The 30 Year Old Virgin - Part 2 (spanking, enema, discipline)

Aladin's sex story
Tim could only admire her. Her bottom was two perfect globes split by a deep cleft. At fifty-one she was spectacular; he could only envision her at twenty-seven. He stroked her cheeks then lazily traced her separation as he cooed in her ear, “Beautiful, absolute perfection.”

Edie suddenly felt a chill as though someone had walked on her grave; no, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t.

She rolled off the bed and grabbed her panties saying, “Potty time.”

He smiled at her, “Hurry and don’t bother with the lingerie, I want in you as soon as you get back.”

Edie chose to ignore him, he heard her flush and waited. She was pantied when she returned.

He reached and took her hand saying, “Edie, you know better.”

She immediately found herself over his thigh, curled around his torso with her underwear lowered.

“Disobedience won’t be tolerated,” he exclaimed as he began to spank.

“My God Tim, what are you doing?”

To the rhythm of palm on flesh he answered, “Edie, I’m teaching you not to ignore my instructions, I thought Henry had trained you better.”

Once the tears started he released her saying, “You do the work, get those panties off and get on the bed.”

He lay back waiting for her to join him.

“I’d planned a little treat for you Edie, are you deserving?”

“I’m sorry I displeased you Tim, please a treat would be nice.”

He rolled onto his back and pulled her atop him.

“Edie, you get to be a cowgirl. Squat over me and lower yourself down,” he told her as he rubbed a little of the lubricant into her vagina. “That’s right, guide me into you then slide down.”

Gingerly Edie eased down, after she’d accepted five or six inches, the ache started; she groaned. Tim held her by the hips, he wasn’t forcing her down but he wasn’t letting her up either.

“Do you like my cock Edie?”

“Oh God Tim, do you like hurting me?”

“No Edie, I like fucking you. You’ve taken me once, just let go, sit on me, I want your sweet cunt to take all of me now.”

With a gasp she sank down on him, impaling herself.

“Ride me Edie, ride me,” Tim told her as he slipped his hand under her and strummed her clitoris.

Slowly Edie began to rock back and forth. Tim took his fingers from under her, reached up and massaged her breasts. They were magnificent in size and shape, though they were probably thirty-two “B” cups, she was such a small woman that they looked huge. If anything she was even smaller than her daughter. My estimate would be around 4’10” and 98 pounds soaking wet.

He wanted to be on top when he came, he rolled ending up between her legs.

“Pull your legs up Edie, I want all the way into you,” he told her as he forced her knees back toward her shoulders.

He took her hand and placed it on her abdomen. Her eyes bugged, she could feel his cock thrusting deeply in her. He smiled, “Feel good?” He asked as he started pumping his sperm into her.

Again he stayed in her until he’d softened then he climbed up beside her. Tim rolled her onto her side and spooned her, nestling his cock against her cute bottom.

“Was that any easier?” He asked.

“A little, it still hurt but at least I didn’t feel like I was being split open, more an ache low in my belly.”

“Good, like you said, you’re an adult woman and have delivered a baby, I’m sure you’ll be able to take me with little pain after we’ve been together a dozen times of so, don’t you agree?”

“God I hope so Tim, I hope so.”

Tim massaged her breasts and pulled her tightly against him. Edie ground her bottom against him and arched her back.

“You want it from behind lovely lady? He asked as he helped her to her knees.

He nudged her knees apart and lubricated her vagina then paused, admiring. You’re lovely Edie, absolutely exquisite he commented as he moved up against her.

The head of his cock was in her when he pushed down on the small of her back.

“Arch for me,” he said.

As he slid forward into her he had her ass cheeks spread. Holding her open he squeezed some of the lubricant onto her anus. As he filled her vagina he fingered her, inserting first one and then a second finger in her tight nether hole. He added more lubricant.

Edie froze then began to tremble in fear, she sensed what might be coming.

“Please don’t Tim; I don’t think I could take it.”

“Edie, you’re the volunteer, Evie’s surrogate. I’m only doing the things I’ll be sharing with Evie after we’re married.”

She tried to scoot forward out of his grasp. He simply lay forward over her back and forced her face down on the mattress. Tim pulled a pillow to her.

“You’ll probably want this.”

“Please Tim, no.”

He’d moved up and was straddling her hips. He spread her cheeks and rested the head of his penis against her.

“Edie, it’s important that you relax. I know you’ve had anal sex many times with Henry. This won’t be exactly the same. You know to push down like you’re trying to go. Push when you’re ready.”

“Tim, you’re too big, I can’t handle it, please no.”

“Edie, push or I’ll do it without your help.”

Edie took a ragged breath and Tim felt her relax, he pushed into her; just the head through both sphincters. She moaned then begged for mercy.

“Oooooooooooooooo Nooooooooooooooo, Noooooooooo, take it out Tim, oh God, take it out of me, take it out.”

Tim pressed deeper until he had six inches in her, then seven, then eight. Edie was wailing, pleading, begging. Nine inches, ten then the all of it. Tim rested.

Edie had her face buried in her pillow, she was sobbing. Then she tried to wriggle out from under him.

“Please Tim, I have to potty, I have to go, let me up, I’m going to have an accident.”

“Hold still Edie, you don’t need the toilet. Remember you had an enema just a short time ago. Yes, your rectum is full, you’re full of me. With over eleven inches of cock in you I’m probably through your rectum and into your sigmoid colon.”

He wanted to lift her up to her knees and give her a good ride but that would wait for later, he would be doing her again before he left. He thought, twice more in her vagina and once again in her bottom.
Fifty-one years old and she was giving him unquestionably the greatest sex he’d ever had. He could only imagine what her twenty-seven year old daughter would be like. He could hardly wait…hardly but he would, of course wait. Waiting for Evie was the price of having Edie and he wanted lots more of Edie.

“Now I’m going to pump you, fuck you then come in you, you ready?”

She nodded yes.

He was gentle, stroking softly as he petted her neck and shoulders. He talked to her telling her how beautiful he found her, how sexy, how desirable.

He sped up and stroked a little harder, he was about to climax. He spewed into her flooding her bowels, his hot seed searing her then he said, “Tighten up, milk me with your muscles, Edie.”

She squeezed him until he became flaccid.

“God that was great Edie, I’m loved putting you on your tummy.

By the time Tim left Edie was exhausted and sore. He’d fucked her twice more and her poor little bottom had been visited one additional time. He gave her some final instructions. She’d have the following day for R & R but he’d visit again in two days. He told her to be wearing a skirted garment; dress, skirt or gown under which no underwear was to be worn.

As he bent to kiss her good-by she pulled his head down and whispered, “Are you trying to make me your bitch Tim? If so you’ve already succeeded, I only wish you were in me again right now.”

After Tim had departed Edie donned her nightie top and pulled her panties back on; she had to, when Tim ejaculated he’d deposited nearly half a cup in her each time; she was oozing his semen and sperm from both her vagina and anus, then she collapsed into bed, totally spent.

Evie’s voice calling out, “Mommy,” awakened Edie.

“Up here, in my bedroom,” she answered.

As Evie came into her room she asked, “Are you not feeling well Mother?” Then she wrinkled her nose, “What is that smell, it’s almost like a bathroom?”

“That’s it Evie, I’m not feeling well, my stomach, you know.”

“Oh I’m so sorry Mommy, can I get you anything?”

“A couple of ibuprofens, please,” she replied as she thought; I can’t smell what she can, it must be me and more. Sperm, semen, female ejaculate and my thoroughly abused bottom, that what she smells and soon enough Tim would be making similar scent with her.

“I’ll make dinner tonight, you just rest,” Evie said.

She was rattling the pots and pans when her father got home. He asked about Edith then went up to look in on her.

When he got to the bedroom Edie was dozing, as he entered it was though there was a miasmal funk in the room that could be cut with a knife.

“My God, Edie, are you alright?” He asked as she came awake.

“Hank, I’m glad you’re here. Come sit with me, please. And no, I’m not really alright, my tummy hurts and I’m so sore I can hardly move.”

“God, what happened?”

“Well, I have to confess, I don’t envy our daughter the first week or two of her marriage.”

“What do you mean Edie, you don’t envy Evie?”

“We discussed; I’d serve as Evie’s surrogate, right?”

“Yes, we both agree, it is important that she go to the altar a virgin, yes, we agreed, why?”

“Hank, I spent the day with Tim. He accepted me in lieu of Evie.”

“That was what you planned, right?”

“Right Hank, right; but I never expected, I could never have guessed. I explained our rituals, he gave me an enema and then I had him spank me. And then, well, how can I tell you, and then we had sex.”

“Of course you did, that was what you’d planned as Evie’s surrogate, so what happened?”

“Hank, Tim is unbelievable. His sexual appetite is nearly insatiable, when he ejaculates it’s over half a cup and he’s back up in just moments and he’s huge; I mean huge. Hank, you’re a pretty big boy, he’s over twice your size. He’s about this long and this big around.” She spread her hands about a foot to show the length and, using both hands demonstrated a circle with a diameter of at least five inches.

“Impossible,” Henry reacted.

“Hank, he’s not a wham, bam, thank you maam guy, he was tender and gentle with me and he still tore me up. He used a lot of lubricant and still it took over ten minutes for him to get his penis into me and that was my vagina, the vagina of a fifty-one year old mother that enjoys frequent sex with a well endowed man.”

“So, you had sex with him; he’s ready to wait for Evie, right?”

“No Hank, not hardly. After he’d come I needed the toilet. When I got up I picked up my panties; he told me they were unnecessary, he wanted me again as soon as I came back. Foolishly, I ignored him. I was in my panties when I returned. He said he thought you’d taught your woman better obedience, pulled me over his lap, lowered my panties to my knees and spanked me. I was in tears and still he made me take my panties the rest of the way off then he let me ride him. When he was ready to cum he rolled me onto my back and filled me.”

“Oh Honey, I understand your concern about Evie. He will hurt her, I’m sure you’re right, but a vagina will stretch to accommodate a baby, she’ll he ok in just a little time.”

“Hank, she’ll come back from her honeymoon totally in love with Tim. He’s a wonderful guy, what’s not to like, and she’ll be bowlegged and pregnant. They are going for two weeks; if today was any indication he’ll have sex with her four or five times daily; and Tim don’t play. I can assure you Hank, if I was still fertile I’d be pregnant after today.”

“Why would you think that Edie?”

“Henry dear, you know I always try to be a lady but I’m going to talk a little dirty. Our future son-in-law fucked my pussy five times today. When he cums he fills his girl, today that’s me, with about half a cup. That’s two and a half cups he deposited in your lady today but, even more, after he cums he stays in so she can’t leak. He refuses to allow his partner to use birth control. Right now I’m oozing port and starboard, I have panties on so the bed doesn’t get any wetter but they’re soaked and sticky.”

“Edie?” It was a question. He patted her bottom, “Anal sex?”

“I’m not sure how to answer. Anal sex, no; anal sex is what you and I share. With Tim, what we did was sodomy. The first time I was sure he’d split me in two then we did it a second time. Hank, I think he was clear up in my colon, I’ve never felt so full in my life and, of course, he pumped a cup of semen into my bowel.”

“My God, I’m sorry Edie, this was a bad idea. No more, ok?”

“Oh Hank, the reason we agreed to do this hasn’t changed, I still intend to protect our little girl, I’ll see him the day after tomorrow.”

She couldn’t tell Henry the truth but Tim was right. Not every girl, in fact only a small percentage of girls want a mega-cock but, after five insertions Edith Golden knew she was one of those girls; she could hardly wait for the two days to pass.

“Well, if you think it best, ok. Is there anything I can do to make it easier?”

She thought a moment then said, “Yes, you can give me my enema tomorrow night so I’ll be ready for him the next morning.”

Chapter 3 Mommy

Edie waited until after Evie and Hank had left for work then got up. She wanted to shower and scent herself before Tim arrived. She’d had her enema the night before and was looking forward to the day.
The warm water felt good on her shoulders but stung when it fell on her breasts. She shied away from the flow and looked down at herself. Her breasts were swollen and her nipples puffy, they ached with a pain she hadn’t felt in years, twenty-seven years in fact, she thought and when she had to kneel to the porcelain god from the fragrance of her favorite perfume she knew. Two days, only two days and already the hormonal changes to her body had begun.

She was in a trance as she toweled off, she needed to get dressed and go to the drug store for a home pregnancy test. Panties, brassiere, beige shorts and a yellow pull over top along with strappy bone sandals; she’d fix some coffee and be off.

She was half way through her cup when Tim knocked on the back door.

Still dazed about the turn of events she opened the door. Tim gave her a little kiss and followed her into the kitchen.

She poured him coffee and sat down.

“Edie, what happened, did you forget I was visiting you today?”

It came out in a rush.

“Tim I have to go to the drug store and get a test kit. Tim, I think I’m pregnant.”

“How can you be sure, it’s only two days unless Henry is the father.”

“I don’t think so, he inseminated me once in thirty years and after one day with you I’m impregnated, besides the way you do things, staying in so long after, you don’t fuck a girl, you breed her.”

“Did I breed you Edie?”

“You fucked me silly and put a baby in me Tim, I’m fifty-one and pregnant.”

“Well getting a test kit won’t do any good, it’s too soon for it to register.”

He took her coffee cup, set it on the table and took her hand.

“Come on, I want you Edie.”

Reluctantly she trailed behind. Tim saw that she might need some encouragement. As they entered the bedroom he turned to face her and pulled her to him, kissing her.

Tim trailed his hands down her back to her bottom, feeling her panty line. He caressed each cheek, kneading them, rubbing and then parting them. With a single finger he traced along her crack.

She felt the slight pressure of his finger on her anus, he said, “Edie, it amazes me how much alike you and Evie are. Last night I was holding her just like this, I even touched her the same way. You should have seen her eyes when she felt my finger but then she clenched holding it in place. She was ready to break her vow right then. I apologized for taking that liberty with her.”

“I understand Tim.”

“I knew you would Edie; besides you’ll make a beautiful mother-to-be.”

He led her to the bed side and sat.

“Edie, why don’t you stand here.” He directed her between his legs.

He lifted the yellow top over her head and off, tossing it on the enema chair then turned her and unfastened her bra. He took it from her shoulders and lay it on the bed then inspected her breasts.

The breasts themselves seemed larger and her nipples were obviously swollen. Tim leaned forward and gently nuzzled her.

“You’re absolutely delicious Edie, I can’t wait ‘til you’re lactating so I can taste you. You will let me share with baby, won’t you?”

“Do you really think you’ll still want me in nine months Tim, I’ll be fifty-two by then.”

“Of course I’ll want you, I find you fantastic. Edie, I intend to put one more baby in you so plan on pregnancy at fifty-three.”

Edie just looked at him, it suddenly dawned on her, he’d quizzed her about her menopause, and she’d confessed that she still had occasional periods; not every month but she did still menstruate.

He read it in her face, she understood.

“That’s right Edie, two and a half cups that I kept in you as long as possible; I wanted you pregnant.”

“I want to hate you for this but I can’t. In fact, I’m happy that I’m pregnant with your child. I told you, I’m your bitch; I can hardly wait to have your big cock in me.”

“Step out of your sandals,” he instructed as he lowered her shorts. He laid the pants with her bra on the bed.

Tim shed all of clothing except his boxer shorts then sat back down, pulled Edie a little closer and dropped her panties. They joined her shorts and brassiere on the bed.

Edie’s breathing was ragged. Tim reached between her legs and traced a finger along her weeping vulva, “Mommy’s ready, isn’t she?”

Edie could only nod yes.

“No, we’re not quite ready are we Edie? We need to address some broken rules, don’t we?”

Her eyes teared up, she hungered for him so badly but she knew what was coming, “Yes,” she choked.

“That’s right, so what happened Edie?”

“I was in such a hurry to get a pregnancy test kit that I wasn’t thinking. You instructed me to be wearing a skirted garment and no lingerie.”


“I put on panties and a bra under shorts and a pull-over.”

“Right, now no problem with the pull-over, I said nothing about a top but, and he picked each item up in turn, shorts, bra and panties, three pieces of clothing that you were not to wear. Edie, you will be punished for each of these three. Over the course of today you’ll receive three spankings,” as he folded her over his left thigh and tucked her to his side.

From the first stroke until the tears flowed was about five minutes. He should have held her while she cried herself out but he wanted her from behind, he wanted to feel her heat from the spanking. Edie had, sensibly, left a jar of sexual lubricant on the night stand, Tim helped her to her knees on the mattress, lubricated her vagina and took her with a single powerful thrust

Edie emitted a throaty moan as he slid into her but as he slammed her time after time her sounds turned to pitiful groans. Tim eased off, he realized he was pounding her cervix causing her pain, he apologized, his strokes now much more shallow. Still, when he came he stayed in her and on her until he was limp.

If Edith wasn’t already pregnant she, no doubt, was now. She was also more spent than she had been two days ago. Before he left Tim had bred her six times, yes, bred her, that’s how she felt but she didn’t mind, she loved the feel of him deep in her belly. He’d also ‘put her on her tummy’ twice and had spanked her a total of three times ( she’d learned that ‘putting her on her tummy’ was his euphemism for sodomizing her). She could hardly move when he gave her a hug and a kiss saying, “I think you need a break, I’ll call you next week. In the meantime take care of Henry.”

Henry had told her that he would be working late and that he’d get something for supper in town before he came home so it would be just Evie and her. She decided that, in spite of how she felt, tonight would be a perfect night for the prenuptial mother / daughter talk.

When Evie got in she called out to Edie then joined her in her bedroom, commenting, “Mother that funky smell I noticed a couple of days ago is back, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT.”

Edie almost said, Sex, pure and unadulterated sex. Me protecting your hymen, Tim knocking me up. His sperm and semen, so much I’d probably gurgle if I tried to walk, my ejaculate and most of all, my funky bottom; and in just a few days you’ll be laying in bed with a sore vagina and an ache in your bowels, just like me. Instead she patted the mattress, “Come sit with me Evie, let’s talk.”

“Yes Mother.”

“I just wanted to give you an update on the wedding planning. Your friend Francie has been a fantastic help by the way; everything is progressing nicely, really the only thing left is a final fitting for your gown. Did you have any questions?”

“No, I have every confidence in you and Francie to make it all perfect.”

“Have you and Tim seriously discussed starting a family? Do you need a doctor’s appointment, birth control pills or an IUD?”

“Mother, Tim and I want to start a family right away, after all I’m already twenty-seven. We’re not going to use any birth control until after I’ve had three or four children. Tim says he’d bet I’ll be preggers by the time our honeymoon is over; I’m so excited.”

“I’m excited for you, too, but Honey, you’re a virgin. Do you have any idea what to expect on your wedding night?”

“Of course Mother, I may be a virgin but I do know how babies are made. Tim and I will make love.”

“Then you know that the first time it will probably hurt, right?”


“Well, you do know that, don’t you?”

“Francie and I have talked. With Jeremy, her husband, she said it hardly hurt at all, just a little sting like a pin prick. I’m sure I can endure a pin prick.”

“He must be a small fellow, I know when your father and I were married I was sore for two days after the first time.”

“You couldn’t do anything for two whole days?”

Edie smiled, “I didn’t say that, I said I was sore.”

Edie was tempted to warn Evie about what she’d receive from Tim but, in truth, what would be the point? I mean, she’d go through with the wedding and there was nothing to be done to make things easier. She kept mum about that. There was one thing that she felt she had to confess, though.

“Evie, I need to tell you; taking a deep breath Edie said, “I’m pregnant.”

She was amazed and befuddled by her daughter’s reaction.

“You’re what? That’s impossible, impossible. You can’t be pregnant Mother, you’re fifty-one years old,” she screamed angrily.

“Evie, I didn’t plan it. Your father and I have never used contraceptives and I’d only been pregnant the once; with you. Now this.”

“You have to get rid of it Mother, my God, this is so embarrassing, what will they think at your women’s club, what will they say at church.”

Edie was upset at her daughter’s outburst. She replied, “I’ll not ‘get rid of it’ as you’ve so indelicately put it. I’ll deliver and I’ll love your sibling. As to what people will think and say, I imagine they’ll say congratulations Edith, well done Henry, and that will be that.”

Evie flew into a rage. It was completely out of character, she was always self-contained, mild and sweet. Now she mocked, “God Mother, you’ll look like a cow. Big swollen breasts, broad bottom and that great tummy, you’ll waddle about. I’m so angry with you, you’ll look a cow.”

From the doorway a deep voice inquired, “Am I interrupting something?” Henry stood there.

Evie’s mood hadn’t improved an iota, she pointed at Edie and screamed, “Talk to her, talk some sense into her, she’s pregnant for Christ’s sakes,” as she stormed out of the room.

Henry looked at Edie. She nodded yes.

“We’ll talk in a little while but, first I need to see Evelyn. I thought I was done with this, but, no.”

In her room Evie was changing from the dress she’d worn to work into more casual clothing. She was wearing panties and her brassiere as she dug in her drawer, looking for a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

His voice startled her. He was sitting on the side of her bed.

“Come over here please Evelyn.”

She began to tremble, she was scared. When he addressed her as Evelyn she knew she was in trouble.

As she walked to him he spread his legs so she could stand between them. Evie tried to go on the offensive.

“Daddy, she’s pregnant, she’s too old to get pregnant.”

Not wishing to get into a discussion with his daughter he decided that he’d act as though he knew all about Edie’s pregnancy.

“Of course she’s not too old. We hoped that you would be happy for us, we’ve always wanted more children and now we’ve been blessed. Honey, you’re getting married and will be living with your husband. Mother and I aren’t ready to be empty nesters just yet. I’m sorry you’ve taken this position but you’re entitled to your opinion. What your not entitled to is to speak abusively to your Mother, for that I’m going to discipline you. Over my lap Evelyn,” he said.

He lowered her over his left thigh, locked her legs with his right leg and encircled her waist with his left arm.

She was pleading, “Daddy, I don’t deserve this, let me go, please.”

He rubbed her back and bottom as he talked to her.

“Evie, I’m sorry but you do deserve a spanking. I’m afraid we’re going to see salty eyes and a rosy bottom.”

He gave her a few whacks. He’d left her panties on for the time being. He rubbed her a bit more then gave her half a dozen additional strokes.

“Are you a sassy bad girl Evie?”

“No Daddy, I’m a good girl, please don’t spank me any more, please, please.”

Six more whacks on her pantied posterior then, “Lift your hips Evie,” and her panties were off; down over her feet and OFF. He only trapped her left leg with his right, her right was free to flail about as he began to spank.

After he’d finished he returned to his bedroom for a talk with Edie.

“Prego, hunh,” he said after he’d shut the bedroom door.

“Prego, for sure. I have nausea and my breasts are swollen and sore.”


“I don’t know Hank, it could well be yours, the timings right for that, too.”

“Sweetheart, we’ve been married thirty years and in all that time I’ve impregnated you once, you think?”

“No Hank, I don’t think, ok?”

“Edie, it doesn’t matter. Are you happy, do you want a baby?”

“We’ve always wanted more children but how will you feel Hank, knowing that the child isn’t yours?”

“Disappointed that I’m not the father but that’s only because I wanted to have bunches of children with you. Now, let’s put it to bed.”

“Thanks Hank.”

“So, how did today go?”

“I guess you could say ‘Oh what a day,’” as she recounted everything.

“Three spankings, really? I’d have only given you one.”

“He saw each offending garment as a separate event; I get the feeling that our daughter may have a warm bottom on many an occasion.”

“So, is sex out of the question?” Hank asked.

“Honey, get out of those clothes, my bottom’s wrecked and my vagina’s stretched beyond measure but my lips are all yours.”

Chapter 3 Married Life

The wedding was beautiful. The virgin bride, her white gown with the long train, the handsome groom in tuxedo, radiant pale yellow clad bride’s maids led by Francine DeFalco; then the reception. Champagne and dancing ‘til the wee hours; the bride and groom had snuck away at 11:00 P.M., they were staying overnight at a luxury hotel and would depart the following day for two weeks in Mexico.

Edie watched as the newly weds sneaked out. Her poor baby girl, she felt like she was sending a lamb to the slaughter.

There was a basket of fruit and a chilled complimentary bottle of champagne waiting in their room. Tim was carrying small overnight cases for each of them; he set them outside the room, opened the door and carried his blushing bride over the threshold before sitting her on the bed. He retrieved their bags then went over and kissed his bride.

“Nervous?” He asked Evie.

“A little but not much, just happy. I just married the most wonderful guy in the world.”

“And I married the most spectacular woman.”

“Tim, I’ve waited twenty-seven years, make love to me.”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do,” he answered as he began the task of unwrapping his beautiful lady from her wedding attire.

Finally he was down to just lacy undergarments. First he unfastened her brassiere.

“God, you’re magnificent,” Tim told her. Her breasts were a creamy white with puffy nipples so red they reminded him of strawberries. They stood swollen and proud. He leaned forward and kissed each of them.

Before proceeding he got up, retrieved something from his case and put it under his pillow. He turned down the sheets, picked Evie up and laid her on the bed then he undressed himself.

“Evie baby, I want to take it slowly, really enjoy our first time,” as he took her panties off.

He laid down beside her and took her into his arms.

“God how I love you,” he told her then he kissed her, sweet breathy kisses then tongues and teeth, she bit his lip then giggled, he tasted her ear before trailing his tongue down her neck to her breasts.

He gently kneaded one breast while he sucked on the nipple of the other. He alternated between the two, nursing from her as she thrust them out to him.

She breathed out, “That feels so nice Tim, so very nice.”

Later he kissed down to her tummy, with his tongue he tease her belly button.

“That tickles,” she tittered.

He ran his fingers and then his tongue through the crimson pelt of her mons veneris.

Finally nirvana. He opened her labia with his fingers and

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