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Life was good and things came natural for Morgan, a small athletic four-teen year old girl from Georgia. She was growing up in a middle class family where she spent most of her time after school participating in ballet, dance and spending time with her girlfriends. Since it was summer time and she was on break from school she devoted most of her time to this. She had also taken a job looking after a neighbor’s house being that they had plenty of money and would be on vacation all summer. The hou

Six miles and an hour later she was back at home, tired and burnt out but feeling good about herself. It was time for a shower then she would go begin her duties at the neighbors so she began to strip in her bedroom. She didn’t bother to close her door seeing as no one was home, her parents at work, her older sister Emily at her own job by this time. She pulled the black spandex shorts down and kicked them to the side then reached for the sports bra and also pulled it over her head and off. Morgan then stood before her mirror and checked her body out; she was wet and sweaty from the run. Being small she was a delicate 4’8 and 105lbs even, her skin was pale to pair with her freckled face and complexion. Her hair was a light red and her eyes were crystal blue, her small framed body was beginning to develop well also. She had gorgeous 32C breasts with large pink nipples, her midsection toned and slim let to her natural mound covered with the light red hair. Her thighs and legs muscular and also toned well from all of her dancing, she looked at herself while turning around. Her butt was cute and poked out nicely, she faced the mirror and took her breasts into her hands jiggling and fondling them lightly.

Beginning to get aroused she took a few steps back and sat down on the bed, cupping her breasts then pinching her nipples. The feeling was making Morgan wet, she was a virgin, no boy had ever touched her and she didn’t masturbate often. She also had never had anything inside of her, no fingers or anything her dancing was more important to her. “Oh God I need to get off” she thought as she moved a hand down to her soft natural pussy. She was wet and ready as she began sliding her hand back and forth over her lips. Pulling her legs up and laying back she quickly found her clit and began to rub furiously as she pinched her nipples. Her body felt warm as she began to twitch and softly moan with her eyes closed. Her young pussy was soaking wet as she rubbed herself faster feeling her orgasm build up inside. As she worked her clit with one hand she sucked and licked the fingers of her other hand wetting them then going back to her breasts. She pinched and tugged on her hard pink nipples, her body tightened up and lifting her hips off of the bed as an orgasm hit. Her pussy contracted as she flooded her fingers and bed with girl juices, letting out a short scream of pleasure before she went limp.

“Oh My God that felt so good” Morgan thought to herself as she layed on her bed wet and glowing after her orgasm. Only a few minutes later she got up and began to get ready for her first day of looking after the neighbor’s house. She took a quick shower then proceeded to pick out her clothes for the day. She decided to wear a short pink skirt with a black tank top and decided not to bother with a bra or panties. She felt sexy without them and she thought to herself “I will be alone while I am there anyhow”. Morgan then packed a few things into her backpack for the day as well as a swim suit just in case. She recalled that the neighbors had told her to use the pool if she liked and make herself at home while doing the things needed.
Morgan made her way now down the street and to the neighbor’s house, she used the key they’d given her and let herself inside. Closing the door behind her and locking it she put her bag down and took her shoes off. She then went through the family room and into the kitchen where she found a note and an envelope on the counter. “Dear Morgan, thank you again for looking after our home while we are gone. Please make sure to water the plants, get the mail in and feed Domino as well as the other things we discussed before. Make yourself at home, swim, watch a movie, whatever you like. In the envelope you will find half of your pay as well as two-hundred dollars for anything needed in the house. Thanks!!”. Morgan put the letter down and picked up the envelope taking the money out and counting it. There was a total of twelve hundred dollars, they had paid her much more than what they agreed upon and left money for the house also.

Ecstatic she raced around the house smiling and doing everything she was supposed to do. After about an hour she was finished, being hot and a little tired Morgan decided she would go for a swim and relax. She walked out of the door and into the back yard with the plan to change in the pool house then realized she had forgotten to do one thing. There stood Domino, the black and white Great Dane, he was huge but a friendly dog she’d often played with before. “Hey there boy!! Are you hungry? I bet you are c’mon” she said as he walked up wagging his tail. She took him back inside with her and got his food from the cabinet also filling his water bowl up after placing his dish down. He immediately dove in as she smiled and headed back outside leaving the door cracked open. “Alright now I’m finished, time to relax” she said out loud to no one. She then started towards the pool house to change then stopped and thought to herself “why change? No one is here except me”. The backyard was fully fenced in and no one around could see anything that would be going on. With this Morgan walked to the pool side and simply pulled her skirt down and off then did the same with her tank top.

She then walked down to the deep in and got onto the diving board, her bare body exposed in the summer air. The sun felt good on her pale skin, as she bent down to touch her toes and stretch. She stood up and straightened her body then jumped out high off of the board while doing a split then crashing into the water. The water was nice and cool making her nipples poke out and hard as she swam a few laps. After a few minutes Morgan climbed out of the pool and retrieved a towel from the pool house. Drying herself off she dropped the towel down on a chair then headed inside to find herself a drink. She passed by Domino’s bowls and saw that he had finished everything and was nowhere to be found. “He’s full and curled up in a corner” she thought to herself smiling “big baby”. Now in the kitchen she opened the refrigerator to see milk, coke and orange juice. She grabbed the bottle of coke then got a glass from the cabinet and opened the freezer to get ice. She dropped a few cubes into the glass then noticed some bottles of liquor there also. Morgan had never had alcohol and she thought to herself for a moment “I wonder what it’s like? May as well try some, first time for everything never been skinny dipping until now so a drink shouldn’t hurt either”.

Not knowing anything about alcohol or how strong things are or are not she grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured her glass half full. She then filled the rest with coke and found herself a straw and headed back outside. Still naked she pulled a lounge chair close to the pool and laid back then took a big sip of her drink. “Wow that’s different” thought Morgan as she swallowed the drink then took another sip. After a few minutes Morgan finished the drink and felt pretty good, her body tingled and she liked the feeling. She decided to make herself another and got up out of the chair she found that she felt different as she made her way to the kitchen. She got the Jack back out and poured a whole glass this time with no coke. She then thought to herself she’d find a movie to watch, she made her way to the couch and turned the TV. on. Flipping through the movie channels Morgan discovered they had everything, even the X-rated channels. She knew about porn but had never really watched it so she left it on a movie with two girls kissing naked.

This seemed appropriate because Morgan’s neighbors were not a married man and woman, they were a female couple. They were both in their early thirties and took care of their selves well, both being doctors. The had adopted and had one child, a twelve year old girl Emma, it was only them, Emma and Domino. Now Morgan’s head was spinning, she sipped her drink on the couch as she watches the movie. The two girls in it, one a blonde, one a redhead like Morgan were kissing passionately, while the blonde began going down. This triggered her to move her hand to her own small pussy; she was tremendously wet from the alcohol and the movie. Her eyes rolled back and closed as she touched her clit, she was soaking and she knew it. She had to get off right there she thought to herself as she sucked the rest of her drink down. But she needed one more; she sat up quickly as the room moved around here. She then went to the kitchen and took the bottle pouring her glass back full and adding ice. She slowly found her way back to the couch and sat down, throwing her legs up on the coffee table. She laid back and now watched as the blonde sucked and licked at the red haired girl’s pussy. Morgan’s left hand found her own soaking pussy as her right hand toyed and pinched her nipples. She sipped her drink as she played with her clit, rubbing it then lightly pinching, going back to sliding her fingers back up and down her tiny fourteen year old lips. She took a big gulp of the drink as she closed her eyes and rubbed herself already feeling the orgasm building in her warm body.

For the first time she slipped a finger past her lips as she rubbed her clit. Her body tightened as she worked her pussy over while opening her eyes and watching the TV. she let out a loud moan of pleasure. She slid her finger deeper inside, faster and faster while pinching her nipples then rubbing her clit. All of a sudden Morgan’s mind went blank as her body began to shudder, an orgasm ripping through her body. She now lost all control as she screamed, her small pussy tightening around her finger as she squirted juices for what seemed like an eternity ending with her collapsing and passing out. There she was four-teen year old Morgan, her tiny body glistening with sweat and cum, legs spread and asleep on the couch. After a few minutes she started waking up to the feeling of something warm and rough on her leg. She just laid there still and drunk for a second then opened her eyes, squinting to see Domino with his front legs on the couch, his tongue licking up her leg getting closer to her virgin hole. “Stop it Domino, bad dog, bad” she told him pushing him with with a leg. This seemed to work, content Morgan closed her eyes then opened them and sat up. Everything was a blur as she thought to herself “this feels funny”, she then leaned over to reach for her drink on the table.

Unfortunately Morgan missed the drink and slid off of the couch onto the floor. She pulled herself up just enough to grab the drink and bring it to her mouth taking a sip. She lay their on her stomach barely propped up, ass in the air, she began to move to her knees when she felt Domino behind her touching his nose to her petite ass. Morgan jumped from surprise and started moving again only to feel Domino jump on her back, throwing his front paws over her shoulders. This massive dog weighed the small girl down, her mind raced as she tried to stand up but couldn’t, he began to hump her as she started to panic. She could feel the tip of his cock stabbing around her virgin pussy, and then with one well aimed and solid thrust he hit his mark. Morgan screamed as the tip of Domino’s cock pushed into her, she cried out but was at his mercy. He showed none at all on his new young lover, his 180lbs or so out matched Morgan’s little body. Thrusting inside he pounded her meeting a small resistance, her hymen- pushing his hips he tore through the small patch of skin, taking Morgan’s virginity.

She now filled the room with a loud scream as Domino’s cock slid deeper inside of her, blood trickling out of her pussy. “Oh God Oh My GOD NO!!!” Morgan thought in her mind, her first lover, the neighbors Great Dane was pounding her like his life depended on it and she was helpless. She tried to crawl but couldn’t move or stand with the dogs front legs over her petite shoulders, she cried in fear and pain. It felt like she was being ripped apart, Domino was burying eight inches of thick doggy meat into her virgin hole like a jackhammer. Pain was now mixed with pleasure as she whimpered, her pussy on fire, body shaking as she began to cum. The orgasm was like never before, almost passing out as she twitched, her virgin hole clamping around dog cock and squirting. It almost seemed as Domino sense this from his new lover as he pounded her harder. Morgan did not know anything about dog cock, she could although feel him growing. His knot half swollen beat against her lips until he forced it inside. This sent another wave through her, her body tightening; sweat dripping as she orgasmed again while Domino’s knot grew to the size or a baseball, connecting them together. He stopped pounding her and slowed as stream after stream of cum shot into her pussy. More and more were making Morgan orgasm once more as she felt so full, cum seeping from her. Now Domino was calm, he got his from his bitch, it was over, almost.

Morgan’s mind was on fire, “did this really happen or was she dreaming?” she thought to herself. She was exhausted and felt used but also felt good at the same time. Trying to move she now realized it was no hope, at least not until Domino thought so. She took what was left of her drink and sipped it down, lying on the floor, with a dog cock inside of her. At this time her cellphone lit up and began ringing, “Oh shit” she reached for it on the end table, knocking it down. She picked it up and saw who was calling, --Tessa—“Oh no” she panicked it was her neighbor. Taking a deep breath she answered trying to sound calm, “Hello?” “Hey Morgan its Tessa how is everything?” “Oh everything is good, just fine” she replied. “Well that’s good, glad to hear, so… are you enjoying Domino?” Silence…..”Well yes Tessa, I fed him and..” Tessa cuts her off “Morgan please do me a huge favor and turn the TV. to channel 3”. She finds the remote nearby with Domino's cock still inside of her “ok doing that now”. Flipping to channel 3 Morgan was shocked to see two screens, one of herself on her hands and knees with Domino inside of her. The second was of Tessa and Sammy, her neighbors in front of cam together naked. She gasps and took a deep breath as Tessa began speaking again.

“We thought you would enjoy the things we left for you and you found them on your first day!” said Tessa. “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen” Morgan said then grimaced as Domino moved and tried to pull away. Still stuck inside of her pussy his cum oozed out in drips. “Oh honey its ok; we have been wondering what your tight body looked like naked for the longest. Be still and enjoy it, Domino’s knot will go down soon enough” replied Tessa. At this time Morgan watched the screen as Tessa moved her lips to Sammy’s and kissed her passionately. Now Domino moved again pulling harder his cock slipped out of Morgan making a popping noise. She sat upright, doggy cum leaking from her pussy to the floor. This got Tessa and Sammy’s attention. “So how was it, what do you think?” ask Tessa still on the phone. After a brief pause Morgan replied “it hurt at first a lot, then it felt good and I had the best orgasm of my life.” Tessa and Sammy both smiled “Why don’t you get up from the floor and sit on the couch dear?”

Morgan stood slowly, her legs weak, body still shaking, she was drunk and leaking cum as she fell back onto the couch. “Oh my you are a sight to see, Gorgeous” the couple agreed then started rubbing each other’s pussies. “Oh thanks” Morgan said getting more comfortable now and not as freaked out by what was happening. “Morgan why don’t you put your legs up and see between those legs?” asked Tessa. She obliged their request pulling her legs up on the couch, spreading them. Her four-teen year old pussy was pink and creamy. Without being ask to do so Morgan smiled and fondled her tits then began rubbing her hole up and down. “Yes baby rub it for us, rub it and soon we will rub it for you” Tessa said as her and Sammy began fingering each other…

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