Deflowered By Ex lover (virginity, straight)

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On the second day after marriage my 22 year old young beautiful wife lost her virginity,but not to me…He said I want to have You baby here and now....He remarked that there is no greater pleasure than forcing open the thighs of a beautiful but unwilling woman.

She was trapped by bunty her ex lover in his flat and the whole episode was seen by a very petrified me. She was called by bunty and but she only said that she is going to a friend and will be back within an hour. As I had a bug for amusement I had bugged her hand bag , this gave their whole conversation . As I looked down from the high rise I could follow her easily to the next building to a fourth floor flat, luckily or unluckily it had a big window through which I could see the whole room, and I could hear their whole conversation through the bug in her vanity bag, it was like a cinema. After some small talk bunty revealed his true colour he said he wants to have her, and now. I was petrified. The conversation went like this:
I want to have you baby.
Are you mad, I am married now.
I do not care I want you now, before that bugger have you
I am leaving
I won’t let you, I will have you here and now
She tried to flee, but he jumped out and locked the door. He pushed her hard in to the double bed.
I will shout
You won’t, as it will ruin you and that bugger.
Please don’t she said struggling, please let me go
Not before I have you.
He held both her hands above her head pinning her on the bed, and as soon it was clear to him that she won’t shout out of fear and shame he became bold and started to remove her sari she started to resist with all her might, fighting back. He tried to calm her
Don’t struggle, be a good girl
But when she went on struggling he slapped her hard, stunning her.
Why are you hurting yourself? he asked, She did not answer and struggled silently
He now knew that he can not have her consent, but he also knew that he had her trapped and she will not shout for help or reveal what has happened , his sadist self was aroused.
He took her sari which he has just pulled out and bound her hands together with it and then to the head side railing of the bed. When he was removing her petticoat she kicked him in the face. This made him livid with rage. He slapped her repeatedly. He then took some rope hanging from the window curtain and tied the rope to her ankles. Seeing this she pressed her thighs together. He now pulled the rope to spread her thighs real wide and tied to the rope to the lower railing. This must have caused some discomfort to her as she tried to close her thighs in vain. He got excited to see her trying to close her thighs. He remarked that there is no greater pleasure than forcing open the thighs of a beautiful but unwilling woman.
Please let me go, she pleaded
Sure only after I have enjoyed your beautiful body fully. Saying this he started to unbutton her blouse buttons one by one and opened the flaps wide uncovering her bra covered breasts and then tore out the blouse completely from her body.
No, please, no she cried in despair and shame as she lay tied to the bed helplessly in almost naked condition in a very skimpy bra panty. Seeing her helplessness he hissed
You are completely at mymercy I can and will do whatever I like with your beautiful body. Knowing that she is completely at his mercy, he started to talk dirty. This pervert now has her beautiful wife tied helplessly in almost naked condition in his bed. He lusted at her. He now started praising her beauty. He praised her flawless , unblemished milky white skin her clean satin smooth armpits, courtesy laser hair removal, shapely breasts, her narrow waist, deep navel, flat albatross white abdomen, which fluttered occasionally, slightly heavy but shapely creaher thighs. He specially praised the unblemished milky white skin of her inner thighs. I was excited to see her in this condition. He started talking.
Now I will cut open the bra and to look at your beautiful breasts and take good care of them. I will kiss and lick your clean smooth arm pits I will kiss your beautiful deep navel and soft abdomen and then slowly remove your panty to reveal the triangle of love hidden between your beautiful thighs, and I will lick you clean from vagina to ass hole. She was not struggling any more. She was resigned to her fate She did not shout when he actually started caressing her. The starting was caressing her lips by his thumb and then he started caressing her every where making her shiver. He bent down and nuzzled her soft flat stomach, kissed her navel and inserted his tongue deep in her navel. She moaned when he rotated his tongue in her navel. Taking advantage of her tied and stretched hands he rubbed kissed and licked her clean satin smooth armpits. He took the razor sharp knife in his hand. I literally shivered seeing the knife in his hand, with her lying completely helpless tied and stretched in the bed. She started to cry and sob seeing the knife in his hand. He pressed her mouth with his paw like hand, muffling her sobbing. But he assured her in that he will not harm her. But when even then she sobbed he threatened to gag her if she doesn’t become silent. Brandishing the knife he sat between her stretched thighs which were secured at her ankles to the railings. She felt the knife when he inserted the thin blade between her breast and her bra, she shivered. He gave a sudden up ward pull and cut open the bra exposing her firm breasts with small pink nipple like any virgin girl. She gasped feeling that now her fruits of womanhood are exposed to the sex starved bunty. But there was no stopping now. He started caressing her breasts with the knife blade slowly going down to her abdomen. He caressed her abdomen with the knife. I feared for her safety. But he did not care. He began to kiss her soft fluttering abdomen below her navel slowly lowering her panty by nuzzling until the first speck of her soft pubic hairs appeared. He licked her pubic hairs and then slowly inserted the blade below her panty and gave a sudden upward pull cutting open the panty and making her completely naked. She gasped and vainly tried to close her widely stretched thighs. Her gasping and writhing of her helplessly tied beautiful naked body must have exited him very much. The sight was quite exiting to me also. I was exited to see how he satisfies his lust on her wife’s beautiful naked helpless body. He sat on the bed on his knees between her widely parted thighs secured at her ankles to the lower corner of the bed. He taunted her asking how she feels lying completely naked, wearing only sweet smelling sweat, which he will soon lick clean, lying under him. He put his trembling hands over her beautiful firm breasts. He cupped caressed squeezed and kneaded her breasts with both hands. He kissed and sucked her nipples. He asked her if he is the first person to suck her nipples like this. She did not answer. He took her nipples between her teeth and rolled with his tongue making her moan. He kissed between her breast, her flat stomach and abdomen and her navel. He started kissing below her navel, slowly lowering his face to her mons. He nuzzled her mons while caressing her soft inner thighs. His fingers drummed her inner thighs. He kissed and licked her soft creamy inner thighs savoring the softness and fullness of her thighs. His face went up to the junction of her thighs. Suddenly he buried his face in her cunt, making her gasp. Her tits started to heave. She jerked her loin and tried to close her thighs but he kept his face glued to her cunt. Helplessly bound and stretched over the bed she had to endure his lecherous probing tongue in the most intimate part of her beautiful body. His tongue started to go in and out deep in her cunt. He was tongue fucking her beautiful wife. He was sucking and lapping her love juice. His hands kneaded her soft inner thighs. He slipped his hand under her buttocks and raised her cunt so that he can suck and lick easily. Aaah…..aah she moaned. But there was no escape from his perverted lust. He ate her cunt to his hearts content. As I watched bunty tongued her wife continuously. He could tongue her with all the liberty as her legs were spread wide apart and secured to the bed with strong ropes. His head was bobbing up and down. I knew that she was getting a good tongue fucking. I saw her abdomen begin to jerk and flutter. Suddenly the muscles of her belly quivered with orgasm. I knew that at this point the pleasure is so intense it is almost painful if she continues on. She tried to close her legs to stop him but in vain. He continues to suck her cunt and she had no choice but to endure the hard passionate thrust of his demanding tongue in her most intimate part. His thumb rubbed her clit repeatedly. After a few moments, she orgasmed. He gave her respite only after this. She was completely exhausted and lay motionless.
. He sat between her widely stretched thighs. Caressing her calf and thighs he untied her ankles from the bed railings. She was so exhausted that she did not try to move her legs or resist. He caressed, fondled, and squeezed her shapely, smooth, creaher thighs. She did not offer any resistance. He remarked that her long slim legs remind him of Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton and the slight heaviness and fullness of her thighs and calves reminds him of Sundra Bullock. He remarked, lying between these stretched thighs will be heavenly. He asked her that if she had lost her virginity on the night before. She nodded in negative. Hearing this he said that today he will give her the experience of being fucked in the state of helpless bondage. He pressed his palm to her inner thighs to spread them further apart. She did not offer any resistance and allowed her helpless body to be handled as he liked. He suddenly slapped and pinched her inner thighs hard making her tremble in pain. He said her that he wants to hear her moaning of pain and pleasure, but if she shouts he will inflict more pain and again gag her. She did not shout. She was resigned to her fate. Bunty said that he wants take her virginity in this helpless condition and wish that I could see him ravishing her virginity to take revenge not knowing that I was seeing the whole thing petrified. She said no please no. He did not untie her wrists from the bed railings so she was kept stretched over the bed with her shapely arms stretched above her head and secured at her wrists. He gripped her ankles and bent her legs at her knee and knelt over her. At this point I noticed his dick. Oh her, it was huge. I knew that she had to endure lot of pain to take this huge tool in her tight virgin cunt. With his huge cock in his hand he knelt between her legs. Holding her thighs from below her knees in tight grip he pressed her thighs to her chest. He pressed harder so that her knees almost touched her breasts. Her thighs were now in a wide V. Again she did not offer any resistance and allowed him to handle her soft, young, beautiful body as he like. She gave him full access to every nook and corner of her body and he took full advantage of her helplessness. Every square inch of her soft, beautiful body was explored by his hand, finger, lips and tongue and teeth. He started at her lips, face and neck. Kissing and licking. He rubbed the back of her neck. This made her relax .He fondled, cupped, squeezed, massaged and kneaded her pert breasts. He kissed, sucked and licked her taught pink nipples repeatedly, making her shiver. He did not ignore her clean satin smooth armpits, nuzzling, kissing and licking them. He inflicted painful love bites to her lips, face, neck, year lobes, armpits, breasts, nipples, abdomen and flanks. Lower down he bit her soft inner thighs. She endured all the bites except the bites in her nipples, armpits and inner thighs as they are very soft and sensitive part of the body. When bitten in these parts of the body, she writhed in pain and tried to jerk free her tied wrists. But so skillfully he have tied her that she can hardly move her limbs. But the writhing of her helpless, beautiful naked body exited me so much that I had a tremendous hard on. He soothed her by kissing her soft, flat stomach and abdomen, he started kissing her navel and inserted and rotated his tongue deep in her navel, making her moan aaahh….Next he planted a deep kiss on her cunt again saying that this is because next he is going to give lot of pain to this part of her body. He kissed and licked the creaher inside of her thighs repeatedly. He felt her knee hollow and rubbed and squeezed her calf and He probed her ass hole with his finger making her squirm. No moving, he cautioned her. Lie still, he told her. She held her breath, trying to lie still while he probed and rotated his finger deep inside her ass hole. You feel soft inside, let me dilate you, it will be good for you if you get fucked in ass. You will feel less pain then, he told her. I felt jealous seeing her body yielding to his touch. It was total surrender with out an iota of resistance. She allowed him to do whatever he wished to do to her body. He used her body like rag doll. Positioning her limbs as he wished .Seeing her yielding her body it almost looked like that she is enjoying when actually she was getting raped. The man must be knowing a lot about women body and its erogenous zones. Because though she was getting violated and raped, I saw signs of sexual arousal in her, like moaning, deep sighing, heaving of breasts later she stopped struggling against her bonds and lied relaxed and almost enjoyed the lecherous actions of the man. He lightly touched her on the most susceptible parts of her body- her armpits, navel, belly and abdomen and the soft, tender, creaher insides of her thighs. May be she was enjoying the rape. I will never know, she will never admit. Her body position now revealed every feminine secret she had I could see her sparsely haired cunt, its pink colored lips ,the dark pink inners, the clit button and the crack of her bottom. I could see the twitching of her puckered little tight pink colored ass hole. As she was too exhausted to resist she only pleaded don’t please don’t she whimpered softly. He took no notice of her pleading. I am going to enjoy your beautiful body to the fullest extent possible, he answered. He was stroking his huge dick and making it ready for the impending job. He aimed his massive cock at her helpless vagina. As the golf ball sized head touched and parted the slit she knew what was in store for her. Nooooo… she cried out faintly, as if it will stop her ravishment. She begged him repeatedly to spare her virginity and enjoy her in any other way. Ok then I will use the other hole, saying this he placed the head of his huge dick at tight pink colored ass hole and pushed a little. Nooo please, not there, she cried out in fear. He stopped and asked her if she wants to get fucked in the ass. No please no she answered .No please not there she again pleaded .Ok I will use the front passage .Saying this he positioned his dick at her cunt and pressed. His dick parted the lips and went in. No.... please no she whimpered again. He again stopped, you have to submit at least one hole for her enjoyment, and he teased her. The choice is yours he said her. I am waiting for your answer he said while kissing and sucking her taught nipples. Use her front she whispered. She requested him to untie her wrists, saying as she will not resist anything and surrender herself completely to him .But he refused and answered that this is to ensure that he can enjoy her to the fullest extent in any which way he likes and she may not hinder his enjoyment even unintentionally and he likes bondage sex. At this she requested him not to hurt her. He laughed and said to day she has to endure a lot. This pervert now has her beautiful wife tied helplessly in naked and most vulnerable condition in the bed. As he started pushing his dick inside her inch by inch she threw back her head. Her head moved from side to side. Ahh… It hurts ahh… She moaned. Pleeeease take it out. I could not take it will tear me she whimpered. Her body was quivering, her tits heaving, her shapely thighs trembling. He took no notice of her whimpering and kept on pushing I could not believe his huge cock fit inside her tight little hole… aaaahhh she gave out a sharp cry of pain as her hymen was torn and the entire shaft was deep in her with one hard shove. She gave a muffled scream. Bunty has taken the virginity of my wife He has just deflowered her He has plucked the soft beautiful flower nestled between her soft beautiful thighs. He now started using her tight virgin love canal I knew it must be hurting her, as he was using brute force to penetrate her tight virgin cunt. Her cunt opened it self to the huge shaft. I was astonished to see the big knob disappear into her tight hole, cunt lips stretched nearly to the tearing point to accept him. Ahh… nooou… aaagg she whimpered again as she felt the huge cock sliding into her; she tried vainly to escape the penetration. But he went sliding right down into her. I heard her sob as she felt the big knob driving itself deep in her belly. His tool was buried to the root in her cunt .His big balls resting on the lower cheeks of her twisting ass. I had a hard on watching him pumping her. He was taking long deep strokes, Withdrawing and then driving all the way back into her belly again. I could see her wide spread legs held in tight grips and his huge balls thudding silently against her rear end each time he plunged into her. Her naked body was being rocked by the violence of his down ward lunges the supple, creaher flesh of her thighs jiggling firmly in rhythm. Aaah….aaah…..aaah she was sobbing in rhythm. I could hear his pot belly smacking against her soft belly. He pumped her savagely. He rammed her faster I saw her go rigid under him, the muscles trembling in her thighs and abdomen. He was coming in her and she could feel it too.

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