The 30 Year Old Virgin - Part 1 (spanking, enema, discipline)

Aladin's sex story
As I walked to the counter to return some library books I was brought up short, the girl…well, woman waiting to service me took my breath away; and I have no idea why. I like my ladies tall, slender and dark complexioned with black hair. This lady was probably five feet nothing tops, red headed with a complexion like clotted cream.

A spray of freckles over her pert little pug nose, emerald green eyes and full heavy breasts and she was round, I mean everything seemed to be round. Her glasses were round, her breasts were grapefruit sized orbs, her bottom cheeks perfect moons; she was nothing like my idea of the ideal woman yet I was smitten.

I attempted to engage her in conversation but she was particularly shy, only answering questions about books, not encouraging me as I flirted. Soon, I could see that I was embarrassing her. Her name tag read Evelyn Golden, Assistant Librarian and I wanted to get to know Evelyn. I couldn’t have planned how it was that we got together.

After completing my returns I was among the shelves making new selections. It was nearly closing time, I was hurrying, she rounded the end of the stack from the right as I came from the left, her hands were full carrying the books she was refiling; we careened into each other.

I stand 6’1” and weigh a solid 180, she, as it turns out, a towering 4’11” and scaling in at 102 pounds; no contest, Miss Evelyn Golden ended up flat on her cute round butt. The books flew, hers and mine, she was wearing a dress, it rode up to her waist exhibiting lacy pale lavender panties and milky thighs; her humiliation was evident, the creamy complexion was suddenly pink as she scrambled to pull down her dress and rise.

Ever the gentleman, I offered my hand. Initially I was certain she intended to disdain my assistance but then, she took my proffered help. Once she was standing I gathered up the books and showered her with profuse apologies.

“Does a bull in a china shop seem the correct analogy?” I asked.

“Well the Librarian seems to have been distracted, too. You have to let her share the blame,” she retorted.

“I’ll do that but what I’d really like to share is some of your time. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?” I asked.

“I don’t even know you, I couldn’t do that.”

“Of course you know me, I met you twenty minutes ago; you took my returned books.
You saw my name, if you don’t remember, it’s Timothy Silver.”

“Well Mr. Silver”

I interrupted her, “Tim, please. I’m only Mr. Sliver when I’m at the office.”

“Yes, well, Tim then, I don’t believe so; no, I need to get home, I don’t have time for coffee.”

“Oh, but I’ll be so disappointed, I mean, after all you’re a librarian, an expert on books and I want to discuss some reading selections.”

Evelyn was naïve but not completely without some understanding, she realized she was being flirted with; it was not something she was accustomed to but, the man flirting was a veritable Adonis; movie star handsome, tall, brown haired with hazel eyes that seemed to pierce a young woman’s soul, at least this young woman’s soul; she’d never been pursued by a handsome man. Fact been told, she’d never really been pursued by any man. She was a 27 year old virgin, still living with her parents and expecting to live her life as a maiden; and now? He reached…each of his hands came forward, each took one of hers; he gently squeezed; “please?” He implored.

As he held her hands he looked into her eyes, his smile melted her heart, something happened that she’d never felt, never experienced; it was as if her tummy had flipped over and then the flutter moved between her legs. Evelyn knew she hadn’t wet herself but she also knew she was soaked…twenty-seven and she’d never had an orgasm…she’d read about plenty, Jacqueline Suzanne, Daniel Steele, even the story of O, she’d read about but now, she’d done.

And suddenly Evelyn Golden experienced feelings that she couldn’t, even just an hour or so ago, she could not imagine.

“Tim, I’d love to have coffee with you, let me finish up here, there’s a Starbucks next door,” she stammered.

Evelyn had an additional thirty minutes of work so Tim staked out a table at the coffee shop waiting. God, how was he going to play this? He liked those long sleek, small breasted, tall, dark gals…loved to fuck them, play with them, and, of course sodomize them. Pussy was wonderful and Tim liked it at least once a day but a tight bottom, well, that was heaven; so what the fuck with Miss Golden, where did his infatuation come from?

Yet he was all smiles as she joined him.

He stood, gave her a little hug and a kiss on the cheek, saying, “I was afraid you weren’t coming. I’m so happy you did; what would you like?”

After ordering they discussed books, various authors; his favorites were Forsythe, Follett, Bernard Cornwell and many more; as an avid reader he chewed through at least six book per week. She liked many of the female romance authors; the bodice busters. Although they didn’t really talk about themselves they decided that their heroes and heroines would make fantastic partners.

Evelyn glanced down at her watch and rose, “Oh gosh, I’ve gotta run, I’m going to miss my bus.”

As she got up Tim put a hand on her arm, “I’ll take you home, I’ve got my car, besides I want just a little more of your time.”

Evelyn hesitated, she’d only just met Tim; would it be safe she wondered.

He read her trepidation and spoke to try to ease her concern. “Evelyn, even if you do look good enough to eat up I promise, I won’t bite. It’s just a ride, come on.”

He stood and took her hand, she followed.

Once in the car he got directions from her. As they drove he expressed his pleasure at having met her and asked if they could get together again soon. Evelyn’s immediate reaction would be to say no but she’d truly enjoyed his company. She’d been on so few dates in her life she almost didn’t know how to accept.

“Maybe we could get a bite to eat after you get off work tomorrow evening, something casual; OK?” He asked.

Shyly Evelyn nodded yes then said, “I’d like that; and please call me Evie, I’d like that, too.”

“Wonderful, five-thirty then,” Tim said.

Evie still lived in her parents home. When they arrived Tim walked her to the door and brushed her cheek with his lips, saying, “I’ve had a wonderful afternoon and am really looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Me too, Tim, me too,” Evie enthused.

Chapter 2 Protecting Evie

Evie was walking on air as she entered the house. “Mother, I’ve met the most wonderful man today,” she sang out as she whirled into the sitting room.

Edith Golden encouraged her daughter; “Tell me about this wonderful fellow, Evie. How did you meet him?”

“Well, how we met is a little embarrassing.” She told Edith about their collision.

“Mother, I was on my bottom with my dress up over my waist. He could look right at my panties, I was mortified but he was a perfect gentleman. He helped me to my feet, apologized for his clumsiness and asked me to have coffee with him. I accepted.”

Edith realized her daughter was naïve and could easily be taken advantage of, so, although she was happy for her she also had to caution her about moving too rapidly and reading too much into a cup of coffee.

“I know Mother, I’ll be careful,” Evie told her.

The following day dragged. Evie was anxious…would Tim show up? Just before closing he walked in, gave her a big smile and said, “Hi beautiful, I’ll be waiting out front.”

As she left the library Tim took her arm and guided her to the car.

“It’s a little early for dinner, would you like to have a drink first?”

Evie got a glass of wine at Thanksgiving and Christmas, her parents still treated her as a little girl in some ways; she was a little giddy at the thought of having a drink with a man.

“Lead on,” she told him.

She’d never tasted strong drink in her life, she had no idea what to order so she let Tim order for her; he got her a Cosmopolitan.

Dinner ended up being bar snacks and several more Cosmos. Tim proved to be a gentleman once again, Evie was as vulnerable as she could possibly be, he took her home with him but at his apartment he served coffee and conversation.

When it was time for Evie to go home they kissed then Tim led her to the car.

Again at her home he walked her to the door, they agreed to meet the following evening for the dinner that didn’t happen this night.

Evie was a little unstable on her feet and giggly when she went in. Her Mother was in the sitting room reading. She called out to Evie to join her, she wanted to hear about her evening.

Edith immediately noticed Evie’s condition. She let her tell about her evening before mentioning her concern.

“Honey, am I mistaken or have you been drinking this evening?”

Evie giggled, “We had a cocktail Mommy.”

With a raised eyebrow Edith asked, “A cocktail?”

“Well maybe a few.”

“And then?”

“We went to his apartment.”

“Evie, what happened there?”

“He fixed coffee and we talked then he kissed me and brought me home, that’s all Mommy. My tummy gets all fluttery when I’m with him.”

“Evie, do you still intend to be a virgin on your wedding night?”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Do you think you could have said no if Tim had wanted to take your virginity tonight?”

Evie thought before answering, being honest with herself she replied, “I don’t think so, he excites me so much.”

“I hope you understand why we have our rule about drinking. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, it can lead to making terrible decisions. You’ve made some dangerous decisions tonight. I’m going to ask your father to speak with you about this. Why don’t you go up to your room and get ready for bed, he’ll be up shortly.”

After Evie had climbed the stairs Edith went to her husband’s den. He was having a Scotch and a cigar as he reviewed some financial reports.

“Henry, I believe we need to head off a potential problem with Evelyn.”

She recounted Evie’s having met Tim then explained what had happened this evening.

“I think she’s fortunate, this Tim seems to be a gentleman, he could have taken advantage of her; he didn’t. I’d like to meet him. Shall I invite him to dinner?”

“Yes, I think that’s a wonderful idea; maybe next Sunday?”

“Sunday would be fine, I’ll have Evie extend the invitation. Now, are you going to address tonight’s little escapade?”

“I am; right now,” as Henry rose and climbed the stairs.

After Henry left her room Evie cried herself to sleep.

They got together every evening, dinner and romantic drives. On Saturday they spent the day together, they visited the Museum of Modern Art, had dinner then took in a play at the theater. The evening ended at Tim’s apartment, coffee and kisses.

Evie was anxious about Sunday dinner, her folks wanted to meet Tim…she so wanted them to like him.

Tim arrived at six; after introductions to her parents Henry and Tim went into the sitting room while Evie and Edith finished preparing dinner. It wasn’t exactly the Spanish Inquisition but it was close. Evie was Henry’s little girl and he wanted to know everything about this man that was winning her heart.

He learned that Tim was twenty-nine, a graduate of Cornell University and was the sales manager of a large commercial insurance agency. He was single, having never been married, Christian but not a frequent church attendee and wanted children, at least four or five. Tim was an only child and had always envied friends from large families and wanted a big family of his own.

Tim handled the interview well but, none-the-less he was relieved when Evie came in and called them to dinner.

Tim was taken with Edith, Evie was twenty-seven, Edith fifty-one and there was no question how Evie would look as she aged. Edith was short, round and red haired, Tim thought she was luscious and, if she were honest, Edith fell under Tim’s spell; his winning smile and, especially his mischievous eyes. She knew why Evie’s tummy fluttered.

After the meal the young people took a walk while Henry and Edith talked. They agreed that Tim was a fine young man and would make a good mate for Evie if the relationship developed.

Tim and Evie had been dating for four months; they kissed, caressed and expressed verbally their desire for each other. Tonight it was time to take the next step. Tim proposed marriage; offering Evie an engagement ring.

She fell into his arms, “Yes, yes, yes, God I love you Tim,” she answered then continued, “Tim there are some things we need to talk about and some things I need to tell you. I know some men are put off by the idea of an adult woman who is still a virgin; I am, does that matter to you?”

“Evie, I love you but the fact that you’ve kept your maidenhead makes me respect you even more. You are the woman I want as my wife.”

They set the date from three months hence.

Evie was euphoric when she made the announcement to her parents, friends and co-workers. Then the planning began.

Her Mother and her best friend, Francine DeFalco, went right to work. Francie would be Evie’s maid of honor.

Time seemed to drag, both Evie and Tim were having a difficult time keeping their emotions in check. Evie’s panties were soaked any time that she was around Tim and he wanted her just as badly.

Just the previous evening, on his sofa, he’d unbuttoned her blouse, raised her brassiere and fondled her bare breasts as they kissed. She’d wanted him so badly but she tore herself away; “Please Tim let’s wait, just a few more weeks, please.”

Later, at home Evie spoke to her Mother. “Mommy, I nearly slipped tonight, I was so excited, so aroused, I wanted to say yes to Tim. Mommy, I’m a virgin, I don’t know what I’m missing but Tim was sexually very active before he met me. What can I do, I don’t think he would but I’m afraid that if I don’t help him he’ll look elsewhere; one of his old girlfriends.”

“Honey, I don’t think Tim would do that, I think he’s an honorable young man but I understand your concern; the male sex drive is so powerful. Let me speak with your father, maybe there is a way we can help.”

“How could you help Mommy?”

“Just let me work on it. By the way, have you discussed our Sunday ritual with Tim?”

“No Mommy, it would be too embarrassing to talk about that.”

“Do you intend to stop?”

“Oh no Mommy, I don’t want to stop, it’s so relaxing, I feel so much better; I thought I could come over to your house Sunday nights and you could help me just like always.”

“Evie, I don’t think that would work, Tim needs to do it for you just like Henry does for me.”

Later Edith poured herself a glass of wine and joined Henry in his den.

“Hank, I don’t know how you’re going to accept what I feel I have to do, so, let’s talk.”

Henry could hardly wait…right…when Edith called him Hank she really wanted something and that something would undoubtedly be something he wouldn’t be too happy about.

“Yes my dear, what can I do for the most beautiful gal in the world?”

“Evie, we need to talk about Evie. I asked her earlier, Sunday nights, she hasn’t discussed Sunday nights with Tim; she thinks she can continue to come over here and I’ll continue with her. You know that won’t work, she needs to have her husband help her, don’t you think?”

“Of course Edie, not just for the health benefits but, I think even more important, the intimacy, how do you feel about that?”

“Hank, it’s my favorite time of the week. There is a certain feeling of surrender to you when you take care of me…I love it.”

“And Hank, do you think he’ll know how to discipline her when she breaks the rules? I think you should have a conversation with him, let him know how Evelyn has been brought up.”

“Edie, these were important issues but, somehow I know we’ve not touched on what you really want; I mean, after all nothing we’ve talked about deserved a “Hank,” what is it you really want but are afraid to suggest?”

“Oh Hank, I’m not sure you’ll understand, this is kinda a girl thing. Our baby is still a virgin, at 27 years old she’s still a virgin and she wants to go to her wedding bed able to produce a bloody sheet but Tim seems to be in testerone overload. She’s ready to surrender but I know, if she gives in, she’ll have to live with the fact that after 27 years she couldn’t delay another three or four weeks. I think, she might think less of herself and I don’t want that.”

Henry simply stared at her, one minute, three minutes, five minutes, finally Edith looked at him, saying “What?”

“No Edie, that’s my question, isn’t it?”

“Hank, I was a twenty-four year old virgin when we married. I’ve never strayed, you’re the only man that’s ever had me and you’re the only man I’ve ever wanted. Hank, I want to offer myself to another man. I want your approval to try to serve as our daughter’s surrogate.”

“Edie, so that I understand, You want my approval to offer yourself to Mr. Silver?”

“Please, allow it, Evie is so fragile, I want her to carry her virginity to her marital bed. I know what I’m asking Hank, but you’ll always be my only man, you know that.”

“Edie, is it that important to you?”

“Really, I think it’s that important to Evie. Hank, I wouldn’t ask or do it for my self, but please?”

“Are you going to let Evie in on your plan?”

“I’m not sure about that, I don’t think so. If he wants her to know he can tell her.”

“OK Edith, I’ll go along but only if you handle the discussion of Sunday night and discipline, agreed?”

Edie gave Hank a huge kiss, “Oh thank you, thank you.”

Now, how to do all that needed to be done. What the heck, a frontal assault, a call, an invitation and whatever follows.


“Hi Tim, this is Edie Golden, how are you today?”

“Oh hi, Mrs. Golden, I’m great, how can I help you?”

“Well, there are a few things I’d like to go over with you in preparation of the wedding, in fact, it may take a little time. I wondered if there was a way you could take a day off and we could get together?”

“Unbelievably I’ve already scheduled tomorrow off, I take a day off every three months; go fishing, hiking, just get away; I’d love to just get away with you.”

“Well, instead of getting away, why don’t you come over early, nine is when the library opens but Evie gets there by eight, she leaves home at 7:30. We’ll have breakfast at 8:30, can you be here by then, and please don’t mention this to Evie.”

A vestal virgin (or a close proximity) answered his light knock on the back door. Edie was clad in, well, clad in gossamer fabric, her large breasts strained against the cloth but it was her swollen nipples arching toward him that made them an OMG, she was fantastic.

He’d known his future mother-in-law for nearly a year, she had always been nothing but a lady and now, there was something going on that he didn’t fully understand.

“Tim, I’m not sure where to start. With your upcoming wedding there are some family, I don’t know, maybe family traditions might be the best was to put it that you need to know about.”

“What is it Mrs. Golden, are there problems with the planning?”

“No, nothing like that, everything is moving forward smoothly. Francie DeFalco is a dream, she’s so organized.”

“Tim you and Evie are planning on children, correct?”

“Oh yes, I want to start a family right away, Evie and I have discussed it, we want four or five children, a big family.”

A whimsical smile played across Edie’s face, she and Hank had wanted more children but that just wasn’t to be. They had never used contraceptives but Evie had been her only pregnancy and now, at fifty-one she was certain there would be no more. She was into menopause, her periods were irregular and she had occasional hot flashes.

“I’m sure you and Evie will have discussions and make decisions about family life but I wanted to talk to you about health care and discipline. I’m certain you’ve noticed that Evie is very conscientious about her diet. What you probably don’t know is her concern for colon care. The women in our family benefit from weekly enemas. I give Evie hers and Henry administers mine, it’s a Sunday night ritual. Evie will need and expect it to continue. Have you ever administered an enema Tim?”

Edie’s revelation gave him pause, then, “No, I don’t believe I ever have. And this will be my duty after the wedding?”

“Assuredly, every Sunday night as I mentioned. Here we use a bulb syringe and give the enema over the knees.”

“I’m not sure I understand Mrs. Golden.”

“If we’re to have this intimate conversation, please call me Edie. A bulb syringe is a big round ball with a tube projecting. The ball is filled with water, the tube is then lubricated and inserted in the rectum and the water is injected; I’ll show you a little later.”


“The other area we need to discuss is familial discipline. Evie had been taught that there are rules that we are expected to live by. I guess you might term our family as patriarchal, Henry sets the rules. They are not arbitrary, as an example, no smoking, no drug usage, no excessive alcohol usage; rules that make sense, rules that must be obeyed. Both she and I understand the rules and the consequences of disobedience; in this household Henry spanks.”

“What do you mean, ‘Henry spanks,’ Evie’s twenty-seven years old, isn’t that a little old for a spanking?”

“Tim, I’m fifty-one.”

That stopped him.

“You mean you get spanked, too?”

“If I deserve it, yes, of course.”

“What happens.”

“Henry takes us to our bedroom and has us stand in front of him as he recites the reason for the spanking then we prepare. We can keep on our top but Henry will lower our panties. He’ll position us over his lap and administer our discipline. He will spank until we sob then he hugs us ‘til we’re cried out. For Evie he tucks her in and kisses her goodnight. For me, the evening ends more intimately.”

“God Edie, why are you telling me this?”

“Because you will need to discipline Evelyn, of course; after all, she will expect it and will be disappointed if you should fail in your duties.”

“Are you implying that she’d be disappointed if I didn’t spank her? Why would that be?”

“Tim, if Henry failed to discipline me when I merited it I’d feel that he didn’t care what I did. I know he loves me, wants the best for me and expects the best from me, if I fail him I know my panties are coming down. The same is true for Evie.”

“Edie, I was spanked a couple of times when I was a kid but I’ve never spanked anyone in my life, I don’t know if I could.”

“Oh you can. I’ll show you how, we can roll play, you may even find it erotic, I know I do.”

“Erotic, how?”

“Well, in the spanker’s case, how about a naked woman draped over his lap, offering herself to him, allowing herself to be totally dominated. And the spankee, the sweetness of surrender and domination, giving herself, the tears and then the passion. My most cherished memories involve vigorous copulation and a warm bottom.”

Tim sat back and tried to take it all in.

“A little more coffee?” Edie asked.

Putting his cup forward Tim answered, “please.”

After pouring she picked up his cup saying, “Let’s go into the sitting room, it’s more comfortable.”

She put his cup and hers on the coffee table before the sofa and sat. She patted the cushion next to her and said, “Sit with me, please Tim.”

“Tim, I’m not sure how to approach this so, here goes. You know Evie wants to take her virginity to her wedding bed, is that important to you, too?”

“Less important to me than to Evie, what is important is that Evie wants it, so yes, I want her virginity intact when we wed.”

“I understand that recently the two of you were nearly unable to stop, true?”

“Edie, that’s my fault. I was sexually active until I met Evie, now after months of celibacy sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode. Evie is so beautiful and I find her utterly desirable. It’s getting more and more difficult by the day.”

Edith Golden though, Oh God, here’s the reason I asked Tim to come over, in for a penny in for a pound.

Taking his hands Edie said, “Tim, it’s time to learn what you’ll need to know, how to do what you’ll need to do; are you ready?” As they rose and she led him to the bedroom.

“Why don’t you get comfortable, take off your slacks and shirt so they don’t get wrinkled then sit over here while I get ready?” She indicated a straight backed chair.

When Edie came out of the bathroom she was carrying a bucket of water, her enema syringe and a tube of lubricant, she set them down beside the chair. She’d taken off her robe and was dressed in only a short nightie and panties.

“Like this Tim,” she squeezed the bulb then showed him how to fill it with water. “Then you insert it and squeeze to empty, like this.” She emptied the bulb. “Don’t release the pressure until you’ve removed the tube, you don’t want to suction the water back up. Any questions?”

“Ok, I get five or six bulbs, do you want to undress me. You can leave my nightie on if you like but you’ll need to take my panties off. I like to have my panties taken off, I even do it for Evie.”

Bare from the waist down Edie lay over Tim’s lap.

“Position me so my tummy is between your legs, as you fill me it will swell and sag.”

With a bounce or two she was in place.

“Perfect,” she commented, “Now lubricate me, use a finger and get some up in me.”

“I like it if you’ll rub my bottom and back before we start, will you do that for me, Tim?”

“I’m ready, just take it slow and easy.”

Tim spread Edie’s cheeks with his left hand while gently inserting the long black nozzle with the right. He squeezed, withdrew, refilled and repeated, filling her with six bulbs full.

“I’m beginning to cramp, can you rub my tummy?”

He eased her pain then she asked him to help her to the bathroom.

After seating her he returned to the bedroom, allowing her some privacy.

Tim thought, yeah, I can do this, in fact it’s kinda arousing, watching that black tube piercing her milk white bottom. It was easy to envision what it would be like with Evie, she looked like a younger clone of her mother.

Edie had put her panties back on. She came out and sat on the bedside.

“How do you feel Tim, can you do that for Evie?”

“Oh yeah, I can do it, truth be told I’m looking forward to it.”

“I thought you might enjoy it. It can be arousing for both partners.”

“I totally agree, I know it aroused me.”

“Ready to spank me Tim? I’ve been a bad girl and require disciplining.”

“Edie, you’re sure about this, you really want me to spank you?”

“Until I cry Tim, until I cry.”

“ Sit on the bedside and undress me first. I like to have my top removed, it can be binding when I’m squirming and I’ll squirm, I guarantee you.”

He lifted her top over her head then lowered her panties. She stood naked before him.

“Now you’d explain why I was being disciplined then you take me over your lap.”

Tim got into the roll play, shaking a finger at her as though he was chastising her for some transgression. It drew a smile from Edie.

He started to bend her over his lap; she stopped him.

“I think you’ll find this position works best. You have far more control.”

Edie stood between his legs then bent over Tim’s left thigh. She advised him to pin her legs with his right leg.

“Now circle my waist with your left arm and tuck me up against you tightly. I’ll be facing behind you when I’m in position. That’s the way Tim, you see how much you can control me, I can flutter my legs but I really can’t kick and I can toss my head around but I can’t escape. And believe you, me, I’ll be trying to escape.”

“I feel like a beast Edie, I mean I’m about to beat you.”

“No Tim, not beat, you don’t beat your wife. You are about to spank me for being disobedient, you are about to demonstrate to me that you care about what I do. You want to spank with a nice rhythm, not too hard, you don’t want bruising but not too light either, a girl needs to know she’s being punished. Like Henry says, he strives for salty eyes and rosy bottoms.”

“Pet me first Tim, stroke my bottom and talk to me. Tell me that I’m a good girl that has done a bad thing but all will be forgiven when we’re done then begin to spank.”

Edie was already squirming before Tim began to spank. Her anticipation was evident, she wanted her spanking and she was being sexually aroused. Tim gave her her first whack.

Alternating from cheek to cheek color began to rise, a light pink at first. Edie was trying to twist away and was begging, “Please no more, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”

The pink was turning deeper, the pleading louder when Tim looked down. In amazement, he realized that Edie was sopping wet, she was clenching her thighs, masturbating herself as she got her spanking.
As her tears started to flow, she reached her orgasm.

Tim just held her on his lap for several moments until she settled down, she was still leaking tears when she crawled off his lap and onto the mattress.

“Hold me now Tim, make me feel good, please.”

He took her into his arms and let her cry on his chest. Through her sobs she asked, “Touch me Tim, my breasts, touch me.”

“Edie, are you sure?”

“God Tim, until your wedding I’m here for you; Evie’s surrogate, please take me.”

Tim fondled her swollen breasts, her nipples were hard and reddened, she was ripe and ready. He kissed her then trailed kisses down her neck to her breasts and down to her stomach. He nuzzled her then moved lower, through her scarlet pubic hair to her slit.

Edie was lubricating heavily, Tim tasted her then took her clit between his lips. He would like to have spent more time pleasuring her but he was anxious, it had been months. Still, he licked and sucked until she trembled with her second climax. He was dressed in only his boxers since he’d administered her enema, he now pulled them off and reached for the tube of lube that was still on the floor by the chair.

Edie noticed. “Tim, I’m an adult woman and a mother, I don’t think that will be necessary.”

“We’ll see Edie, we’ll see,” he answered as he lubricated her vagina and smeared a bit on himself.

He moved up between her spread legs and positioned himself to enter her. He pushed forward.

Only about two inches penetrated her. She moaned. Henry was slightly above normal in size, a millimeter or two over seven inches but she’d never experienced anything like what she was feeling now. Tim pressed further into her.

“Tell me if it’s too much Edie, I don’t want to hurt you too badly.”

Tim wasn’t thrusting, he was working slowly further into her tight vagina.

After minutes she had been penetrated as deeply as Henry had ever gone. It wasn’t just his length, God his girth was enormous, she was being stretched.

Tim tended to talk dirty to his women. He whispered, “Edie baby, you like my big cock in your cunt. Damn you’re tight.”

Edie was moaning throughout, sex had never been like this, “Oooooh, what are you doing to me Tim.”

“I’m fucking you, I’m fucking your sweet pink pussy. Do you like it Edie?”

“You’re hurting me, please, take it out, I think you’re tearing me.”

Tim kissed her to quiet her and went deeper into her. Her moaning was muffled by his mouth over hers.

“We’re almost there Edie, just a little more.”

In truth there was still over two inches she hadn’t taken; he began to slowly pump her, forcing just a little more into her, stretching her with each stroke.

Tim was accustomed to the sensation, it happened with nearly every woman he’d ever been with, but Edie had never experienced it, Tim’s girth created so much friction on the back stroke that Edie’s vagina felt like she was being turned inside out. After twenty of so strokes she’d opened up a bit, Tim plunged into her.

She screamed as all 11 ¾ inches seated into her. Tim ceased to stroke, letting her accept what she’d received.

The tears were back, her eyes were leaking, he leaned down and kissed her.

“Hey, you’re pretty special. I’ve never had a woman take all of me the first time.”

“God Tim, I thought you were going to split me in two.”

“We’ll wait a little while before we get going so you can recover a little.”

“Tim, it was all that I could endure taking you. You’re going to kill my little girl.”

“It will take some time, but eventually she’ll be able to take me. I’ve had some experience with this. It will take a week or two before I can get it all in. A lot of girls run when they see it but those that stay seem to like it after they learn to handle it. They say I touch places, sensitive places that no one else has ever touched.”

“I didn’t ask, are you still fertile Edie?”

“I don’t think so but that’s not a problem, I’ve never used a contraceptive and Evie is my only pregnancy. I’m in menopause and only have an occasional period so, I’m sure we’re ok.”

“Ready?” Tim asked.

“She grimaced as she answered, “As I’ll ever be.” Tim began to stroke.

“I’ll try to make it good for you. Let’s take it slow and easy, I want you to be really wet and swollen then I think I can give you a treat.”

Gently Tim stroked letting her feel the friction, kissing and fondling her breasts as he did so.

As Edie began to respond, gyrating her hips and thrusting up to meet him, Tim raised her legs.

“I want to change the angle of penetration Edie, if I hurt you, sing out.”

She began to feel something she’d never felt before, he was gently probing her, touching her deep inside.

With quivering voice she asked, “What are you doing to me?”

“Feel good?”

She nodded yes as she began to tremble. He stroked a little faster.

Contractions racked her body, from deep within she felt the most spectacular climax she’d ever experienced, lasting twenty or thirty seconds, then Tim whispered in her ear.

“Edie, I’m going to cum in you,” as the jerking pulse of his cock filled her. Tim came in prodigious amounts, half a cup or more, he flooded her vagina.

“Man that was fantastic once I got past the pain. Come up here and hold me.”

“Not yet, my cock stays in my women until it goes soft. I like to be sure your cervix has a chance to swallow all of me.”

“You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you.”

“Not yet, naughty comes later Edie, we’ll have to see how you handle naughty.”

He’d softened, he crawled up beside her, took her in his arms and kissed her.

“That was nice,” she said as she rolled onto her tummy and stretched.

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