Sex With The Three Kings (fantasy, straight, teen sex)

Skysun69's sex story
A little girl with daddy issues finds affection in three kings at Christmas in Puerto Rico...Then their was this, once upon a time, when things got worse, my daddy left the family when I was just turning 8 years old, then daddy takes me to Puerto Rico for the second time

He noticed I got stressed out and depressed due to the separation and he wanted me to experience my first Christmas there which is called, Los Tress Reyes Magos. The Three Wise Kings, but I really think he just wanted to get away from mommy and he used me as an excuse to take a vacation trip just him and I, saying we need father and son quality time and that it was good for me to have a change in my life, I went with him cos I really, really wanted to believe this was true, about what he said, father and son quality time, besides I saw mommy crying too much for their separation and I figured it was best that he left so she won't hurt more, besides, I also love plane trips, hehehe, so all the way there I had this song stuck in my mind, you know when a song gets stuck on your head it keeps repeating, well, I had this song on my head that I couldn't take out and it just kept playing over and over and over, so I kept singing it, ????????'COS AM LEAVING ON A JET PLANE, I DON'T KNOW WHEN I'LL BE BACK AGAIN, OH BABY I HATE TO GO'????????????, well, after 3 hours of flying, we get there, it's late night, I was sitting at the window of the plane, but before we landed, WOW, I was so amazed on how beautiful the Island of PR looks from way up here, so much lights brightens up the night of Puerto Rico as well as the stars, I was excited, PAUSED STORY

Ok look, so you horny readers understand whats happening, I will advance this piece of info I found out later on in time, my parents splitted up due to my mommy caught my daddy cheating on her with another woman, therefore my mommy kicked my daddy out so my daddy leaves mommy and his new woman in New York and flies with me to Puerto Rico to fix the house he bought for my mommy, so he can move back to PR with his new woman not with my mommy and that was the truth NOT that he needed quality time with me, but mommy didn't know of this neither did I at the time till like I said, later on in time, ok, NOW, BACK TO THE STORY, So there I am all happy and hoping that this will be good for us, little do I know what I am in for, we get picked up by this female my daddy called his cousin, well, she didn't look like no cousin, more like a girlfriend, she had a huge ass, of course bigger then mine, big boobs and was dressed so sexy showing everything and she kept calling daddy sweet names like, baby, honey, sweetie, not Cuz or Cousin type at all, besides, I couldn't stop staring at her very healthy sides, then again she also couldn't take her eyes off my ass too, hehehe, a very confused lady she was, she even said, Oh what a cute little girl, as she caresses my long curly brunette hair and kept looking at my ass again and again, she asked daddy, so which daughter is this one? The youngest or the oldest? My daddy was fuming, piss, and he yelled at her saying, ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT'S MY SON, so she says, Oops, sorry kid, I giggled, and she goes to daddy saying, but honey, how am I supposed to know that's your son, you never mentioned to me that you had a son, Hmmm, well, that hit me so hard it hurted, I heard it loud and clear, WOW, daddy never mentioned me at all, his only son, to her, I kept asking myself over and over like the song that was stuck to my head but this was painful, how can daddy never mentioned me? Why? Whats so wrong with me that he kept me shut? Am I not that important to him? That was deep hurting me the more I thought about it, like if I just received a dagger straight plunged into my heart, all my excitement and happiness went to my ass, anyway, we get in her car, daddy sits up front with her, me in the back with tears running down my face, we drove like for an hour, onces we get to her place, daddy noticed my wet eyes, am sad, he didn't know that I heard what she said, he asks me, son, are you alright? I didn't answer him, he asked, Whats wrong baby? And he tried to make me look at him by taking my chin up to him but I pulled away.

I told him, I don't want to talk, am tired and I want to go to sleep, then I walked away to go inside the house, I opened the front door and three older men where there drinking beers, they live in the same house with her, she has no kids, her older brother, MELCHOR, her older Uncle, GASPAR, and her daddy, BALTASAR, all drunk men but clean men, they were very kind and good to me since I got there but they also couldn't believe I was a boy, they kept there eyes on my ass and kept mistaking me for a girl and giving me compliments saying I was very pretty, my daddy got mad, I didn't mind, am use to it, what daddy don't give me, older men do, so while daddy is fixing sleeping arrangements I went to take a shower cos its very hot here in PR, but the night feels a little breeze so I figured, with a shower I should be fine, Lady Toy is what I named her cos thats what sge looks like, a toy in a lady, so LT has like a wooden old house, looks poor but cute and clean, the shower and toilet was outside at back like a small box room, I asked daddy for one of his T-shirts cos I want to feel comfortable as they fit me as a dress, and I could sneak not wearing no underwear, hehehe, so daddy gives me his white long dress T-shirt, that smells like him and the towel, it's all I took with me to the wooden shower box, I go outside barefooted, step into the square wooden old shower filled with holes, I closed the door but it has no lock, got naked and showered, I took long cos of my long hair, sorry, I like looking good even to sleep ok, hehehe, then I had a funny feeling as am bending over, like when someone is watching me, so I look back and I see, that through the holes there were eyes peeking at me, they noticed I saw them and I yelled, WHO'S THERE? OH DADDY, DADDY!!, As they ran off I peeked back and saw them running and tripping and falling, they looked so funny running away, it was them three, Bro. Melchor, Uncle Gaspar and Dad Baltasar, I giggled more as they look very funny bumping in to each others, hehehe, I finished bathing, I dried up, put on my long dress T-shirt with no underwear and rapped the towel around my hair, then walked back into the house, I see the three older men smiling at me, I gave them all an evil smile but I sticked out my tongue at them and giggled waving my hand as bye, daddy calls me to the room, I go and asked, you called me daddy? He said, Yes, you will be sleeping in this big room, its comfortable and well air circulated with fans so you won't be hot, you will share this room with, Bro. Melchor, Uncle Gaspar and Dad Baltasar, I said to myself, GRRRRRRRRR, GREAT, THE THREE PEEPING TOMS, I said to him, but daddy, when I was taking my shower... and daddy cuts me off and says, look young man, I don't want to hear a peep out of your mouth ok, then I mumbled, but I want to sleep with you, not with them, I don't know these men well, he tells me, behave and stop wining, we are their guess and these nice people don't have much rooms to offer, and I yelled trying to explain, BUT DADDY, WHEN I WAS TAKING A SHOWER... and daddy cuts me off again and says, listen here young man, I had enough of you and embarrassing me with your long hair, when I told you to cut it, everyone thinks you are a girl, I did tell you to cut your hair right, I stumped my feets yelling again, BUT DADDY, YOU ALWAYS DO THIS, YOU ALWAYS LEAVE ME WITH STRANGERS, YOU NEVER LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP WITH THOSE STRANGERS, I WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU, and he takes me over his knees, uncovers my ass that everyone was watching and spanks me hard, I got like 5 spanks, which it felt good, hehehe, I like spanks, and he orders me to get into bed and be nice to Bro. Melchor, Uncle Gaspar and Dad Baltasar then he leaves, I get in bed, belly down and shoved my face on the pillow to cry, not cos he spanked me, that part I enjoyed, but cos didn't listen to what I had to say and I caressed my ass cheeks, Bro. Melchor, Uncle Gaspar and Dad Baltasar walks in, they all sit around my bed and they all caressed my ass cheeks saying, don't cry baby, we are not that bad, you will learn to love us, I am belly down on the bed, I tell them, please forgive me but its not you guys am worried about, I just wanted some quality time with my daddy, but it seems that the more I try to get closer to him the ferther I have him, thanks for making my ass cheeks feel better, it don't hurt, not being able to be with daddy, that hurts, Bro. Melchor says as he lifts my dress T-shirt, I will kiss your Boo, Boo to make you feel better, so he lips me all around my stinging red butt cheeks, then Uncle Gaspar says, I will lick your ass cheeks to stop the stinging feeling, so he tongues me all around my ass cheeks, and Dad Baltasar says, and I will massage your ass cheeks so the redness will go away, so he touches squeezing all around my ass cheeks and then after they all finished with me, making me feel better, they went to there beds and said goodnight my Princess, then I said, good night my 3 kings and I thanked them for helping in chearing me up, they are so cute in giving me all their attention and affection, though they smelled and acted drunk, but I appreciated these drunken men more then a sober daddy that don't care, I fell asleep with the sounds of this little frog that only lives in PR called Coqui, it sings at night, its such a beautiful sound, one good thing about me is that I have no problem falling asleep, when I fall asleep, I really go into a deep sleep, nothing bothers me, nothing wakes me up, there could be a tornado out there and I won't wake up, next day came, I woke up to the smell of my favorite, pancakes dipped in honey, bacon and eggs, coffee, orange juice, but when I get up and find myself soaked in so much slimmy juices, from my hair top to my feetsys, am leaking so much happy juice out of my ass hole too, I was so mad, GRRRRRRRRR, they must had been on me all night to have gotten me so wet, I go straight to the box shower room outside and wash myself really good, I had to wash my hair out hard cos it was really sticky, that took time, I can see Bro. Melchor, Uncle Gaspar and Dad Baltasar as I bend over, they were peeping through the hloes of the old box shower room again but I didn't care, I was hungry and I wanted to finish fasts so I can have breakfast, as I am bend over and I know they are still watching me.

I yelled, LOOK, I DON'T CARE IF YOU GUYS DO ME AND FILL ME UP WITH ALL YOUR HAPPY JUICES, BUT AT LEAST WAKE ME UP SO I CAN ENJOY IT TOO, ITS NOT FAIR, I DON'T APPRECIATE BEING PLAYED WITH IN MY SLEEP SO DON'T DO IT AGAIN, they ran inside as I finished bathing without saying a word, I didn't pay them no mind, am thinking to myself, WOW, daddy must had felt sorry for spanking me that he made me breakfast this morning, hehehe, so cool, I go into the kitchen with just a towel around my head and in daddy's dress T-shirt, naked underneath and barefoot, the three older men are there eating, I asked them, where is my daddy? Bro. Melchor says, they went out early morning, I took a deep breath and I asked, so then who made breakfast? Uncle Gaspar says, we did, its the least we can do for you making us happy, and I asked, but how did you know thats my favorite breakfast? And Dad Baltasar said, I asked your dad what you liked and we made it for you, I make a puppy sad face and I said, Umm, thanks you guys, and sorry for yelling at you guys this morning but you guys left me a mess, Umm, thanks for caring so much, I sit to eat and Bro. Melchor asked, is their something wrong with the food? I said, Oh, No, no, its find, Uncle Gaspar asks, then why are you so sad? I said, Umm,,,, well... its really nothing, Dad Baltasar says, come on now, you can tell us, unless you don't trust us, I said, Oh, please don't say that, of course I trust you guys, you have been nice to me ever since I got here, in such short time that we met, you guys have giving me more affection and care then my own daddy, Yes, you guys are weird and always drunk but you guys have giving me more love then my daddy, so they say, then tell us whats wrong, I say, Umm... well... I... I really thought that my daddy felt bad for spanking me last night and Umm... well... I just thought he made me the breakfast and not you guys, but its ok, he don't really care for me, Ok, no more sadness, lets eat am hungry, so they look at each other and they said, don't worry sweetheart, we will make you feel good, the three kings holiday is tonight and we will make it up to you, I said, look you guys, you don't have too, you done me more happy then my daddy, its ok, so as am eating they all whispered to each other and they agreed in something but I couldn't hear them well, they go to the living room, I finished eating, I wash the dishes, and as am skipping to the room to get dress, they call me, all three of them are sitting on the long sofa, so Bro. Melchor tells me, come Princess, sit on my lap, I do as he says, he tells me, we all decide to gift you tonight and make you feel our love and care, as he tells me this I feel his cock growing under my naked ass, I liked it, then Uncle Gaspar pulls me to his lap and my dress T-shirt goes up exposing my jelly BB, I blush but he kisses my jelly BB and sits me on his lap so hard I felt his hard cock poking my anal and he says, Yes, tonight is your night to remember how we celebrate the three kings day here, Hmm, am liking his lap too, suddenly Dad Baltasar snatches me to his lap and Oh My Goodness I almost peed when I felt his big cock next to my ass hole, I didn't wanted to get off and he says, Christmas in PR is so much fun, you will enjoy us tonight, as am getting weak by now in feeling all those hot big cocks pushed under my naked ass, daddy comes in, I quickly pull down my dress T-shirt covering my naked ass and daddy sits saying Wow, its so hot out there, am going to take a shower, and he asks me, how is my little boy? I get off Dad Baltasar's lap and I jump on daddy's lap being that he sounds happy saying, I am good now that you're here daddy, and I asked him, daddy, can I bathe with you? Daddy says, No son, besides, you look like you showered already, and that room is too small for us, I said, but daddy, we don't do nothing together, I can help you shower, he says, son, you are a big boy and big boys don't shower with their daddy's, and I am tired, am hot, and am still angry at you for letting your hair long and embarrassing me by looking as a girl, so unless your looking for another spanking, let me know, or behave, and he takes me off his lap almost dropping me, I mumbled, he is wrong cos my best friend told me that daddy's do shower with their kids, daddy asks me, you were saying something to me son? I said, nevermind, and I walked away, at that moment his so called female cousin, LT, walks in hearing what daddy said to me, she tells him, Oh go on, shower with the poor gir... I mean, the boy, you are always complaining, he needs you too, can't you see that, WOW, men, all they are good for is fucking but not having a family, as I get off his lap and walked away, I sadly go to my room, am putting on clothes and daddy walks in, he says, Umm... son... Umm... well... Umm... am sorry for the way I acted out there, sure you can bathe with me son... Umm... it's just that its so small and we won't be comfortable in there, and, ok, look, I won't bother you again about your hair ok, I love you the way you are and if you like your hair long and you don't care if they call you a girl then I should respect that, I tell him, it's ok daddy, I understand about the shower box daddy and thanks for understanding me too, he says as he hugs me and am naked cos I was changing clothes and he says, son, tonight will be a night you won't forget so get ready to have fun, I said, ok daddy, then he leave to shower and I get dressed, well, that night we had so much fun, we went around house to house singing Spanish Christmas songs and making noises with cans, we blew up fire works, that was so much fun, we ate - arros amarillo con gandules, pernil, pasteles, biscocho, ensalada de papa, morcillas - that is, yellow rice with pigeon peas, pork, green plantar paddies, cakes, potato salad, black pudding also known as blood pudding, in other people's houses, I met different people, many spanked me calling me Princess, beautiful girl, pretty Angel, and so on, hehehe, but daddy didn't mine, everyone is drunk, we go home, my daddy carries me to my bed, takes off my clothes and dresses me with his T-shirt and no underwater, hehehe, then tucked me in bed and tells me the story of the three kings, he gives me this shoe box and tells me to go out to get grass and put it in the shoe box so when the kings come riding on their camels the camels will rest and eat the grass while the three kings leave their gifts for me and if there is no grass the camels won't stop, then I must not see them cos if I look at them they will disappear without leaving me any gifts, so after the story I get up, we go out to get the grass, as I bend over to pick up the grass that I am cutting and putting in the shoe box, I see daddy looking under my dress T-shirt that keeps lifting up exposing my ass in the night, I ask daddy, What are you looking at daddy? He says, how beautiful my little boy looks in the night looking for grass, I giggled, then he took me back to my room, my ass cheeks was itching from all the mosquito bites, so daddy scratched my ass cheeks and kissed the bites on my ass, I said, thank you daddy for making my jelly BB ass cheeks feel better, I smiled and daddy reminded me not to look at them when they come, then he goes to sleep, I put my grass box under my bed, I get on my bed, I put myself on a doggy position to put my face on my pillow to cover my eyes cos I know that if the kings comes I will want to open my eyes to see them, so I waited and waited and waited then after waiting for a long time I was almost asleep, I hear and feel some hands on my back lifting up my blanket and exposing my jelly BB, I said to myself so excited, OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS, IT'S THE THREE KINGS, I FEEL IT'S THE THREE KINGS, so I pretended to be asleep cos I wanted to get my gifts, I feel a lot of hands touching my legs as if they are trying to spread my legs, the hands picks my butt up by my hips then more hands spreads my ass cheeks so I help by letting them, I think if I don't make them happy they won't make me happy either, I hear whispering but I can't make out what they are saying, I hear like a sound of an animal so I smiled cos I think thats the camel eating the grass, then I feel fingers from different hands fingering me at the same time, like trying to put 4 or 5 fingers inside of me but only 2 fingers fits, I get weak, my asshole is getting wet as if someone is spitting in it, then all of a sudden I feel a hot cock head trying to go inside of me, I get weaker fast and almost fell, , then all of a sudden I feel my asshole wet, really wet, he smears the happy juice in my asshole and another king crowns my asshole and I glenced when he put a gift box under my bed, hehehe, so cool, they are fast in shooting in me but all I feel is the head trying to go inside me, I cover my mouth cos it feels so good and I don't want to moan or make a sound, I am afraid they might disappear and don't leave me gifts, now the last king crowns my asshole and wets me a lot as they leave there gifts under my bed also, goodie, goodie, goodie, I thought they where over but they went for a second, third and forth round on my asshole, but this time my asshole was so stretched that their cocks just slieded deep inside of me, in and out, in and out they all went, I had multiple orgasm and they also jerked me well, I shot 16 hot CUM sprays, they must had left me with like 60 juicy shots in and out of me, I lost count, now as they finished gifting me their seeds they left and I fell asleep full of happiness and all wet again,,, Morning came, grass is all over the floor, I noticed I even had grass inside my asshole, but I didn't care, I got my gifts, daddy comes in the room and tells me, WOW, I guess you was busy last night getting gifts, I said, Yes, you have no idea daddy, I giggled daddy and his kissing cousin LT, Bro. Melchor, Uncle Gaspar and Dad Baltasar all laughed, I am so happy I got a lot of gifts, we ate breakfast, my favorite breakfast, and after 4 more days there and getting nighty naughty wet visits from Bro. Melchor, Uncle Gaspar and Dad Baltasar we, daddy and I went back to Brooklyn, NY, mommy was so happy to see me that she spanks me so much, I missed that, hehehe...

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