My Life story of sex Saga (bestiality, anal sex)

Michael's sex story
When I was a (blank) my oldest memory is of porn magazines I found in the bathroom covered where my father had hid them. There was an occasional playboy but mainly hustler with about 25% gallery. I remember all I was concerned with was the boobs nothing else I didn't understand why the women had nothing but hair between their legs.

This went on for some time him occasionally catching me and getting very angry. Some time later I remember being in the basement of my mother's house and my mother was yelling down the stairs for me to get in the bathtub. I didn't want to and I thought I had time so I looked at my Stu stepsisters not fully understanding what it meant and said lets have sex. Able lasted me in shock and said you don't have time for that and I don't think you know what you're talking about. Henry bottle I insisted I did and we had time and I wanted to. after being denied and the threat of my mother coming downstairs and I took my bath and forgot about the whole thing until a couple weeks later my younger step sister ask me to follow her to the back room while my parents were gone went inside the room she laid me on the bed and put my hands in her shirt under her breast and let me play with them for so very long time while she put her hands in my pants I couldn't understand why my penis was hard but it was and it made me very tingly at times when she would touch it in ways. I wasn't stupid just uninformed. truth be told I didn't really want to do it but I thought that's what we we're supposed to do so I went with it. Over time it slowly stopped and it just didn't happen anymore. after a couple years I had discovered masturbating and frequently made trips to the bathroom to do so. my favorite was the basement bathroom because the laundry was done there. I had my choice of multiple pairs of bras and panties from my sisters my mother they were all very sexy looking and smelt amazing. After that I remember one time I was playing with my brothers and I was trying to sneak up on my sister who had done things with me to scare her when I cracked open her door to her bedroom and hit by her dresser. Not realizing I had came in on account of her headphones playing music I watched her shirtless play with her breasts tweaking the nipples and sliding her pants down along with her panties and spreading and inserting her fingers into her pussy with bits of hair starting to grow on it along with a hairbrush handle up her ass. I watched for a very long time as she squirmed and moaned unaware of me and the room until she clenched up and squealed coming leaving her out of breath. then collapsed on her bed. she then turned her head and locked eyes with me. in an instant rage she yelled what the fuck you little perv and chased me out of her room slamming the door. Then the first I ever dabbled into bestiality was on my mothers laptop when she was sleeping. I remember seeing horses on a ranch the day before. They were constantly lifting their tails and switching them. I love the sight of their ass and pussy. I had no idea animals could be sexy. even when they would relieve themselves it made me hard because I could imagine but it would do that with my cock inside of it. so that night on the computer I started looking up horse vagina pictures. I didn't find many but what I did find I loved and I printed. I saved them under my mattress and masturbated to them frequently. Soon after I started getting paranoid what if someone would find them so I got them wet squeeze them into a little ball and bury them in a neighbor's backyard. keep in mind I was (blank). Towards the end of the year I was finishing the (blank) and beginning my summer where I would spend it with my father on his ranch.

While there I started noticing many other animals, pigs, cows, sheep, dogs, chickens and of course horses.

Lucky for me one of the cows was not claiming it's Calf so I was givin responsibility to feed it mild twice a day for months. It grew vary fast and I was now (blank) so naturally my curiosity kept building to the point I started letting the calf suck on my penis until I would come in its throat. But even the blowjobs made me want more. I began sodomizing and molesting its backholes while I masturbated even using the pussy juice from my hand to lube my cock.

Until one day I was home alone that evening and it was just light enough I could see everything perfectly but not straight daylight I stole one of my father's condoms with my heart racing hurried along to feed the calf. But once I entered the shed I dumped the milk out and pulled the calf down onto its side it was weak being a smaller calf then most its age. It continuously struggled to get back up so I laid on top of it with my now shirtless chest heart racing so hard I thought I was going to throw up and pass out. I then molested its it's little asshole feeling the immense heat on my finger and its anus clenching like a vice grip around it. By then unzip my pants and let my hard cock rub its fur and around its holes and tail then struggling at first shoved my fingers into its pussy 1 at first and with great effort managing the second one its pussy being harder to get into and way tighter than its ass.

At this point I was getting overly horny and shoved the head of my cock against its little ass hole only managing to get the first half of my penis head in on account of it being dry so I spit on my hand too wetten my cock. Then again thrusting so hard I could feel things pull inside me feeling it go slowly in feeling the heat hitting me like a furnace until it finally was all the way in. Then I laid upon the cast side rubbing my face against its fur and yanking its tail towards its head with my other hand while my left hand played with his pussy. I was finally not a virgin! In the bestiality since at least and neither was the CAF for that matter. continued pumping for along time with each new surest feeling it spiral on my shaft and clamp tighter and tighter almost milking my cock until I grabbed it hair and pulled myself up further wrapped my arms around its neck and shelved until I couldn't possibly have any deeper until I came so hard I trembled me and the cast anus cleansing with each spurt of semen I ejaculated into its bowels.

Once I had finished coming and jerking into its rectum I yanked out and rammed into it wet pussy cousin my orgasm to continue instantly but so hard I lost control of my body and laid there over the calf balls deep cock vibrating and ejaculating coating the walls of its pussy. when I was shoving into the pussy I hit a type wall almost impenetrable I believe now was a time in because as I grasp and thrust myself and so hard to the point I thought I was going to break my cock it finally gave way as I could feel a hole open to more of a tunnel. It felt so good it was like a continuous pleasure sensation or orgasm that lasted as long as I slept its tight pussy. I didn't want to stop ever I kept going and going and going until I could hardly walk from the energy I had lost I've probably pleasured myself back and forth between holes for an hour and a half. then unable to continue I pulled out zipped up my pants grab the bottle and left of the calf was rolling to stand up I checked myself over grab the milk bottle and walk to the house to take a bath. After that I went a long time doing nothing sexual other than masturbating that and deviancy.

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