Viddya lost her virginity (teen sex, straight)

Suny's sex story
Though she belongs to rich family Viddya intensionaly come to my farm as farm worker but finely she built up physical relation with me as she want it from begining.

It is eassy to submit a story here so I am trying to write my real life incident which was happened in my life before 15 years. I am trying to narrate this story before you as it was happend before.

I was then 24 year's charming young man and living in a small village having locality of 3000. I was care taking person of our 5 acres farm of our family, being a farmer I used to visit farm daily in the morning. It was rainy season and due to rain, rapidly growing weeds was harmful for the growth of crops so I decided to call some labours for weeding and went to one of the labour contractor demanding some labours. Next day he gave me a group of 20 ladies for weeding. some were women and some were young girls among them. In that group all girls and women were from poor families but, one of the girl was from rich family her name was Viddya and her age was 20. when my uncle came there he identified Viddya and asked her, why she was came there, as her father was rich person so she need not to go to other's farm for working. She was feeling ashamed hearing that question from my uncle and replied that she needs grass for cattles, but actually her intension was different. On the previous day the same group was there in my uncle's field. I had done lot of fun with some girls. Munni i. e. Vidhya's friend was there. Munni told all about me to Viddya. So next day when Munni told her that she is going in my field then Viddya come with her in my field because she attracted at me hearing all about me from Munni. I noticed that Viddya was cotinuously looking at me, smiling at me and frequently going for urinary in the nearby field with Munni, Viddya and Munni were gossiping themselves, laughing themselves and looking at me. whenever I gave them look, they both were laughing loudly. I was understood what was going on. then I decided to make some fun with them as they expect from me and now I was also giving them intensional look and gave Viddya an eye signal while her friend Munni was looking to other side. then Viddya has hidden her face by keeping her both hand on her face.

It was green signal for me to go ahead. It gave me some courage. At the end of the day when all other labours were going home those two girlfriends were deliberatly stay back at field collecting grass for there cattles. Those girls tied their grass in big bundles. Viddya helped Munni to lift her bundle and Viddya asked me to lift her bundle. while lifting her bundle she deliberatly showed me her breast which have two big balls, tight, and white in colour having pink nipples. she again gave me smile. Then I praised her ' You have pretty good face as wel as your boobs are so beautiful with pink nipples ' then she laughed loudly and askd me ' Do you want it ? ' I said 'Yes ' I asked her with courage ' when will we meet again ? ' then she replied we daily come to the river for latrine, then we will meet at river. My way to fild was by the river so I daily went to field by the river side. Those were rainy days and it was about to rain in the morning, the river was already flowing with small stream of water. I was going to field having an umbrella in my hand. These two girls were returning home from latrine. but when they saw me, they laughed loudly. I neglected them and walked to the field pretending to be a gentleman. because there were other women watching this scenario. But I didn't know what was going to happen next. After reaching the field I was shocked because I saw these two girls there in front of me. I asked them 'why are you come here following me ?'

They said nothing. only laughing. I again asked ' Viddya why did you come here and what did you want ?' she said nothing. Viddya was standing near to me and her friend Munni was standing at some distence. I asked Viddya to come near, but she denied. Then I went near to her, but she was moving back. Munni also moving back again. I asked Viddya why for you come here ? then she said nothing, only standing stable, looking at the ground. I said 'I know your intension to come here, but why are you shying now ? ' she remain silent. then I moved at her but she was moving back. At that moment I caught her hand, she was now frightened. I told her don't worry I wouldn't do anything wrong with you. if you come here, with great courage then I will not allowed you to return without doing anything. She was trying to release her hand from my hand, but I hold it tight with firm grip. She was requesting me not to do anything. but I pulled her near. Now she was trying to escape herself but I hold her in both my arms. Munni was also frightened to see this. she has been hidden herself in nearby tall crop. I told Viddya to co-operate with me but she was not listening. then I lifted her and took in the tall crop and put my lips on her lips. she opposed me but I was not listening. then lifted her medy up and grabbed her bare stomach. moving up I caught her boobs which were very soft. I pressed it, she was requesting not to do that. I licked her lips, kissed her chicks, her neck, pressed her boobs, squeezed her pink nipples, now she was giving responce and co - operating me. after few minits I give up her and I allowed her to leave me. In this forceful physical encounter the hooks of her medy have been broken. her inerware was visible. She showed me her broken buttons and hooks of her medy. she asked me 'what can I do now ? I have no safty pin to do my medy neat' her neckless was broken and pendent was fallen down. at last she left the place, looking back and saying after all I liked your vigorous action and passionate kissing and pressing boobs. I will soon visit you.

Then after some days she come to my field this time she was standing stable near me and allowed me what I want to do. I first kissed her, then pressed her boobs, tried to incert my finger in her pussy but it was too tight that finger was not able to enter in her pussy it was due to her hymen. It was too intact to incert a single finger in it. At last she told me that don't try so hard because your nail should harm me. so I gave up. Then she went back her home. But soon in the next visit she allowed me to inject her pussy with my hard long dick. I covered my tool with condom and push it in to her hole. then the blood flow on her thighs and I had taken her verginity. After some days her father fixed her marriage with a teacher who was at long distance. after marriage when she come first time at her fathers home then she come to my field to meet me and asked that she was not pregnant till now, she has not missed her period and wanted a child from you. but I suggest her not to do that madness, if your husband noticed it, he will divorced you. Today technology is too adcanced tbat it can be proved by DNA test, who is the fatber of child.

Unfortunately her husband was not took her with him and she stayed at her father's home lonely and look at my home from her father's home terrace. I also look at her from my home but can di nothing for her. she still expect physical relationship with me but It was social bindings which do not allowed me to do so because I have got married now.

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