Trying out Wild Animals (bestiality, chimp sex)

Sheena's sex story
My part time job at the chimp labs was keeping me from being horny in some ways but in another way it made it worse. I now really thought of my hairy friends almost al the time. I needed to have them and looked forward to everyone leaving the labs so I could have them.

An opening came that was from 11PM till 8AM and I took it so that as soon as the 2nd shift person left I could lock up and begin my fun. I first had to check the cages and make sure they all had water and food. One night I had gone in and the 2nd shift person told me they had a new chimp. He was mostly untrained and to keep an eye on him. He liked to piss on you if you got close and so one had to make sure he was not ready to when you went to him. Don left and I went to the chimp room and there he was in a corner cage. He was huge for a chimp and to me older and more mature. He had a huge chimp cock hanging between his legs and something between my legs began stirring, I was wet already.

Well, I secured the building and then stripped off my clothes keeping work smocks near if I needed to dress quickly. I went to a couple of my friends and had a little fun and got well fucked. All the time the new chimp sat quietly and watched me, never letting me move out of his sight. I was dripping chimp cum from my lovers and went to his cage. His name was Jacko and he just sat there watching me as I came and put food in his tray and water in his bowl. He never moved just watched me. I decided he was not as bad as I was told and began to relax some and saw that his cock was semi erect and he just sat there watching me. 'Like what you see' I asked him. He still did not move. I began swaying in front of him my tits moving wih my movements. 'You do like it don't you' I said teasing him and without knowing getting closer. I was now two of so feet from the cage and he was still sitting there but since I was playing with myself and getting close to an orgasm I did not see he was now closer to the cage bars. Suddenly my orgasm overtook me and I was squirting on the floor and my mind was lost. I was hit from behind hard and thrown against the cage and my body was held there. A hairy body was against mine holding me to the cage. Suddenly his scream filled my ears since he was right there and his hands wee grabbing and pulling my tits and pushing me harder against the cage. IT was a scream of victory that he gave having made me think he was calm, now he had me in his control and there was nothing I could do.

I managed to turn to face him when he let up some and then his face seemed to me filled with hate, as if he was going to take out his rage on me for something some other person had done. He hit me in the stomach and the air left me and he screamed again as I fell to the floor. He reached down and pulled me up by my breasts and pushed me against the cage again and again hit me, this time in the chest and my tit he hit me in felt like it would explode. Then his teeth were biting my tits, first one then the other. Hard biting as if to eat me and not have sex. He drew blood from both tits and kept biting as if he got excited with the taste of my blood. I was on the floor again on my back, my legs apart and for not reason I felt I was about to be jumped on till I was dead. His hot breath was on my neck and if he were to bite me hard there I could loose a lot of blood and bleed to death I knew. He was biting but not as hard now and I somehow managed to reach down and take his cock in my hand. He stopped moving and looked at me and I began talking to him. 'Wanna fuck me You do don't you. YOU just need some pussy don't you' I was massaging his cock now and it grew. MY hand now could not fit around it and he was moving over me easier and then I found that he was in the perfect place for me to take him into me. I guided him to the entrance and slipped him in and moved my hips up takeing some in. He looked at me and pushed his cock in, deeper and deeper until it sank all the way into me. I began ,making the sounds I had heard the female chimps make when they were geting a good fucking and my new lover responded by pounding in and out of me hard and deep. He was at it for a long time filling me several times with his cum. Even when he was finished he did not take his cock out but laid there and I could not move.

I woke to the sound of people in the building and my name being called out. 'Teresa, where the hell are you' I looked up and I was in a cage, locked in, naked and bruised, chimp cum dripping from my pussy, bite marks all over my tits and dryed blod from there in the bites. Jacko could not be seen but I was in his cage. He was not. The staff came in, 5 or 6 men and women and saw me there. I pretended to be still unconscious. I had looked over and my smock was all over the place, torn to shreds as if I had been attacked and it was torn off to get to me. I guess Jacko had done that in his anger too. One of the women got a blanket to cover me and help me out. There was a swollen mark on my right cheek where Jacko had hit me and I acted a lot more hurt than I was. Sudenly Jacko came from somewhere and began attacking them and they stunned him and he fell to the floor. I acted glad but was feeling something inside to see my lover, even though he was really rough and see him on the floor then his cage. He looked at me as they took me out to EMS and I made up a great report to cover my ass. I had thought Jacko was hurt and went in his cage and then he attacked me.

After the week off to recover I came back in and was shown new cameras to protect against any other situtations happening. That all but shut down my chimp sex. One night I came in and relieved Joyce and she acted very unusual. 'Teresa, can I ask you something, just between you and I' 'Sure' I told her. 'I have a feeling that Jacko did not rape you.' 'You what' I asked shocked. 'In fact, I know he didn't.' 'What makes you say sonething like that' I said still shocked. 'Well, how do you think your smock was ripped up, Jacko protecting you' She smiled and I knew now that she had come in and had protected me from getting caught. In fact she had good control over Jacko and took him away to arrange the scene. She dropped her smok bottoms and cum was drippin from her pussy, 'You aren't the only one that needs some hot primal sex.' She came to me and began undressing me kissing the marks still healing all over my body. We were in the dressing rooms and then there were three chimps, all watching us. 'Come on guys, time to take care of the staff.' Soon the five of us were a tangle of human female and chimp male bodies and together. I felt cock in my ass and pussy and a human tongue there after. I had a wonderful pussy over my face dripping with chimp cum for me to eat. Joyce stayed through my shift and we spect most of the night in one form of sex or another, but we were both naked all night.

THen she went to Jacko's cage, 'Come on boy, time to give momma a good fucking.' she went in and laid down and he climbed onto her and filled her up. After a nice long fuck she moved over and told me to come in. Jacko kissed my tits sweetly and sank his nice cock into me also and drove home the hard head all the way in. He fucked me twice both times filling me.

Joyce locked the cages and led me to the break room. She had disabled the cameras and so we had lots of time to enjoy each other. We 69'd to get all the chimp cum out of us then showered and sat later naked kissing and talking of how much we both liked the sex we had at the lab. 'Beats the hell out of a man anytime.' she laughed. 'Sure as fuck does' I told he rand we began kissing again. Joyce and I were later scheduled to work together and enjoyed lots of fucking, with and without the chimps.

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