My Girlfriend's little sister (teen sex, cheating)

Francis's sex story
My girlfriend doesn't give me enough sex, so her little teen sister has offered to be fuck buddies with me, and now whenever I need to release my sexual tension, her and her friends are there to help me through it. It's amazing!

I never really intended to cheat of my girlfriend Merissa. It just sort of happened. It's not like we aren't compatible or anything. There's a reason we're still together to this day. She's beautiful: Long and curled brown hair going down all the way down to her behind, large H-Cup breasts ( They are fucking amazing to play with, trust me ) dazzling blue eyes, and glasses that make her look just the littlest bit cuter. She's smart, considerate and overall a great girlfriend.
The only problem is that she's not as crazy about sex as I am. She gets into it from time to time, but that's maybe once every two weeks. It's really not enough for me, and I'd been constantly trying to make her do it more with me. Even if it was just us getting naked and me playing and sucking with her massive tits, I just wanted to have some sexual intimacy more often.
'I'm not as horny as you all the time, you know that Frank.' She always kept telling me.
About a year ago though I was at her place and we were in her bed room. This was when we were both nineteen years old. I was talking to her about maybe making a compromise: We have sexy playtime more often and I'll take her out to dinner more often, something she really enjoys. She really likes the romantic side of the relationship, and she somewhat refuses to accept my argument that sex can be romantic as well.
Either way, that debate ended with me losing it as always. She said that she was going out with a few friends and that she'd be back in maybe two or three hours.
'You can just take a nap or something like you always do when i'm gone.' She told me with a smile before kissing me on the cheek and leaving her room with a soft 'Farewell!'
I laid down on her bed, with my head caressing her white pillows with a deep sigh. I was just so horny right then and I wanted to make love to Merissa so bad, and she denied me constantly. We could really only have sex when SHE wanted to, which is seldom, like I mentioned before.
About five minutes after Merissa left, I heard the door open and close. I brought my head up and saw her young sister, Patricia. She walked closer to the bed and sat on the matress. She was 15 years old, with thick hair going down to her shoulders, a cuter face and an hourglass figure. Her breasts were E-cups and I could tell that just by looking at them. They were still pretty big for her age.

She had the same blue eyes as Merissa, and with those eyes it was hard for me not to be attracted to her. She was wearing a pink tank-top and tight booty-shorts. Her bra was black, which I could tell from their straps resting on her shoulders.

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. 'Merissa ain't giving any to you, huh?' She said.

'You were eavesdropping on our conversation?' I asked.

'Yup.' She said in a nod.

I wasn't quite sure if I should be telling my GF's little sister about our personal conversations, but if she was eavesdropping I guess it didn't hurt to tell her the rest.

'I kind of just wish she'd give more to me. I go out on dinners with her all the time, and yet she doesn't repay me back fully with sex. I really love sex with her. And I really love her. It just sucks that I can't seem to have sex as much as she gets my love.'

'Do you ever think about having a fuck buddy to try and solve that issue?'

'Fuck buddy?' I questioned. 'You mean another girl that I'd just have sex with and not be in a relationship with?' She responded with a silent nod. 'But isn't that cheating? I don't want to cheat on her. I love Merissa.'

'But you love sex.' With that, she got up on the bed and crawled in my direction, until she was on her hands and knees right over me, her breasts about five inches from my face. She smiled. 'How about I be that fuck buddy?'

I remember my eyes widening when I heard her ask me that. My heart jumped and I'd be lying if I said my penis wasn't starting to erect at the thought of fucking this sexy girl.

'W-what? W-why?'

'Well I love sex just as much as you do. And I don't have a boyfriend to do it with, because I don't seek love. I just want sex. And the guys that I've been with start out with just plain sex and then they started to get feelings for me and blah-blah-blah! I don't want that. I know that you love my sis very much, which means I also know those feelings for me won't fly with you. Come on. We both just want sex. What do you say?'

I don't even remember if I said anything. I only remember pulling Patricia close. I pressed her against me as our lips connected and we began to kiss erotically. I could feel her hands wrap themselves around my back to indulge herself into the experience. We rolled around the bed, pushing the blankets and pillows aside during our make-out. I wasn't thinking about what I was doing. I was just too sex-driven to simply stop.

Patricia pushed me down on my back and quickly unbuttoned my shirt and stripped me of it. Soon enough she was pulling down my trousers and quickly pulled down my underwear to expose my fully erected penis to her ( 8 inches btw ). She gently grabbed the shaft with her two small hands and started to lick the head with the tip of her tongue, stimulating me like crazy. I love it. My legs were tingling and my breathing became more rapid as I moaned and groaned.

During this fellatio I started to somewhat feel guilty about this. I was cheating on Merissa, and with her younger sister no less. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep this up. It had already gotten too far.

I sat up a bit. 'I don't feel right about this...' I said. 'This is cheating on Merissa.'

'She's not giving you the sex you're asking for. It's only fair.' She said while she constantly licked and sucked on my cock. It felt way too good. 'And I'm her little sister. I'm like a younger version of her. Just think about that when we have sex.'

She had somehow convinced me that this was okay. As she continued to play with my penis she took pieces of her clothing off slowly. Eventually she was left completely naked, showing me her large breasts and shaved pussy. Merissa never shaves, so seeing this was pretty nice.

My cock was covered in Patricia's slobber as we eventually moved on to other things. I pinned her down on the bed and sucked on her tits fucking hard. She moaned loudly and it only encouraged me to keep on sucking on one nipple while gently teasing the other with my finger tips. Eventually I went down to her pussy and started to eat her out. She wrapped her legs around my neck as if she wanted me to keep going forever.

But eventually we just both wanted to do it: I sat on the bed and Patricia sat on my lap, eventually shoving my entire cock inside of her pussy and we started to fuck bareback. I fucked her cowgirl style as we wrapped our arms around one another and kissed through our thrusts and moans. Her breasts were jiggling on my chest with each pounding I gave her and it only turned me on more. Her nipples were so hard and so many of her vagina juices were spewing out on my cock as we fucked.

'Don't stop!' She moaned. 'Don't stop!'

I never intended to stop. But eventually I had to when I reached my climax. I shot my load of warm cum into her womb, something I never get to do with Merissa, as she only lets me fuck her with a condom. It felt amazing. It was just better than with a condom. I kept thrusting until every little drop of cum was released from my penis and into her young womb. We let each other go and my back fell to the bed, while Patricia got off of me and stood next to the bed, her vagina dripping with my cum.

'You fuck just as good as I imagined.' She said while panting. Her knees were trembling with excitement, it seemed like.

'What do you mean?' I asked.

'I've seen you and sis fuck before. I spy on you sometimes. You're hot as fuck and your fuck is so hot. We NEED to do this again sometime. Just say the word and I'll be happy to be your personal fuck buddy!'

And with that, me and Patricia were fuck buddies: no feelings, just sex. It was weird to hang out with her and Merissa at the same time, because technically speaking, I was sleeping with both girls at the same time, but Merissa just didn't know that I was shoving my cock deep into her sister a lot more often than hers. But in the end that's her decision.

Patricia and I have fucked many times while Merissa was in the house. One time we even fucked on the same bed as Merissa was sleeping on. At any moment she could wake up and simply open her eyes to catch us in the act. Thankfully that didn't happen, but that moment was so hot. The two of us have sex regularly and it's always a blast. She's so fucking hot, and the fact that she doesn't always fuck me can be great as well: I've fucked her alongside two of her classmates for a threesome, and her friends sometimes join us. I've had six horny highschool girls want to suck on my dick all at one time, and it's just amazing.

I still love Merissa, and sex with her is always fantastic, but the times where sex with her isn't a possibility, Patricia and her friends, be it her getting gangbanged or me getting a harem like sex experience with her friends is just too good to pass up. Sorry honey!

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