Bus Ride Home (hetero sex, mature sex)

Eva's sex story
Twelve years old and just beginning to get to that peek time of thinking in a sexual way, she walked into my life. Blond hair, blue eyes, five foot, and just getting past the budding with a shapely ass that finished in a beautiful curve onto her thigh she was that object young boys thought they would never be able to have.

Haley was not real mature for her age, at least in actions. She wasn’t one of those who was snooty, but really had a genuine concern for the people she was around. She loved being active and participated in everything she could with her classmates. She was very helpful and never seemed put out with anyone at any time.
I was 45 at the time. Not in good shape at all but had a great report with teens as a coach. I always tried to make things fun for my student athletes.

We were leaving a school event that we had to travel to on one of the small 19 passenger school bus. It was nice as I had to be the monitor for the trip as well as the coach of the cross country team of eight girls, me and the bus driver. The bus driver was a nice lady and I was thankful not much of a talker. It made for a good time of reflection of the day’s events.

The drive home that night was about four hours, so lots of time for the kids to visit, sleep or listen to their I-phones. I was just finishing up the paper work for the meet we had just run and getting things ready for the paper to email when we got back to the school.

“Coach Ross,” came a whisper. I turn to look into the eyes of Haley squatting down in the aisle of the bus where she could get on eye level.

“What do you need Haley?” I asked.

“Coach, can I sit with you and talk for a minute? They are all being a little goofy back there and I was wondering if you would mind allowing me to visit with you?”

I looked back into the interior of the bus and saw a couple of the girls looking my way from under their blankets they brought for the trip. Two or three were asleep, and a couple who I had suspicion of being trouble makers were giggling and were the ones looking up toward me as I looked back.

“Sure, I guess Haley, is there something wrong?”

“No, they were just saying some crude things that I didn’t want to hear. Everyone else is sleeping or not wanting to visit and we still have about three hours to go before we get home. I just don’t want to do nothing, and I wanted to have someone to talk to.”

“Well, sure,” I stated and began to scoot over in the seat. “No coach, I want to sit by the window if you don’t mind.”

“Ok,” I said and she stepped around my knees and sat down in the seat next to me and the window to her left.
We talked about the meet and about her week at school. That’s when Britney stood up and came to the front of the bus, “Coach Ross, I have to pee. Can we pull over somewhere pretty soon?”

We were almost to the place where I had planned on having the driver stop for a restroom break. The girls usually had to have one of those every hour, but I tried to get them to make just one stop on the return trip due to it being so late at night.

“Can you wait, Britney? We are almost to the convenience store we normally stop.”

“Okay, I’ll try? How much further is it?” “Three more exits,” the bus driver popped out with the first words of the evening for him. “Oh, I can make it then.” Britney smiled and started back toward the back of the bus.

“I can take only so much of her coach” whispered Haley. “She just is so, so…I don’t know.”

Those words were the very first I ever heard come out of Haley that were not polite, courteous or good and friendly. Granted I hadn’t been around her very long or for very long periods of time, but it was unusual.

“Haley, what’s wrong? I have never heard you say anything like that about anyone before. You are so upbeat and friendly that I didn’t think you had an enemy or anyone you didn’t like before now.”

“Coach, she just wants attention and I get tired of that sometimes.”

Haley was right. Britney could turn heads but she was one that demanded attention. “I understand Haley.”

We began to pull off the highway and were soon in the convenience store where I took advantage of the facilities. The relief was nice and the girls were purchasing snacks and finishing up in the restroom. Haley made a purchase of something I didn’t really see, but a couple of the girls were making fun of the adult magazine rack. I told them to quit and that made it worse. I ran them out of the store and had to use my teacher voice to get them onto the bus.

As I boarded the bus, Haley was in the seat next to mine. I guess I had assumed that she would go back to the back part of the bus but there she was, nursing a cola and smiling up at me. I told the girls to make sure to put their trash in the bag so we wouldn’t have to stay after to clean up the bus when we got back. 10 p.m. and two and a half hours left on this trip and I was getting tired and was hoping the bus driver wasn’t. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I wasn’t going to have to worry about the bus driver being tired.
As we pulled out onto the highway, the traffic had seemed to increase as we tried to merge and one truck came around us and forced the bus driver to pull hard to the right which threw everyone to the right and I had grabbed to back side of the seat I was sitting on with Haley to keep from falling into the aisle and onto the floor. Haley fell against my side and as she tried not to fall out of the seat she grabbed my left thigh and around my knee.

“Sorry Coach.”

“That is okay, Haley. Not your fault.” As the bus was pulled back onto the highway the bus driver apologized to the girls for the idiot truck driver who wouldn’t move over to let us onto the thoroughfare. I helped prop Haley up as I moved back into my seat and tried to get comfortable. Haley pulled on her shorts and sat back down pulling a blanket out of one of her bags and threw it over her legs and pulled it up to her chin. I settled back into my seat as everyone started to wind down and get settled after the little tussle.

Haley began to get sleepy and nodded off with her head sliding over onto my shoulder and I immediately looked around to see what was going on in the back of the bus. All the girls were out and the bus driver had just turned on some music on to listened to. I knew that I should have insisted that Haley get up and go back to the back of the bus, but it was late and everyone was quiet and I thought that it would wake everyone after they had just gotten quiet again. Two hours still before we got home, and I didn’t mind having this cute young lady sleeping on my shoulder.

After about five minutes or so, I felt Haley’s hand on my arm. No big deal but I knew I should make her move because I knew where my mind was going and it wasn’t a good place. After all, there was nothing really to it, other than as I continued to leave her hand on my arm she pulled her blanket over my arm as well. I looked toward the bus driver who I could see in the mirror at my eye level and she was driving and looking straight at the road. The partition between us hid the lower half of my body behind it. The only thing the driver could see was my chest and up.

Haley’s thumb began stroking my arm. I moved it a little to where her hand should have fallen off but Haley pulled my arm back under the blanket and returned to stroking it with her thumb and followed that up with her index finger slowly making circles slowly. I looked down at her and her eyes locked onto mine as if asking permission.

“Permission for what?” I wondered. “What is she thinking?” I shook my head no and tried to move my arm and she nodded her head as if to say, “yes”. I almost instantly allowed my mind to begin wandering around the world I knew I shouldn’t allow myself to fall into, but it was to no avail. It wandered into wonderment. What was she doing?

This went on for what seem like ages until she sat up and looked to the back of the bus. I thought that she was about to head back and that everything would be okay, I would get a little excited and my mind would think about the what ifs, no harm no foul.

As she looked back she placed her hand on my left leg on top of the jogging pants I was wearing she looked up at me as she turned back and smiled as she began the stroking with her fingers of my inner thigh.
“Does that feel good?” she quietly said. My eyes immediately darted up to the mirror where I could see that the bus driver had no idea what was happening at that moment. I felt like the whole world was watching. I had never had feelings like this for a “child” who was acting like no child I had ever been around had acted. Twenty years as a coach and never once had this ever been a situation I would have considered myself to ever be caught in. Nor was it one I wanted to be found in.

“Haley, what are you doing?”

“Coach, I know you would have never approached me. But I wanted you to. I wanted you to be with me and this is my chance to let you know how much I want you to treat me like I belong to you. I don’t want to be just fucked” she whispered. “I want to be loved and held. My dad used to snuggle with me and hold me for hours at a time, but as I have gotten older I realize he is not in a position to do that any longer. The last time we snuggled he got hard and I jerked him off from outside his pants. He told me that we couldn’t do that ever again.”

I drew in a deep breath as my relatively average cock began to swell and become even harder. Haley was tearing up and she began moving her hand toward my hardness. “Coach Ross, can I make you cum?” I nearly spewed right then.

“Haley, this is wrong and I could lose my job and my career.” I protested hoping that last two inches she had to breech to grab my raging hard on would happen too quickly for me to move and she would reach her target and relieve my desire.

“Coach, I am not ever going to tell anyone. After all, no one can see and I want to do this.”

Haley moved the blanket she had on her legs and placed it on top of my lap and slid her left hand over to my waiting cock. I was hoping nothing would happen where I would have to stand up too quickly and be found out. Haley placed her hand on top of my jogging pants over my hard cock. She moaned slowly and rather loudly which made me look quickly up at the bus driver’s mirror and she was still driving and not paying any unusual attention to what was going on behind her.

Haley began outlining my cock through the jogging pants and I was getting really turned on as I knew the wet spot on them was growing. Apparently Haley realized what I was thinking and she pulled the top of my jogging pants down over the head of my cock.

The first touch by her silky warm hand sent me into shivers the likes of which I had never had before that moment. It was uncontrollable and I didn’t want it to be controlled. I kept looking up at the bus driver thinking she was the only problem I would have in this situation. She did glance up at me and smiled but nothing unusual about that at all.

I couldn’t believe it. I was getting stroked by a 12 year old who now had my whole world turned upside down. The fact I could lose everything I had worked for did not make the desire to have this young vixen for my own was more than I could imagine.

Haley moved my jogging shorts down as I lifted my ass off the bench seat of the bus and freed my cock to be accessible. She began more diligent strokes and as the pre-cum swam out of the top of my cock she took it between her fingers and slid her hand out from under the blanket and slipped them into her mouth and began to stroke in almost eager anticipation for the explosion that was to come.

As she continued to stoke my cock with her left hand under the blanket she took my left hand and moved it between her legs. “Shit” I said out loud. The bus driver immediately asked, “What is it Coach.” “I…uh…I dropped my pen. Not a big deal. I’ll get it when we get to the school.” “Okay” she answered and continued on as if nothing had happened.

But something did happen. As my left hand landed between Haley’s legs I felt a completely smooth and wet young pussy. She was out of her running shorts already and I didn’t even realize it. It was amazing. It shocked me so much I verbally responded the way I did when something weird happened. And to me, at that time, it was weird. A completely hairless twat and so moist I began slowly rocking my hips back and forth as much as I could without causing the whole bus to get suspicious about my movement. Haley continued to pump my cock and kept the tip clean by licking the semen off of her magnificent fingers that were making me like putty in her hands.

I began searching for and soon found her rather large clit for a 12 year old, or so I thought, I had never had a twelve year old clit in my hand before. I began rubbing her in circles and she too began to rock back in forth in rhythm with how she was jacking my cock up and down. I was really feeling good and apparently so was she as she burying her head in my shoulder and arm. I was getting close to Cumming and began to worry about what I would do. I couldn’t just spew all over the blanket or the floor of the bus.

I reached down with my right hand under the blanket and grabbed her hand. She looked up at me and I whispered, “I am about to cum.” Immediately Haley looked up toward the back of the bus and then at the bus driver. I could tell by the positioning of the mirror the driver never saw Haley even leaning on me or the blanket so I was comfortable with that being clear.

Haley pulled the blanket over her head and quickly slid her warm wet mouth over the head of my cock and continued the up and down motion she had been doing with her hand as I continued to finger her clit. I took my middle finger and slid it into her slit and she groaned so loud I had to fake a cough to hide her pleasure. As I inserted my finger I was met by what I knew was her cherry and she jumped a little when I pushed into it so I continued to rub her clit with my thumb and inserted another finger which made her moan again. As she moaned this time I felt balls tightening up and getting ready to release my wonderful explosion into her little mouth and down her beautiful throat.

She felt it too and moved her lips to the end of my cock and as I began spewing my semen into her she began to whimper through her own orgasm as she pulsated on my fingers and tightened up as she gushed. I filled her with five or six loads of hot cum and as she sucked every drop from my still hard as a rock cock she began to loosen the grip she had on my fingers with her pussy. She pulled herself out from under the blanket and looked up at me with those crystal blue eyes, opened her mouth to show me the loads of cum I had just shot into her beautifully formed mouth. With that I pulled my fingers up to my mouth and sucked her juices off of my finger. She swallowed every drop of cum. I noticed a little on her lips and motioned with my lips to tell her she needed to lick hers. She smiled and cleaned up the last un-swallowed drop It was sweet. I had just fingered and tasted a 12 year old virgin without taking her virginity. I was so caught up in what had just happened that I didn’t realize we were about to pull off the highway and make our way to the school athletic field house. We still had a bout ten minutes.

That’s when I looked up at the bus driver and saw an enormous smile on her face. “What” I asked. “Nothing Coach.” And she just continued to smile for a few seconds and got back to driving.

I looked down at Haley and she was apparently putting her shorts back on. I could smell the smell of sex, a smell I loved and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I re-situated myself and my clothes, made sure my hard on was cooled down as I began gathering my things. As I pretended to retrieve my pen I lied about dropping, I looked up at Haley who smiled a huge smile, reached down below the partition in front of us and gave me a quick kiss. I wanted more but knew that the chance was now gone.

We pulled into the school grounds and up to the field house. I was the first off the bus and made sure that my clothes were not mussed or showing any signs of anything…as if someone would notice.
While I was busy with Haley I had forgotten to wake the girls and have them call their parents to pick them up.

The girls began their calls and were wondering why I didn’t wake them and I lied and said I had been asleep. “Seemed like a great time to sleep too, if you ask me Coach” said the bus driver with a wink and a big smile back on her face. Did she know?

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