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When it comes to Sapphic love, I admit I am a novice. However, I have found that as I am entering my mid thirties and my sexual peak, my desire to navigate this undiscovered territory, to feel the love and to experience the seduction of another woman increases daily. Though I may not have fully entered into this mysterious land, my eyes have seen it from a distance, and my heart has yearned to know it. If my writings show a greenness, that is because this is new to me. But I want to know; I want

In my discovery of Sapphic love, I find that the female body entices and captivates my eyes and my heart. When I see a beautiful woman, I feel an ache of longing, a desire to touch and to be touched. I want to feel her softness and her sensuality. I want her to undress me, not just my clothes, but my heart. I want to remove her coverings as well, and experience each aspect of her individually. Then I want to worship her as the completely beautiful woman that she is.

I confess that I find a woman's breasts to be highly alluring and erotic. With the breast, it is not always what is seen, but what is not seen that captures me. A breast that is only partly veiled makes me want to see what is behind the veil. It captures my imagination. A woman's breasts provide comfort, nourishment, and nurturing for lovers. I think the naked breast is meant to draw the lover's eyes and attention. When we are aroused, our nipples harden and stand at attention, and our areolas become a deeper color as blood rushes to these erogenous zones. The areolas and the nipples reach out for touch from the hand and from the lips and tongue. I confess that when I view erotica, and a woman displays her breasts, I want to kiss, to lick, and to suck on those breasts. My mind just goes there. I can't help but love breasts!

I also like long statuesque necks. Maybe I have watched too many vampire shows; but when I see a beautiful neck, I want to put my mouth on it. I also really want my lover to pay special attention to mine as well. My neck is very sensitive, and even the softest of touches feels amazing. Even though I don't like to see blood, I can understand the vampire's longing for a lovely neck.

I find the abdomen to be a sexy, enticing area as well. We all want to have flat, rock hard, beautiful abs. Whether on guys or girls, muscular, toned abs are a plus. Who doesn't want to be able to walk down the beach in a sexy suit and be the envy of everyone else? They are attention grabbing. Soft bellies can be very nice, too, like with women who belly dance. This is considered a very sensual, erotic art form. Gyms offer classes now that teach this dance, and it is quite alluring. When I am making love, I definitely like it if my lover will stroke my abs. This is quite pleasurable. Abs are a hot feature both visually and sensually.

The most mysterious and erotic area of a woman is her vulva. It is the seat of our most intense erogenous zone, the clitoris. I shaved mound and my vulva completely a long time ago, and I would never want to cover it with hair again. Having it shaved and smooth makes touch so much more sensitive. The labia lips and the clit make the vulva look like a lovely flower. The lips and the clit combine to provide the greatest physical pleasure we can experience, the orgasm. When it comes (or cums) to the orgasm, we as women have this amazing capability to experience wave after wave of climaxes. We don't have to wait for a refractory period. Like the Energizer bunny, we can just keep going and going. It is really quite amazing. A woman's body has the capacity for pleasure that most men will never completely understand.

One of my greatest desires is to be a lover who knows my lover's body and soul, who understands what her desires are and who seeks to meet those desires. I would like to experience this as well. Who better understands a woman's body than another woman? Who knows better what touches provide sensual pleasure than a woman lover? Even though it would be new territory for me, I must admit that one of my most intense desires is to make love with another woman at least once in my life. This is my desire as a novice sapphic lover.

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