The donkey and the schoolgirl - Part 2 (bestiality, dark fantasy)

Denise's sex story
The sun was heading toward the western horizon and sending brilliant rays through the open windows on the right side of the bus. Sitting in the middle of the long back seat, Denise found herself sweating miserably while Peggy, still naked and asleep, leaned up against the left side window, shaded and fanned.

Denise thought about moving further up front, taking an empty seat on the left side of the bus, but she was afraid that if she moved she might draw attention to herself. Already some of the boys up front had spotted her and looked ready to pounce. She was sure that the only reason that they hadn't come back here was because they knew Peggy and the dog were sitting back here with her, and most boys were afraid to confront two girls at once. Boys were always so sure of themselves when they could get a girl alone, but two girls together scared them off. Denise knew without a doubt that the moment she took a seat by herself, the boys who hadn't already paired up with girls would be fighting among themselves to be the first to get at her.

She fidgeted, pretending to read, not daring to look down the aisle anymore. She didn't want to catch some boy's eye and have him think she was encouraging him. The grunts and gasps and dirty giggles continued as the kids made out. As much as Denise hated crowds and noise, she felt nervous each time the noise died down. It was when things got relatively quiet that she was sure one or several boys were staring at her.

They were all animals -- boys. They were worse than animals. She really wished they'd all just disappear so she wouldn't have to deal with them anymore, so her mother would stop nagging her to go out with them. She could live without them -- she really could. She couldn't understand how other girls could stand being pawed all the time, threatened with those monstrous weapons boys carried between their legs. The cock of Peggy's black Lab was like a little finger compared to some of the cocks Denise had seen jutting from the loins of boys. Tim's cock looked big enough to use for a baseball bat. His was the biggest cock Denise had ever seen. The cocks of the other farm boys she'd seen -- Tim's friends -- had been smaller, sure, but they were still too big. Denise couldn't imagine getting fucked by those boys. If she didn't bleed to death, the pain would kill her. She was sure of it.

She remembered so many days in the woods, hiding breathlessly behind bushes and watching Tim and his friends fucking their pricks into the cunts of girls they'd dragged up there. She'd watched the girls squirm and squeal, whimper and moan, and she'd never quite figured out whether the girls were feeling pleasure or excruciating pain or both. Most of the girls begged for more, clawing the boy's back and growling: 'Fuck me, fuck me!' But that didn't prove they were feeling pleasure. They might have been so delirious, so out of their minds from being tortured that they didn't know what they were saying anymore. Girls at school talked about how great it was to get fucked, but they didn't convince Denise. It just didn't make sense. How could anything that looked so cruel, so brutal, bring pleasure?

The bus growled with changing tones as the driver shifted gears. They were entering a small town.

'We'll be stopping at the Burger King here,' the driver shouted without looking back. 'Get yourselves decent if you want to get off and piss or eat something. It's about seven now, right about on schedule. I'll let you get off here and take the bus to get fueled up. We leave in half an hour. Anybody who's not on the bus when we leave is out of luck. I ain't waiting for anybody. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir!' shouted the boys in unison, then they whooped. Other kids bellowed laughter. The bus driver ignored them.

A moment later they pulled into the Burger King parking lot.

Peggy woke up. 'What's happening?'

Denise told her, keeping her voice as cold as possible.

'Shit!' Peggy said. She grabbed her shorts and slipped them on. Then she hooked her halter cups back over her tits.

Kids were piling out of the bus, resembling a pack of half-naked savages. Denise dreaded joining them. She envisioned a half-dozen boys surrounding her at a table as she tried to eat a hamburger.

'Well, aren't you getting off?' Peggy said.

'I'd rather stay on the bus and read,' Denise said.

'You're flaky.' Peggy slid over, pushing up out of her seat and stretching in the aisle. Romeo got up and stretched with her.

'Damn, I'm hungry,' Peggy said. 'I suppose I'll have to miss supper for the old pig.'

Denise had no idea what Peggy was talking about. The aroma of hamburgers and fries wafted through the open windows and made Denise's mouth water. 'Forget your money or something?' she asked Peggy.

Peggy gave her a cold look. 'I've got money, I just don't have time. I've got business to take care of. That big boar of a bus driver didn't let Romeo aboard for free. I had to bribe the old goat, and now I've gotta pay off on that bribe.'

Denise still didn't understand.

The fat bus driver stepped back into the bus, glanced up the aisle, giving Peggy a lecherous once-over, then plopped down into his seat with a grunt and sealed shut the bus door. A few moments later, he was driving them away.

They didn't go to any gas station. Instead, the driver took them to a wooded park at the edge of town and pulled the bus onto a secluded road among the trees. He glanced toward the back of the bus as he shut off the motor.

'Come on, farm-girl, let's you and me take a little walk.'

Peggy slipped the leash back on her dog.

'Uh-uh, girl,' said the driver. 'The mutt stays aboard. Your girlfriend there can take care of him.'

Denise suddenly found herself holding the leash as Peggy shoved it into her hand.

'Take good care of him,' Peggy said. 'I won't be long.' She turned away and wiggled down the aisle, leaving the scent of hot cunt behind her.

The driver put his fat arm around Peggy's back and escorted her off the bus. Denise watched through the window as the two of them disappeared into the trees. The bus driver was shoving his hand down into Peggy's shorts and feeling her bare ass.

Denise didn't have time to fret about what was going on between Peggy and the bus driver, because the moment they passed out of sight, Romeo started whimpering and straining at his leash. Denise tried to hold him back, but he just about pulled her out of the seat.

He must want to piss bad, Denise decided, so she got up and had to trot down the aisle after him to keep from being dragged.

Off the bus, Denise winced as she made her way over the ground, bruising her bare feet on hidden pebbles in the grass. She yanked hard on the dog's leash a few times to force him to slow down. He lifted his hind leg at the first tree he came to and let loose a hot yellow stream of piss. He sniffed around, pissed on another tree, sniffed some more, pissed again, then began dragging Denise into the bushes.

'Come on,' she said, trying to sound forceful. 'Back to the bus. Come on!'

The dog wouldn't obey. He dragged her deeper into the trees and bushes. Denise was about to let go of the leash when she and the dog burst into a clearing. The dog started growling.

'Jesus Christ!' snapped the bus driver. He stood there with his pants down around his ankles, his big stiff cock stuffed into Peggy's mouth as she kneeled in front of him without a stitch on.

Peggy choked on the man's cock, then jerked her head back, letting his cock go. 'Romeo, stay!' she shouted, spit leaking down her chin. 'Now sit!'

The dog growled, then whimpered and sat down.

'I'm sorry,' Denise said, never so embarrassed in her life. 'He dragged me out here. I couldn't hold him.'

'Sure you couldn't,' Peggy said sarcastically.

'Quit jawing and start sucking,' the bus driver said.

Peggy waved his cock in the air and lapped at it as if it were an ice cream cone, her pink tongue licking around and around the shiny purple head of his prick.

The man moaned, closing his eyes. 'Yeah, lick that thing!'

Peggy worked the skin up and down on the man's cock, slipped the foreskin up and down over the cock-knob. 'Look at this,' she said, glancing at Denise. 'Uncut. You don't see many of these around. Sexy, ain't it, the way the skin slips up and down.'

Denise had never seen anything like it. She'd heard Tim and his friends talk about certain boys being uncut and wondering if it felt any different to have an uncut cock, but she'd never quite known what they were talking about. She knew that uncut meant uncircumcised, but she wasn't quite sure what uncircumcised meant either. The boys always talked about the extra skin. Well, that bus driver certainly had extra skin on his cock, enough to slide up almost over the big round cock-knob. Denise dropped the dog's leash and wandered closer, intrigued.

The bus driver grinned wickedly. 'So, you'd like to get in on the action, too. Never knew a farm girl yet who was shy about sex. Take off your clothes, girl. Let's see that sexy little body of yours.'

Denise froze. She wanted to turn and run, but she didn't have the strength. What had she gotten herself into?

'Come on, girl, I wanna see your tits.' The bus driver looked her up and down. 'Sexy bitch. Christ, take your clothes off before I rip 'em off you.' His arm shoot out and the tips of his fingers hooked the neck of Denise's blouse.

'Don't tear my clothes,' Denise squeaked. Her finger fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

The bus driver grinned, letting go. 'That's it, strip 'em all off, you gorgeous little cunt. Shit, the guys will never believe this. Two girls together, naked and on their knees, worshipping my old dog. Two farm girls yet. Shit!'

Denise dropped the blouse, feeling herself blush.

'Take the jeans off next,' the driver said. 'Oh fuck, look at them smooth young legs. Shit! Yeah, mighty pretty!'

'Please,' Denise squeaked, trembling all over, wearing nothing now but her panties and bra.

'Mmm, mmm!' Peggy sounded as if she were cooing as she munched on the man's big cock. She kept sucking on the cockhead, kept wiggling her tongue up under the foreskin.

The bus driver pushed her head away. 'Slow down, bitch. You're gonna make me blow before I want to. You and your girlfriend here are gonna have to share the cream. I only got time to feed you one round.' He looked back at Denise, licking his lips as if he wanted to devour her. 'All right now, first the bra, then the panties. Come on, bitch, strip!'

Denise closed her eyes, her hands shaking as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She got the snap open and lowered her arms. The bra slid off her tits, drifting to the ground.

'Christ, ain't they sexy!' The man smacked his lips. 'Bigger than I thought, and they tilt up so nice with those big pink cherries. Now let's see your cunt and ass.'

Denise's heart was pounding. Her throat was so dry she could hardly swallow. As she leaned over, her tits dangling as she slid her panties down her legs, she felt a powerful throbbing in her cunt, as if her heart had slipped down between her legs. As she stepped out of the panties, she smelled her own cunt and realized she was dripping between the legs, that the inner sides of her thighs were slippery as if with hot melted butter.

'Straighten up,' the driver said. 'Oh yeah! Fuck yes! Now turn around and show me your ass. That's it. Now bend over a little and shove your butt up in the air. Oh Christ, now wiggle it.'

Denise felt absolutely wretched. She also felt absolutely wicked, dirty. She realized that she could run away if she really had to, that there was nothing keeping her here except her own weakness -- and maybe her own lust.

'Goddamn, I've gotta taste that ass, sweet stuff.' He pushed Peggy away and fell to his hands and knees.

Run now! A voice in Denise's mind screamed. Run!

The man's sweaty hands clamped around Denise's hips. He spread her asscheeks and started to lick between them.

Denise found herself panting. She gasped as the man licked up and down her ass-crack as if she had honey trickling down it.

'Shit, what a tasty little bitch!' the driver mumbled. He chewed on her asscheeks as if he wanted to devour them. 'Down on your hands and knees. I wanna do your cunt, too.'

Denise dropped down. She felt her tits hanging heavily as they swelled. Her pussy-lips felt like inflated balloons, tight with hot blood and fuck-tension. She turned her ass up, shoving her cunt in the man's face. The pussy juice dribbled down her legs. Suddenly, she was so excited she could hardly breath.

'Mmm, what a pussy,' the man growled, his teeth gnawing on her cunt slabs, tugging on her silky cunt hairs. 'Beautiful!' He forced the hairy pussy flaps apart, opening her cunt up. 'Mmmmmmm!' His lips mashed to her open fuckhole and he sucked, eating her hot cuntmeat, eating her pussy juices.

Denise saw stars. She thought he was going to suck her insides out. As he fucked his tongue up her cunt, she felt a stream of tingling fire shoot through her cunt. As his tongue twirled, her cunt started to contract. Suddenly there were spasms gnawing through her loins.

'Uh, uh, uh!' she gasped. 'Oh, oh God!' Her eyes rolled back as her pussy exploded. She was aware of her toes curling, of her nipples throbbing.

The man slurped like a pig at a through, lapping up her pussy juices as they dribbled from her clutching cunthole. He gnawed on her throbbing pussy slabs, kissed and licked her ass, lapping up the sweet cunt cream running down her legs. Never in her life had she leaked so much cunt juice when she came. Her cunt oozed pussy cream as if she had a cock inside her shooting cum out of her. As her orgasm subsided, she felt embarrassed.

'Now you,' the bus driver muttered as if drunk. 'Come on bitch, I wanna lick you, too.' He tugged at Peggy until she'd assumed a hands and knees position next to Denise.

'Lick my ass, you old pig,' snarled Peggy. 'Go on, suck it out.' She arched her back, turning up her ass and wiggling it in the driver's face.

Denise expected the driver to kick Peggy in the ass instead of licking her there. But the driver seemed either to ignore or not to hear what Peggy had said. He shoved apart her asscheeks and started to lick, munching at her shithole as if it were a succulent fruit.

'Mmm, teenaged bitch! Teenaged farm girl!' he muttered as he sucked Peggy's ass, breathing as if he were going to suffer a heart attack.

'Oooh, yeah, shove your tongue up my pussy,' Peggy sighed. 'Lick it all out. Oh, fuck!' She glanced over at Denise, who was still on her hands and knees, still recovering from her orgasm and watching over her shoulder as the driver sucked Peggy's ass. Peggy shoved her middle finger at Denise's mouth. 'Here's some honey for you, bitch.' She shoved her finger between Denise's lips.

Denise frowned at the tart flavor. The aroma of cunt opened her nostrils. Peggy had apparently been finger-fucking herself with that finger as she'd watched the driver eat Denise's ass and cunt. Denise sucked the finger clean without another thought. She didn't know why she did it. Possibly because she knew it would do no good to resist Peggy. Possibly because she wanted to. She closed her eyes, savoring the taste of Peggy's cunt.

'Oh shit, oh fuck!' Peggy squirmed as the driver started sucking on her cunt. 'Oh Christ, that man knows how to eat pussy!' She rubbed her ass in the man's face, churned her loins as if she were fucking a cock. 'What a fat wet tongue! Oh, eat me!'

Denise watched the driver over her shoulder. He looked as if he wanted to drive his head up Peggy's cunt, or up her asshole. He was wheezing from the exertion of his wild sucking and licking. He kept growling like a dog.

Denise remembered Romeo. She looked over to see the black Lab sitting on his haunches, quivering all over with tension as if he were going to spring at any second. His huge red prick stood up out of it's sheath, throbbing, leaking pre-cum like clear frosting. His black balls were swollen and appeared to roll in their sack. He was panting, whimpering. For just a moment, Denise felt the nearly irresistible desire to crawl to the dog like an animal and go for his cock like a calf going for a cow's tit. For just a moment, she wanted to suck off that big dog again. She might have done it, too, if Peggy hadn't started whining and jerking.

Denise snapped her head the other way, watching Peggy squirm with orgasm. The blonde's eyes became glazed slits. She looked as if she would die from the sensations.

'I'm coming!' Peggy moaned. 'Ooohhhh, I'm coming!'

Denise didn't know why she did it, since she hated Peggy so, but she reached over and stroked Peggy's head and back until the blonde had made it through her orgasm.

The driver struggled to his feet, wheezing, panting, gripping his cock as if he would break it off. Sweat ran down his face in streams. He looked as if he had a high fever or was very drunk. His mouth and chin dripped pussy-cum. Blonde cunt hairs were plastered to them.

'Okay, bitches, your turn. Come on, do me quick!'

Peggy got up on her knees, going for the repulsive man's cock as if she were actually hungry for it.

'You, too!' said the driver, giving Denise such a glare that she was up on her knees beside Peggy like Jack popping out of his box. 'That's it. You both lick it now. You both get me off.'

The man's cock looked enormous to Denise, much larger close up. The foreskin was pulled back off the cock head. Pre-cum dribbled from the open pisshole like tears. The smell of sweaty balls and cock nearly knocked Denise out. She thought she would faint. The smell both repulsed and attracted her.

'Lick it,' the man said, his hands on his hips, his huge fucker pointing at the sky. 'Come on, girls, lick!'

Peggy was grinning, gazing up at the man as her tongue flicked up and down his veiny prickshaft, around and around his purple cock-knob. She giggled like a naughty little girl, cooing as she licked, nibbling and munching, even kissing the man's balls.

Denise didn't know what to do except imitate Peggy. She'd never sucked a man's cock before. She couldn't believe she was doing it now. As Peggy sucked on the man's balls, Denise took the prick-knob into her mouth and munched on it.

'Oh yeah, oh yeah!' The man shoved his cock in deeper, leaking fuck-lube down Denise's throat. 'Suck it, bitch, suck that cock!'

The taste of cock excited Denise. It was a salty, cheesy taste, a dirty taste and yet an exciting one. She licked under the prick-knob as she sucked, munching with her lips, wishing she could swallow this hot slap of cock meat.

'Oh fuck, you're good!' the man sighed. 'All you farm girls oughta turn professional. You got mouths like calves.'

'Let me suck it,' Peggy said. 'Don't hog it.'

Denise reluctantly let the man's cock go and watched Peggy swallow half of it. Her mouth was watering. She could still feel that big tasty rod of cockmeat throbbing in her mouth. It was like a big salty salami, and she wanted more of it. She started nipping at the man's lower prickshaft with her lips. She felt arteries flutter against her tongue, felt vibrations surge through the cockshaft. She licked the man's sweaty balls.

'Both of you suck it now,' the man moaned. 'Both at once. Quick!'

Peggy let his cock slip out of her mouth. She fastened her spongy lips around the right side of the man's cock and started to rub her mouth up and down his fat prickshaft. Denise imitated her, gluing her own mouth to the left side of the big cock and biting it with her lips. Her lips met Peggy's. Their noses almost touched as they rubbed their dripping mouths up and down the man's stiff fucker. It was as if they were kissing, with the man's cock between their mouths. They slid up and down faster and faster, their mingled spit dripping, the man's cock swelling even more.

'Ahhhh!' the driver moaned. 'Eat my jizz!' He grabbed his cock, pumping it fiercely as his pisshole gaped and the cum gushed out. 'Yeahhhhhh!'

The cum erupted like fireworks, splashing all over the faces of both girls. The girls held their mouths open and took hot slimy gobs of cum down their throats. Denise giggled as the molten cum pelted her cheeks and nose and lips. The wads of man-cum tasted thicker and sweeter than the cum of the black Lab. She forced Peggy aside and got her mouth over the flared prickhead, taking hot spurts of cum against her tonsils. The driver let go of his cock and allowed her to suck it. She munched on the cockhead, milked the cockshaft with her hand, sucked out every tasty drop she could get as the big fucker pulsated with its last orgasmic thrills and began to soften.

The driver pushed her away. 'That's enough. Now you two lick the fuck-juice off each other. Go on, now, lick.'

Denise giggled with embarrassment as she licked the wads of cum off Peggy's face. Then she closed her eyes and allowed Peggy to lick off her own face. Some cum had splashed on Denise's tits, and Denise gasped as Peggy licked it off and gave her left nipple a lip-smacking suck.

'Jesus Christ!' The driver squatted, then yanked up his boxer shorts and pants as he straightened up. 'We're running way behind. No time for you two to get dressed. Grab your clothes and get dressed in the bus.' He was already charging into the bushes and back to the bus.

Denise grabbed her clothes. Peggy grabbed her own clothes and Romeo's leash. As they stumbled back to the bus, scratching their skin on branches, treading on sharp stones, Denise felt so naked and wicked that she laughed out loud. For the first time in her life, she felt like a naughty, naughty girl.

All the kids were fucking. Denise was sure of it. Every girl except her was coupled with a boy. Every girl except her had a cock up her cunt now or would shortly have a cock inside her. It was too dark in the bus to see anything clearly. Denise could see dark shapes moving in front of her.

At least three girls crouched on their hands and knees in the aisle as three boys fucked them from behind like stud dogs mounted on bitches. In the seats, heads moved up and down as girls fucked up and down on stiff cocks. The bus reeked of cock and balls, of sweat and cunt. The sounds that filled the dark bus were no longer those of grabbing and joking, but of serious fucking -- grunts, moans, gasps, whimpers.

Earlier, the driver had ordered all the windows shut, and now the bus felt humid and stuffy inside. The driver ignored what was going on behind him, steering the bus on into the night. He'd turned on a small radio and was listening to a baseball game, possibly to take his attention away from all the fucking going on behind him.

'Oh Darla, you're so hot!' a boy whispered loud enough for Denise to hear him. 'I love your tits and ass, and, you're so fucking smooth! Mmn, fuck!'

Denise squinted, trying to get a look at the boy. She was sure he was one of those in the aisle, one of those boys fucking his cock in and out of a girl and making his lower belly clap against her ass.

'I'm coming!' a girl whimpered. 'Ohhh, I'm coming!'

Denise listened to the girl gasping, and she envied her. Denise wished she had the guts to fuck with a boy, wished she could feel what that girl was feeling. There was no question in Denise's mind now that the feeling was pleasure, pleasure more intense than any she'd ever felt. She'd never been so close to other people fucking before. In the woods, she only dared spy from a safe distance. Now she was close, and although she couldn't see anything clearly, she could feel the electricity in the air, could hear the kids expressing pleasure as if whispering straight into her ear, could smell their excitement like a dog.

She felt left out, abandoned -- not that it was anybody's fault but her own. She'd been hiding back here in the corner the whole trip. Any boys who'd tried to get her attention she'd completely ignored. Any boys who'd been interested in her had probably forgotten her by now. They were too busy fucking their stiff cocks inside wet, receptive cunts to even remember she was alive. It served her right. She was getting now exactly what she'd asked for, exactly what she'd prayed for -- to be left alone.

She felt hot. She felt miserable. She felt like jumping out of her skin and right through the roof of the bus. The bus smelled like a barn with all those naked, sweating teenagers fucking away like animals on a breeding farm. Denise thought she would suffocate on the scent. All that moaning and gasping, all that grunting, all those squishing noises and that obscene sound of flesh sliding against flesh were staring to drive her crazy. She almost covered her ears to block it out.

'Uhhhh, ahhhh!' a boy grunted.

'Shoot it!' a girl whispered. 'Fill me up!'

Denise chewed her lip. She wanted to tell them to shut up, wanted to scream that they were all driving her crazy. She was furious with the bus driver for allowing this to happen. Little by little the kids had tested the driver, getting more and more daring behind his back to see whether he'd continue to ignore them. He did. Now the kids didn't care anymore. They'd lost all self control here in the dark of the bus.

'Damn it!' Denise whispered to herself, and she unbuttoned her blouse, almost ripping off the buttons.

If she had to suffocate back here, she was at least going to get comfortable. She stuffed her blouse into her overnight bag and felt a slight chill as the air caressed her completely naked tits. After the incident in the woods, she hadn't bothered to put her bra or panties back on. She pulled off her tight jeans and felt the cool vinyl of the seat against her bare ass. As she stuffed her jeans into her overnight bag, Romeo lifted his head from his paws and sat up.

Denise had almost forgotten the dog. When Peggy had gone up front to talk to some boy, she'd all but ordered Denise to baby-sit for the dog. Denise had fought the Lab's efforts to follow his mistress for nearly half an hour before Romeo had settled down. For the last few hours, the dog had lain on the floor next to Denise as if dead, ignoring the commotion in the bus, apparently resigned to the fact that Peggy had abandoned him and that he couldn't be part of the wild goings-on.

Romeo moved up to sniff at Denise's tits. Denise shivered as the hot breath of the dog caressed her nipples. His tongue came out and he started to lick, and Denise gasped out loud.

'Romeo,' she whispered. 'Stop!'

She did nothing to stop him, though. Delicious thrills streamed through her tits. Her cunt did quivering contractions. She raised her arms so the dog could lick not only her tits, but her armpits as well. This was more than she could stand. She had to push the dog away before she squealed out loud.

'Romeo, oh God, stop it!'

The dog licked her hands. He tried to push his snout between her legs. Denise was drooling cunt juice and the seat was getting buttery-slick under her ass.

The dog growled, trying to lick between her legs, and she feared he'd bite her if she kept fighting him. She moved further into the corner, slipping her ass off the spot she'd been sitting on. The dog immediately lapped up the slick pussy juice on the seat. Then he started to lick her legs.

Now what? Denise was starting to panic. He had her smack against the corner of the bus. Her only escape was out the window. As he licked her flesh, she had the feeling she was the dog's living prey. He tried to push his snout under her ass, his tongue slithering like a snake.

There was only on thing to do -- let him have his way.

Denise raised her ass, turning it toward the panting dog so he could lick it. He growled as he burrowed his wet snout between her asscheeks. His tongue licked up and down her ass-crack and all over her ass. Denise's heart hammered, and she started to breath faster. Her hand moved almost mechanically, gripping her asscheek and pulling it so the dog could lick her shithole.

'Oh, Romeo!' she breathed, tingles flooding her asshole as the dog probed it with the tip of his tongue. 'Oh God, lick me!'

She loved getting her ass licked. She'd found that out a few hours ago in the park as she'd crouched like an animal to let the bus driver suck out her asshole and cunt. As the dog's tongue slithered up and down her ass-crack, as it tried to work its way into her shithole, Denise wished she could open herself up and let the dog fuck his tongue straight up her ass. She slid off the seat -- slowly, so as not to spook the dog -- and she crouched on the floor between the seats, shoving her ass up high, arching her back so her cunt would move into licking range for the dog.

Romeo growled, lapping her pussy wildly, his long tongue flapping up and down her cunt slit. Leaning her head against the vibrating wall of the bus for support, she reached behind her ass with both her hands and pulled apart her cunt-lips. The hot juice was dribbling out of her pussy like melted butter. The dog whimpered as he licked. Denise felt warm cunt juice trickling down her legs. Her open crotch sizzled, her cunthole throbbing as if it wanted to suck the dog's tongue inside her.

It happened so fast that Denise had no time to even try to escape. Romeo rose up on his hind legs and mounted her, gripping her ass with his big paws, digging in with his claws, fucking his stiff dog-prick straight up her open cunt and searing the itching walls of her raw pussy. Her cunt contracted, gripping his cock and trying to pull it in deeper. Denise arched back and whined.

She couldn't believe it! She was being fucked! And it didn't hurt. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. She could feel her cunt squeezing hard, as if it never wanted to release the dog-prick. Her loins swelled with a tension, with a feeling that made her want to put her nose up in the air and howl.

She braced her hands on the floor, wiggling her ass in crazy circles as the dog started fucking his stiff cock in and out of her pussy. As the hot cock slid inside her, streams of tingling fire saturated her fuck-cavern. She felt the sensations in her asshole and throughout her loins. The tips of her toes and fingers tingled, as did her nipples. She'd never in her life felt so good, all over, all at once.

The dog drooled on her back, panting as he fucked his cock inside her. She felt his furry loins pounding her bare ass and she churned her ass against his belly, unable to get enough of the feel of his fur. His claws sank deeper into her flesh and the pain she felt only increased her excitement. Her pleasure had a certain amount of pain mixed up with it. The dog's cock kept stabbing in and out of her cunt like a hot knife, jabbing spots in her cunt that made her writhe from the almost painful intensity of the sensation.

'Fuck me!' she whispered. 'Ohhh, fuck me!' Now she knew why the other girls screamed those word while they were being fucked. The feeling of a hot cock plunging in her cunt drove her nearly insane with pleasure, and yet she couldn't get enough of the feeling. She growled, grinding her ass, pounding her ass against the dog's humping loins. 'Screw meeeee!'

The dog's cock flexed hard inside her, making her squeal. Suddenly he was whining. Suddenly Denise felt streams of sizzling dog-cum spurting deep into her cunt.

She didn't know how to react. She tightened her cunt rhythmically, milking the dog's cock as it flexed and quivered and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her. She could feel the molten spurts drilling the depths of her fuckhole. She gasped with each explosion, grinding her tightened cunt around and around the dog's jerking cock.

'Shoot it,' she whispered, craning her neck and looking over her shoulder.

She could see the hulking form of the black Lab as he humped at her ass, pumping his cum into her. In the glow from passing headlights the dog's eyes took on a greenish-blue glow of their own, as if he had a light bulb in his skull. The sight of the dog frightened Denise. He looked like a monster, riding her, fucking his hot prick into her again and again, shooting her pussy full of scalding canine cum.

'Goddamn!' came a low mumble. 'Shit!'

For a moment Denise's heart stopped. For a moment she thought the dog was talking. Then she spotted another dark shape moving up next to the dog, a taller shape, a shape with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

'So this is what you've been doing hiding back here all this time,' the boy said. 'Goddamn!'

Denise couldn't make out the boy's features. All she could see was the outline of him. He was a tall boy with a good physique, probably one of the boys who had been trying to flirt with her earlier. She was helpless to say anything or do anything. She was trapped, caught, completely at his mercy.

'Down you horny bastard,' the boy said to the dog, and he pulled the Lab off Denise by the collar.

Romeo growled, but the boy ordered him to behave, and the dog put up no resistance as the boy fastened his leash to the seat on the other side of the bus.

Denise was so stunned that she watched all this over her shoulder, still holding the position Romeo had fucked her in. She could feel his warm dog-cum starting to ooze from her open fuckhole. She realized her vulnerability too late. The boy dropped down behind her and fucked his stiff cock into her cunt.

'Stop!' she gasped, sensing a tremendous pain and pressure in her cunt. The boy's cock was much thicker and longer than the cock of the dog, and it hurt her as he tried to fuck his prick all the way in.

'Tight baby,' the boy whispered, and he thrust.

Denise almost shot through the ceiling of the bus. An explosion of pain went off in her cunt as another explosion of white light went off in her brain. She'd felt something tear in her cunt, had felt it pop like a breaking rubber band. The boy's cock filled her pussy. His hard lower belly collided with her ass.

'I love you,' the boy moaned, hunching over her and biting her shoulders and neck. 'I'm crazy about you. Christ, what a cunt! What hot soft skin! Yeah!' He straightened up and started to fuck.

Denise thought she was going to die. Her cunt felt raw inside, felt as if it were burning up and bleeding. She had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming as the boy rammed his big fucker in and out of her. She couldn't believe anything could feel so hard and hot -- and so big. She knew it couldn't be true, but it felt as if the boy's prick was as big as a baseball bat.

'Please,' she whined. 'Go slower. Don't hurt me.'

The boy either didn't hear her or heard her and ignored her, because he started fucking her even harder, driving his red-hot fuck-spike deep into her pussy, slamming his rock-hard abdomen against her ass so hard that she felt the vibrations in her skull.

'I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I laid eyes on you,' the boy muttered. 'And now I've got you. You're all mine. You're the cutest chick on the bus.' He dug his fingers into her asscheeks, gripping her at the hips and jerking her back and forth on his stabbing prick.

Denise felt numb -- numb with shock, numb with fear. The pain had passed. At least, she didn't feel it anymore. She kept taking deep breaths as the boy's cock fucked in and out of her, and that helped relieve the tremendous pressure she felt in her loins. She closed her eyes, trying to block out everything, letting the boy use her body as he wanted, trying to relax and just get through this ordeal.

'Your skin feels like hot silk,' the boy muttered.

He ran his hands all over her back, up and down her flanks. He reached forward under her and started caressing her tits. His fucking had slowed. He fucked her with an easier, less frantic rhythm now, his prick making squishy noises as it plunged in her cream-filled fuckhole.

Denise shuddered as the boy played with her tits. As he squeezed her tits and ran his fingers over her cherry-bumps and gently twisted on her nipples, Denise's entire body prickled with electrical sensations. He jiggled her hanging tits, rubbed them in circles against her chest. She sighed, starting to melt under him. Her cunt relaxed, then started to squeeze rhythmically as his cock fucked in and out. She wasn't consciously controlling her cunt muscles -- they were working by themselves, responding reflexively to the rubbing and probing of the boy's cock inside her. The numbness faded away and suddenly her loins were filled with a throbbing pleasure. Suddenly her cunt itched with lust, unable to get enough of the flesh-to-flesh friction from the boy's cock. She started to wiggle her ass, to churn it against the boy's hard abdomen as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy.

'That's it,' he whispered. 'Wiggle it, you little bitch. Oh yeah! I'm gonna fuck you forever.'

Denise realized she was whining. Little whimpering moans bubbled from her throat. She had to control herself, had to keep her voice down even though she wanted to let go and whine like an animal. Now she knew why girls carried on so when the were getting fucked. The feeling of the boy's cock plunging in and out of her cunt made her want to squeal and beg for more.

'Fuck me!' she whispered. 'Screw me good! Oh yes, screw me good! Harder, deeper! Come on, come on!'

She jerked her ass back, slamming it against the boy's belly, fucking her throbbing cunt onto his sliding cock. She was coupled with him. His prick was inside her. She could hardly believe it. And the pleasure was almost more than she could stand.

The boy kept grunting, fucking his cock harder, faster. He gripped her at the waist again, just as the dog had done, and used his strength to jerk and twist her as if she were a toy doll. His cock fucked in and out, swelling even larger inside her, turning even harder. She envisioned his cock ballooning until her loins exploded from the pressure.

'Are you gonna come?' the boy asked. 'You better come quick, because I'm going to. I can't hold it much more.' He fucked fast and rhythmically, making his cock twist and wiggle as he plunged it. Each time he fucked in, he ground his hot lower belly against her bare ass and moaned.

Denise didn't want this feeling to ever end, and yet she knew it couldn't last. They were both too hot. Her loins burned with mounting tension and sensation. She felt an explosion coming, and suddenly she wanted it more than anything.

'Fuck me!' she growled. 'Fuck me! Fuck me!'

'Yeah, yeahhhh!' The boy drove his cock with quick, frenzied fuck-thrusts. 'Let's come,' he moaned. 'I can't hold it.'

Denise felt his cock turn to red-hot steel inside her. The vibrations shaking his cock passed into her cuntmeat like hundreds of electrical tingles. Her cunt gripped his cock hard, sucking like a huge wet mouth. A shudder gripped the boy's cock and his cum shot into her pussy.

'Baby!' he moaned, falling on top of her and whimpering into her ear. 'Fuck you!' He jerked against her, pumping his cum-load up her pussy, licking and drooling all over her neck and shoulders. 'Take my cream, girl, take it all!'

Denise shivered with chills, then melted with hot-flashes. Her tits swelled, feeling as if they would burst. Her ass and loins felt like a pleasure-filled balloon. As the boy's hot jism spurted into her cunt, her loins contracted fiercely, then went into explosive spasms. She felt the sensations up her spine and down her legs. Her tits felt as if they were being sucked on.

She cooed, almost laughing, tingling all over with a pleasure she prayed would never end. She wished she could die feeling like this, and the sensations made her feel as if she would die. She felt herself melting together with the boy, felt their flesh fusing and becoming one. His cock kept flexing and his jism kept squirting into her pussy, and she just wanted to die with his cock inside her, with him giving her his jism, with the two of them melted together and feeling a pleasure like no other pleasure on earth.

'Here's our last stop,' bellowed the bus driver. 'We've got fifteen minutes here. Next stop, the state fair.'

A frantic commotion began in the bus as all the kids stopped making out and tried to pull on some form of clothing before the bus rolled to a stop. Denise groaned with disappointment as her boy slipped his cock out of her cunt and joined the other kids.

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