Master uses pet thoroughly (slave, gay)

TinySexKitten's sex story
I had been a bad little pet I knew I deserved it.. But could I take what master was about to do to me? All week I had been sending master sexy nudes while he was at work. When he came home I would wait for him in bed already naked and dripping wet.

I knew he was tired but I needed to be played with. One day when master arrived home late at night he dragged me out of bed down into the basement, oh excuse me, the torture chamber. I hadn't been down there since master had trained me to be his sex kitten. I was worried but also terribly excited. Master looked at me as he layed me down on the training chair and tied my arms down. 'Spread your legs wide little one.' I quickly did as he ordered not questioning his command. He then walked over and picked up some of the toys he loved to use on me and came back over to me. All of a sudden I felt him press a butt plug into my tight asshole. I cried out and as I did so he shoved his fingers into my pussy soaking them with my juices. I moaned as I looked up at him, he grinned at me and took his fingers out sliding them into my mouth. 'Suck them pet. I want you to get a good taste of your cumhole before I ruin it.' I heard him groan as he pulled his monster cock out of his pants and thrust into my little pussy. My cunt wrapped tightly around his enormous dick and I began to pant and moan loudly. Sucking hard and fast on his fingers while he pounded my cumhole aggressively. Slowly master removed his fingers from my mouth down to rub my clit as I moaned louder with every thrust. My pussy juices were dripping everywhere. I stared up at my master in awe. 'Thank you sir! You feel so good..' I felt as though I was becoming delerious from how amazing his dick was. My pussy was being stretched wide from his cock. He then put nipple clamps on me as I screamed under him. 'Yes baby. Scream and moan and cry for me.. Take your punishment for being a bad kitty you dirty little cumslut!' He pulled at my nipples and that's when I felt something happening in my ass. The but plug was now vibrating wildly in my asshole. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as I arched my back. Master began to cum hard into my cumhole as I squirted all over him while he filled me with his delicious jizz. But he wasn't finished yet... To be continued. ????

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