Lucky, our dog (animal sex, straight)

Tim's sex story
We bought a Great Dane as a pet. But as he got older my wife started taking more interest in him. Our Great Dane and my wife fucking all the time and in front of me with my blessings. Good times for all.

One evening Lucky started humping my wife's leg. I told him to stop , but she contradicted me and let him continue . Lucky shot his load all down her leg.
This continued for the next few days. On Friday night, we settled down for an adult movie. Lucky was laying on the other side of the couch. Soon Lucky was lickng himself. My wife said she wanted to jack Lucky off. I said to go ahead just don't forget your husband. She stroked Lucky off, and caught his cum in her hand. She commanded Lucky to lick his cum off her hand. Then she gave me a hand job; caught my cum and had Lucky lick her hand clean.This continued for about a week or so.
Lucky was really getting used to this extra attention. Than one evening my wife said she wanted to suck Lucky cock. Wow. This is mind blowing . Soon she was underneath his legs putting his cock in her mouth. As she is blowing Lucky, she tugs down her pants. She catches his load in her hand and rubs his jizz over her asshole and pussy. She commands Lucky to clean her up. My wife goes crazy and has multiple orgasms. She then fucks me like it was her first time , Cummings again and again.
I knew the day was coming when she was going to ask if she could fuck Lucky.
And, it did. She got on her knees and guided his huge dock into her cunt. She moved her hips back and forth until Lucky got the idea. He fucked her rapidly and hard, until his cum was dripping out of her cunt. My wife smiled, wiggled her finger at me and said to fuck her ass. It took me no time to cum, I was so turned on.
Lucky and I have worked out a routine to keep my wife happy. I even let Lucky lick my asshole, balls, and dick now and then.

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