Wifes seduction by servant (fetish, straight)

private's sex story
She was trapped in her own trap .She seduced our servant raj and in tern got raped by sex crazed raj. I found the video in the security camera of our bed room which was secretly installed. It started like this It shows my young wife in the bed wearing a flimsy buttoned up front opening half sleeve nightie calling out for our servant raj

She was trapped in her own trap. She seduced our servant Raj and in tern got raped by sex crazed raj. I found the video in the security camera of our bed room which was secretly installed. It started like this It shows my young wife in the bed wearing a flimsy buttoned up front opening half sleeve nightie calling out for our servant raj.As he arrived she asked him for a foot massage.she pulled the nightie slightly and lied sideways. Raj startred to massage her foot .he started at her toe, her sole, her ankle and slowly his hands inched up. Soon he was massaging her calf her knee and her knee hollow. His hands now inched below her dress and touched her creamy thigh. At this point she turned her head and said to raj, don't be naughty. But raj's hand stayed there, over her thigh. She again turned on her side with out further protest. Now raj was slowly lifting her dress up un covering her snow-white creamy thighs. Feeling this she turned on her back and covered her raj was visibly Disappointed. I was relived and thought that it was only a innocent foot massage-

But raj was aroused and it was natural as my wife will arouse even a sixty year old raj is only twenty. But I was mistaken. My wife asked raj, if he wants to play bondage . He readily agreed saying yes malkeen.Raj called my wife malkeen. Then make me helpless, tie me to the bed ,she whispered turning over to lie on her back and stretching her hands above her head .In a flash raj was out .He came back with pieces of what seemed like curtain pulling rope,soft and silky but very strong.Raj tied the ropes to her wrists. He pulled her arms above her head and tied her wrists to the head side railing. He then came to the opposite side and tied the rope to her ankles. He now pulled the rope to spread her thighs real wide and tied to the rope to the lower railing.

She lay relaxed and allowed raj to tie her helpless to the bed. You will stop as soon as I say and release me, not like the other day. Yes malkeen raj answered. Suddenly raj bent down and kissed her. He french kissed her. She strained at her bond luxuriously. when raj released her after one or two full minutes her face was flushed. Naughty she only said. Raj lusted at her look of lust overcame his face as he stared down at her snow white supple body, spread eagled on her won bed. He started kissing her under arms, moving slowly down to her clean satin smooth arm-pits and hovered there, savoring her natural scent. The sleeveless nigh tie completely laid bare her laser cleaned arm pits and large part of her breasts, which are anyway only few dainty buttons away from being totally laid bare. His finger tips touched her breasts. He lusted at her beauty almost licking her by his eyes. He started to open the buttons of her nightie one by one and as the last button is opened, he put the flaps of the nightie on both side of her body, completely baring her breasts, her narrow waist and deep navel. He lusted at her flawless, unblemished milky white skin her clean satin smooth armpits, shapely breasts, her narrow waist, deep navel, flat albatross white abdomen, which fluttered occasionally. His hands are now on her thighs .He felt the flexing, soft, yielding muscle of her thighs. She gasped feeling that now her fruits of womanhood are exposed to the sex starved raj. Taking advantage of her tied and stretched hands he rubbed kissed and licked her clean satin smooth armpits. She moaned She did not offer any resistance rather could not offer as she was tied spread eagled helplessly over the bed and allowed him to handle her soft, beautiful body as he like. She had to give him full access to every nook and corner of her body and he took full advantage of her helplessness. Every square inch of her soft, beautiful body was explored by his hand, finger, lips, tongue and teeth. He touched her in places of her body; I have never touched as her husband. Her albatross white soft abdomen fluttered at his hot touch. . He bent down and nuzzled her soft flat stomach, kissed her navel and inserted his tongue deep in her navel. She moaned when he rotated his tongue in her navel.

Raj looked hungrily at her helpless naked body. He sat down on the bed and started to kiss and caress her all over. She did not offer any resistance and allowed him to handle her soft, young, beautiful body as he like. She gave him full access to every nook and corner of her body and he took full advantage of her willingness. Every square inch of her soft, beautiful body was explored by his hand, finger, lips and tongue and teeth. He started at her lips, face and neck. Kissing and licking. He rubbed the back of her neck. This made her relax .He fondled, cupped, squeezed, massaged and kneaded her pert breasts. He kissed, sucked and licked her taught pink nipples repeatedly, making her shiver. He did not ignore her clean satin smooth armpits, nuzzling, kissing and licking them. He inflicted painful love bites to her lips, face, neck, year lobes, armpits, breasts, nipples, abdomen and flanks.

Lower down he bit her soft inner thighs. She endured all the bites except the bites in her nipples, armpits and inner thighs as they are very soft and sensitive part of the body. When bitten in these parts of the body, she writhed in pain and tried to jerk free her tied wrists. But so skillfully he have tied her that she can hardly move her limbs. But the writhing of her helpless, beautiful naked body exited me so much that I had a tremendous hard on. It must have exited raj a lot. He soothed her by kissing her soft, flat stomach and abdomen, he started kissing her navel and inserted and rotated his tongue deep in her navel, making her moan aaahh….Next he planted a deep kiss on her cunt again saying that this is because next he is going to give lot of pain to this part of her body. He kissed and licked the creamy inside of her thighs repeatedly. He felt her knee hollow and rubbed and squeezed her calf. I felt jealous seeing her body yielding to his touch. It was total surrender with out an iota of resistance. She allowed him to violate her body as he wished. He used her body like a rag doll. Positioning her limbs as he wished .Seeing her yielding body it almost looked like that she is enjoying the action very much. Raj must be knowing a lot about women body and its erogenous zones. Because I saw signs of sexual arousal in her, like moaning, deep sighing, heaving of breasts later she stopped struggling against her bonds and lied relaxed and almost enjoyed the lecherous actions of pa. He started gently but soon he became a sex starved mad man. His trembling hand roamed every nook and corner of her body. He cupped caressed squeezed and then started to kneading her firm breasts. At this point she said stop. Again she pleaded him to stop, but raj was in no mood to listen. He shifted his attention to her lower body. He kissed between her breast, her flat stomach, abdomen and her navel. He bent down and nuzzled her soft flat stomach, kissed her navel and inserted his tongue deep in her navel. She moaned when he rotated his tongue in her navel. Taking advantage of her tied and stretched hands he rubbed kissed and licked her clean satin smooth armpits. He started kissing below her navel, slowly lowering his face to her mons. He nuzzled her mons while caressing her soft inner thighs. His fingers drummed her inner thighs. He kissed and licked her soft creamy inner thighs savoring the softness and fullness of her thighs. His face went up to the junction of her thighs. Suddenly he buried his face in her cunt. Making her gasp, agghh, no please no she pleaded. She struggled and strained at her secured wrists and ankles which must have excited raj even more. the silk fabric open to reveal Her silky smooth stomach and bra. She flinched as its cold clammy

fingers made contact with the warm sensitive skin of her flat stomach. Lovingly he caressed her flat stomach, savouring the feel of the smooth silken texture as his wondering hands moved upwards and ever closer to her bra.'Please stop, please, this is not right,' she pleaded again, but it was deaf to her pleas.As she felt his fingers close in on the fastenings of her bra, she cried out, 'If you touch me further I'll scream. Raj paused in mid-thought and looked at her as it contemplated her last threat.

Scream? You scream? No, you won't scream.i will rape if you scream. No, you lie, you wont scream.' raj laughed softly to itself as it resumed its unfinished task of unhooking her bra.With another deft flick of its wrist it released the last hook and tossed the silky garment aside. Her could feel the cool damp air against her now exposed breasts. She shuddered as she felt its damp hands wondering one breast, moving over to the other.'So beautiful, so pretty and soft' raj chanted to itselfas it continued to massage her champagne cupped breasts. He lowered his head to her chest as its nostrils closely followed the contours of her supple mounds, stopping at thetip of her right best to settle on her pink nipple .she breathed in sharply, taken by surprise as Raj hungrily latched on to her right nipple with his tongue, sucking on it violently, savouring the flavour and texture of the small tip in its mouth. A bolt of electricity shot surged through her body as Her felt Raj's warm wet mouth engulfing her nipple. She had never been touched in this fashion before and the new sensations flowing through her body were both intoxicating and also frightening.

Raj persisted with his artful ministrations slowly coating the sensitive pink tip with a layer of saliva, eventually coaxing the unwilling nipple to full erection before releasing the now quivering tip. He paused to take in his handy work, pinching the tortured nipple between his fingers and watching in fascination as the pink nub grew larger as it filled with blood.Raj's mouth left a trail of saliva across her
chest as it followed the wondering tongue on to her left breast, slowly subjecting it to the same sweet torment. In no time, it had teased the twin tips on both of Her's well shaped breast to full erection.Her protested weakly, but she was at the mercy of
raj. Raj was taking its time in introducing this intoxicating forbidden pleasure to her unwilling flesh.She felt Raj's tongue releasing her left nipple as the he climbed over her and she caught a brief glimpse of a throbbing tool that was protruding from the loin cloth between his legs. His wondering tongue now traced a silvery path up the side of her breast slowly towards the damp moist sensitive cleft of her arm-pit. Raj's reptilian tongue was very sensitive and it could feel the slight change in texture of Her's silken smooth skin as the tip of the tongue left the gentle contours of her breast and entered the ticklish region of her arm-pit. She flinched involuntarily as she felt the wondering tip of the tongue gently exploring this intimate region. The skin here
was warmer and more damp and through his tongue he could taste her musky fragrant perspiration. Goose bumps broke out and she fought to control the wave of
sensation that washed over her.Her was still struggling to make sense of the
delicious sensations that were coursing through her body. The mere thought of physical contact with Raj provoked an instant wave of revulsion in
her. Yet she also realized a more sinister urge that was beckoning to her from this sweet torment. She was vaguely aware that Raj had left her side and was slowly clambering down her flat stomach, intent on exploring every nook and cranny of her body. Suddenly, her heart was in her mouth as she realized that his head was slowly moving towards the region between her legs. She breathed a sign of relieve as he appeared to ignore the region and instead focused on savoring the sweet creamy flesh of her long beautiful legs. His head disappeared from her vision but she could feel his breath settling on her lower left inner sole as the probing tongue traced a delicate moist path along her inner leg. The teasing ticklish sensation it evoked was unbearable causing her body to writhe and twist, held only in place by her bonds .She almost cried out in despair when she again realised
that Raj was moving inevitably towards the sweet nether region between her legs. Clad now only in her panties, she prayed for some miracle which would divert
him from his path. But her prayers remained unanswered. She tried to look down, she could now only see part of Raj's head but she could feel the snaking probing tongue now moving up along the inner side of her upper thighs. Raj took its time as it moved its tongue alternately between her left and right inner thigh covering the
creamy flesh in wet licking kisses. Her apprehension increased as it drew nearer and nearer to the apex between her legs, and she could feel her heart racing. Pausing now between her legs, Raj raised his head and made eye contact with her. He took pleasure in the terror and apprehension that registered in her eyes and returned the look with a lustful sinister smile before disappearing once more from her vision.
Her heart was in her mouth as she sensed, rather then felt Raj approaching her sweet center. She only just managed to stifle a cry of protest as she felt the first feathery touches of Raj's tongue settle between her legs, through the thin silky fabric of her panties. Slowly and gently he explored the now moist opening of her vagina through the fine silky fabric. She twisted her body, straining against her bonds in protest but was unable to evade his persistent tongue and nose.She had never been touched in that secret forbidden area before and her body was experiencing its first awakenings. Her shut her eyes and tried to make sense of what was happening to her. A bolt of electricity jolted her eyes wide open. Raj had located her small clitoris through the sheer silky material of her panties and his tongue was engaging in an intimate embrace of the highly sensitive organ. 'What are you doing to me you disgusting creature' she muttered. Raj did not answer her and only took further delight in her increasing discomfort. He was so close to her warm wet opening now that only the sheer material of the silk fabric separated his probing tongue and nostrils from the sweet nexus which lay at between Her's legs. Moving still closer he could feel her warm moist heat radiating through the thin material and
caught the scent of her musky fragrance. Unable to control himself, with trembling fingers Raj unfastened the flimsy silk material and tore it aside. His eyes widened and an evil lustful grin filled his faces as he gazed down on her small pink
opening which peered out from a trim turf of pubic hair. She could feel the cool moist air making contact with the opening to her intimate interior, as the last remnant of her clothing was torn from her. She now lay totally naked and had never felt more vulnerable. Raj's earlier ministrations had already awoken her body, giving it a tantalizing glimpse of the forbidden pleasures that lay dormant deep within her. Her heart was in her mouth as she waited helplessly for what Raj would subject her to.Smacking his lips eagerly, Raj buried his nose and mouth between her wide open legs, relishing his first taste of her intimate opening. No longer hindered by the silky barrier, he heard her sharp intake of breath and felt an involuntary shudder running through her tormented body as his probing tongue made first direct contact with the sensitive slit, exploring the outer edges of her vagina.
A soft moan escaped her dry lips, she felt her heart race and was breathless. The ticklish sensation of Raj's probing tongue was almost unbearable and she was helpless as he relentlessly teased her tortured reluctant body into a fevered sexual frenzy. 'Please stop teasing me, I can't take any more of this' she begged weakly.But it only encouraged him on. Slowly his wondering tongue moved from her outer passages toward her even more sensitive center. Raj did not hurry and took his time to explore every moist fold of Her's vagina. He could taste a new wetness through the quivering
walls of her vagina and detected the unmistakable odour of her increased arousal. Once again he moved slowly towards the small pink nub of her clitoris. The exquisite pearly organ now lay totally exposed, no longer covered by its silky barrier. The pink nub was quite small and lay buried within the now moist folds of her vagina. But it was still easily accessible by Raj's thin and highly flexible long tongue. Again the snaking tongue was able to seek out the sensitive nub, but this time, no longer hindered by a silky barrier,its embrace was many times more intimate and sanguine. Raj smiled to himself as he felt Her's body convulse and jerk almost of the floor as his forked
tongue coiled itself around the small pink nub, ensnaring it like a serpent would embrace its victim. Her's eyes snapped wide open. 'Oh my god what is
happening to me?' Raj's insistent tongue was quickly fanning a burning flame that was fast consuming her from within. She shook her head from side to side
trying hard to block out the intense energy that was spreading from between her legs, threatening to overwhelm her very being. Her fevered body now
glistened in the moon light, covered in a fine sheet of perspiration as it continued a loosing battle against Raj's invading tongue.
Sensing her heightened arousal through her unwilling flesh, Raj redoubled its efforts. As his probing tongue continued its sweet torment of Her's clitoris, he could feel the quivering organ swell larger as it filled with blood, turning from a moist pink to a
darker crimson red, making it even easier to target. Not content with teasing her already aroused nub, his free hands wondered above his head, creeping up her sweat slick body to seek her aroused and tender nipple again.Totally unaccustomed to this forbidden delight, her body stiffened with pleasure and she rolled her head from side to side, trying to block out the delicious warm sensation that was spreading from her between her legs to the rest of her unwilling body. Even as he continued the sweet torment, Raj's gaze
never wavered from Her's face and he took increasing satisfaction in watching Her fight a loosing battle. He stopped a moment as he noted her moist lips and glazed eyes, and then gently took hold of her clitoris between his teeth and ground the fully erect nub. The effect on Her was instantaneous and a moan of pleasure escaped her moist parted lips. Slowly he coaxed her unwilling body into feverish state. He could feel her hot and moist body tensely coiled.Her now felt an overwhelming and inexplicable hunger
and need for release that was even more intense then the molten flames that were fast consuming her from within. Her body no longer had a mind of its own. Intoxicated with pleasure, her fevered body responded to every minute flick of Raj's teasing tongue as it slowly but surely subcumed to the hedonistic pleasure. She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth, trying to mentally block out the intense flames that were fast consuming her from within. Again and again he brought her to the brink of orgasm, leaving her hungering for
more and tittering at the very edges only to deny her the sweet release.Raj's snaking tongue proceeded to explore the moist interior of Her's vagina, even as his fingers
continued to flick gently on her fully erect clitoris. The long probingtongued traveled deep within her, tickling the sensitive walls of her vagina, gently exploring her most intimate nether regions. After long moments, his mouth returned again to her fully erect clitoris. The small pink organ had now assumed a bright reddish colour fully engorged with
blood. Blowing gently on the quivering small nub, he could feel Her's body tense and stiffen immediately. 'Please don't tease me any further, I can't take any more of this, you are driving me insane' she pleaded weakly.Without warning Raj suddenly took the small clitoris in his completely in his mouth and sucked strongly on the quivering nub.Her could only manage a cry of protest as her whole body jerked and convulsed in a strong spasm. Raj felt the walls of her vagina contracting around his snaking tongue and he tasted a new wetness, the liquid fire of her final sexual release.
A cry of despair escaped her lips as her body reached its final climax, the intense orgasm lifted Her's slender body off the floor. Her backed arched convulsively with nipples thrust outwards and her eyes rolled back within her head. Fists clenched, she could only helplessly ride the waves of intense pleasure as her defiant body drank in the sheer hedonistic bliss of her first physical orgasm.

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