The seduction (straight, camera sex, slavery)

Rajiv Gupta's sex story
One only dreamed of her. But here she was asking me to take her. I did. But then I became her toy boy. I am thirty and married with one child and a lovely wife. I work in a stock firm and the owner who is my boss runs the show. Her name is Priya and she must be 45 or so.

None of us know her background but know that she is a divorcee. She is a workaholic and makes us work hard, but gives us the money.

Now Priya though in her forties is aggressive in her dressing. She wears on tight fitting clothes. Normally these are tight trousers with zips on three sides and a well fitting too which goes with a tight sleeveless top. The only change is a tight skirt that is half way between her ass and knees. I need not say that men folk masturbate over her but get overawed when they meet her. She wears heels and towers when she stands. She makes it a point to stand after making us sit and then talks with authority. She invariably takes off her coat and shows her covered zipped crotch. She has this habit of being a tease as she makes it a point to turn around and look outside the window when talking to any young guy. Invariably men come out with erections.

I had gone to Jaipur with her once and we stayed at the Taj. We had a long day and she was irritated and yelled at me twice over the presentation. I was down and in th evening t around ten had a drink in the bar. I decided to chill in the pool and went down and changed to my swimming trunks and dived in. There were some people there but soon I realized there was only one person. It turned out to be priya and she called out to me to come and talk. She apologized fir the morning outburst and said that she needed a smoke before she came back. As she got out I realized she was in a virtual invisible bikini. Her bar covers just her nipples with the cleavage out. Her panty covers her crutch and went thong like behind exposing her great ass. I could feel my cock push forward and continued swimming. She wiped her hair finished the cigarette and dived inside and asked if we could race. It went on for ten minutes and then she asked me to mix a drink. I got out of the pool with my cock now piercing through and kept my back to her so she could not see me.

As I was mixing the drink I heard her come from behind and asked me to get it to the table. I tried to push my cock inside and turned around hoping to cover myself. Priya laughed and asked if I was excited. As I kept quiet she laughed and then asked if I found her desirable. I smiled. She got up and put on some sexy music and said let us dance. I started dancing as I was also tipsy. Soon I was holding her and we danced closely. She lit another fag and danced provocatively. Suddenly she said, do you want to fuck me. I was embarrassed. She laughed, went back and kept her smoke down. As I stared at her taut sexy body she unhooked her body and said, now do you want to fuck me. I stared. Here we were in the open and I could sense some waiters were peering from the corner and priya was semi nude. I nodded. She came up and kissed me hard and pressed against my cock. She laughed and said, what will your wife say if she gets to know you fucked me. I lost my inhibition and said, she will never know. She said, the come along. She took me by the hand, with her tits exposed and bra left behind and took me to her suite on the ground floor.

As we entered, the liquour got over me. I squeezed her boobs and said, yes priya, I will fuck you like a bull. I kissed her hard and as she tried to push me away with a laugh I put my hand in her panty and felt the fur. She slipped away and said, now take out your fucking cock and show me that I have a man in front. As I slipped out with my eight inch cock growing in horizontal length shot out. She came from the front suddenly and out a clasp on my cock with a chain and said, now you are my slave. She tugged my cock which was wet. She stroked it with her hand and rolled her palm. Next she bent slowly down and licked the tip. This is something even my wife has never done. Soon she was sucking my cock as I ran my hand through her hair. As she got up I pulled down her panty and put her on the bed. She released my cock and said, now fill me with you fucking cum. I said, not to worry you bitch. You asked for it. So saying I out my huge cock in her pussy and rammed in hard. I did not wait until I poured my cum inside her. As I finished, she got up and sat on my face and said, now you motherfucker, lick my pussy. Here I was drinking my own cum from this bith's fucking pussy. I enjoyed it and went off to sleep.

We returned to mumbai and neither of us showed any recognition of what had happened. She continued to ignore me and I her. After there months or so we had to go to her house to get a presentation cleared. When I went to Malabar hill where she stayed, I realized that lights were dim and no one appeared to be there. I rang the bell and went Inside as the door was ajar. I thought my colleagues would be there but none were present. Suddenly the light went on and the door closed. Priya stood in front of me with the dom light with a see though robe and her boobs coming out but nipples concealed. She had on a tiny panty and had her hand inside while the other one had a drink. Won't you have me Rajiv she said. My cock was taut and I went to her and kissed her. She pressed my cock hard and slapped me. How dare you son of a bitch kiss me. I was shocked. I am sorry I said. She said the only way out is to fuck her hard and stay the night and fuck multiple times. I had no choice. I called up my wife and told her I have to go out of town and will be back in the morning and as I spoke she was mouthing my cock and as I rammed in she drank my cum. She striped me naked and then tied me to the bed with my tie and then poured vodka on my cock. It tingled. She said, now you fucker better fuck me hard. I tried getting up but could not. She was mocking me and soon she sat on my cock and rode me like crazy. By morning I had fucked her four times and left quite tired.

Again there was no sign of recognition for three months. But on a Saturday when I was alone in office, she turned up late in the evening and blasted me for some wrong doing. She had on those slut pants with zips all over and I went ahead and kissed her. She pushed me aside saying fuck off. I was mad and said, today I shall fuck you. She tried to push me off, but I was stronger and I tore open her top. As her boobs came out I sucked them as she kept screaming, but the doors were closed and no one was there. I threw her down and took off my clothes and she begged me to let her go. I told her that for all the cock teasing she had done I would pay her in return. I pounced on her and zipped off her pants . She told me she was going on a date and we could do it another day. She said, you fucker, you are raping me. I said, be it so, you raped me twice and I shall do it once. So saying I out my dick in her cunt and filled her with my cum. As if insisted, she laughed and said that she wanted this and it was her plot. She showed me the camera and said that everything was recorded and from now I was her toy boy. If I did not satiate her anytime, she would spill the beans. I had no choice but to do when she asked me to fuck her, I hated her but loved her fucking body.

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