The inauguration at prom day (teen sex, oral sex, gothic)

Bella's sex story
The cheerleaders yelled and danced at people as we were leaving school. I had to duck just missing some cheerleader bitches high kick. Looks like i'd be walking alone. Steve had to go and take care of Anna. Something about her wanting a jar open and than a kitchen melt down or something like that. Whatever, i thought to myself. Passing by all the different students the jocks, the preps, the populars, all of which will most likely be at prom. I however am not going. I dont dance, i mosh. I dont l

'Excuse me sir, a moment of your time?' I saw one of the cheerleaders walk up to me with a clipboard. 'It's Alex, an listen im just trying to head home.' I said turning and walking away. 'We just wanted to know what music you would like to hear at prom.' I stopped and thought and than i realized...fuck im not going to prom who cares. 'Cum bitch cum by Hed p.e' i answered back walking away.

I started walking the cracked streets and backroads leading up to my house when my phone went. 'Greenview mourge.' I answered with a chuckle. 'Hey Alex.' I heard Steve on the other end it seemed like he was talking to someone else besides me. 'Anna says hi. And uh ok, ok relax i'll ask him. Bro what are you doing?' He said sounding very stressed. 'Nothin, why want me to come by. I got weed.' I said knowing he'd want me to come by. 'God yes, front doors unlocked. Alright Anna damn he's coming.' Was all i heard when the line went dead. I casually walked down my street stopping at the house across from me. I opened the door and walked inside.

Steves house hasnt changed in the 18 years that ive known him. Wooden floors, red walls, and a chipping ceiling. 'Yo you down there?' I heard him call. I walked up the stair case two steps at a time leading me into the hallway. There was another staircase leading up more to there parents room. The only three doors in this hallway. Steves room, Anna's room, and a bathroom which they shared. I knocked on Steves door. I hoped he heard me over the loud fucking music he has blairing in his room.

He opened up and greeted me with a warm smile. It was so funny because he looked exactly like me. Tall, shaved blonde hair. Green eyes. The only thing is, is he's built like a linebacker and hes into the skater look. Im skinny and way into the punk scene. My role model has, and always will be Sid Vicious.

'Come on in man.' He said closing the door. I was surprised to find Anna sitting on his bed. Annas his twin. But they dont look alike and shes like 4 minutes older than Steve. Anna is mentally handicapped. It wasnt always like this. One summer 4 years ago i guess she went horse back riding with a few friends. Didnt have her helmet on. The horse bucked and so did she right on her head and i guess the doctors say its perminant.

'Hey do you really want to burn up with your sister in the room?' I asked. 'Annas promised to be a good girl and not say anything, right Anna?' He asked as she nodded very fast.

Steve fished his pipe out from under his bed and packed it tight. I let him take the first hit. I guess he had a stressful day dealing with Anna. He needed to relax more than i did. I kept noticing Anna looking at the pipe every once ina while. Maybe she was curious. The door bell rang and as i blew out smoke i confusingly asked. 'Whos at the door?' 'I planned ahead and ordered food.' Steve said grabbing the 20 bills off his table and headed downstairs.
I looked over at Anna who was still watching the bowl. 'Wanna hit?' I asked. She looked at me studying my face before looking back at the door. 'He's grabbing food. He dont have to know.' I said handing the bowl to her. 'Here put it to your lips. When i light it, inhale until you feel a slight stinging in your throat.' I instructed her as i lit it. She did as she was told. And instantly got in a coughing war. I looked at her rocking and it was weird to me how she could be like this. I mean she use to be normal, she was Goth and still is even though she never buys clothes now she just wears what her mom picks out for her. How could a girl go from climbing tree's, playing with us when we were young and being my first kiss end up like this? She was still beautiful long black hair, liquid white face. Piercing green eyes once filled with life now always seemed to be glazed over in a daze. She was always really skinny. I think she had like b-cup breasts and a nice small ass that had a little jiggle to it. Anna handed the pipe to me before looking at me giving me the warm friendly smile i was use to. I never told her this but before the accident i use to have a major crush on her. Every time i would come over she would give me that same smile. It wasnt fair what happened to her and we all wish it never happened. I looked at her in the eyes before goving her a big hug. 'I missed you..' i couldnt help but mutter as she giggled. 'B-but you sa-saw me yesterday.' She exclaimed wrapping her arms around me.

'Alex, come help me with the food!' I heard Steve yell out. I walked down stairs grabbing a bag and a bottle of soda. Steve stopped me before i headed upstairs. 'Dude, we gatta talk.' He said nervously. 'Whats up?' I asked. He reached into his pocket and took out 3 one hundred dollar bills. 'Take these.' He said putting them in my hand. 'Why?' I asked. 'Listen it's Anna. I need a break man shes running me wild. Im stressed and need a day to myself. She's gunna ask you to prom. Thats why she wanted to see you. I know she mentally retarded or handicapped or whatever. So im paying you to say yes, man. Please, say yes.' Steve said putting the three hundred dollars in my hand. 'Please man.' He begged. 'I'll take her, i said. Keep your money.' I told him giving him back the money. 'You need a break and she gets to have a good time. A win win.' I said grabbing the food as we walked upstairs.

We walked into Steve's room to see Anna sitting on the floor giggling. 'Why is she giggling? Anna you high?' He asked. 'I'lllll never telll' she said slowly with a grin. 'Ugh awesome.' Steve replied putting the food on his computer desk.

It was fun. We chilled, ate, smoked, played hackey sack while Anna played my cheerleader. At 6 i figured its beat to go home and relax for a while, enjoy my high. I got up to leave an Anna eagerly got up too. 'I'll wa-walk you out.' She said. Getting up and grabbing my hand leading me down the stairs to the front door. Before i could turn the knob Anna stopped me. 'Alex, w-what are you do-doing friday?' She asked like it was nothing. I played it off. 'Oh nothing really. Might stay home and wash my hair.' I said laughing running my hands through my very short 'skin-headish' hair. 'Well would you...wa-wanna go to prom wi-with me?' She asked and put her hands together like she was begging. I smiled pretending to mull it over. 'Sure, I'll see you at 7.' I told her smiling.' Her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. She wrapped her arms around me squeezing the life out of me laughing. I expected that. But what i didnt expect? Anna pulled away and looked at me for a second before drawing in and pressing her lips to mine letting her tongue slide into mine. It caught me off gaurd and i was going to pull away before my sence of reason kicked in. 'Dude this is important to her. Let her enjoy it.' My mind was right so i closed my eyes pulled her close and kissed her back for a few seconds. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock and if i didnt leave soon id probably do something that would ruin Steve and I's friendship. I felt the door handle and opened it backing away slowly. 'See you Friday.' I waved smiling too her crossing the street to my house.

I walked in the door and realized its wednesday only two days to prom. Great i thought sarcasticly. Should be fun.


I did the normal routine got out of bed showered dressed. Brushed teeth. Smoked the rest of my weed and headed to school. I walked the steps and either i was really high or everyone was staring at me. I walked to my locker and opened it. I kept hearong whispers from everyone it got aggrivating. Finally i slammed my locker shut and tapped my locker neighbor on his shoulder. Eugene a short skinny nerd turned around and stared at me. I put on the stern face. 'Hey are people staring at me?' I asked. He shrugged and looked around. 'Yeah i guess so.' He said and turned around again. I spun him around my way. 'Why? Is it because my eyes?' I asked. 'I dont know...and yeah your eyes are red. Why?' He asked. 'None of your business.' I said before walking down the hall. I saw everyone looking at me. I was extrenly confused and even more confused when Rita the school's very own bible thumping Jesus freak who once through holy water at me for listening to 'Satans Music' wrap her arms around me giving me a hug. 'Bless you.' She said before i pulled her away. 'Excuse me?' I asked. 'Your doing a good deed that Jesus wont forget.' She said smiling. 'Ok A. Fuck Jesus and B. What good deed?' I asked. 'Ignoring your first remark. And What good deed? Your taking Annabel to prom. Looking down on the less fourtunate and doing a good deed, charity work i say.' She said smiling. Thats when it hit me. Did everyone know i was taking her to prom. 'Ok first off fuck you...' and than i screamed. 'AND FUCK EVERYONE IF THEY THINK ME TAKING ANNA ADAMS TO PROM IS CHARITY WORK OR A GOOD DEED!' Everyone was quiet and i looked back to Rita. 'And im doin it cause i want to. Now beat it before i piss on your bible and trash your religion.' I said angrily as Rita walked away. The fuck is wrong is wrong with this school? I thought as i beat it to first period. The day kept on like it did. The stares, the whispers, the aggrivation. I couldnt take it. During my lunch break i went behind the school to meet my dealer. I got a 20 bag and when i went to pay when he stopped me. 'Dude its free if your taking the retard to prom youll need all the weed you can get.' He said laughing. I angrily snatched the bud and thew a 20 at him. I sat and smoked a bowl to relax when Steve turned the corncer.

'Hey,' he said. 'Whats up.' Replied. 'Nothin, you notice the stares?' He asked. 'And the whispers.' I added annoyed. 'Listen you dont have to do this. I can let her down easy for you.' He said quickly. I couldnt speak with smoke in my mouth but gave him an annoyed look. I blew out the smoke talkin. 'Relax, i want to take her. She deserves a night of fun and you deserve a night of relaxation.' I said matter-of-factly. 'Thanks man, I appreciate it.' Steve said giving me a warm smile.

We talked a bit more until the bell rang and it was final period for me. I walked to Mrs.Voorhees class and sat down in my chair not really paying attention. Today was a double which ment an hour and a half of my least favorite class. I was dozing in and out when the intercome sounded. 'Alex Anderson please come down to the deans office, will Alex Anderson please come to the deans office.' I sat up and grabbed my bag leaving the room of idiots chanting 'ohh' or 'he's in trouble.' I walked down the hallway and entered the deans office sitting down in my regular 'im in trouble chair' and waited for the dean to come in. After a few minutes the dean walked in and sat down with a smile on her face for once. 'So Alex I hear your taking Mrs.Annabel to prom.' She said ginning. 'And?' I asked. 'Well I could here the dear girl talking her head off about it in Mr.Hoffers class. I just wanted to say wether your doing it because you want to or not your doing a great thing.' As much as i appreciated it i didnt want to be in anyones good graces for it. Everyone thought i was doing it for the wrong reasons. 'Listen can i go back to class?' I asked. 'No you can leave early. We saw you smoking marijuana out back. But i figured suspending you would mean you couldnt go to prom. And that would break that poor girl. So leave today and come back on prom night. We'll call it a leave of absence. No harm, no foul.' The dean said smoothing out her dress and writing me a pass out of this hell. I grabbed it and muttered a thanks and made my way out of the school into the parking lot. I was surprised to see the school bus here so early. Oh wait, i thought. its the short bus.

I walked past it to see the kids getting on. Didnt really see anyone so I kept walking. 'Heyyy!' I turned around to see Annabel running towards me smiling wrapping her arms around. I looked around to see if anyone saw. Nope speds were getting on the bus and...shit the football monkeys in the field across the street saw. Eh, why did I give a fuck. I hugged her back as she pulled away. 'Where you goin?' I asked. She thought a minute as if she forgot and than she gasped and smiled. 'Home! Im h-heading home.' I chuckled a little. 'Me too.' I told her getting ready to walk away when she grabbed my shirt pulling me back. 'Can I w-walk with you?' She asked giving me her pouty face. I figured fuck it why not. So we started walking catching up and laughing. Anna hung onto me all the way. She even jumped on my back and demanded i Piggy Back her the rest of the way. I didnt complain. When she jumped on me and I had to hold onto her ass as we walked. Not that in complaining. I felt her soft ass through her skinny jeans. Cupping it softly. Sometimes letting my hands squeez her once in a while. But after a few minutes we came to our street. I walked her to her house watching her try to enter the door. 'O-OH NO!' She screamed and faced me again showing a broken key as her face was tearing it. 'Hey its not a big deal.' I said giving her a warm smile. 'B-but its c-c-cold and Steven wont be home f-f-f-f' she got like this sometimes when she would get frustrated and stutter even more than usual. I walked up and hugged her. 'Lets go to my house. You can warm up until Steve gets home.' She seemed to like that idea as she walked past me humming some weird tune and getting to my front door. I let us in and dropped my bag on the floor. No mom, no dad. Empty house to myself.

We walked into my living room and sat down on my sofa flilping on the tv. Anna sat down next to me and started to shiver. 'You ok?' I asked. 'C-c-cold.' She muttered. I didnt know why, I felt fine but I walked over to the other couch and grabbed the blanket tossing it to her. I sat back down next to her as she wrapped herself up smiling. Anna grabbed a pillow and put it n my lap as she laid down looking up at me. 'S-so are you exci-t-ted for prom? She asked me. 'Im getting the chance to take one of the prettiest girls in school.' I said smiling. 'So of course I am.' 'Yo-u are r-really ni-ce. You make me ha-happy.' She said a smile forming on her face. 'Glad I can make you happy.' I said to her. I kept noticing how tense she was. She seemed on edge. I had to ask what was going on. 'You okay? You seem a little stiff.' I asked. 'J-just need to relax. Sc-school sucks. H-home s-s-sucks. All i a-am to everyone is a pr-problem.' She said closing her eyes like it was nothing. 'No your not?' I said in a weird tone. 'Your not a problem. Your sweet.' I told her as she got up and rested her head on my shoulder. 'Sometimes, sometimes it s-sucks. I just dont fe-el good sometimes.' She said staring off into as if she was trying to get her head together. I dont know why I said it. I wasnt thinking but I blurted out. 'Id like to make you feel good.' I said before bugging my eyes out. I half expected her to leave but instead she got closer to me and asked 'how?' I put my arm around her pulling her closer with our lips inches apart. 'Just relax.' I whispered. Before lightly pressing my lips to hers. I kissed her for a few seconds before letting my hand caress her face. Anna gave little yelps on approval. I slipped my tongue into her mouth very slowly. Letting us explore each others mouths. I didnt know why i was taking it easy on her. I usually just try to get my rocks off and than do whatever. But she was different. I liked her. She deserved to feel good. I let my hand slowly slide up her skinny frame covered by a black tanktop. Her skin was pale but soft and warm. I took her in my arms as she broke the kiss and kissed down my neck slowly attatching herself to it. I let my hand go under her shirt. Letting it slide past her soft stomach and up to her bra covered b cup breasts as i cupped them and groped them lightly as she wimpered approval. I slid her black tank top up over her head drinking in her milky white body as she reached behind her back unclasping her bra. She didnt take it off but she lunged forward sinking her tongue back in my mouth. I let my hand roam up and snatch her bra off flinging it across the room. Her skin was icy cold. My hands felt numb touching her. As much as I wanted to continue the fun I didnt want the neighbors to ruin the fun by sneaking peeks through the window.

I felt around for her shirt and grabbed it not breaking the kiss. I wrapped my hands around her waist picking her up, she broke the kiss a little confused but didnt say anything. Instead she wrapped her legs around my waist as I walked to the hallway up the stairs into my room. It was a pretty bare room. Black walls, a few posters off bands, weed, famous quotes. A falt screen, a few dishes and dirty clothes around the room. I kicked the door closed behind me walking towards my bed I laid her gently down on the sheets. Kissing her neck as she gasped lightly. I let my hand slide up her stomach until I felt her soft breast in my hand. I thought maybe this was too much but I dismissed all thoughts when Anna moaned and pressed her chest firmy in my hand. I grabbed her tit pinching her nipple a little making her gasp. I kissed down her chest taking a nipple in my mouth biting lightly swirling my tongue around the nipple sucking lightly. 'I...I fe-feel funny.' She said quietly. I got a little alarmed and stopped what I was doing. 'Want me to stop?' I asked. 'N-no I just feel a li-little funny d-down there.' She said nodding down. I looked down and noticed she was rubbing her legs together. I smiled lightly remembering she was new to all of this. 'Just relax and Ill make the funny feeling feel really good.' I said sliding off the bed taking off her shoes and socks. She seemed confused but laid her head back on my bed and got comfortable. I kissed up her legs slowly taking my time, letting her enjoy what was happening. The higher I kissed the more her legs spread until I was kissing the inside of her thighs. I yanked her skirt up a little seeing her black panties contrast with her almost liquid paper white thighs. I leaned in and kissed her pussy covered panties making her gasp. I started to rub her clit under the panties making her moan and rub her cute little ass into my bed. I felt her panties get a little damp so I stuck my head up and pulled down her panties with my teeth watching her womanhood come into view. She was completly bare except for a littlw neatly trimmed black landing strip above her pussy. 'W-what are you gonna d-do?' She asked. I reolied by leaning forward and kissing her clit watching her cute eyes grow big. 'Show you a little appreciation for once in your life.' I replied as I went back to kissing her clit. Taking it in my mouth sucking lightly hearing her yelp and moan in approval. I let a finger slid up and down her wet slit before letting it slid into her making her moan very loudly. 'A-allexxxx' she moaned. I let it slide in an out of her. Her cute moans. Her hot tight pussy. God it made my dick ache. I gave a little sound of frustration as my Hard dick made contact with the side of the bed. 'Urgh.' I grunted letting the vibrations tickle her clit. She shot up. 'Are you okay?' Anna asked. 'Im fine just a little stiff.' I said joking. 'W-what where?' She asked again cute she didnt know what I was talking about. I stood up letting my hard dick strain against my pants. She stared for a minute before reaching out and touching my bulge. It felt good. 'Lemme s-show you some-something.' She said before her cute little hands unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down letting my dick tent in my black and red boxers. Her hands grabbed the waist of my boxers and pulled them down letting my cock bob free. I got on the bed and lied next to her. Kissing her, sliding my tongue in her mouth. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it even more when I felt her soft hand wrapped around my dick slowly squeezing it up and down. I was kind of surprised too. I broke the kiss and relaxed my head on the bed as Anna kissed my neck sending electric shocks up and down my spine. 'Let me show y-you something I-I learned.' She whispered into my ear as I saw her head lower to my lap and kiss the tip of my dick. I let out a sigh an got comfortable as Anna looked up at me, giggled, and opened her mouth sinking half way down on my cock.

It was pure heaven. She licked the underside of my dick taking it deeper and deeper. Im not the biggest man in the world im around 5.75 to like 6 yes i measure what dude hasnt? But im thicker than most. And I have to be honest. I always thought Anna was georgous, but she was drop dead beautiful with my dick in her mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down occasionally deep throating. She kept humming something, I didnt know what it was but it was sending vibrations to my cock. I didnt know how much longer I was going to last.

'A-Anna...Im...I think...' thats all I got out before she took my dick out of her mouth and started to jerk it fast with lots of pressure. 'Do it.' Was all she said as I felt my cock touch the soft skin between her tits as she pumped faster and faster. I felt my balls tighten and the cum rushing up my shaft.

'OHHH ANNA!!!' I moaned before I shot load after hot sticky load onto her creamy chest and tits. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. I felt her lay down next to me and laid her head on my chest.

'I r-really liked th-that' Anna said giggling. 'I did too.' I said smiling. We didnt have time to rest because my phone rang. I looked at it and reality kicked in. 'Fuck its Steve.' I told her as her eyes widened. I gave her the hush signal as I put the phone on loud speaker. 'Yo bro whats up?' I asked him. 'Hey do you know where Anna is? Theres something jamming the front door and shes not in the house?' He said kinda panicky. I looked over to See Anna putting her shirt on and looking around the room for a second before shrugging and walking over towards me. 'Uh yeah she broke her key off in the lock so she came to my house till you got home. Shes leaving now.' 'Okay man thanks for looking out. See ya,' I hung up the phone as Anna walked over and kissed me deeply. 'S-see ya around.' She said before walking out of my room as heard the front door slam shut.

I laid there on my bed for a minute thinking about what just happened. Was I wrong? Was I right? Did I feel anything? Did I love her? I dont know. I didnt care. I got off my bed and went downstairs to fix a salad or something, but when I passed the living room I saw something out of the corner of my eye. In the corner of my room was Anna's bra. I walked over and picked it up feeling the fabric in my hand. I ended up going upstairs and putting it in my room.

I didnt see Anna until Prom. I kept myself busy. I bought a blood red suit and attatched chains to the pockets. Hell If I was going to prom I was going go do it my way. After reasoning with my dad to let me take the car I walked across the street and knocked on the door. Not a minute to late. I knocked and heard all the voices inside I was expecting it to be awkward. But the door opened and I was greeted by Mr and Mrs.Adams patting me on the back kissing my cheek and shaking my hand. They led me to the living room and sat down on the couch to See Steve walking towards the front door.

'Dude what gives, where you going?' I asked. 'I got a date tonight with Nancy.' He said smiling and waving as he left. He deserved a night to relax. 'Well I hope you two have fun tonight!' Mrs.Adams said with a wide smile. 'Now now dear calm down dont frighten the boy. Alex our Annabel is so happy to be going to prom with you. Its all she talks about. God shes upstairs right now finishing her hair.' He said chuckling. 'UGHHH!' We heard from upstairs. 'Honey will you go help her?' He asked as Mrs.Adams excused herself to go help Anna. 'Now Alex.' Mr.Adams began. 'This is a big night for not only Annabel but for us as well. Im sure Steven told you.' 'Yeah he did. And I want you to know im doing this because I want to. Not as a favor to anyone.' I said trying to make that point perfectly clear. 'Your a good kid. I always knew that. Just make sure she has a good time. The dance is over at 12 so try to bring her back before we wake up.' He said chuckling. Was he hinting towards something? I was opening my mouth to speak but from upstairs Mrs.Adams yelled. 'Alex, Get READDDDYYY!!!'

I stood up and waited at the end of the stairs as i heard the clicking of high heels. Anna appeared and walked down the stairs. 'W-what do you th-think?' She asked spinning around. She was breath taking. Skinny black dress with one strap on it. Dark eye liner, her hair up. God she was beautiful.

'You look amazing.' I told her wrapping my arms around her hugging her tightly. I saw a flash and two smiling parents holding a camera. 'For memories.' Mr.Adams said. After they hugged their daughter we left and got in the car. 'Im s-so exc-excited I C-c-ca..' I kissed her lightly on the lips for a second. 'I cant wait either.' I said smiling and pulling out of my dads driveway.

We drove to school listening to Dookie and singing along. Anna couldnt keep still. She just kept counting out what she wanted to do. 'First we'll d-dance, And then take ph-ph-photos, And then dance, And then ill show you to my fri-fr-friends, especially the people who la-la-laugh at me.' She said that last part kind of quiet. 'People laugh at you?' I asked. 'Mhmm.' She nodded biting her lower lip. 'Who?' I asked. 'J-Jenny Cooper...Chip H-hardly and T-trent Butmen.' She said. 'I'll remember that.' I said quietly. We pulled into Greenview High and Security pointed us towards parking. We got out and walked towards the gym entrance and I turned to her. 'Hey Anna, want to do me a favor?' I asked her. Her eyes lit up excitedly. 'Anyth-thing.' She said. 'Go to the DJ and request Smells Like Teen Spirit.' I said smiling. She said ok and walked away saying the song over and over again. I walked up to one of the kids smoking a cigarett on the grass near the gym.

'Hey do you know where Trent is or Chip?' I asked. 'Why?' He asked. I stepped towards him getting serious. 'Where are they?' I asked. He looked at me for a moment and flicked his cigarett. 'Not my fight. Trent and Chip went to the football field to smoke or some shit.' I walked by him and hopped the fence to the field. They werent hard to find just look for the small glowing ember and the smell of weed. I walked up thinking I might get my ass kicked but fuck it its worth a shot.

I walked behind the bleachers where they were. 'Dude dont hog it all!' I heard one voice. I couldnt make out there faces so I just stood behind them. 'Trent? Chip?' The turned around. 'Yo?' One said. Thats All I needed. I cocked my leg back and sunk it into one of there heads. One of them got up and I grabbed him by his neck pushing him against the bleacher and sinking my fist into his face. He fell too. The other guy was going to get up but I kicked him in his ribs making him roll on the floor. 'You like making fun of disabled people?' I asked. I turned around and sank my fist into the other kneeling kids jaw. 'What are you talking about man?' One kid asked. I kick them both in the sides as hard as I could getting out of breath. 'Next time I hear you two poking fun at tracking you two down...and this happening again.' I said slowly turning around and walking back to the dance.

I couldn find Anna but after a few minutes I found her wondering around worried. She wrapped her arms around me and yelled loudly 'I th-thought y-y-you left.' I squeezed her tight swaying as the music slowed. 'I'd never leave.' I pulled away to show the specks on blood on my knuckles. 'I just wanted them to stop making fun of you.' I told her. She looked down for a second and pushed into me hugging me tightly. We danced for a couple songs and than she showed me off to her friends. I showed her off to a few of mine. Why wouldnt I? I wasnt ashamed.

It was getting towards the end of prom and I was sitting and thinking as Anna was using the bathroom. 'What could make this night even more perfect for her?' I thought out loud. My eyes widened as I thought of something great. I walked behind the DJ booth and out the door into the school hallway. God school was kinda creepy at night. There was a door open with a light on at the end of the hallway. I walked down the hallway hearing the voices. 'Come on we need to count these votes.' One voice said. 'Yeah I know It seems Jenny Cooper's going to win.' Not if I can help it I thought.

I walked through the door and saw two nerds no doubt on the prom councel or some shit like that. One was short and had long black hair. The other was tall with orange hair. Both nerdy looking guys. They shot up and nearly shit their pants when they saw me.

'What are you doing here!' One of them yelled. 'Dont make me get the dean!' The other one cried. 'Easy im not here to fight.' I told them in a slow voice. 'Than what are you here for?' They both asked in unison. I sighed opening up my wallet taking out all my cash. 164 dollars. I handed it to them. 'Annabel Lee Adams wins prom queen.' I said. They looked confused than smiled smugly. 'Ahh a bribe...its going to take more than money to win us over.' One nerd said. 'What else you got.' The other one asked. 'I opned up my wallet and tipped it down. Lint, a bus pass, and a card for a hemp shop fell out. 'Nothing see.' I said giving it one more shake and to my dispear my two Green Day tickets fell on the floor. Before I could grab them the fucking geeks did first. 'Green Day....Front Row....May 17th.' Each nerd was reading each ticket. Before I could protest they waved their arms at me. 'You'll get what you want. But we cant garuntee you'll be prom king.' One nerd said as I walked out the door. 'Fuck if I care.' I replied walking back into the gym. I was pissed I lost my tickets but I guess it was worth it. Ugh bummer. I said smashing my head off the wall one time for good measure.

'Okay ladies and gentilmen it is now time to announce our Prom King and Queen!!!' The DJ announced as everyone cheered. I found Annabel sitting at our table she had a big smile on her face. The dean came out on stage with a envelope in her hand. 'Runner up Prom King is....' she looked down. 'Billy Loomis!!!' A tall kid with brown hair walked out on stage smiling and waving. 'And Runner up Prom Queen is...' 'Jenny Cooper!!!' 'And now the moment we've all been waiting for. 'Your 2013 Prom King And Queen is.....Randy Meeks!!! And Annabel Adams!!!' Everyone was shocked but clapped anyway. Annabel jumped up and hugged me tight squealing she was so happy. And the look on Jennys face....pricless.

Anna ran up and got the crown and flowers and Randy and her danced awkwardly. After that Annabel ran up to me and jumped into my arms. 'Ton-tonight w-was the best night e-ever.' We walked outside to get some air. 'Im glad your having fun tonight.' I told her with a warm smile. 'This ni-night is Almo-almost perfect.' She said leaning into me. 'Almost perfect?' I asked. 'How could it be perfect?' I asked. To which she hugged me tight and whispered into my ear. 'Take me t-to your room.' And she kissed me on the cheek.

I was shocked at first and then smiled as I bent down a little and kissed her deeply. I didnt care who see's. I wanted to be with this girl. We walked back to the car and started it. I wanted to get home as soon as I could. Just because I was driving that didnt stop Annabel from going over and kiss my neck or rub her hand on my thigh. Where did she learn this stuff? We got into my drive way and raced into the house as fast as we could.

My folks were asleep so we moved silently up the stairs and entered my room. We were still until I closed the door. Anna jumped on me and started kissing my neck. I picked her up and guided her onto my bed laying her down gently. I go ontop of her and bent down sliding my tongue into her mouth. I rolled back letting her be on top. Annabel moaned sweetly into my mouth which was music to my ears. She broke the kiss and stood up on my bed reaching back and letting her hair loose. She looked really fucking hot. She took her arm out of the dress and shook it down kicking it off the bed. She was standing before me in only black panties. Nothing else. She got back on top of me. I wanted to kiss her more but I wanted to get into it. I pushed her ass up until her pussy was an inch away of my face. I grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside showing my her wet pussy. I patted her ass until she was over my face. I slithered my tongue out licking up and down the slit slowly. She sighed lightly and grinded her hips in my face. I lick up and took the clit into my mouth, sucking gently. I loved it, and I could tell she wanted more. So I licked down and shoved my tongue into her. 'Ugh A-Alex' she moaned softly. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her down harder into my face. She leaned back resting her arms on my legs. I reached up and found her clit rubbing it fast back and forth. She was so damn wet and hot and she wanted more.

'A-alex I feel F-funny.' She said grabbing her tits. I smiled and closed my eyes licking back up to the clit sucking lightly and shoving one finger into her. 'Oh-Oh God.' She cried I finger fucked her harder and fast and she reached down and grabbed my head. 'Alex!!!' Was all she said as she let go of my head and her pussy clamped down on my tongue, and she fell back on bed. I took my tongue out and laughed a little.

'T-that was T-T-That was...' Annabel just kept repeating. Before I could say anything, She sat and unbuttoned my pants. I got kind of concerned there. 'Anna, are you sure?' I asked. 'T-trust me. I want to-oo.' She slid off my pants and my hard dick sprang up in my boxers. 'An-d I see you wa-want to, too.' She said smiling. I hated to admit it but I did want to. I pulled down my boxers and it sprang up hard as hell. She giggled as she hovered over it. 'Go slow.' I said as show lowered herself onto it. I felt my dick touch her wet pussy, pure pleasure. She lowered a little bit and my head popped into her hot tight pussy. 'Ugh' I grunted shensighed sweetly. She stopped a minute to get use to my size. After a minute I asked 'ready?' She nodded as I grabbed her hand lightly holding it as Inch after inch of my dick entered her after 2 more inches I hit her cherry. I was going to pop her cherry! I realized to myself. She must really like me. I said smiling. She lowered a bit more and my dick broke through her and she squeezed my hand tight grunting. 'Are you okay?' I asked almost getting up but she put her hand on my chest and stopped me. 'D-dont move.' She said as we sat there for a while. After a few minutes she let up on my hand and sank lower. After a few slow seconds she made contact with my pelvis. We both let out a long sigh as she started to slowly go up and down. I let her get use to me inside her and after a while I guess the pain stopped and she started moaning a little. She started to go faster up and down on my hard stiff dick until her ass was smacking with my pelvis. Feeling her hot tight pussy on my dick was the best feeling in the world. I grabbed her by her hips and pumped up a little bit making her moan loudly. I couldnt help myself I started to thrust into her hard and fast feeling her pussy heat up. 'G-go f-faster.' She cried so I slammed into her and gave her all I had. She came down ontop of me shoving her tongue into my mouth as I hammered into her. After the last few thrusts she moaned loudly. 'I f-feel it again!' She said as she started to shake and her tight cunt clamped down on my dick. I was so close to cumming as I hammered into her. When she stopped I told her. 'Im gunna fucking shoot in a second.' She got off of me and in a quick second she had my dick all the way in my mouth. I thrusted up into her throat. After a few thrust I moaned and shot load after hot sticky load into her hot throat. She swallowed all of it. I was spent tired and sweaty as she crawled up to me and kissed me on the cheek. 'I l-loved i-it.' She said smiling. I grabbed her and held her tight as she and I passed out in my bed not caring what would happen next.

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