The eightteenth birthday (hetero sex, teen sex)

Jean's sex story
I looked out the window, wondering when we'd arrive at Gwean's house. I've known her since sixth grade and have always found her very attractive, even in sixth grade she had the hour glass figure.

Now it was her eightteenth birthday and i was one of the only people invited and today i planned to-'Here you are Patrick.' I thanked my mother and jumped out of the truck. Gwean and her sister, Noel were playing catch in the front yard. When gwean saw me she smiled and tossed me the ball, i easily caught it.

When we went inside gwean offerd me a drink which i gladly exepted. Soon enough noel's boy friend called and she said she had to go. Her mother left next say she'd be back tomorrow. Gwean seemed quite happy about this.

Later, gwean put on movie. 'I'm sorry that you don't have any one better then me to talk to right now.' I said nervously. 'It's okay, pat you a great conversationalist.' She said, smiling softly. I couldn't help but to smile at her kind words.

I could feel my cock growing and hoped gwean wouldn't notice, but she did. When she looked at it her eyes grew wide, she looked me in the eyes and said 'well, someones a little....' her voice trailed off. Next she said something i was not ecspecting: 'Can i see it?' She asked. At first i was stunned, i didn't know what to say. 'Y...Ya, sure if you want to,' i manged to studder.

As i stood, she rose as well. I unbuttoned my jeans and allowed them to fall to the floor. My boxers came off next. 'It's so big! Can i touch it?' I nodded. A slender hand rapped around my seven inch cock, a moan escaped my love-stricken lips as her sweet mouth slid onto my my throbbing erection. She started slow, suddenly she stopped and stripped out of her thin shirt to reveal her pert breasts. She pushed me onto the couch, i spread my legs providing her more room to work. Quickly she returned to her buissiness. Soon enough i was on the brink of cumming, when i anoucced this she stopped and removed my shirt reveling my smoothly toned upper body. Rather than continue sucking me she finished me with hand-job. Cum exploded out of my cock, most of it landed on my chest and belly, the rest landed on her hands. With a moan i fell back onto the couch. She straddled my hips she muttered something in german. She placed her hands on my shoulders and kissed me passanetly. As i slid my tounge into her mouth i felt her hand leave my shoulder and fall to my still hard cock. She slid her hand up and down my length a few more times before i asked: Gwean, can i taste you?'I felt more confident than before. 'Sure,' was her simple response.

I layed her down on the couch and removed her shorts and her panties. I spread her legs bringing my face inches from her pink neatly shaved pussy. I placed my lips on her clit incircling it with my tounge. Moans of pleasure escaped her sweet mouth as i slid my tounge into her virgin pussy. I continued this until she came.

'Patrick i want to feel you in me.' Without saying a word i slid myself between her strong legs until my cock stood over her pussy. Gently then more harshly i pressed until she was a virgin no-longer.
Uuuhhh...... Uuuuuhhhh! She moaned and some strange pleasure rose in me as i removed half of my length from her wet, warm, and tight pussy. As my pace increased her moans grew louder and her moans brought me to my climax. We both moaned as i came, with a grunt i rolled off of her and onto the floor. 'Let me take you up to my room, for now at least.' Wordlessly i followed her up to her room.

All that was on her room was a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. She lead me over to her bed and pushed me onto my back. She straddled my hips, my cock pressed against her pussy lips and as she lowered herself and shealthed my cock in her pussy my hips bucked and i shoved my length in her. Slowly i lowered my ass back to the bed, She moaned so loudly i wondered if her neighbors could hear us. As she grew more confident her pace increased, sending both of us into our finale intense oragams.
As it grew late, we grew tired and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning we awoke to her big sisters laughter and the sound of her phone taking a picture of us. 'Sometimes i wonder about that girl,'gwean said before she rolled over to lay her head on my chest.
'I wonder about you lots of times,' i said calmly
'I love you, Patrick.'
'I love you too, Gwean.'

I crept out of the forest and started to climb the trelis that lead to her open window on the second floor when she poked her head out the window and kindly whispered down to me:'Hurry up, Patrick we ain't got all night even at ground level i could see the silk white night gown. I hurried my climb the best i could with limited sight i nearly lost my footing twice each time gweam flinched.

Once i reach the top i bearly had time to catch my breath before our lips met and our love drown all else out as we fell to the bed.

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