time with a second finger and he was really pushing them in and out of her now she was feeling her arsehole stretch which was weird but at the same time almost good… no it was good. He looked up at her and asked how much she liked it and all she could do was nod as she felt herself getting more and more turned on.

Oh fuck she thought he thinks I’m experienced I’ve let this get way out of hand she thought to herself as his fingers started to drill into her tiny arsehole. He had gone back to licking and sucking her clit which was sending her over the edge she was going to cum from having her arse fingered what kind of sicko had she become?

‘ohhhh fuuuuccccckkkk’ she screamed as an orgasm flooded her body she started to shake.

As she lay their panting gasping for air trying to recover from her body quaking orgasm she felt the fingers slip out of her arse and now she felt almost empty. Azure looked up and saw Gregor holding his hard cock and she felt the urge to have that cock she really had awaken the slut inside herself.

‘Do you want this cock now you little nymph?’ asked Gregor as he slowly wanked his own cock in front of her.

It’s now or never she thought as she gazed at his cock. ‘Yes stick that cock in me’ she said in a voice that didn’t even seem to be hers but she wanted to feel that cock popping her cherry.

Gregor still holding his cock ran the head of it up her pussy splitting her pussy lips and ran his cock over her swollen clit she could see the purple head of his dick positioned ready to take her virginity when she suddenly thought about a condom. She shouldn’t let him fuck her bareback it wasn’t safe she was going to say something till she felt his cock push into her…

And she realised suddenly his cock was pushing into her freshly fingered arse hole not her virgin pussy. Oh no she thought my first time is going to be up the arse. She jumped as she felt his cock stretching her tiny virgin arsehole much further than his fingers had. Her pussy juices had supplied a little bit of lubricant but it was still raw.

Inch by inch his cock sank into her arse till it was fully buried in her and she could feel his balls against her arse cheeks. She was now face to face with him and was looking into his ice blue eyes as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her arse. Emanuelle reached up and brought his face to hers and started to make out with him for the first time their tongues duelling for supremacy as her arse was losing to his hard cock.

The feeling was getting better and better Emanuelle even found her own hand reaching for her throbbing clit. Gregor broke away from the kiss and leaned back slightly his cock still firmly in her arse. He then pulled both her legs up so her knees were on her chest and her arse was raised up slightly. She felt his cock almost slip out of her arse then slam back into her brutally, Emanuelle cried out though she wasn’t sure if it was in pain or pleasure. Then like a jack hammer Gregor started to slam in and out of her abused hole. Emanuelle soon felt a her arse hole clench as she realised she was going to cum again.

‘Keep fucking my arse. I’m going to cum again’ she cried as her body started to shake again

Gregor didn’t let up he pounded into her arse again and again as Emanuelle came with a scream. As soon as her body finished shaking Gregor pulled his cock out and unleashed a huge load of cum onto her pussy. Gregor watched as Emanuelle moaned and slowly rubbed his cum into her clit. The sight of her rubbing cum into her clit made Gregor instantly hard again.

‘fuck you are one crazy slut’ he said as he found himself jerking his own cock once more.

If only he knew he was the only man who had ever fucked her she thought to herself as she sat up on the couch starring straight at the cock that had just fucked her arse thinking she couldn’t wait for that dick to take her virginity in fact she was now fixed on it Gregor was going to be the one to pop her cherry.

‘suck my dick clean’ ordered Gregor pointing it towards her face.

Emanuelle wasn’t sure about sucking a dick that had just been up her arse but she thought perhaps she could get him to fuck her again and this time in the pussy. So she grabbed hold off his cock and stuck it as far down her throat as she could tasting her own arse on his hard cock. Emanuelle worked his cock with her mouth and hands as Gregor moaned louder and louder she was starting to think he might even just cum in her mouth so she stopped and let his cock head slowly pop out of her mouth. As much as she want him to cum in her mouth she wanted him in her aching cunt even bare back she didn’t care she just had to feel his cock inside her.

Gregor looked down at his new found slut who just went arse to mouth with him like a pro he couldn’t believe he had scored such a fresh young slut he was even thinking he might keep her around awhile.

Suddenly the doorbell to his apartment wrung which made Emanuelle jump but what concerned her most was how casually Gregor tucked his cock back in his pants and pulled out a pistol from the side of the couch and strolled over to the door switching on the video screen that allowed him to see who was at the door.

Emanuelle quickly straightened her skirt and sat up as Gregor opened the door and in strode a huge barrel chested man in dirty miners fatigues with a huge beard he and Gregor clasped hands and Gregor waved him inside.

‘Emanuelle this is Astrof, Astrof this is Emanuelle’ introduced Gregor as he motioned for the giant of a man to take a seat before he disappeared only returned with three drinks.

Well I guess I won’t be losing my virginity tonight though Emanuelle to herself.

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