Throwing A Bet (anal sex, gay)

Mick's sex story
I nervously walked up to this small orange house. The paint was old, and chipping. The blinds in the windows were in tangles. I wasn't sure I was at the right house so I checked my cell phone to make sure. The text from Josh said 312 Ohio Street, so I was definitely at the right house as the house number read 312. My arm and hand were shaking I reached up and knocked on the hard wood door.

I was extremely nervous for two reasons : first, I was there to buy some marijuana. I had never purchased any before, and I was very scared to say the least. I was worried that I would be stopped by police and they would find it. Secondly, I had crush on Josh, who was selling me the 'candy' (as we called it). He was about 5' 11', he had short dirty blond hair, he was well built. He was not huge like a body builder, but about average. He weighed about one-forty. I, was about 6'1', I had long curly black hair, and a large frame. I weighed around one-ninety five. I had a few more pounds than I would like, but I lived with it anyways. I was bisexual, but I preferred women, although sometimes a guy caught my eye. I had given a few blowjobs, but never taken it in the ass. I was sixteen and Josh was seventeen. We had only met two weeks prior at a house party of a mutual friend. The mutual friend, Alan, had bought some weed from Josh and the three of us smoked and talked. I immediately developed a crush on Josh. I got his number, and told him I'd text him for some more weed soon.

When I finally worked up the courage to text him ten days later and ask if he could sell me some pot, he told me to meet him on the upcoming Saturday. I lived Greenwood, Missouri about twenty minutes from where he lived which was in Raytown. He texted me the directions that Saturday morning. I woke feeling energized and anxious. I wanted to make a good impression. I didn't know if I was going to meet quickly then go, or stay and hang out. Not knowing If we were going to fuck or not, I cleaned my asshole thoroughly. When I got out of the shower I put on deodorant, brushed my teeth, combed my hair. It then hit me that I didn't know if Josh was gay, bi, or straight. I felt ridiculous, and embarrassed and almost didn't go, but I didn't want to make a bad first impression, so I left my home around noon. One of my friends, Dave, and my brother, Brandon, accompanied me to Raytown was giving them a ride so they could skateboard in the city, and I had told them I was going to go see a friend and hangout. After I dropped them off, I started to drive to 312 Ohio Street.
Josh answered the door, and looked around. He waved me inside, and I strolled in. The outside gave the impression that it was a filthy, poorly-kept home. The inside really surprised me. Everything was so neat and tidy, things looked new. He lead me into his room, which as soon as you opened the front door was directly to your right. I walked in and there was a bed in front of me, and to the left of that there was a love-seat that was parallel to the bed, and in front of the love-seat, a glass coffee table that had a laptop on it, an xBox 360. A flat screen television was mounted on the wall facing the table and love-sear. Josh spoke up and said, 'Yo, man here is your stuff.' He handed me the bag of weed. I reached in my back right pocket, fished out my wallet and handed over fifty bucks. We made the exchange, I shook his hand and said, 'Thanks bro, Is this shit any good?'

'Hell yeah man its medicinal. Wanna smoke some right now?'

'Yeah, sounds good. You have a pipe?'

He flashed a black pipe and I handed over the bag of weed.

Ten minutes later I was stoned and so was he. I was pondering on leaving when he asked, ' Eric, wanna play a couple matches in Black Ops?'

I replied, ironically, ' Hell yeah, prepare to get your ass fucked!'

'What the fuck ever dude! I'm the best at this, and there no way I'm going to lose.'

'Oh yeah? You talk a pretty big game but can you deliver?'

'You'll find out soon enough, pussy.'

'Okay, well if you're so confident you're going to win, you wanna make this interesting?' I was hoping this would lead on to something more, but I'd be happy if I walked out with as much money as I walked in with.

'Alright, I'll bite. What do you have in mind?'

'I win best of nine matches, I get my money back. You win best out of nine, well.....'

'You have to suck my cock, and give me the rest of the weed.' interrupted Josh. I cheered in my mind at the thought of sucking on his, hopefully, fat cock. Giving back the weed was a small price to pay to see his dick.

'What the fuck dude?!?'

'Yeah. A blowjob is a blowjob, besides I heard that you were bi anyways. Also, that weed is fucking terrific.'

'Yeah, well fuck what you heard. I aint bisexual, and I aint sucking your dick.' I was lying through my teeth, and I'm sure Josh saw right through me.

'Alright, you had better win this little bet then,' he snickered.

'Fine. I'll win, don't worry you little asshole.' I tried to laugh it off. I didn't want him to know that I was going to try to lose this bet.

I, reluctantly, won the first two matches, and he won the next three. I won one, lost then won again. We arrived at the final match. I was anxious to get this over with and suck that cock I had been dreaming about. I took a hit of the pipe and looked at the screen. Nuketown, the smallest map on the game. I looked over at Josh and said, 'Prepare to hand over that cash, loser!'

'Not in your fuckin' dreams, man.'

The match started with me getting four kills in-a-row. He countered with a 6 killstreak of his own. From there the match was about even. At the end of the game, I was sitting at twenty-eight kills, and he was sitting at twenty-six. I knew I had to lose, because I didn't know when I could get this guy to want me. I glanced at his cock, and it looked to be four or five inches through his sweatpants. I hoped that it was flaccid and not hard. My own dick started to get hard. I looked up and I immediately was killed. 28-27. I got
the next kill and made it 29-27.

'Fucking A dude! You were screen-cheating!' yelled Josh.

'Nah, fuck that. Admit it, I'm better than you!'

A tomahawk met my player and the score was 29-28. Josh excitedly screamed, 'READY TO SUCK SOME DICK?'

'Fuck you dude, this next kill is mine,' I lied.

'Oh yeah? Tell what this is then!' He exclaimed as his player gunned down my own. 29-29.

'You're not really going to make me suck your... dick, are you?' I muttered. I was trying to play this as cool as I could.

'You bet that sweet ass I am.'

In the game, we both wasted all of our ammo, and all we had left where our grenades. I threw a semtex and it stuck him, but he quickly fired another tomahawk my direction. His hit me, and I died instantly. I lost our bet, and almost couldn't control my emotions. I was too happy to describe.

'FUCK YES! WEED AND A BLOW JOB!' he kept yelling that over and over in my face. I was secretly elated, but I made sure that I looked like I wanted to leave right there.

'Dude, c'mon. I would have you let keep the fifty dollars.'

'Guess who doesn't give a shit?'

'Fuck. Dude can you get a rain-check on this? I've got to get going.'

'Nope. Right now. You lost, and now you must suck me off.'

'What the fuck ever. Let's just get this over with then.' I was so overjoyed.

'Alright, you probably know what to do.'

I got into the kneeling position, and pulled down his sweatpants. His rock-hard 7-inch member smacked my cheek. I looked at the magnificent cock and grabbed it with my right hand. I slowly pumped it up and down. 'Put you're mouth around the fuckin' thing.' said Josh.

I ignored him and pumped it a bit faster. I finally got a great look at his meat. It was close to seven inches long, and about two to three inches thick. It had veins all along the side of it, and he had recently shaved his pubes. In pure lust, I engulfed the head of his dick. I made sure my teeth didn't scrape his cock. I bobbed up and down on his prick. I could only fit a little more than half on his dick in my mouth. He moaned when I pushed my head farther down on the swollen cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it all the way into my mouth. I started to gag, and he let me get adjusted to the girth of his dick. My nose was touching the skin above his dick. He then started to fuck my face, and I was loving every minute of it. I tasted his sweet pre-cum, and tried to suck as much as I could from his piss hole. All I could hear was our moaning and the smack-smack-smack of his dick and my mouth meeting every second. 'Oh fuck I'm getting close, dude.' I just moaned. I felt his dick getting bigger and he stopped holding my head. I then put my mouth as far down as I could and he shot his seed into my mouth. He screamed is pure pleasure as all four cum shots hit my throat. Some escaped the warm confines of my mouth. I lapped up the remaining cum on his dick.
'You fuckin' enjoyed that I can tell.'
'So I lied about being Bi-'
'Yeah I know,' he snorted.
There was a minute pause as his cock deflated. I was still rock hard however, when I spoke. ' I want you to fuck me,' I whispered.
'What? Say that a bit louder, I didn't hear.' He was sincere, as he really didn't hear me.
'Fuck my ass, Josh. I want you to fuck me with that fat cock you have! I need you inside me!' I screamed.
'Grab a condom by the window.' I grabbed a condom, and he walked out of the room. I very quickly threw off my shirt, and undid the button on my jeans and pulled everything off.He walked back in fully naked with tube of K-Y Jelly. He sat down on the love seat and said, 'Get over here and suck my cock.'
I walked over and grabbed his dick and put my mouth around the flaccid member. It grew quickly as I bobbed up and down the hardening prick. I hear him rip the condom packaging and he then said, 'Put this on my dick. And hurry, because that ass is calling my name.' He handed me the condom and I rolled it onto his dick. He then grabbed my hips and turned me over. He grabbed the K-Y jelly and smeared a generous amount in my asshole. He put his index and ring fingers to loosen me up and get my ass well-lubricated. I shivered at the coldness of the lube when Josh said, 'I hope your asshole is clean, because I'm not having it with this condom.' He tore the condom off and squeezed the tube of jelly in his palm. He rubbed the lube onto his dick. I put my arms on the love-seat arms, and wiggled my ass into the air He then positioned his cock-head at my entrance.
'You sure you want this?'
'I want your cock inside my ass NOW!' I yelled passionately
He grabbed my hips for leverage, and thrust his throbbing cock past my most private hole. I moaned loudly as a mixture of pain and pleasure. His seven inch dick was spreading my asshole wide. He pushed on slowly not wanting to hurt me. Soon his whole dick was deep inside my bowels. I never felt so full in my life. We waited just a couple of minutes when he then asked, 'You ready?' I just moaned as he pulled his cock back and thrust back in very quickly. I cried out, just in pure pleasure now. He picked up the pace and his balls kept slapping my inner thighs. He moaned and smacked my ass. 'Oh shit, spank my ass! This ass is yours, now take it!'
'This will always be my ass. Don't fucking forget it!'
I was close to cumming, and as soon as I grabbed my six inch dick, it erupted. I sprayed cum all over the love-seat. I moaned loudly as Josh kept ramming into my now no-longer virgin asshole. He slowed his pace and pulled out.
'Get up,' he commanded. I stood up, and he sat down still fully erect.
'Sit on my dick, and ride it.' I needed no encouragement, and I stood on the love-seat, knelt and grabbed his cock and positioned it and slammed down on his dick. We both moaned, and I withered in pleasure. I slowly picked my self up and impaled my self once again on his cock. I began to get a rhythm going and soon I was bouncing up and down on his cock. I put my arms around his neck, exactly like middle schoolers do when they slow dance. His gaze met mine, and we passionately kissed. I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to explore it. I started to moan into his mouth and he grabbed my hips and started to thrust into me. For a minute my arms where around his neck, we were kissing fiercely, and he was thrusting into me as fast as he could. I tried to match his thrusts, and I was ready for him to cum in my ass.
He broke the kiss and said 'Oh fuck baby, I'm getting close.'
'Cum in my ass. I want you to fill me up.'
Just a few seconds later I heard, 'OH MY GOD ERIC I'M CUMMING!' Josh screamed as he thrust into me one last time. I felt his cum shoot into my bowels, and that alone made me cum too. I shot my sticky load all over his tight stomach and we kissed one more time. His dick went limp inside me, and our sweaty bodies didn't move as we came down from our orgasmic high.
A few minutes later I hopped off his dick. I started to reach for my underwear, when Josh stopped me, and said, 'No, lets get some sleep.' We crawled into his bed, exhausted. I lied down with my ass pressing against his cock, and fell asleep with him.

I woke up at four, and slid out of bed without waking Josh. I put my clothes back on, when Josh woke back up. He jumped out of bed, and said, 'Alright text me when you need some more weed dude.' Not caring that he won the bet, he tossed the weed to me.
'Come back soon, pal.' said Josh. I looked at him smiled, winked and said,
'Text me if you need that cock taken care of.'
I walked out of the small house, feeling great. My ass was sore and I reeked of sweat and sex. I hoped to air out while driving to get my brother and my friend. I pulled out of the driveway, and drove to the stop sign at the end of the block. While waiting on traffic I received a text, and it read, ' Hey, we're still skating. Come get us at six or so.' It was from Brandon. I sighed and drove to the nearest fast food restaurant.
I sat down with my food and while eating I received another text. I expected to be from my parents or my brother telling me to get home or pick them up. It was from Josh, I excitedly opened the message and it read, 'Have a problem, its long and hard. Need help and relief ASAP ;).' I smiled and quickly left not even finishing my food.

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