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TraxBi's sex story
Not long after my 18th birthday and high school graduation, I discovered a cruisy restroom at a motel. It was a place where men could go to hook up. There are still some places like this, but the Internet has pretty much made the cruisy restroom a thing of days gone by.

This motel was only a few blocks from where I lived. I discovered the restroom when one day I was riding my bike and stopped there to use the restroom. The walls of the restroom stalls had things written on them that made me horny. The messages on the wall were things like 'meet here on Feb. 20 for a blow job' or 'be here Feb. 25 for male sex.' These things made me curious about male on male sex, even if I didn't want to admit it. So, I would go in and masturbate while I fantasized about getting my dick sucked.

The restroom was always empty when I went there. But, it didn't matter to me I was happy just tugging my cock and getting my nut. That all changed one sunny afternoon when I rode my bicycle to the motel. I went in the back door by the pool to get to the restroom so I could avoid the guy who worked the desk. I entered the restroom quickly and deliberately, trying not to draw any attention. The bathroom stalls were at the end of a long hallway and there was a second door that led to the stalls.

I had gone there many times to jack off and it was like my cock knew what was going to happen. I was already getting a hard in anticipation as i entered the first door. I made my way quickly down the narrow hallway inside. I always wondered when the day would come when I would find someone in the stalls and the nervous anticipation was making me horny. I got to the second door and stepped inside. When I looked into the second stall, I was shocked to see one of my former high school teachers sitting there. It was Mr. Mack, a business teacher at my former high school. He was in his early 40's and I had always suspected that he might be gay, but I also always thought that he was a pretty cool teacher

He was sitting on the toilet stroking his cock. I became very nervous and just kind of stopped in my tracks. But I also got instantly rock hard looking at him. I was wearing gym shorts and my eight inch, 18 year old cock was protruding outward. Mr. Mack played it cool, even though I'm sure he was a little taken aback by one of his former students seeing him like this.

Mr. Mack broke the ice quickly when he smiled and said, 'Hi, are you doing okay?'

I stood motionless and speechless in front of him. I got a little embarrassed when I saw that he had taken notice of the protruding bulge stretching the thin fabric on my shorts. I was just about to turn and walk out when Mr. Mack asked if I was looking for action. I honestly did not even know what he meant by 'action.' I just stood there, staring wide eyed and open mouthed at his hard cock.

Sensing my apprehension, he said, 'No one ever has to know.'

Then he motioned for me to come in the stall. I slowly moved inside and closed the stall door. Mr. Mack rubbed my hard dick over my shorts and my head began to spin a little. I also could not take my eyes off of his cock. It was my first look at another man's hard cock and I was mesmerized.

He put his hand inside my shorts and underwear and touched me with his large but soft hands. My whole body felt electric as he touched me. His hand was warm and gentle with a confident grip that only comes from experience of touching a man. Mack said to me, 'Oh my god, you are huge,' and then asked if he could do more and I nodded.

Mr. Mack pulled my shorts down and my hard cock practically jumped out. I loved the way it felt as he took my rock hard cock and started stroking its full length.

He started to kiss the head and paused after just a second and said 'Is that all right?'

I just kind of nodded and mumbled 'Yes sir.'

I don't know why I said 'yes sir,' probably just a natural response because he was older than I was. It felt so amazing, but I also was having mixed feelings. Part of me was saying run out of there. I had never been with a guy before and I never really thought I would have the nerve to go through with anything like this. Yet here I was and now my cock was in control of my body and it wasn't going anywhere.

Then, I watched as Mack put the head in his mouth and softly sucked the tip of my cock. I was in a trance as he expertly stretched his mustached lips over my cock and sucked. He took my whole 8 inches all the way down, over and over, for a few minutes. As my cock got very slick with his saliva. Mack started alternating between deep throating and stroking my shaft in a slow twisting manner. It felt amazing but I was still not sure.

My head was spinning. I thought to myself, 'Is this real?'

It was very real and I had completely succumbed to the lust in my mind. I was braced against the stall wall as he sat in front of me and worked my dick over. After just a couple more minutes, I got very light headed and felt myself start to cum. This made me panic just a little and I tried to pull away. I wasn't sure if I should cum in his mouth or not. I told him 'I'm about to cum.'

Mack never slowed his pace. He took my whole length in his mouth and grabbed my hips and firmly pulled me closer.

'Oooohhhhhh,' I said and the first shot of cum came out . He just kept sucking and swallowing as I shot a huge load in his mouth.

I was feeling confused and kind of weird and wanted to leave, but my knees were very wobbly from my first oral orgasm. Mack got up off the toilet and said I should sit down until I could walk out. He stood in front of me and started jacking off again. His cock looked harder than it was before and I was still mesmerized by it. It wasn't huge, but it was about 6 and half inches, kind of thick with a nicely shaped bulbous head and he was very hard. I could not take my eyes off of it. He must have noticed me staring because he got closer to me. He told me I could touch it if I wanted to. So I reached out and started to stroke it.

My hands were trembling with nervous excitement as I slowly stroked his shaft. This was the first time I ever touched a hard cock and I liked the way his cock felt. The skin was smooth and soft, kind of velvety. Mack told me that it felt good. His precum was leaking out and his dick was now getting slick. I guess it was instinctive that I opened my mouth and leaned forward, closer to his cock. I wanted to taste him. I wanted that cock in my mouth. But Mack had other ideas he pulled out of my mouth and said, 'Not yet.'

Then Mack stood me up and we were face to face. I am 6'3 and I was slightly taller than him by about 2 inches. He reached up to me, put his hands on my face, pulled me down towards his lips and we kissed. At first we kissed lightly, but soon we were making out and exploring each other's mouth. I could faintly taste my cum in his mouth and his masculine mouth felt different than anything I had ever felt. I was floating with a sexual high. I had kissed girls and gotten some handjobs at that point in my young life. I had even fingered a few girls, but nothing I had done before compared to the sexual energy I was feeling at that moment.

I reached down and started to stroke his cock again. It felt so hot and I desperately wanted to feel the warmth of him in my mouth again. I knelt down and took the large head of his cock in my mouth. I could taste the precum leaking from his head. I explored the whole length of his dick. I was like a kid with a new toy. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft and down to his balls. I licked his sack from top to bottom and back up again I felt his cock pulse and he moaned a low deep long moan. I instinctively knew what that meant and I took the head into my mouth again. Mac told me he was cumming and I made up my mind that I was swallowing. I felt his cock spasm and the first splash hit the back of my throat. I gagged a little. but, I kept sucking him. I felt the next shot come out and land on my tongue. I liked taste the manly taste of the salty and tangy cum he was feeding me. He shot one or two more times and then I squeezed out the remaining drops with my lips.

I remember liking the taste of his cum. But what I remember liking the most was how turned on I was that I was able to make him cum. It was a feeling of accomplishment. Mack rewarded me by standing me up and kissing me very deeply. He was telling me how hot I was and how amazing his blow job had been Our hands were all over each other. I was squeezing his ass and he was pinching my nipples. His hands felt so good on me and I was loving squeezing his ass. Mack had a somewhat feminine ass. A man bubble butt.

Just as we were getting into each other yet again, we heard the outer door of the restroom open as someone entered. We pulled up our pants and and stayed very quiet. After the guy left, Mack said we should go. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place, but I said told him that i needed to get home. Mack told me that he would not tell anyone and I promised him I wouldn't say anything. He put his arms around me and kissed me deeply one more time.

That was the beginning of our sexual affair that lasted throughout my college years. Mack taught me many things about sexuality during those years. That day also set me off on a path of sexual exploration that led to many discoveries.

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