Good time with teacher (teen sex, straight)

nik's sex story
It is a story about how me and my teacher got in physical relationship we had funn a lot and fucked a lot too

Hii guys i am nik and i am 19 years old good looking person i have a big cock and satisfy any lady..any lady wants to contact me than leave a comment. Please tell me how my story is after reading it it is my first story so ignore my mistakes this is a story about me and my teacher how we fulfilled our needs her name is rekha (name changed) she looks beautiful and has perfect figure she has round boobs whick i would suck all day and the ass whick i cant forget...she is divorced about 1 year ago let me go to the story

I am doing school and my worst subject is maths and i am weak in it so my teacher Rekha keeps me after school for extra classes and teaches me maths we never had any bad intentions on each other. Than one day she told me while i was in extra classes that she is going home to change and will return in ten min i said ok so she went and came after ten min when she came back sge was wearing pink tshirt and and leggings she really looked hot init and her cleavage was fully visible i felt like taking those big boobs in my hand and pkaying with them all day.. she started teaching me and i was paying attention and mistakenly my hand touched her boobs and she let out a moan ahhh i saod i was sorry she said its ok with a naughty smile i thought that she was feeli g horny so i acted like i want to go to toilet and asked her she said i can go so i went out and while i went i closed the but not fully so i could peep i side and guess what after a min o two she staryed pressing her boobs and one hand on her puss i really got aroused after a while i went inside and acted like i didnot see anything than after about five min i tried to makea move on her i slowly placed my hand on her waist at forst she loomed at me woth anger but than she smiled i knew that it was a green signal so i mived my hand from her waist and put it in her leggings and felt the line she closed her eyes and was moaning like ahh hmmm yeeaahh than she pushed me away and said it is enough and said that i can go home now she stood up and was leaving the class but before she could open the door i went and held hwr from behind and pushesd her to the door i was sucking her ear lobes and i said to her that i saw everything she was doing when i went to toilet she got shocked gearing thus and said dlnot to tell anyine but i was not listening to her i turned her around and gave a lip to lip kiss at forst she resisted but after a qhile she opend her mouth and started to respond to me we french kissed for about ten min and my hand were flowing all around her body scanning her than i removed her t shirt and she was not wearing a bra so i felt them with my hands and it was like i was in heaven coz it was my first time i started sucking her boovs and press her butt like nothing she pusged my head in her boibs and said suck it yess yesss suck it harder drink all the milk that is in thwre yessss yesssss than she took off my shirt and was sucking my chest and holding my cock than we took of each others clothes and were now fully naked i couldnt wait so i laid her on tge desk and started exploring her puss i sucked it like a hungry dog and the class was filled with moans yeasssss aahhhhhh gmmmmmmgmmhmmm suck it eat my pussy u bastard yesss i sucked her for about ten min than she said its my turn she made me lay on her desk and started sucking my cock in a while she swallowed my whole cock and her mouth was full with my cock i placed my hand on her hair and fucked her mouth and after about ten min of sucking i filled her mouth with my cream and she swallowed it all than we rested for some time and my mosnter got up again we did a 69 position and were sucking each other this time it was her turn she cummed fully in my mouth and drank it it was salty water than i made her stand and went behind her and was about to insert my cock in her pussy and she said not there i must insert it in her ass she was ready for anal sex so i inserted my cock from behind at first when i inserted she scream so loud and than in my secind shot the cock was fully in she started to scream loudly and give moans in a while the class was filled with her moans like yess baby fuck ur teacher hard punish her yesss ahhhhh hmmmmmm we were fucking in dooggy style and was a anal sex she was really enjoying it and me tooo coz it was my first time i fucked her for fifteen min in that position than she laid down on her desk and i laid on her and inserted my big monster in her hole (puss) we were on top of each other i french kissed her while i was fucking her pussy and also played and sucked her boobs i increased my pace and pounded her hard she was like yesss fuck meeeeeee hardeder tear that pussy ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh hmmmmn yess ahhhh harder harder fuck me ahhhhhhohhhhhh we fucked for about 20 min in that position and when i was about to come she said not to cone inside so i took out my cock and placed it between her bobbs and was fucking her boobs it was feelung awesome and in about five min i cummed all over her boobs she sucked all of it and after we kissed each other and she told me i love u and i told i love u too
We got dressed and was about to leave for each others home when she was leaving the class she said co e early tomorrow because i would be having two classes now ;) one maths and other is sex class i spanked her ass and pushed my finger in it and she jumped and said ahhhh u naughty abd i replied of course i am mammmmm
So guys how do like my story please give feedback in comment :)

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