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Ronnie's sex story
I licked her pussy and slowly slipped the dildo in. When I turned on the vibrator she came instantly. I stroked her dildo slowly and sucked on her clit as she played with her nipples. She came so hard that I thought she had a heart attack. She screamed and moaned and begged me to stop.

This is my first story here so I thought I’d write about something that really happened. this is a true story but the names have been changed to protect the innocent, or the guilty or whatever applies!
This happened several weeks ago. I was on my way home from work when I saw a car pulled over with a flat tire. There was an older lady standing next to the car with her hands on her big hips and a frown on her face. So being the few good guys left I stopped and volunteered to help her.
“Thank you my cell phone has a dead battery so I couldn’t even call anyone.”
“No problem it shouldn’t take to long to change a tire.”
It took me about ten minutes to change her tire. She had one of those temporary spare tires, I hate those things. I suggested that she get her real tire fixed as soon as possible she asked where so I recommended a tire shop that I use.
“Would you come with me? I’ll go there now but I hate being a stranger they take advantage of women in places like that.”
“Sure I don’t mind. I know the owner and I’ll introduce you. Just follow me.”
She grinned and got her big ass in her car. I like big women and she certainly qualified! She was a good 275 pounds and about my height. Which is to say short. Her big tits were down almost to her waist!
It took about five minutes to get to the tire place. I introduced her to the manager . It took about twenty minutes for them to patch the tire, there was a nail in the tire, and remount the real tire.
Her name is Chris and we chatted while the tire was fixed.
“My husband will be so proud of me to have had the tire fixed with out bothering him. He’s out playing golf and so he won’t be home until nine or ten, he spends a lot of time at the 19th hole. Then he comes home and falls asleep in his chair.”
“Golf? here in October he must be nuts! It’s 45 degrees out1″
“He will do anything to stay away from home. In the winter he goes to OTB to watch horse races.”
“Sounds like he’s bored.”
“Well to be honest he’s afraid he’d have to make love and he can’t get it up anymore.”
“That must be hard on you.”
“It is frustrating and at my age it can be hard to find someone interested in having an affair.”
“I guess this could be your lucky day. I’d love to have an affair with a woman like you. My wife isn’t interested in sex more than once a month.”
“That sounds perfect to me. Lets go to my place when the tire is fixed. I’m really horny!”
“Me to! But what will your neighbors think of a strange car in your driveway?”
“We live in the country our nearest neighbor is a mile away.”
“Cool. I think this could be the start of a long term affair!”
The manager came in and said that her car was ready and charged her fifteen dollars. I followed her to the old farm house that really was out in the country even for Oneida county.
“Lets get right to it I’m all hot and bothered, She said leading the way to a guest bedroom. Swinging her big ass side to side. I was turned on!
We started by kissing and feeling each other. I took her clothes off slowly. Her tits were huge her nipples were the size of my hand! Her pussy was unshaved and already wet. I played with her nipples and they were hard and stuck out a good inch. She was moaning as I fingered her wet pussy.
“That feels so good, I need a good hard orgasm! I have a dildo in the drawer next to you it’s been my best friend for a long time. Holly shit I’m going to cum! Damn that feels good!”
She shook all over and came hard. I just grinned and got down and licked her wet pussy. She came again as soon as I sucked on her clit. Her big ass was bouncing up and down as I got her to cum several times.’
“Oh shit that feels good! I haven’t felt this good in years! You’re a good cunt lapper! Now fuck me I need some hot cum in me!”
I grinned and slowly slipped my hard cock in her big wet pussy. I gently twisted her big nipples as I pumped her as slowly as I could. I hadn’t had and fucking in a few weeks and it felt great. I was pumping faster and faster unable to control myself. I came at the same time she did and continued to pump until my cock was soft.
“Dam Ron you can come over and fuck me when ever you want to. I haven’t cum that much in years.”
“Next time I’ll use your dildo while I’m eating you that should get you off even more.”
“How about tomorrow? He is going to OTB in the morning!”
“I have to be at work but there is always lunch hour.”
“It’s a date I’ll be here and ready when you get here. How long do you have for lunch?”
“I can take pretty much as long a lunch as I want. Nobody knows when I’m out selling or eating pussy!”
“Your not a traveling salesman are you? That would be a cliché!”
“No sales are just a part of my job. But it does give me a lot of freedom with my time.”
“Great I’ll see you tomorrow after noon. If you see a blue car in the driveway he is home some times he just watches TV all day.”
“I’ll tell you what here is my cell number if he’s home call and pretend I’m one of your girl friends and we are going shopping and we’ll meet somewhere.”
“That sounds great I’ve never been to a hot sheet motel. I think that would be a big t urn on! Do you know where there is one? We could meet there at 12:30!”
“Sounds good to me! Lets meet at the motel of mirrors on route 5 east. It’s nice and clean and just tacky enough to be a turn on!”
We got dressed and Kissed and I left. She was a good piece of ass and anyone that doesn’t believe that a seventy year old can be hot is missing some good fucking.
The next day we got together at the motel as planned. She was all excited you could see it in her face and when we went into the room and she saw the mirror on the ceiling she blushed bright red. I had brought along a dildo for her, I knew she would have forgotten hers. She stripped in a few seconds her huge tits hanging down over her big belly. I stripped and played with her tits for a while. She actually came from my sucking on her nipples. She was all excited.
I licked her pussy and slowly slipped the dildo in. When I turned on the vibrator she came instantly. I stroked her dildo slowly and sucked on her clit as she played with her nipples. She came so hard that I thought she had a heart attack. She screamed and moaned and begged me to stop.
“Damn I have to catch my breath!”
She was panting and sweat was running down her face she rested for about ten minutes and the said that she was ready to continue. I started to suck on her nipples and pretty soon she settled down enough for me to start fucking her.
Her tits were bouncing and her big belly had ripples flowing like a shore line ripple. She was moaning and Cumming her face was red and she and I came together. I pulled my limp cock out and we both took an nap.
When we woke up she was horny again.
“I have to be home in an hour to start dinner. He said he’d be home early.”
“That leaves us time for a quick fuck!”
We fucked again She was happy when we left and we will get together again.

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