I did not expect this (straight, cheating)

Nina's sex story
I go for a modeling session and end up having myself fucked like mad. It was a great fuck which I did not expect but I don't think I will do it again.

This is not a fantasy and I am posting this real incident. I feel embarrassed at what happened, yet want to share this experience.
I am married and have two children who are in hostel and my husband is. A busy executive. He was off to Dubai for a week and my friend Twinkle told me that I should try modeling given my body which is firm. My ass turns men and when I show my cleavage it does attract attention. With some pursuing she took me to her friend who did this thing. Sanjay was nice and pleasant and told me clearly that I had to decide what I wanted to do. Modeling he told me could be getting erotic as that was what sells. He told me that before any session I would have to sign the consent form. Twinkle left me after winking at Sanjay.

The first session was just photographs. I wore on those tight white pants with panty line showing and a dark blue shirt which came above my navel. The photographer was in shorts and looked a stud and took photos from all angles. The ass first, and a wow followed. Soon he asked me to hold my catch which I thought was fair enough. I opened my shirt buttons showing my cleavage and the the sessions ended.

The second session was where I had to get out of my shirt and show my boobs. I agreed. I had been sipping some wine which was given to me and probably that is what may be bold. I covered my boobs with my hands and kept swaying my as as he took photos. Sanjay came and asked me to show one boob and hold the other hand back. I could see some male attention as I did it. Rajiv, the owner came and told me now to put on a hat and hod, with both hands. I wanted to protest, but he was domineering. I did it and heard them cheer As my boobs were exposed.

As I sat with a towel around, Sanjay said the third session was holder and that it would be great to see me in my thongs. I was watching a movies on TV which was a porn one with a whore being fucked hard by three people. It did turn me on and I agreed.

As I stood up, I had to take out my trousers. There was a lusty looking guy, unshaven but sexy, staring at me. I was now standing in my things with nothing else as they clicked me. I had high heels and had to stretch my legs. Sanjay said, we want to see some pussy. I was shocked. What did he think I was. But I felt overwhelmed and showed some pussy.

Sanjay came and asked me to sign for the next scene and after I did, the lusty guy called Tom came up and held my boobs as the photos were clicked. Soon he kissed me on my lips and his lips smelt of tobacco. He said, come on you bitch, I will give you something today, and smiled and left me. My head was spinning.

Tom came back and put his fingers in my panty and felt my public hair and kept the second on my ass as the photos were taken. Soon he was finger fucking me and Sanjay said, this is the expression I wanted. He took his fingers out and licked them and said, that is a nice drink.

I wanted to sit but Sanjay came and took my signature again and he told me to come to the other room. I covers myself with my hands and moved in. He offered me a drink again and told me to relax. I asked him what was it now. He said, just wait and see.

Soon, Tom came in with nothing on. I was mesmerized by the size of his cock which he kept stroking. I looked around in panic. The bed was in the centre and there were mirrors everywhere. He cam and said, don't worry my sexy bitch. You are mine. So saying he tore my thong in a jiffy. I was nude and he was feeling my body and kissing my boobs. He plucked my nipples and I was ecstatic. Soon he put me on the bed and knelt down and offered his cock. Take this cock you bitch and suck it. The cameras were clicking and the movie
camera rolling.

I obediently took his cock and he kept shoving it in and out. While squeezing my boobs. My pussy was wet and when he dug I side, he took out his cock and pushed it in my pussy and started pounding it. I realized I was enjoying this fucking and was screaming in ecstasy. He stopped and moves aside.

Sanjay came in smoking a drug I think. He removed his clothes and said. I was told you Nina are a good fuck and let us try it out. Now both were looking at me and as I tried to get up sanjay tied my hands to be bed. Tom was playing with his cock and they tossed a coin. Heads Tom goes in mouth and tailed Sanjay on mouth. Sanjay took his cock and put it my mouth from above. TOm went from below and shoved his huge cock inside and both kept pounding me. Sanjay Burst in my mouth and at the same time tOm poured his cum in my cunt. They got up and left em lying down. They put something on their cocks and after five minutes were back into action reversing their roles. After untying me they rammed into my mouth and cunt again and burst inside. I couldn't believe they had so much cum inside. After they finished, they asked me to go and dress up.

Sanjay said that I had done a very good job and next time, they wanted a full gang bang with 6 super studs. I told him I would consider and went home. I felt shy to tell anyone and secretly enjoyed the experience. But I did not go back. And he did not expect it too.

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