My First Beast (lesbian sex, consensual sex)

Angela's sex story
It was 9:30 am, and I had to go home to get some papers I’d left there. I entered quietly, because I didn’t want to wake Scott. Exactly why I didn’t want to wake him was a mystery to me: we had been dating for several months, and he’d moved in with me a couple of months back.

He had been looking for a job since I’d known him (except for a short-term stint helping a friend out with his yard business), but he didn’t rise early enough to find one, it seemed to me. He assured me that these days, everything is done online, and he was really busting his ass to find work, but it was really hard since he’d had that theft and dealing in stolen property conviction, where he didn’t really do anything wrong, but his “buddy” threw him under the bus. He really had no alternative to taking the plea rather than fight it out in court where it was his word against the “buddy’s.”

Well, yes, I understood that, but it still made me feel used when I found him still in bed when I came home for lunch. Of course, I was paying all the bills. I was doing all the housework too, since every effort he made in that direction had to be done over, so I finally just accepted that I’d be doing that too. Doesn’t sound like such a great deal for me? Why did I continue it?

Well, Scott was a charmer. He had been an all-state quarterback of the local undefeated football team ten years ago. He was still in great shape. He was tall. He was good looking. He had a big dick, and he knew how to use it. Did I mention that he was also a charmer? He could charm a turtle right out of its shell. He was a real talker. Of course, I knew early on that he was mostly full of shit, but at least the sex wasn’t. Oh yeah – he loved me. He loved me so much; he would do anything for me; he would buy me the world (if he just had some money); I made him complete; I was his soul-mate, and he hadn’t even thought about another woman since he met me.

To be fair, when I would come home after work, he was always at the computer filling out online job applications. Of course, there was that time he didn’t hear me come in, and he was looking at porn on the computer. He had just filled out ten applications, and was taking a break. As you can tell, deep-down I knew Scott was taking advantage of me, but I did believe he loved me, and of course, there was the sex. However, it was beginning to get to the point that I wanted something to change. I did feel used – I couldn’t help it. I had no idea where he would go or what would happen to him if we broke up, and I wanted our situation to improve.

So that was the situation when I quietly entered the apartment that morning, and silently pushed the door closed. A couple of soft steps, and I heard, “OOOOHHH!” “OH, OH, OH. Uhhhhnnn.” Well, you know the rest. It was coming from my bedroom, and it was clearly a female getting fucked. I was pretty sure that I was the only female who was supposed to be getting fucked in that bedroom, so I quietly approached the open bedroom door. There on the bed, was Scott, on his back, with his long cock plowing the lunging pussy of downstairs neighbor, Cindi Coleman, the fifteen year-old cheerleading daughter of the bible-beating Sarah Coleman, whom you couldn’t even exchange pleasantries with, without hearing how marvelous the kingdom of God was, and how it was only through Jesus that we could be saved. I got more of it than most, since I was living in sin with Scott, but Sarah was ready to come out with both barrels blazing, to anyone who would listen.

I stood there at the doorway for a few seconds, taking in the scene. I noticed that Cindi was attacking my roommate with a passion I hadn’t known for years if ever. I noticed that Scott was moaning the same phrases he did with me, simply substituting her name for mine. I noticed I was outraged that Scott was fucking a little girl, and that beyond that, I really didn’t feel any emotion. Strangely, I didn’t feel betrayed at all..

The door to the bedroom opened to the side of the bed, and both of them had their eyes closed, so I was able to get a good long look. I silently took my Iphone out, and snapped a photo of them which explained it all. At the flash, four eyes snapped open, and Cindi’s face was frozen in fear. Scott immediately rolled her roughly off of him, and said, “it doesn’t mean a thing, Pam. She talked me into it. Blah, blah, blah.” I was watching Cindi, and her face quickly went from fear to profound sadness. “You told me you loved me,” she sputtered between sobs. “You told me we were going away together.” She sat on the bed sobbing, hoping, she later told me, that I didn’t kill her, and at the same time, hoping I did.

“Get your clothes on, and get cleaned up a bit, sweetheart. Come on; you can use the bathroom,” I told her as I led her in. Scott followed us, and started professing his love for me, telling me that he was sorry, and that he was weak, and that he realized I was upset, but we could get past this, blah, blah, blah. Please give us a few minutes, I told Scott and closed the door. I said to Cindi, “honey, this is not your fault. This is Scott’s fault. He is a bad man, and I’m sorry I didn’t kick him out before he did this to you. Don’t worry: I’m not going to tell your mother. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. And please, let’s us have a talk in the next couple of days”

“You’re not mad at me?” she asked.

“I’m mad, but not at you, sweetheart,” I said. Take your time, and go ahead home when you feel up to it.” I went back into the living room and sat back down without a word, as Scott resumed his silver tongued entreatment. I sat silently until Cindi came out of the bedroom and glared at Scott as she thanked me and let herself out. When she had gone, I looked at Scott and said, “I’m going out for a couple of hours. When I return you and all of your things will be gone, and you won’t come back.”

“You can’t do that,” he said. “You have to give me notice and at least two weeks to find a place and move.” He had obviously thought about this situation before. Perhaps he had been through it before. I had thought about it too. “You and your things will be gone. If they aren’t, or if I ever see you around here again, or if I ever hear of you contacting that little girl, we are going to find out what the penalty is for a twenty-nine year-old man fucking a fifteen year-old little girl.” His face turned pale, but then he thought and said, “you’re not going to do that. I heard you tell her that you weren’t going to tell her mother.” “I...won’t...tell...her...mother,” I said between clinched teeth. I got up, grabbed my purse, and left.

I was angered, but strangely calm. I was mad at Scott, and at men in general. I didn’t know where to go, so I called Julie, my friend. “I need to talk. Can I come over?” “Sure, she said. Don’t knock; just come on in.” I called work and told them I wouldn’t be back that day.

As I drove toward Julie’s, I couldn’t get the image of Scott pounding Cindi’s little pussy out of my mind. I had actually stood and watched quite a bit longer than necessary before I interrupted them. I rationalized that I needed to make sure I wasn’t jumping to conclusions, but as I drove, I knew the real reason was that I was turned on by the scene. As my mind jumped back to that scene again and again, my pussy was becoming soaked. I was hot, and beginning to breathe harder than normal. I tried to block it out, but I kept seeing his big cock’s length sliding into her slippery wet pussy, as his hips drove up to meet her falling ones. I was outraged by his actions, and I was horrified by my rising passion, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

When I reached Julie’s apartment, my legs were shaky, and I sat for a few seconds before I stood up. I walked somewhat unsteadily to her apartment and went in. Julie was on her sofa, still in her short, sheer nightgown, and was clearly wearing no bottoms. This was not unusual: She was a nurse, who worked until 11:00 pm, and had not been up long. I had spent the night with her and she with me many times, and we were imminently comfortable in each other’s presence. I had never had any overt sexual feelings for another woman, but this morning, in my state of arousal, her nearly naked look certainly did nothing to quell my sexual excitement. I knew she had been with another woman occasionally in college, and I wondered if I had subconsciously chosen to call her because I thought I might try that. Another thought, titillating and horrifying at the same time.

“Grab some coffee. What’s up?” She said. I took her cup and refilled it, grabbing one of my own and sat at the other end of the sofa. I recounted for her my morning up to then, and as I described the scene in my bed, I couldn’t help adding far more detail than necessary for her understanding. I would feel my pussy oozing more juice as I was unable to control my breathing. I hoped she interpreted my halted breathing as anger, rather than what it really was. My pussy has always been quite the fountain, and I always wore a minipad for just that reason. I was glad of that now, but I wondered if it would be enough. I excused myself to the bathroom with my purse, and found that my fears were justified, so I changed the pad just in time.

When I came back and sat down, Julie said, “well, another one bites the dust, eh?” “Yeah, I guess, but I had real hope for this one,” I responded. Julie gave me with a disbelieving grin, and said, “no you didn’t. You knew in the first week that it would come to this; you just told yourself he was the one because you didn’t want to admit that sex was the only thing he had.” Julie never beat around the bush, and I knew she was right. I probably said that just to get her to bring it out in the open. “Okay,” I replied. I tell you Julie, I’m ready to give up men completely. It’s just that they have a monopoly on cock and it feels so good.”

Julie looked at me for a few seconds, and said, “I think you need to do a bowl of some really fine weed,” as she got up and went into her bedroom. I don’t smoke very often because I really like it, and I think I’m capable of doing nothing but sex and pot, and I don’t want to go there. She was right, though: that might help.

Julie returned to the room with a baggie and a pipe, followed by her big, beautiful, Doberman, Pump. Julie sat next to me on the sofa, filled the pipe and handed it to me with a lighter. I lit the bowl and slowly sucked the sweet smoke into my lungs and handed it to her. I leaned back and felt the smoke swirl through my consciousness. I immediately recognized that Julie was right: this was some really fine stuff. Julie handed the pipe back to me, and I took another long slow pull. I could feel the blood surge through my every vessel, and my body seemed more alive. More specifically, my pussy felt completely gorged with blood, and I could feel it throb with every beat of my heart. I handed the pipe back to Julie, and closed my eyes, concentrating on the pulsing of my cunt. God, this felt good, but it certainly didn’t help how crazy horny I had become. I wanted to reach down rub myself off right then, but at the same time, I wanted that feeling to continue. I couldn’t very well do it right then anyway. Julie tapped me on the leg, sending a shock directly to my pussy, and I opened my eyes to see her offering me the bowl again. I waved her off, knowing that this was all I needed for now.

Julie reached over me to lay the pipe on the end table, and as she did, her barely covered breast gently grazed mine. A new surge rushed my cunt. I wanted a cock in me, but I knew if Julie tried to seduce me, I was hers. She leaned back beside me. “Men don’t have a monopoly on cocks, Pam,” she said in what seemed like slow motion. I just nodded as if I understood what she was saying. The feeling in my pussy was sooooo fine. Julie waited for a couple of minutes, as I expected her to begin to romance me or whatever women do to get these things started. “Here, I’ll show you what I mean, but you can never tell anyone, okay?” She began. “I would never tell anyone,” I replied. “I can’t lose you as a friend,” she pleaded. “Of course not,” I answered, waiting to feel her touching my body. I knew what I was expecting. She did something completely unexpected.

Julie slid a few inches away from me as she also slid her ass down off the edge of the sofa and pulled her nightgown over her head. She was naked. As she did, Pump quickly got up from where he had been beside her on the sofa and came around in front of her. Julie spread her legs, and said, “here,” patting her pussy, which I noticed was glistening with juice. I was horrified when Pump pushed his nose right onto her clit and began licking her pussy. I was horrified because my pussy was responding like crazy. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching down and squeezing it. It felt so good, and I was so hot. I looked at Julie and her eyes were closed, her nipples as hard as rocks, and her chest was heaving.

After a couple of minutes, Julie patted her chest, and Pump was immediately on top of her. I looked down, fearing what I would see, and I saw it: Pump’s cock was far out of its sheathe, and quickly approaching Julie’s pulsing mound. In seconds, it was buried, and Pump was acting out his name. He was pumping Julie’s bare pussy harder and faster than I had ever seen a man fuck. Julie was trying to stifle screams as she pushed her hips up as far as she could to accept his attack. Her head was thrashing back and forth and her hands were clinching and releasing as she pulled the beautiful beast to her breasts. I couldn’t help watching that long pink throbbing dog cock rapidly pounding Julie’s beautiful little hole.

It was less than a minute until Pump made a final violent thrust against Julie’s crotch, and she grabbed him by his fur and pulled him tight. I could see that he was spurting gob after gob into her hungry pussy as she just held him there, moaning and crying in relief. Julie’s legs were wrapped around behind Pump’s preventing any escape, although I didn’t see any inclination of his to withdraw. About a minute after Pump had stopped thrusting, Julie opened her eyes and looked at me. “You okay?” she asked, still breathless, and obviously still enjoying herself. “Okay,” I managed to mutter, although my pussy needed attention more than ever. God forgive me; I wanted that big, fat, long, pink, throbbing dog dick in me.

“This will be a while,” Julie said. “He’s knotted, and it’ll be ten to fifteen minutes until he can pull out. Ten to fifteen minutes of bliss. She closed her eyes again, and just lay there. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this coupling of the perfectly fitting sex organs of different species as every couple of minutes, Julie’s pussy spasmed and she moaned in another orgasm. As her muscles contracted, I contracted mine sympathetically, almost as if it was my orgasm

Some time later, I watched as Pump’s knot slipped out, and Julie released him to go across the room and lick himself clean. Julie reached across me again and took the pipe and lighter and handed it to me. I lit the bowl, and felt anew the rush of chemical pleasure. I had actually gotten a release of sorts watching them fucking and sympathetically “coming” with Julie, but I was still crazy horny, and the new rush from the pot, just renewed my earlier frenzy. “Well, Pam,” Julie tried, “are you ready for another kind of cock?” Hell yes, I was, but I was embarrassed to admit it even after watching Julie. “I don’t know,” I said. “It seems so unnatural.” “Bullshit,” Julie retorted. “I saw you. Pump needs a few minutes, but not long. You’re going to love it. Go ahead and take your clothes off. You’ll be more comfortable, and so will I,” she said pointing out her own nakedness. I removed my own clothes, and noticed Julie admiring me. At 26, my body hadn’t lost any of the teenage tightness, and no question, I did look good. Although rather smaller than average, my breasts were perky and pointed. Regularly working out had given me visible stomach muscles, and firm and well shaped arms and legs. I was proud of my body, and Julie’s admiring looks were gratifying and exciting. I expected that soon, she would be sampling it, but right now, I craved that dog cock.

About fifteen minutes later, Pump began to stir. He stood up, and began to take notice of Julie and me again. He paced in front of us, and began to smell us. Julie let him do as he wished for a few minutes, and then told me to spread my legs, and commanded to Pump, “here,” patting my pussy, and leaving her hand on it rather longer than necessary. Pump immediately came over and began licking my dripping pussy, driving my already throbbing snatch crazy. Julie could see that I couldn’t endure much of this, and quickly patted my breast, again leaving her hand there longer than needed. Pump was immediately on me, with every bit as much enthusiasm as with Julie. I felt his cock slide along my leg, spurting precum on me, until it found the parting of my lips, where he began humping as his big cock slid easily into my slippery vagina.

“OH GOD!” I exclaimed as that big rod buried itself up against my cervix and he pounded me again and again, harder and faster than I have ever been fucked by a man. I could feel his knot grow against my pussy walls stretching them much farther than ever before. Hard and fast his cock hit my cervix, as his knot kept him solidly inside me. I could feel the hot precum spurting in me over and over. He was only in me for a few seconds before my whole body began to spasm and shake with the most violent orgasm I had ever experienced. He took longer than he had with Julie, and I had two more crushing orgasms before I felt Pump’s hot cum flood my cavity. I noticed then that I had a handful of fur in each hand, and my legs were locked around his butt, just as Julie’s had been. I held his pulsating and spurting cock up fully inside me, with his knot pressing hard against my g-spot. A couple of minutes like that, and another orgasm rippled through my body.

During this rampage, I had opened my eyes long enough to see Julie with her fingers well inside her pussy, with her thumb rubbing her clit furiously. After Pump came, I spontaneously reached over and put my fingers under her thumb and began to vigorously rub her clit. Julie just lifted her thumb to give me access, then lowered her palm on my fingers, so that we were both masturbating her. She put her fingers on my clit, and I had another orgasm, feeling Julie’s pussy in my hand as Pump remained buried and squirting inside me. Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes – I don’t know how long it was. I had orgasm after orgasm. I kept my hand on Julie’s pussy, and she kept hers on mine.

Finally, I felt Pump’s knot shrink and pop out of me, followed by his soft cock. I was exhausted. Julie was not. She rolled over between my legs, and her mouth found my pussy, and began to suck Pump’s steaming cum out. In spite of my exhaustion, that brought new life back to my loins, and I began to hump her face. When she had sucked out all the cum she could, her tongue slid up to my clit, and she sucked it while she ran her tongue up and down until I came again. She then got up and sat back down beside me, and kissed me long and softly. I realized then that I had had tears running down my cheeks for most of this action, and I had never felt better nor more satisfied. I fell asleep.

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