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my first time i was fucked by a dog was the best time i ever had. I was all alone with my dog and I was able to the most beautiful time I've ever had in my life

The first time I was fucked by a dog was the best time I've ever had I remember how when I was younger 13 I had a dog named edo we had edo since i was 5 years old and i loved him. but like most kids who have non nueterd dogs they eventually start to play wth the dogs and then start to mess around with him i discoverd that if u stroke the sheath enough then he starts to hump u and then starts trying to hump youso one day when i was older i started to try and get him to mount me and most of the time it worked but he just humped for a few seconds and after not finding his mark he gives up abd walks away. even though i wanted this i was still alittle scaired of being penetrated. i always looked at beastality videos and i always heard that getting penetrated by a dog hurts. but around this time I started to hit puberty so one day after I was done stroking him and I started to walk away the dog jumped on top of me with my pants already be down he started to thrust and I was scared that he was going to start penetrating me so I try to get up not realizing how close his dick was too my anus and then he found his Mark and started to penetrate me it hurt like hell getting penetrated cuz it for my first time his dick was way too big for me as he started to go deeper and deeper I noticed I was starting to get hard and the feeling of pain I was receiving suddenly turned into pleasure then I felt an odd sensation which I later found out to be his dick growing in size as he started to get more excited deeper and deeper he pumped into me and faster and faster he wins he put both his paws on my sides and really went beep I didn't know what to do or if I should let this stuff I felt so good but I didn't know what to do but then after so long the pleasure I overcame and then my dog finally came inside of me feeling all the slush and he'll become could not Escape cut the size of his dick in you could just go deeper it made me go over the edge and come and then afterwards after I had hit my climax it's hard to wrap and as I tried to get out I felt this excruciating pain I later also found out that this was called an odd that after a while the dog not see you and you can escape for awhile so after a while I was finally able to hear a pop and how they would Escape free after all they would put on my clothes and just let it sit butts later I started to have this horrible guilt about what I've done I've always heard that being gay was horrible but being someone who has sex with animals could land you I don't even know where butts I realize that whatever happens to me later in life has to happen and that I'm going to live my life the way I see fit but sadly that was the last time I was never able to have sex with my dog because shortly after I was when I was finally able to get alone time with him he wasn't able to perform up to the task because he was already old and eventually died afterwards since then I've been looking for another way to pleasure myself and since then if I can't find another animal then and look for a regular person but sadly I've been unsuccessful i only wish i could get that back

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