Sister and brother, Carissa and Jimmy (oral, hetero, bisexual)

lauren's sex story
My writhing and wiggling torso also flicked my baby brother's fuck-switch. Jimmy let out this big grunt as his cock jammed deep into my twat and paused. I could feel his gooey nut-juice spurting out in giant globs, coating my uterus and filling me up with his mung.

Following our yummy mutual masturbation session, things were a little tense at breakfast for the next week. Jimmy would sit at the table looking extremely uncomfortable as he ate his Cocoa Puffs, because he knew what was about to befall him. The second Donny departed for the office (and that tart of a secretary of his) I'd go seek out my little brother, wherever he was hiding, and immediately stick my tongue down his throat. I have no idea why I didn't do this kind of stuff when we were kids. It would have made my teenage years so much more enjoyable!

He'd try to protest of course, as I was taking off his shirt and unzipping his pants, but eventually I would get my way. Off into the bedroom we'd gambol, me leading him along by his dick. I just loved pulling on that thing. Jimmy did hold firm though, on what we (mostly I) were permitted to do. No fucking or even oral (anal was right out)! I was allowed to gently play with his nuts while he jacked-off and then I got to hump his upper leg till I nearly passed out from exhaustion. On the fourth of fifth day of this ritual, I hid the Kleenex so he grudgingly let me lick the puddles of splooge off his stomach. Just as I was finishing, I snuck in a quick smooch on the end of his knob. Needless to say, as the days progressed, my post-splooge lick-knob-smooch became progressively longer and more passionate. I'd sense the moment Jimmy was just about to pull my head off his junk and I would retreat voluntarily. Then one glorious day, I just stayed there. I could feel his joint start to grow between my lips. The sensation of his hardening flesh on my tongue, along with the taste of his salty semen mixing with my saliva, was intoxicating. Mostly, when I give a blowjob, I'm pleasing 'the owner' but this time, I was pleasing me, cramming as much of his tumescent wang into my gullet as possible without tossing up my morning waffle and coffee. Could this be more perverted? I wallowed in the sordid depravity of it all, bathing his swollen cock-head in a warm, swirling pool of ultimate oral sin. 'If only Donny could see this,' thought I. 'His wife maniacally feasting on the unclean carnal savagery of depraved and incestuous acts. Sucking off her own brother!'

I could feel Jimmy's big swollen fuck wand buffeting the back of my throat as I gently scraped my teeth up and down his beefy shaft. His baby brother balls, as usual, were irresistible. I couldn’t keep my fingers off them. Tinkling them like bells, I continued to piston on top of his sloppy stick as a trickle of pre-cum came oozing out his little boy nozzle. Sucking dick was always nice but hearing my bro lowing like a cow as I slobbered on his knob had my labia vibrating like Django Reinhardt's guitar strings.

I'd become completely lost in my own ardent amorous endeavors and failed to recognize the unmistakable signs of impending male satiation. Before I knew what was happening, his balls twinged, I heard and 'oof' and big gooey gobs of warm, sticky spunk were cascading onto my tongue and uvula. I savored the taste and texture while I continued naughtily fiddle with his nutsack.

Now, it was time for mamma to get some. I made a big show of swallowing every last molecule of his emission and then I pushed his head southward to my bubbling honey pot. Again, I don't know what his wife was thinking. That lad made me cum like my clit was full of gelignite. He had a tongue like a Weed Whacker. I came three times in quick succession before my legs were even fully spread. Talk about bummed, when we heard my old man's car pull up in the driveway. Fun time was over. It was every man for himself as we darted around the house, trying to find where we'd left our clothes.

That afternoon really did open the fellatio floodgates. From then on, I sucked him off in the shower, on the living room couch, even my bed. I told him I was changing the sheets anyway but, of course, I didn't. The thought of Donny sleeping on the spot where I'd just guzzled half a pint of my brother's nard paste made me weak at the knees (the ones that Jimmy had just had his head between!).

But then...about a week later, Donny and I were lying there next to each other, staring at the ceiling. Our sex life had completely dried up. He didn't ask for it and I didn't offer it.

'So, have you been fucking Jimmy long?' my husband asked, quite matter-of-factly.

'I haven't. But I do suck his cock a couple of times a day,' I answered back, sounding far calmer than I was. 'Just helping him out, till he finds a new girlfriend.'

'Well then, I don't think you should be sleeping in this bed. Do you?'

I wasn't exactly over the moon about getting tossed out of my own bedroom, but since I'd just admitted to multiple counts of oralcest, I didn't argue the point. I grabbed a few things and headed on back to Jimmy's room.

'Now, don't freak out when I tell you this,' I pleaded, as I slid into bed next to him. 'But my husband knows about us.'

Needless to say, Jimmy freaked out. For the next four days, he wouldn't let me near him. He slept on the floor, for Christsakes. I was living in a house with two big cocks and my pussy wass getting zippo. These were dark days and very shitty, shitty nights. And it wasn't like I wasn't giving it the good old college try. Every time my bro attemped to watch television, I'd plop myself down on the coffee table in front of him and have an incredibly lewd wank but he just tried to look around me. Hey, I like Jerry Springer as much as the next person but I'm offering up some major happening gash here. Show a little respect!

I got so desperate, I even agreed to have coffee with this woman down the street who had been trying to get into my pants ever since we moved there. I hadn't had sex with a girl since high school...well, college...well never mind, but I have admit it was pretty damn fine. Rebecca sure was eager to please and could teach classes in cunnalingus. If she wasn't married, I'd have bunked with her for a few days but her hubby had also been trying to get into my pants since we moved there.

Back at the ranch, something needed to change and fast. At breakfast, Jimmy just kept scouring those damn Want Ads, searching for another place to stay. Luckily, his bitchy wife had frozen all their bank accounts, so he had no money to move anywhere. My husband would just stare at the two of us with these sad eyes. If I wasn't sure that he was skewering his private-parts secretary, I'd've actually felt sorry for him.

It was time to put my innate womanly skills of skullduggery to work.

I knew that Jimmy wasn't whacking it in front of me (and I was watching him like a sex-crazed hawk) so he had to be gonging his dong in the shower. If I could catch him in the act, he'd be at his most vulnerable, so I waited. The next morning, off he toddled into the smallest room in the house and I immediately stripped. Listening at the door, I could hear the water go on and the shower door close. Now, it was all a matter of timing. I gave it exactly three minutes before I silently opened the door and popped in a beady eye. There was definitely something going on behind that steamy glass that had all of Jimmy's attention. With the speed and grace of a professional athlete, I stealthily slipped inside the stall. My little brother just stood there stunned, with his mouth open and his dick in his hand. It was important that I didn't give him any time to think. Luckily, with men, that isn't usually a problem.

'I've missed you, you big goof,' I pouted, kissing him on the lips and taking that big slab of prime wang out of his hand. 'Here, let your big sister do that for you.'

Down I dropped, sliding my tits against his torso as I proceeded. It felt so good to have the family cock back where it belonged. The warm water rushed over me as I massaged the throbbing head between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Just before he was about to give me my morning protein shake, I ceased my oral operations. Instead, got back up into his face and gave him a long, lingering soul kiss.

'I'm gonna make you a deal, my little stud muffin. You start fucking me, like I know you want to, and I promise that I will find you another place to live.'

'But this is so wrong.'

“Hey, you're my brother and I love you. (kiss, kiss) I've spread my legs for some real assholes, in my time. Right now, all my pussy wants is to get a major fucking humping from the sweetest, most wonderful guy I know.” I soul kissed him again, while stroking his knob and balls. 'Don't make me tell mom and dad that you busted that lamp in the basement.'

'I was seven,' he chuckled.

That was it. I had sealed the deal. We let the air dry our bodies as we rushed liked naked bandits to his room. There wasn’t a moment to lose. I needed some big brother dick inside me immediately.

When I reached his bed, I flung myself onto the mattress and my legs sprang open Donald Trump's mouth. Sliding my finger up and down my moist vulva (wow, had I done a lot of that, lately), I gave him my best come-hither smile.

“Come on baby. I need you to fuck your big sister.”

I could see some deep misgivings still remained but he climbed on top of me, regardless. Deep misgivings can be so hot! Feeling his warm skin weigh down upon me, squishing my tits between us, made my box hum like a Walmart sound system. I almost came, right then and there. Lifting myself up, I stuck my tongue as far into his maw as it would go. While we were snogging each other sideways, I reached down with my right hand and guided his glistening pulsating tool towards my wet, engorged lips. We were finally about to do the deed! The sensation of his brutally hard schlong against my tenderest of flesh made me so horny, my slit wanted to sing show tunes. I vigorously rubbed the purple head around my sopping vaginal opening until I felt my most feminine aperture loosen to allow him entry. As Jimmy's massive, pussy-juice-drenched cock slowly forced it's way inside me, stretching my tight girlie gap asunder, I opened my eyes so I could burn the image into my brain of exactly who was ramming his enormous cunt-crusher up into my womb. I soaked in every square inch of my little brother’s face as he pumped his meat inside me, the hilt of his Johnson pounding against my engorged outer lips and pelvic bone. Jim kindly raised himself up onto his arms so I could gaze down at his cock slamming in and out of the little swollen fuck-hole between my legs. I grabbed his muscular sweaty ass and pulled as much of him into me as I could. By now, the waves of delicious concupiscent pleasure were beginning to mount into a massive and mindless bestial tsunami of wanton lust. The need to cum became paramount. Rene and Georgette Magritte and their goddamn dog could have walked in on us at that moment and I would have just kept on fucking.

“Harder baby, harder,” I begged as my vagina tightened around the shaft of his dick and squeezed it to the point of sweet agony. Just when I thought my poor love flower was going to be torn in half, an epic cum-quake exploded up from my quim and set my brain on fire. My pelvic spasms were so intense, I couldn’t breathe. Uncontrollable girlie squirts were shooting out of me and soaking everything in site. I was a blind, bucking incestuous whore, basting myself in the vile and impure fluids of darkest sin. I let out a scream you could hear at the corner mall as I rode that epic orgasm like it was the mechanical bull at Mickey Gillis’. My writhing and wiggling torso also flicked my baby brother's fuck-switch. Jimmy let out this big grunt as his cock jammed deep into my twat and paused. I could feel his gooey nut-juice spurting out in giant globs, coating my uterus and filling me up with his mung. I lay there completely sullied and defiled, receiving each feculent gush of his manly cream. I wrapped my legs tightly around his derriere to prevent his withdrawal from my rancid and befouled cum pit. Like a ravenous carnivorous monster, my body hungered to have every last droplet of his squiggly familial sperm stampeding through my cervix. I so wanted for his dirty, unspeakable seed to impregnate me. For his wretched and repugnant spore to rampage up my fallopian tubes and force their sick and twisted heads into my pink and helpless ovum, forever tainting me with a child of disgrace.

P.S. That desire only lasted until I’d finished climaxing and then quickly went away.

Every day after that I made him fuck me and every day hence he would ask me if I'd found him some other place to live. Eventually, I kept my word and arranged for Rebecca to rent him a room (for services provided).

Typically, Jimmy expressed puritanical outrage, when I explained the arrangement to him..

'She wants me to have sex with her for room and board?'

'Hey, at least she's not your sister.'

Jimmy moved in the next day.

So far, Rebecca is delighted. Me? I miss my brother like the plague but I'm going over there tomorrow afternoon for our first threesome. Oh - and it's a surprise - so please don't tell my Jimmy!

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