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milfhunter's sex story
She released her breasts and lifting her arms, took her long red hair up with them and did a quick turn for me. I swallowed hard while taking in her gorgeous body in just her thong and fuck me shoes.

I awoke to the sound of my cell ringing and groaning as I rolled over to grab it from the nightstand saw it was only eight.

Who the hell was calling me at eight on a Saturday morning? I'd gotten up at six to see my parents off on their weekend trip to New Hampshire and then gratefully crawled back into bed.

Without dad bugging me to do chores or mom waking me up to ask if I were hungry, I'd looked forward to sleeping in. I rolled over and grabbing the phone off my night stand, saw it was a local number, but didn't recognize it.

I was ready to reject the call and go back to sleep when I remember the damn ad dad insisted on running this weekend. Not that I thought anyone would call right away and sure as hell not this early, but...

The phone stopped ringing.

'Oh, too bad.' I muttered.

Keeping the phone next to me, I rolled over on my back and sighed disgustedly. We were getting rid of a lot of old furniture that had been in the basement, plus our old maple dining room table, and hutch.

I'd helped pull everything into the main area of the basement and clean it all off and figured my part was done. Then dad dropped the bomb on me that he was running the ad this weekend while they were away.

He said it would be good for me to handle the responsibility of selling it, but I knew he was doing it to make sure I didn't stray too far from the house because people would be calling. Not that I had anywhere to really go these days, not since Becky had broken things off a few weeks ago.

Now I went to class, worked at Starbucks and moped around. I'd managed the weekend off in case something fun came up with the folks gone, and that was when dad promptly decided to start selling the stuff this weekend, seeing I'd 'be around'

I'd just started to doze off when the phone rang again. Opening my eyes halfway I noticed it was the same number. Seriously? Annoyed, I answered, 'Yeah?'

'Why hello!' A woman's voice responded, 'I'm calling about the ad for the furniture!'

'Uh, it's a little early don't you think?' I asked, that was probably rude, but what the hell? Didn't she know it was Saturday morning?

'Sorry, but the ad said to call this number after eight am.'

Fucking dad. I could just picture him grinning when he typed up the ad this morning.

'Right.' I sighed, closing my eyes. 'What were you interested in?'

'Oh, that maple dining room table is to die for!'

My eyes opened at her words. I'd been so aggravated the first few seconds of the call, I hadn't really noticed her voice, but the way she had purred those last words caught my attention. Her voice was low and sultry, kind of...smoky, the word came to me from a story I'd read once.

'Yeah, it's a nice piece, it's actually handmade.' I talked it up as dad had told me too.

'I can see that, the pictures are very detailed, can I come see it?' 'Sure, when do you want to come take a look?' Please say noon.

'The ad said Cranston, whereabouts?'

'We're at fifty Somerset.' I told her.

'Oooh that's only a few minutes from here, can I come right now?'

'That's kind of soon.'

'Please?' She asked, 'I really want that table! Please let me come see it early?'

The word please uttered in that phone sex style voice had me wondering what she looked like. She definitely sounded older and I grinned at the thought she might be a hot cougar. Figuring I was now wide awake I may as well make her happy and possibly sell something and it would be one less thing to deal with.

'How about quarter to nine?'

'Thank you, sweetie!' She chirped, 'My name's Jasmine and I'll be over soon.'


'Who do I ask for, what's your name, honey?' She asked,

'Kenny.' I answered thinking, Honey? Yup, older for her.

'Thank you so much, Kenny! I can't wait to see it!' At that moment I had to admit I couldn't wait to see if she looked as good as she sounded. 'Promise you won't let anyone else see it before me.'

'Promise.' Who the hell else would call this early, but feeling a little flirty I added, 'Just because you sound so nice.'

'Oh, a gentleman! I like that!' She purred, making me glad I'd made the comment.

'Okay, you can park in the driveway if you want. Then come around the back and down the bulkhead I'll be in the basement.'

'See you soon! I'm so excited!'

She hung up and looking down at the bulge in my boxers I thought that made two of us.

'Shit.' I grumbled as I stared closely at the edge of the table and noticed a few small nicks.

Dad had said in the ad it was in perfect condition, but in addition to the nicks there were also a few small dings in two of the six chairs that went with it. Hopefully Jasmine, or anyone else, wouldn't look too close.

I had pulled the table out to the middle of the room and seeing I only had a couple more minutes, hurriedly wiped off the chairs and leaving the two perfect ones out in front of the table, slid the other four under it tow on each side to show off how it would look, and hide the imperfections.

Straightening, I turned and wiped down the mirror that sat atop mom's old bureau we were also selling and finger combed my dirty blond hair. I'd tossed on a pair of jeans and a sleeveless black t-shirt and looking at my arms thought I didn't look too bad.

Jeez what a loser. I rolled my eyes at my reflection; Jasmine was coming to look at some old furniture not a nineteen year old kid who was so lame he'd gotten excited over a woman's voice. The sound of a car door in the driveway caused me to look up at the small rectangular windows that were ground level.

My eyes widened when a pair of black heeled sandals attached to some well shaped calves walked past the window. I turned around to face the bulkhead staircase in anticipation of what the rest of her looked like.

'Hello, anyone home?' That smoky voice called down and realizing my heart was racing I took a deep breath before calling out.

'I'm here, come on down!'

I remained where I was; out of her line of sight so she wouldn't see me checking her out. As she descended the stairs I wasn't disappointed as I looking at one hell of a long, sexy pair of legs. Not just long, but bare leg.

Her skin was fair to the point of being ghostly and my heart beat faster as she came further into view and I could see her thigh and still nothing else. Another step downward and I saw the black hem of a dress that hugged her thighs and hips tightly.

The more that came into the view the faster my heart beat. The tight black material was clinging to a pretty damn big set of tits and I saw strands of red hair across the front of the dress.

'Hi Kenny!' She greeted me as she made it to the bottom.

As she walked over to me, I noted her looks were a more than a match for her damn fine body. Jasmine possessed gorgeous baby blue eyes set over a pair of full lips painted a deep red that stood out even more due to her porcelain skin.

As I'd guessed by her voice, she was older, at least late thirties possibly even early forties, which would make her my mom's age, but mom sure as hell didn't look like this! Her age only made her appearance all that more impressive. This was no pretty coed I was looking at; Jasmine was all woman; a cougar through and through.

'Let's try again, hi Kenny!' She laughed.

'Oh, um, hi!' I blurted out. Damn, what an idiot, I'd been so caught up in her; I'd never answered. 'Sorry, I was just kind lost in thought.'

'Is that what you were lost in?' She winked then gave her head a toss, sending her long red hair back over her shoulders a move that not only exposed the creamy skin of her neck, but revealed the dress was much lower cut than I'd first noticed.

My eyes locked onto the smooth white skin of her chest then lowered to the considerable swelling of her breasts.

'Wow, it looks better than in the pictures!' She exclaimed and walked past me over to the table.

I caught a scent of her perfume when she walked by me to look at the table top and shook my head, down boy; she was here to buy a table.

But unable to help it my eyes roamed up and down, starting at her red painted toes in the black fuck me sandals, up the length of those damn fine legs and lingering on her lush thighs and the swelling of her full hips.

I wouldn't say she was chubby, but Jasmine wasn't all that slender and the tight sweater dress hugged every curve of her mature body.

'This is really nice.' She rubbed her hand across the table and I noticed two things, her long red nails and the diamond ring and wedding band combination on her finger. Damn, some lucky bastard was hitting that every night!

'It is, it's a...' Crap! Where the hell the cheat sheet dad was made for me?

'It's a Wilshire.' She said, as she moved along the table, sliding her fingers along the edge of it. 'Really nice, they're not easy to find.'

'Right.' I agreed, taking advantage of her not looking, I looked around the basement and spotted the yellow sheet of paper on top of the coffee table.

I sidled over to it and picking it up, looked at the list of the dozen items for sale. Next to each were two prices. The first was what was listed in the ad; the second was what he was willing to take.

The table and chairs Jasmine wanted was Four fifty and he was willing to take four. I stuffed the paper in my pocket and as Jasmine walked around the table I recalled dad telling me that whatever I did, don't let anyone talk me into going any lower or he'd be pissed.

The rest of dad's lecture about trust and responsibility faded away when Jasmine reached the other side of the table and leaned over it, giving me a pretty good look down her dress. I could see the inner half of her breasts along with a hint of black lace that looked damn sexy against her white skin.

'Hmmm, there are some nicks here.' She rubbed her finger along the edge.

'Really?' Pretending to be surprised, I walked over and bending over stared at where her finger was.

'Yup, here and here.' She moved her finger a few inches to the left.

'Huh.' I grunted, and then lifted my eyes to stare down her shirt.

This close I could see more of the black lace cup of her bra and could just make out a little of the pink flesh around her nipple peeking out.

'Well it is used.' I shrugged, as I straightened up.

'True, but the ad said perfect condition.'

She came around to my side and looked at one of the chairs. She squatted down to tug on the rungs and the move caused her dress to ride up and flash me the bottoms of her well rounded ass cheeks.

'This one's loose.' She wiggled it and acting like I cared enough to look at it, I came around the other side of the chair, giving up my view of her ass cheeks to get another good look down her dress. 'And there are a few nicks on the top of it too.'

'Well you can just take a wood filler stick to them and sand it a bit.' I told her, 'It's not a lot of work.'

'I guess not.' She stood up and shrugged, making her tits jiggle. 'So, how much?'

'It's right in the ad, four fifty.' I forced my gaze up to her face now that she was paying attention.

'But it has all those nicks.' She pointed out, 'Can you do a little better for me?'

'Well,' I stroked my chin, pretending to mull it over. 'You did come all the way over here and I can tell you really like about four hundred?' I winked, 'Just for you.'

'You mean the price you really wanted.' She returned the wink, 'Come on, Kenny give me a real deal.'

'That's the best I can do.' I told her.

'Aw, but honey.' She pushed her lips into a pout, 'I really want this table!' She lowered her head and with her blue eyes peering out from beneath her long lashes added, 'Please? Please give me a better deal?'


She gave me a big smile as I stammered and I thought this so wasn't fair. 'Tell you what; I'll give you two fifty.'

'Two fifty? That's not even close.'

'But it's all I have.' She pouted again, 'And it would look so good in my house.' She sighed, 'It would make me really happy.'

'I can't.'

'Sure you can.' She said, 'Come on, Kenny, do a girl a favor.' She moved closer to me and was now so close her breasts were almost touching my chest. 'Pretty please?'

'Sorry, but my dad said not to take less than four hundred.' Soon as I spoke I wanted to slap myself in the head, God, I'd just made myself sound pathetic.

'Oh.' For the first time since she arrived, the smile left her face. 'Well, where is he? I'll talk to him.'

'Him and my mom are out of town.' I told her.

'Really?' The smile returned, 'They left a good looking boy like you all alone? I bet you're planning on having a lot of fun this weekend.'

'No, not really. Kind of stuck taking care of this.'

'Aw,' She clucked her tongue, 'You poor baby. You should be having fun! I know I love to have fun.'

She turned away from me and walked up to the table, 'Honey, we have to work something out because I so want this!'

'Jasmine I can't go...'

My words faded away when she bent all the way over the table to run her hands over the opposite end. Her dress rose all the way up, showing off her well rounded ass that was bare except for the thin black string of her thong, between her smooth, white ass cheeks.

'God I want this.' She said in a soft, sexy purr, 'Haven't you ever wanted anything so bad you could taste it, Kenny?'

'I do know that feeling.' I said in a barely audible whisper.

'Hmm, I'm sure you do.' She continued running her hand across the table, her ass swaying back and forth as she did.

I took in not just her ass, but the backs of her amazing legs that ended in those damn fuck me shoes. My cock was swelling in my jeans and I had no doubt she knew what she was doing. But there was no way I could screw this up to the tune of a hundred fifty dollars just because she was hot.

'Four hundred; take it or leave it.' I told her. 'I'm sure someone else will call.'

'But they won't appreciate it like I will.' She straightened up and turning around walked back up to me, 'Bet they won't make you the deal I will either.'

'Your deal was two fifty.' I reminded her, 'I can't do that.'

'Two fifty in cash.' She gave me a sly smile, 'Who says that's all I have to offer?'

'What do you...?'

'Tell you what, baby,' she put her hands on my arms, 'How about this. How about I give you two fifty and the best blow job you've ever had?'

'What?' I exclaimed, 'I...are you kidding?'

'Hmm-mm' She shook her head, 'I'm not kidding, or teasing. You let me have that table for my price; I will get on my knees, wrap these nice red lips around your big hard cock and make your eyes roll.'

'I can't.' I whispered.

'You sure?' She squeezed my arms, 'Hmm, I bet I'd enjoy it as much as you.' She leaned closer and whispered in my ear, 'Know why?'


'Because I love to suck cock, especially young hard cocks like yours.' She moaned softly and my dick jumped in my pants, 'And I love to swallow.'

She leaned back away from me and ran her tongue across her lips, 'How's that for a deal, Kenny? You let me slide a lousy hundred fifty dollars and you get to watch me suck your dick and you can cum in my mouth,' She shrugged, 'Or my face, or,' She cupped her breasts, 'My tits.'

'Your tits.' I repeated.

'You've been staring at them since I got here, and my ass.' She laughed and pointed at the mirror. 'I was watching you when I bent over. Come on, baby. This is a win for both of us, I get my table and you get a BJ and a hot story for your friends.'

'But my...'

'Your dad?' She rolled her eyes, 'You want to lose out on a blow job because daddy will be mad? come on Kenny, be a man. Besides look where you live, your old man doesn't need the money, but his son,who he left here all alone, needs some fun, doesn't he?'

'Well...' Shit, she had a point what would he do? Bitch at me, ground me? Even if he made me pay him back, a blow job from a hot milf like this was worth it.

She put her hand on my cheek, 'You know you want it, honey. You want to see this bad girl be bad for you.'

'I...hey, wait.' I took her hand in mine, holding it up, 'You're married.'

'I am, and my husband wants this table as bad as I do, it will match the rest of our furniture.'

'But you want to...'

'Blow you?' She giggled, 'I do and don't worry about him, he always tells me to do what I have to.'

'He does?' Holy crap, what the hell was this, Penthouse letters?

'Course he does, that's why I always come to things like this alone.' She ran her hands down her dress, 'You think I dress like this at nine in the morning every Saturday?'

'No, damn.' Taking my hand she ran the tip of her tongue over my finger, and then gently sucked it into her mouth.

I released a sharp breath as her tongue circled around my finger tip and my cock felt like it was going to burst through my jeans.

'Tell you what, honey.' Grabbing the hem of her dress she lifted it over her hips, allowing me to see the patch of flimsy black lace between her soft white thighs. 'How about I sweeten the deal?'


'Seeing you keep staring, I'll take my dress off and let you see my titties while I blow you. You can even play with them.'

'Can I...suck on them?' I asked, for a brief second I heard dad in my head telling me to be responsible, but flipping him a mental middle finger I silenced it. Screw responsible, this was way to fucking hot to turn down.

'If you say you can, do we have a deal?'

'Absolutely we have a deal!' I exclaimed, sorry, pops. Well, not really.

'So to be clear, two fifty and a good cock sucking and the table is mine?'

'All yours.'

'Deal.' She said softly and with no hesitation, pulled the dress up over her head and tossed it on one of the chairs.

'Damn.' I whispered.

Her large breasts were barely contained in the skimpy black bra. The cups were lace and I could see her nipples through it. As good as her tits looked; I lowered my eyes to take in her flat stomach which featured a silver chain dangling from her navel.

'Here you go.' She reached into the bra, removing some money. While I stood there staring at her incredible body, she unfolded it and put the two hundreds and a fifty on the table.

Jasmine walked up to me and pressing her chest against me, grabbed my shirt and tugged up on it. 'Come on, sweetie, take this off.' I hesitated and she smiled, 'Don't you want to feel these against you?'

Reaching back, she unhooked her bra and sliding the straps down her arms held the bra up with her hand in the middle of it. 'Well?'

I whipped my shirt off over my head and gasped when I saw she had let the bra fall to the floor.

'Holy shit.' I whistled at the sight of her bare breasts.

They were even bigger than I'd thought they would be and while I stared like an idiot at her huge round globes, she held them up and rubbed her thumbs across her nipples.

The pink skin around them was so light I could barely make it out against her white skin, but her equally pink nipples were easily visible because they looked as hard as my cock felt.

'Like them, baby?' She winked, 'Worth a discount?'

She released her breasts and lifting her arms, took her long red hair up with them and did a quick turn for me. I swallowed hard while taking in her gorgeous body in just her thong and fuck me shoes.

'I think you mentioned something else.' I reminded her as she faced me once more.

'I did, didn't I?' She leaned into me and I released a sharp breath as her big soft tits squished against me.

I could feel her hard nipples poking into me and moaned softly when she tuned side to side, sliding them against my chest. Her hands were between us and my heart skipped a beat when she popped my jeans open and pulled my zipper down.

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