Spied on my friend (hetero sex, cuckold, girlish)

Sweet ❤ Sexy's sex story
Get ready to read the true story of me and my friend getting fucked hard. It was the best night ever, and we both had amazing, powerful orgasms. We WILL do this again!

I looked in the slightly - opened door of the bedroom, sneaking around on my friend Ella. I seen her and her boyfriend Dean on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. He would continually slip down her blouse and bra, sucking on her hard nipples and grabbing her large breasts tightly. I seen her grasp his blue shirt and eagerly pull it up, helping him take it off. He went down and kissed her again, grabbing, caressing and sucking her tits. It seemed like forever I was standing there ... stalking them.

Then he quickly unbuttoned his jeans, as she hurriedly pulled them down. I was amazed when I seen his penis pop out of those jeans. The thickness of his cock was amazing. I knew he was my friend's crush but I wanted him so bad. I knew him for a while because me and Ella were good friends. I stood there and continued to watch them. She grabbed his enormous cock and stroked it up and down quickly as he grunted and groaned in pleasure. I was getting totally aroused by watching them. When she stopped stroking him, I seen him slide his hand down her panties and caress her pussy through the material. She moaned quietly, but she was always quiet... until tonight. ;)

I moved to the side to see more and the floor creaked. I panicked a bit when I seen Ella's head turn, when she seen me she smiled, bit her bottom lip and waved at me. I gave a slight smile but didn't come in the room. Dean didn't notice me, he just kept kissing Ella. I stood there for 2 more seconds and I seen her motion for me to come in. She winked at me and we both smiled.

I crawled on top of the bed and Dean sat up with Ella, he had no clothes on and he looked so hot. He was muscular and well toned, and his cock was huge. I was in my yellow t-shirt and panties. I usually didn't walk around the house like that because I was always shy about my weight, but me and Ella looked the same so I wasn't embarrassed for long. I guess Dean was now Ella's boyfriend, which seemed weird to me since she never had a boyfriend before, but tonight she certainly came out of her shell.

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