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So I recently had to move which is why I was gone for a bit. The good thing is now if I feel like dressing up I can and run around in my house dressed. I have been alone for about 7 months now and I have kept a low profile in my new place. I haven't ventured out of my apartment dressed yet.

Not that I care what they say but I don't want to shock neighbors I don't know. That said it has been a dry time on the Bi side of things. I thought about taking an ad out on craiglist but always heard horror stories about that. Plus would need 2nd phone. So I have just been playing around with a couple ladies I met.

As bold and brazen I have been in the past I have calmed down since I have gotten older. I tend to do most of my dressing in the evening and nighttime hours so if someone drops by unexpectedly I don't have to change quick. My family don't know about that side of me.

A few weeks ago however I had some housework to do and I missed the old days with my ex wife Lisa. I decided to dress up as soon as I got up. I shaved my face and legs and got dressed. I was in a flowered skirt and black blouse. I had red bra and panties on under it and thigh high nylons. Nothing beats nylons on fresh shaved legs. I proceeded to start my housework and was running the vac when I heard a knock at the door.

I knew it couldn't be a family member they call first so I decided to take a risk and open the door dressed as Paula. Although I didn't have a wig on. I asked who it was and dang it I forgot about the people coming to fix the pipes. Having already asked I couldn't exactly tell them to wait so I said fuck it and opened the door.

There was a slight look of shock on the 2 guys faces as I stood there. One was about 25 or 26 and the other in 30s. I told them to come in so I could close the damn door and they slowly did. I said don't worry I don't bite and wouldn't hit on them. The younger one said what if they hit on me. I smiled and said I might flirt back. I was hoping on the inside that they wanted to have some fun. The older guy was standing in front of the door so I reached around him and locked the door. I had to step past the younger guy who ran his hand over my ass.

Not wanting to miss the chance I said keep doing that and you will have to finish the job sweetie. The older one...i'll call him Tony said oh really and do you think you can handle both of us. I smiled and said nothing would make me happier right now. I stepped away and headed into my bedroom. The younger one...call him Kevin...called his work and told them it would take longer then expected. And they both followed me.

Tony was the first to get in bedroom and was already taking off his jeans. I smiled when I saw he was already hard. I asked so not the first time you have fucked a cross dresser huh? He smiled and said it was however he was bi. I slide to my knees and started to lick his cock. Kevin finally made it to bedroom and he was in panties. He said to Tony bullshit I dress for you all the time. I giggled. I slide Tony in my mouth and started to give him a blow job. I was going fast as I really wanted to get him to cum in my mouth. I love the taste of cum. He said slow down baby. And then asked so what is your dressed name. I told him Paula and he said pretty name for pretty girl.

Kevin slid in behind me and was rubbing my ass through my skirt. I was pushing back into his hand. He said he needed to grab a condom and put it on. I glanced over as he did and was in awe. He was at least 10 inches long and probably 2 or 3 around. Tony was average sized but I wasn't complaining.

Kevin got the condom on and got behind me. I said wait its been awhile so go lay on the bed. I grabbed some lube and went over. I took his cock in my hand and slowly jacked him off as I lubed him up. I handed the lube to Tony and told him to lube my ass. He started to apply the lube and as he did he slide his fingers in me. I moaned and said oh god yes loosen me up some. I leaned down and started to kiss Kevin on the neck. He grabbed me and kissed me deep on the lips. Tony was working his finger in and out. I moaned around Kevin's tongue. I pulled away and pushed my skirt up and moved the panties over and got on top of Kevin. I got him right at the hole and started to go down slowly. It had been so long since anything besides my small vibrator had been in me. It was sore at first but as I worked myself up and down I opened up and was able to get him all the way in.

I pulled Tony over and started to suck him again. I was slowly moving up and down taking my time and enjoying the ride. I was as hard as a rock and was rubbing against the front of my panties. Gradually I picked up speed and got into a decent motion. I was having trouble keeping Tony in my mouth though since my bed isnt that big.

Kevin pushed me off and said get on your knees ass in the air face in pillow. Tony said oh no face in my crotch. I got on knees and Kevin got behind me and slammed back into me. I moaned loudly. At this point I didn't care if the neighbors found out I was bi I loudly said oh god yes fuck my ass with that cock baby. Tony got in front of me and I grabbed his dick and shoved my face down on it to keep quiet.

I was giving the fastest blowjob I had ever gave to get Tony to cum in my mouth. I reached around and slid a finger into Tony's asshole. I went slow and easy since I had no lube on it. I fingerfucked him for a bit and felt his cock start to pulse and got ready to swallow his cum. He rammed his cock into my throat and I felt him start to cum. I pulled back to get it on my tongue so I could taste it. Oh what a tasty treat.

He stepped away and now faced with nothing to keep me quiet I started moaning again. I pulled myself away and laid on my back. I pulled Kevin towards me with my legs. He went to re enter me and I told him to go slow. He took his time getting back in and I was getting louder as each inch entered me. I suddenly wanted to do something I don't do often and wanted him to bareback me and fill my asshole with his hot cum. I pulled his face down to mine and softly kissed his lips and whispered take the rubber off and cum in me. He pulled out still kissing me and in a swift motion off it came and back inside me.

I looked over at Tony and he was hard again and playing with his cock. I told Kevin to fuck me hard and cum cause I wanted to try something after he got hard again. He started ramming me all while kissing me. He started to pound and I felt him get extra hard and then the warm feeling of being filled with cum came over me. As he was fucking me his stomach was rubbing against my panties and cock and as soon as I felt him cum I unloaded in my panties.

I asked him how long before he could go again. He said let them get the pipes fixed then we could. I waited patiently as they worked naked. I had stripped and was running around in just nylons. I could feel the cum running down my legs. My cock was sticking straight out the whole time.

An hour passed and I heard Kevin say they were done. My heart jumped. They came into the bedroom again. Tony asked what I wanted to try. I told him I wanted them both in my ass at same time. I told Kevin to lay down and got on top of him and slide my wet ass down his big cock with ease. I directed Tony to get behind me and I leaned forward on Kevins chest. I told Tony to try to stick his dick in me now. It took some time be we got them both in and they got a good motion going where one was pulling out as the other went in. At this point there was no stopping me from being loud. I yelled oh god yes fuck me. Pound my ass you guys. I wanted it to last but they said they had to start to hurry or work would wonder. So I said ok fuck me harder and cum in me. Kevin started sucking on my neck and Tony was reaching around playing with my cock.

I felt Kevin getting close and I said time it perfect boys so you both cum at same time. Fill me up please. They started moaning and both said they were going to cum and I screamed yes baby yes fill my ass with your cum. I felt them explode and we laid there for a bit and then they sadly had to go.

They got dressed and I walked to door with them and kissed them both goodbye and said anytime you want to fuck me come over. After they left I got half dressed in bra and panties. I was laying in bed and a knock came at my door. I threw on a shirt that didnt cover everything. I was feeling slutty and went to the door with panties in full view.

It was a neighbor who heard me. He glanced down at my silver panties and said we need to talk privately. I invited him in and he says Man you are loud. Do you really enjoy being fucked that much. I said hell yes. I walked towards the bedroom and he followed and said well I don't have time tonight but soon I will come back and we can have some fun. That day is tonight.

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