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This story is based on real life incident, which happend in my life. I am 40 and she was 16. She was looking at me and giving smile and finally I dare to do something and I went to her roof and do what she expect

My name is Ravi and I am a 40 year's matured and married person with a satisfied married life, strong built, interested in exercise and daily attend a gym.

having sufficient smart face, with wheatish complexion, and height of 180 cm (6 feet). I have a lots of interest in music, specially playing keyboard and singing old movie's songs as wel as traditional songs etc. generally in summer vacation I used to go my native place which is a small village, where the people live in closed adjecent houses having no space between two houses. I used to go to the terrace of my house and sing there for an hour a day, do exercise for an hour a day in the evening There lived a girl next to my house accross the road whose name was Rina. She also come to the terrace of her house daily. she had just passed her 10th exam and got 70% and nothing to do in summer vacations so she spent most of her time on terrace of her house. Rina watched my activity daily she has her younger brother with her and this small boy come to me and learn how to play music on key board. by continuous observation Rina attracted towards me but I hadn't realised her point of view because there was no space to think so because the age difference between me and Rina was 24 years. To draw my attention at her she was acting like me and started exercise and looked at me and deliberately showed me her assets while doing exercise. Once I clearly see her breast, when she bent to the floor. She has small white skinned developing tits having sharp nipples. By seeing this I was shocked and she noticed shocking expression on my face and gave me smile. I also smiled at her. so without speaking a single world we had spoken everything about our desire inside us and what was happening in our mind at that moment. After this incidence I was excited. Next day when I was doing exercise, she come to the terrace and started exercise by bending on the floor, the same thing was happened. she has shown me her small tits again this was the clear indication for me.

After that she was deliberately always showing me her small tits more and more clearly that created a current throught my body and its increases my courage and I was also giving responce to her sex appeal. I have a lot of experience in my life that how to tackle with difderent types of womens in various localities like big cities, town, as wel as villages, in travelling we meet various types of womens, feel their touches, meaning of their eye sight, some time while speaking with them we can feel their wishes and desires. but this time my expetience was different ;A teenager girl was inviting me to fulfil her sexual requirement, inspite of knowing that I was a married man and having age of 40 year. Basically I lived at district place due to my job and occasionally come here. as I told I am satisfied enough in my married life but when I read some sex stories then I wish to have fun like the characters in these sex stories. but it was not possible. because my wife didn't like all those things which I was expecting from her. like sucking my cock, leaking her pussy, testing her piss, doing something that was different from daily routine sex. Unfortumately I was away from all these things. thus my curiosity was increasing day by day but I was helpless in this matter. I could not do anyhing and continued with available daily routine sexual life with my wife. so coming to main point I got that chance this year as I described above. that teen girl was offering me her body by showing her breast frequently, deliberately and clearly. One day I gathered my courage and raised my both hand with showing my palm to her and done the action of pressing her breast. Seeing my action she feel shy and ran away to the staircase and hidden herself from me. This indicates that she was also interesting to do so. without loosing any more time she was responding to my steps moving toward an amazing experience, she returned very soon and started to press her tits with her own hands and laughing while looking at me. On the same day she intensialy come to the terrace at night with her mother for sleeping there. Then I understand that she was indicating me to do something. Before going to sleep she looked secretly at me and gave me eye contact and gave me smile, at the same time I asked her secretly in symbolic language of face and hand that tonight I wish to do fun with you. She smiled again and nodded her head in possitive manner this was happened within a fraction of second. I was so excited thinking about her. Due to the excitement I couldn't sleep till late night. Finely I decided to do something in the direction of my aim. I throw a small stone on her tarrace, but there was no responce from her, I again throw a small stone but still not responce from her side, at last I decided to climb on her tarrace, and I climed on the electric pole which was near her house and I reached on her terrace then I saw, Rina and her mother were sleeping there together. I went near to them and called Rina. She was already woke up but her mother was in deep sleep and snoring literally. As Rina saw me she was frightened to see me there because she was not expecting this action from me. She was requesting me to return back and indicating that her mother was there, but I denied to go back without doing anything and neglected her request. At first I confirmed that her mother was in deep sleep, it was a halfmoon night and moonlight was falling on her face. she was looking very beautiful then I went near to her and looked into her eye. she was still afraiding of what will happen, if her mother woke up and caught them doing such things. I touched her lips with my finger, I feel the heat of her breathe. she was also delighted by feeling first male touch on her lips after that I slowly placed my lips on her lips and started kissing her, I can clearly see her small pink rose coloured lips in the moon light. and feel mixed fragrance of her body spray, face cream, ponds powder, at the same time I smell her hair, the smell of shampoo was arousing me I took her both hands in my hands and arouse them over her head with pressing them together on floor by one hand and other hand placed on her breast, I moved my hand on her tits up and down feeling both nipples over her clothes. at the same time leaking her lips she was now breathing fastly I also breathing fastly, then I lightly pressed her small tit of right side. she was enjoying then I inserted my hand inside her slip and try to open hook of her bra from back side. she also responding by lifting her back lightly. as I was experienced person and unhook my wife's bra many time and also in the dark. at last I found its hook and I unhooked it, now I can feel her bare tits. which are small in size but hard. I feel that there is too much difference between a girl's and woman's breast. I first time enjoying such a hard breast. I was pressing them hardly she was moaning in low voice, she can't bear the pain while I pressing hard but she was helpless. She was requesting me not to press too hard but I was gone mad to feel her tits. I lift her clothes up and saw her bare tits and started sucking one by one.

Going down I smelled her pussy the smell was quite amazing I remove her panty down and insert my toung into her pussy, she gone mad and hold my head tight and caressing my hair with her both hand and grabbing it forcefully it has been paining while she was grabbing but I didn't care about it and continued my job of leaking her pussy her hole body was shivering, she wanted to moan loudly but there was her mother beside her so she controlled her wish to moan loudly. she can't bear any more and pushed me away, but I stucked with her after some time she pushed me away with great force and go away from me. and wearing bra panty and making her clothes neat. She was requesting me please go back before her mother wake up from sleep, then I asked her to give me another chance whenever I ask you. she nodded her head and promised me to do so. Then I left the place but before leaving I gave her flying kiss, she also return me and I went back to my terrace and looked again at her. Now she was happy and smiling at me for my courageous behaviour.

After that successful event she also become bold and wanted one more experience. and one day when her all family members were going to the hospital at district place to see one of their relatives. that day she call me at her home. and we speak clearly about our feelings and I told her all about sex and sex stories. and share my experience of married life. and told that I am satisfied in sexual life with my wife but she didn't fulfill my desire of all these things those I expect from my wife. She understand and agreed to do all things what I expeced from her. she remove my clothes one by one, looking at my strong muscle she praised me and said in my ear in murmuring voice that she like my strong body and she leaked all my body lustfully ; started from lips, cheeks, chest she kissed all my body. suck my cock. I also leaked her whole body. suck her pussy. but she did not allow me to have sex with her, and I also did not force her for that, because I was an experienced person and that thing was not a new thing for me. but told her if whenever she wanted to have an experience of sex. she can call me. I gave her my number, and still waiting for her call.

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