My lesbian experience (best friend, sleepover)

SexyMeg's sex story
Sexy sleepover with my best friend. Her parents were away so we had the house to ourselves. A friendly sleepover escalated quickly

Ok hi I'm meg and my friends called may. We were both 17 at the time I had perky tits big hips and what people would call a 'fat ass'. I don't tan easy so I was basically Snow White. My friend had a beautiful body big boobs 'fat ass' and was extremely tanned. I had been away for a while so we decided id sleep round her house as her parents were away for the weekend so we could have the house to ourselves. We had ordered pizza and settled down on the couch to watch a movie when suddenly my friend looked at me and asked me quite nervously 'do you ever watch lesbian porn' so I replied with sometimes then she said 'do you ever fantasise of having lesbian sex'. At this point I was suspicious so I said 'um sometimes. What's going on May?' And she bit her lip and told me she had started to get feelings for me. I was surprised that my friend was getting feeling for me after I had been friends with her for a long time but I was thinking that I was quite attracted to her. 'I like you a little too' I said looking down nervously.i then felt a hand on my cheek and her lips touched mine softly. We explored each other's mouths with our tongues and she pulled back and said she felt a connection. She pulled we onto her lap and at this point we were not only tongue fucking each other but making our pussies meet through our underwear. I pulled back and took her shirt of then started to lick her nipples and she started to whimper softy 'meg that feels so good,' I looked up at her and she laid me down on the couch and like me she removed my shirt and played with my nipples with her tongue. As soon as she started to do this I felt excitement rush through my body and I moaned softly. She knew she was pleasuring me so she started to pull my plain cotton panties down and rub my clit 'I'm sorry if it feels bad I've only ever masturbated or watched poem but everyone knows their moans are over exaggerating so who knows if it feels good or not. I laughed and told her it was ok. She started to finger me with two fingers while licking my clit with her tongue 'you taste delicious,' she exclaimed. It felt so good I couldn't help myself I moaned loudly told her that it felt amazing. She smiled and started to go faster. I moaned and my hip couldn't help going in circular motions. By now I thought this only happened in porn but right here my pussy was being fucked by my best friend. Before I knew it I had a long orgasm as I let out a huge moan. I turned her around so she was laid out on the couch like I was. As I started to kiss down her body, licking her nipples I was determined to pleasure her just as much as she pleasured me. Already she was moaning at my touch. Once I got to her pussy I stuck my tongue into her hole and played with her clit in circular motions and she was moaning 'fuck meg' so I started to go faster and faster until she cum. I started to kiss her again then we pulled back and told each other we would do this again sometime. Since them I've never had a lesbian experience and am straight

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