Vacation in Asia (animal sex, beast)

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An adventurous vacation in Asia. That was the stake of a big contest on television. Adventurous. That meant the winners got one ticket to their destination. Once they were there, they were on their own.

But that was not what was in Steve's mind. He admired the tiger's cock and hoped the animal was aroused enough for the next faze. Quickly he pulled out his short and exposed his fully erected cock. He spit on it and rubbed it all over. Steve took a deep breath and crossed his fingers. He crawled across the tiger's body until he faced its jaws. Then he lowered his body and placed his cock underneath the tiger's tail. Gently he placed the tip of his cock, with his hand, at the tiger's arse.

The television station had given each of them some credit cards, which they could use at random. The luggage each of them could carry was also limited. So was the money.

The station had assembled a crew at the airport, to broadcast the winners' departure. Millions of spectators were watching.

Steve Spanner was one of the winners of that contest. He was awarded a single trip to India. So off he went, to his first voyage abroad. He looked back one more time and boarded the plane.

This wasn't a real voyage to him. Steve had been a loner all his life. He was single and didn't have many friends. He had no job and his financial health had deteriorated since long. This voyage was his chance to start all over again. When the plane took off, a new life started.

The flight seemed to last forever. Impatiently Steve listened to the captain speaking. When the plane touched down, Steve had difficulties restraining himself.

Unfortunately, his luggage was lost. It simply never arrived. Luckily he still had his money and his credit cards. He would survive.

Outside the airport there were dozens of cabs. They were of all kinds and all sizes. Steve picked out one of them at random. Most of the cabs were beautifully painted. Not this one. It was a wreck. But Steve had picked this one and he was not about to back off. The cab was black and rusty. Only a wooden sign marked it as a taxi. Steve hoped the driver would speak English.

'Good day to you, sir. Where do you want to go?'

'Somewhere, I want to spend the night real cheap, you understand?'

'Understand it, sir. I will bring you to the cheapest hotel in town.'

It was very warm and moist that day. Sweat spread out on Steve's seat. He wasn't feeling very well. Partially because of the long trip, partially because of the change of climate.

The cabdriver was taking his time to bring Steve to the hotel. After an hour and a half of driving around the driver started a little conversation.

'Well sir, what brings you to this country. You don't seem like an ordinary tourist.'

'That's right. I won this contest back home. The jackpot was an adventurous trip to Asia. Just some money and we're on our own.'

'Oh! Now I remember. I saw you on TV. Nice to meet you, sir. I hope you will enjoy your stay.'

'They broadcasted it all the way here?'

'Oh, yes. We all watched it here. Now, where is your luggage? I noticed you weren't carrying any suitcase.'

'It was lost at the airport. The clothes that I'm wearing are all the clothes I have. But I also have thisÖ'

Steve showed the cabdriver his wallet. The sight of all those credit cards and the money made the driver loose his concentration for a second. He almost hit a cow, but managed to avoid it at the very last moment. Once focussed again, the cabdriver continued the conversation, but inside he saw dollar-symbols.

'So, mister Spanner, why don't you come to my place? My wife is a good cook and you can find real peace there. We also have fresh clothesÖ Don't worry, we also have western clothes. And besides, it's free. How about that?'

It sounded right to Steve. This would be his first step in his new life.

'I agree. I'm anxious to meet some of the locals here. What's your name?'

'Call me Alan. My real name is impossible to pronounce for you westerners.'

'Alright, Alan. Is it still far to your house?'

'Quite a bit, sir. I live near the outskirts of our town. Be patient, sir. We have all the time in the world.'

Right before sunset they arrived at Alan's place. It was a rather simple house, made of wood. There were kids and dogs running around the house. The atmosphere was a lot better than at the airport. A fat middle-aged woman came out and greeted Steve.

'Steve, this is my wife. She'll be cooking a nice meal for us. Please follow her in.'

Steve nodded and did as told. Alan saw his son passing by him. He stopped the boy and whispered something in his ear. When Alan was finished, the boy headed off as quickly as he had come.

Dinner was served soon after dark. No meat was served, since the hosts were vegetarians. Nevertheless it tasted quite well. Steve took three portions.

Steve was fat and happy. It had been a long time since he had eaten that well. Steve was tired and fatigue seemed to take over very quickly. He tried to resist it, but slowly his eyes closed.

'Well done, he's asleep. I do hope you gave him a sufficient doses. This is not going to be easy.'

'Of course I did, you moron. This is not my first time, you know.'

A man entered the room. He was tall, but younger than Alan.

'You send for me, brother?'

'Ah yes. You're right on time. My wife just sedated this westerner. I need you to help and strip him from his belongings. After that you can help me dump him in the jungle.'

Alan's brother looked confused at first, but then he understood what they were doing.

'But brother, that's a crime. We can't do this. He won't survive a day in the jungle. What if people start looking for this tourist?'

'Tourist? What tourist? Did you see any tourist around here?'

Alan grinned at his brother. His plan seemed to fit.

'Trust me on this one, brother. We'll be richer than anyone in this town.'

The discussion was finished. The two men dragged Steve onto the floor and started undressing him. Only his underwear they left. Then they rolled him up in a carpet and carried him outside. Steve was dumped in the trunk of the cab. Then they headed into the night.

Slowly Steve regained consciousness. He tried to open his eyes, but everything was dark. His arms were pressed against his body. He couldn't move a finger, nor could he remember what had happened. A terrible headache made it impossible for him to think.

His body was shook violently. Steve could feel the engine trembling, so he knew he was in a car. Slowly he began to recollect what had happened. He tried to scream, but no-one could hear him.

Suddenly the engine stopped. Steve heard doors open and shut. Then suddenly he was picked up. Completely helpless, Steve was carried into the night.

How much time the walk took, Steve did not know. He heard the men speak, but couldn't understand their language.

Then they stopped. Immediately the carpet was unwrapped and Steve fell down. He fell and fell and eventually hit ground. Then he rolled on down hill. Even though the carpet around him was gone, Steve still couldn't see where he was going. He hit rocks and trees as he rolled. Then suddenly he struck his head on a tree and fell unconscious.

A fog left his mind. All had happened so fast, he could barely grasp it. When he opened his eyes, the bright light blinded him. He closed them again and waited. Then he tried again. Slowly his eyes adjusted.

He noticed a silhouette right above him. Steve couldn't figure out what it was. The silhouette came closer and closer. Steve closed his eyes one more time and then opened them again. Now he recognised it. A white moustache hit his face and two cat-eyes looked at him. It was a tiger. The King of the Jungle.

Its coat was beautifully painted with black and red stripes. There was no single flaw to be seen. This animal was young and healthy and full of self-confidence. It had never seen a human before. The tiger was very curious and began investigating the little creature.

Meanwhile Steve was scared to death. This animal had the power to kill him in an instant. Steve tried to scream for help, but there was no one out there. Then he got up and tried to run.

The tiger had no problem keeping up with the human and pinned him to the ground within seconds. It didn't even need to uses its claws; its weight was enough to keep the man there.

Fearing for his life Steve tried to play dead. He barely dared to breath. But the tiger wasn't to be fooled by this old trick. Steve started to hear a loud purring. Then a rough tongue ran across his back. Then again, and again. Soon the tiger was licking back and forward across the Steve's exposed back.

Steve was so scared he wetted his pants. Knowing that there was no escape, Steve prayed the end would be short and painless.

But the young tiger continued licking. Relentlessly it massaged the human's shoulders until the skin got rough. Steve anticipated one last bite in the neck.

But nothing happened. When Steve looked up he saw the tiger standing right above him. And it was coming down. Soon the big cat's fur touched his back. A last attempt to get away from the tiger was countered by a paw that gently touched Steve's neck.

The tiger lay on top of Steve, who had to endorse more and more of its weight. Then suddenly the tiger began to run its hips back and forward. Something hard pressed against Steve's pants. It touched his back and then disappeared again. Then it struck again.

Steve figured the tiger was a male and that he would be its little toy. He wasn't too happy with the idea, but figured it was better than being eaten.

The tiger humped and purred at the same time. It pressed its cock deeper and deeper into the man's underpants, but couldn't penetrate. But that didn't mean the tiger wasn't enjoying what its was doing. It adjusted its body as it was coming closer to its height.

As the pressure from the tiger's weight lifted hot sperm rained down on Steve. He felt some of it hitting his hair and neck. The rest of it was spread across Steve's back and pants.

The tiger saw what was happening and purred as it saw its seed shooting underneath it. Patiently it waited for the last drop. Then it gently began to lick Steve who was just relieved he had survived the ordeal.

All afternoon both tiger and man had slept. Steve had planned to escape when the tiger fell asleep, but unfortunately the tiger had used him as a pillow to rest its head on. Therefore Steve had no choice but to follow its example.

By nightfall both of them were awake again. Steve had gathered some dry wood to start a fire and the tiger had brought in a fresh kill.

Still a bit cautious about the tiger, Steve kept his distance. But when he saw the tiger had brought some meat, he let go of his fear for a moment and decided it would be a good idea to cook for the tiger.

The animal watched with great interest as the human cut up its pray for an improvised barbeque. It showed even more interest when the human served to it its first hot meal. Happily they ate together under an open sky.

After dinner the tiger left Steve to mark its territory. Steve watched the tiger disappear into the darkness. Who would have thought he would have ended up with a tiger? Fear was no longer a problem. Steve had realised by now the tiger did not mean any harm to him and that it would not kill him.

Steve relaxed, but only for a short time. Before he knew it two familiar cat eyes were looking at him. And it was a familiar look. The tiger started purring again.

Obediently Steve rolled onto his belly and waited for the tiger to ride his back again. But the tiger had other plans this time. It stuck its nose underneath Steve and pushed him up again. Skilfully the tiger rolled Steve onto his back. The poor man had no clue of what was about to happen.

The tiger moved right above Steve and stood there with his rear end above Steve's head. The purring got louder and the tiger was already humping air.

Before Steve had time to respond, the tiger smacked its underbelly in his face. In the light of the still ongoing campfire, Steve saw the majestic rod glancing. Then it ran across his face several times, searching.

Finally the tiger found an entrance. The tiger's member breached Steve's lips and entered his mouth. Even though the tiger was now a friend, Steve didn't dare to challenge the animal. He decided to put a little confidence in their friendship and allowed the tiger to proceed.

When tiger had pushed the entire length of its cock inside and didn't feel any resistance to its act, confidently the humping started. A little swallow from the human encouraged the tiger to proceed.

Steve accepted the tiger's cock in his mouth and kept his teeth as far from it as possible since one painful bite could have nasty consequences for both tiger and human.

The big cock pushed in deep until it touched the back of his throat. Carefully Steve touched it with his tongue as it slowly withdrew from his mouth. Then it entered again, meeting some pleasuring resistance from the tongue. Both man and animal were enjoying this.

The hot liquid the tiger ejected didn't taste too bad. Happily Steve swallowed and swallowed as more of it entered his mouth. Satisfied he took every single drop of the tiger's semen.

When the tiger had finished Steve decided the time had come to reveal his real nature to the tiger. Since the tiger had not yet seen him fully naked, even though he was only wearing a boxer short, it could not be said for certain the tiger knew Steve was a male just like it. However, his secret was revealed much sooner. Immediately after the tiger had withdrawn from Steve's mouth, it started licking at his body. The big rough tongue got entangled with the fibber of Steve's underwear and pulled it down his legs.

Minutes went by as the tiger came face-to-face with the human's genitals. The long silence made Steve nervous. He feared an immediate amputation on his crotch. But it never happened the tiger started purring again and ran its tongue across the crotch, telling Steve it was all right.

Steve looked at the tiger. It was hard to tell who controlled whom, but that didn't matter for Steve. His attitude to the tiger had changed dramatically, since his first encounter. Steve had given his new mate satisfaction twice now. It felt right.

The time had come for Steve to take some initiative in their developing relationship. His tiger-friend was asleep. The big cat lay on its back with all four legs up in the air, thus exposing its chest, belly and crotch.

Gently Steve approached the tiger. He positioned himself right behind the tiger's rear. Avoiding the moving tail Steve got on his knees and gently lowered his head. Then he began licking the genitals.

The tiger awakened and saw what the human was doing. Enjoying the treatment it received, the tiger let the human proceed. When the tiger saw its own cock revealing it relaxed and prepared for an oncoming shower of its own sperm.

But that was not what was in Steve's mind. He admired the tiger's cock and hoped the animal was aroused enough for the next faze. Quickly he pulled out his short and exposed his fully erected cock. He spit on it and rubbed it all over. Steve took a deep breath and crossed his fingers.
He crawled across the tiger's body until he faced its jaws. Then he lowered his body and placed his cock underneath the tiger's tail. Gently he placed the tip of his cock, with his hand, at the tiger's arse. Steve pushed and slid inside.

Now the moment of truth had come. He looked at the tiger, right into its eyes. A silence fell and Steve anticipated all possibilities.

'If you take my head right now, I won't blame you.'

But the tiger didn't take his head. After a long silence the purring began, telling Steve it was OK.

Slowly at first Steve humped the tiger, who still was on its back. This wasn't just an act of pleasure; this was a bond being made. A relationship was being sealed as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. When Steve shot his load, he almost cried of happiness. His friend was breathing deeply as the animal received the human's semen.

Steve stayed in for a while until it was time to go. He backed off and turned around. He got on hands and knees and looked back at the tiger in anticipation.

'It's your turn now.'

Even though the tiger didn't speak the human language, it did know what Steve wanted. And the tiger wanted it most definitely. It got up and approached Steve from the rear. It stopped right aside Steve and began licking his face. Steve licked back.

The human carried the weight the tiger for a few seconds as it mounted him. Fur now covered most of his body. Steve braised himself for the big moment.

The tiger had no trouble whatsoever finding Steve's butt. Slowly the tip was place at the entrance and with one little push the tiger was in. It humped Steve's butt as if it had done this before. The tiger showed Steve why he was called The King of the Jungle. The man received a nice push-around in his arse. Steve loved every bit of it and surrendered to the big cat. At last cum was rushing through his guts as the tiger finally came. Both of them were very satisfied.

When the stream had finished, Steve knew he would never leave the tiger. He embraced the animal as soon as it was out. They played for a while there. And together they headed off, into the dense jungle, which was to be their home for the rest of their lives.

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