Handyman (cumhot, swallowing)

Mark's sex story
Mark had worked in construction since he was a child. His father ran a construction company and Mark had been his helper as he grew up. After his father died, Mark went to work for himself. His mother died a few years after his father. He was in his mid 30s now and was on the road. He had lived in a town that had one major employer. The town had done well until the plant closed. One by one in a domino effect, stores closed. Jobs disappeared and the town folded up. There were more vacant building

Mark knew there was no future there for him so he packed up his tools and his few belongings and hit the road. As he traveled, he would stop at some of the “big box” home improvement stores. There was often someone who needed some help with a project and he could pick up a few dollars to keep him in gas and food. He tried as much as possible to get a motel room so he could keep up his appearance. He made sure he always had clean clothes so others would be more likely to trust his skills.

One day, he was in a store when an attractive woman approached him.
“Excuse me sir, could you help me for a second? These people in the orange vests disappear and I think they all go on break when someone needs help.”

“I would be happy to help in any way I can. What can I do for you?”

“I am having a problem with one of my toilets and I don’t know what I need to fix the problem.”

She described her problem and Mark guided her to the area where he showed her the parts she needed. She thanked him and then said, “I hope I can do this without screwing things up. I am pretty helpless with this kind of thing and since my husband died, it seems as if the whole house is falling apart.”

“I would be happy to come over and do the repairs for you.”

“If you would do that, I would be happy to pay you for your time.”

Mark followed her to her home in his truck and in a short time he had her problem solved. She offered him a cup of coffee and they sat at the table and talked. She had introduced herself as Janet Williams. She was 37 and had married right after high school. Her husband died in a car accident a few years ago and since then it was just her and her 16 year old daughter.

Mark told her of his situation and how he happened to be traveling. They hit it off and wound up talking for hours. Janet was a petite blond, 5’ 5” with C cup breasts. She was about 110 lbs. and had a great pair of legs that ended in a firm, round ass. Janet realized it was time for her daughter to come home from school and she invited Mark to stay for dinner. Janet’s daughter Sharon popped in to say hi to her mother and went to her room to do her homework. Mark sat in the kitchen and talked while Janet fixed dinner. He told her that when he was growing up, he would talk with his mother while she cooked. It was the only time he got to spend alone with her and also where he learned to cook.

Sharon came out of her room just as Janet was finishing. She had Sharon set the table and help put out the food. She introduced Mark to Sharon and they sat down to eat. Sharon was as blond as her mother and her breasts were well on the way to be like her mother’s. She was almost as tall as Janet and had an athletic build. Both Sharon and her mother were very pretty.

“Mom, since Mark is here, can we get him to fix some shelves or something in my closet? There just isn’t enough room for everything.”
“Mark, can you take a look and see what you might be able to do?”

“I would be glad to. There is any number of ways to reorganize a closet. There are units that can be installed to make use of the space more efficiently.”

“That sounds good. Maybe you could do the same for my closet too. Now that I think of it, there are several projects around the house that need to be done. Maybe we can make a deal with you.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I have a spare room above the garage. There is a bathroom with a shower and a place where you can cook. I will offer you room and board along with a modest salary if you will stay and be our live-in handyman. I will pay for any materials you need to do the jobs.”

“That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse. I’ll look at the closets to see what I need and I can start on them tomorrow.”

“Good, Sharon, why don’t you show Mark his room and I will round up some linens for the bed and towels and wash clothes for the bath.”

Janet had a 2 ½ car garage. There was a stairway up to the spare room. The garage was accessed by a door from the utility room. Mark moved his belongings up to the room. When he got settled, he followed Sharon to her room to examine the closet. He took measurements and then had her show him her mother’s room. He checked out her closet as well and made a list of materials he would need.

As the days went by, Mark went from task to task. He shared meals with Janet and Sharon and they enjoyed each other’s company. Mark found himself becoming closer with Janet and spending time with her after Sharon went to bed at night.

One night while sitting on the sofa talking, Janet turned and leaned to him and kissed him. Her lips opened and her tongue found his.

Mark was surprised by the sudden affection and wasn’t quite sure how to respond. His first reaction was to make a joke. “Does this mean I’m not getting paid this week?”

Janet pulled back and said, “I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh, no, I’m glad you did. You just caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to be kissed, and especially, to be kissed so well.”

“I couldn’t resist, you just had a look on your face that made it too tempting to pass up. Maybe I presumed too much. I’m sorry.”

Mark took her hand and pulled her back to him and returned the kiss. “I think I like where this may be going. If you will give me a little time for my mind to shift gears, I think we might take this further.”

“Okay, it’s getting late and I do have to work tomorrow. Maybe we should think about this and maybe talk about this tomorrow?”

Mark had a difficult time sleeping that night. His mind was trying to wrap around this new development. He had planned for this to be just another temporary job that would be finished soon and he would move on to other jobs and other towns. It had been a very long time since he had been with a woman. He had been focused on just working to keep food in his stomach and a roof over his head. He had had a few female companions in his home town but none of them were serious relationships. They were just hook-ups for the night and didn’t mean anything to him or the woman. It was just something to do in a dying town. Janet was a beautiful woman and he was definatly attracted to her. It would be nice to be with her but he wondered what kind of relationship he could have with her. After all, he didn’t have much to offer. He had some modest savings, a few belongings and his tools in a seven year old pickup truck. Janet was an established widow with a nice home, a good job and a daughter. She had a stable life and friends. She belonged in her community and he didn’t really belong anywhere.

Janet also had trouble sleeping. She was becoming strongly attracted to Mark. He was handsome and fun to be around. He was polite and he got along well with Sharon. He never tried to take advantage of his living situation and was respectful of their privacy. When he wasn’t actually working, he usually retired to his room unless he was invited to participate in some activity. Janet had not had any dates since her husband died. On one hand, she wanted to be with a man, but on the other hand, she had been out of circulation for so long that she didn’t remember how to go forward.

The next evening after dinner, Janet and Sharon were cleaning up in the kitchen. Mark still was not sure what to do, so he retired to his room. Janet assumed he wasn’t ready to talk and she didn’t pursue the subject. They didn’t talk the next night either. As the days went on, the only conversation was about the next job to be done. At dinner there was an uncomfortable silence; neither of them knew how to proceed.

Sharon was the first to crack. She cornered Janet in her room and asked, “Is there something wrong between you and Mark? You don’t even talk any more. Did something happen?”

“I think I may have done something wrong and I’m not sure what to do now.”

“What happened? What did you do?”

“We were sitting on the sofa talking and I kissed him. I think it made him uncomfortable and now I don’t know how to fix it.”

“Is he going to leave?”

“Oh, God, I hope not. I want him to stay. I think I am developing feelings for him. What should I do?”

“I think if you really like someone, you should let them know. If they like you back, it will be okay. If they don’t, then you need to know that too. It’s just wrong to do nothing.”

“How did my little girl get so smart?”

That night, after Sharon had gone to her room, Janet went to the garage and climbed the stairs to Mark’s room. She tapped on his door and walked in without waiting for him to respond. He looked up from his chair and saw her standing in his doorway. He stood up and she walked up to him and put her arms around his neck. She said, “My daughter says that if you really like someone, you need to tell them. Mark, I really like you. She then lifted her lips to his and kissed him.”

Mark put his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. When her lips released him he said, “Janet, I really like you too. Where do we go from here?”

Janet reached up and began to unbutton his shirt. She pulled it out of the waist of his pants and slipped it back off his shoulders, dropping it to the floor. She rubbed her hands down his body and kissed his chest. She then stepped back and removed her blouse. She reached back and unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor too. She stepped forward and released his belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. They joined the other clothes on the floor.

Mark pulled her into another kiss and his tongue found hers. They kissed for several minutes, neither of them willing to stop. Mark finally picked Janet up and laid her onto his bed. He lay down beside her and leaning up on one elbow, he looked down at her. She lay there before him in only a lacy bra that cradled her C cup breasts and a matching pair of panties that did little to conceal her pussy. He could see her nipples poking out as if trying to escape. He could tell she had only a small strip of hair above her mound. Mark kissed her forehead and her eyes. He kissed her nose and cheeks and chin and her lips. His hands began to explore her body. He went from her sides down to her hips. Then they slid up across her flat belly and around to her back. He unhooked her bra and sliding the straps from her shoulders, released those magnificent breasts. Her nipples were hard as marbles and stood up begging for attention.

As Mark traced his lips down her neck, his hand cupped her breast. He squeezed and traced his fingers around the firm flesh. His palm gently touched the nipple. He rubbed in a circular motion with only his palm touching the nub making Janet squeal with delight. He then let his fingers take hold and pull and pinch the nipple.

“OH, God, that is so intense. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Mark let his mouth move to the unoccupied breast and his tongue flicked and fluttered the nipple he found there. He drew it into his mouth and sucked at it while his tongue went wild on the rock hard nipple. He moved to the other breast and gave it the same attention as his hand began to work down her body toward the center of her passion. His fingers approached the top of her panties and he let his hand slide down across her mound. He could feel the growing wet spot at her crotch. He moved to the inside of her thigh and felt the soft skin. Her legs spread to give him access and he brought his hand back up to her hip. He let his thumb slip under the edge of her panties to brush against the outer lips of her moist pussy. He brought it up to the top of her slit and back down to caress the other lip until it reached the bottom. It again began the journey.

Mark moved his lips down her chest to her ribs and to her navel, dipping his tongue inside to taste her flesh. Her muscles quivered and twitched as he moved down. When he got to her panties, he pressed his face into her, licking at the wet spot and rubbing his nose against her clit. His fingers moved to her hips and gently pulled her panties down her legs and she was finally completely naked to his eyes. He moved between her thighs and pushed her legs farther apart. Her breathing became more rapid as he was finally able to look directly into her wet pussy. Her outer lips were red and inflamed with passion and they revealed her tender pink inner lips. Mark dipped his head down to taste the fragrant juice that coated her pussy and ran his tongue from the bottom to the top, stopping just before he got to her clit.

Janet was moaning and writhing, pushing her hips up to meet his tongue. “Oh, please eat my pussy, put your tongue in me and make me cum, please.”

Mark spread the lips of her pussy and drove his tongue into her, licking and sucking her juices. He pushed his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could as she placed her hands on the back of his head, pressing him into her. He licked back to the top of her slit and finally attacked her clit. It was erect and he sucked it between his lips. He ran his tongue back and forth over the tender nub as he plunged two fingers into her cunt, searching for that magical g-spot. His tongue battered her clit as he worked in and out of her love canal until she screamed with her orgasm. He moved his mouth to her hole and lapped up her cum as it flooded his face. Janet clamped her legs together, holding his head prisoner as he ate her pussy. He pulled her hips up tight against his face so he would not miss a drop of her sweet cum. She went rigid as her body went out of control.

After what seemed like minutes, she collapsed back onto the bed. She tried to catch her breath and calm herself. Mark crawled back up her body, leaving kisses on the way. He stopped briefly to kiss and caress her breasts and then her lips. He held her and pulled her onto his chest as they savored the closeness of having another warm body to cuddle with. Janet laid her head on his chest and put her arm across his body.
“I had forgotten how it felt to be with a man. I’m glad it is with you. You have made me feel alive again.”

“I’m glad, because we aren’t finished yet.”

Janet put her hand down to take hold of his 7” cock and said, “I was hoping you would say that.” She wrapped her hand around him and began to stroke him. She moved down and examined his manhood more carefully. She rubbed her thumb across the head of his cock spreading his pre-cum around. She slipped her palm up and down his shaft and he felt her warm breath as she moved closer to him. He felt the warm wet lips slip over the head and her tongue played across it as she tasted him. “Mmm… yummy” She moved her mouth down taking more and more of him into her with each stroke. Her hand moved to his balls, rolling them around and gently tugging at them as she sucked his cock. She moved up and down his shaft and her tongue massaged the underside of his shaft. She sucked at the spot where the head of his cock met the bottom of the shaft. He moaned with pleasure.

“If you keep that up, I am going to cum. I want to cum inside you and not in your mouth.”

She released his pulsing cock and said, “Mmm… that sounds good as long as you let me eat your cum the next time. I want to taste you and swallow every drop.”

He pulled her up and placed her on her back, moving between her legs. He rubbed his cock into her pussy, and between her lips. He pushed the helmet into her and slowly drove in, inch by inch. He went deeper with each stroke until he was buried in her as far as he could go. He moved in and out slowly at first and gradually she matched his rhythm, moving with him in a heated coupling that accelerated and became more and more demanding. “Faster, harder, more, oh God more, I need you now.”

Mark felt her cunt walls squeeze as she started to cum on his pulsing cock. Her juices flooded around his cock and triggered his orgasm. His pubic bone drove into her clit as he pounded into her. He spurted ribbon after ribbon of cum into her cunt. It seemed like a fountain that would never end. They both finally came down from the high plateau and collapsed together. Mark rolled off Janet and they held each other. Falling into the first restful sleep either had had in a long while.

The sun was just beginning to come up when Mark awoke. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Janet looking down on him.
“How long have you been awake?” he asked.

“About twenty minutes. You looked so peaceful, I just let you sleep.”

“I’m not used to waking up next to a warm body. I think I like it.”

“Me too,” she said. “Do you mind if I have breakfast in bed this morning?”

“Not at all, what do you want?”

“I want this,” she said as her hand wrapped around his cock. She slipped down and took it into her mouth and sucked it back to life. Her tongue licked up and down the shaft and swirled around the purple helmet. She drove his cock deep into her mouth, sucking, and licking her tongue around his cock like it was a Popsicle. She looked up into his eyes as she worked the full length of his 7” shaft into her throat. She hummed with pleasure as she worked him in and out. His hips lifted as her efforts increased and soon, he was pumping his cum deep into her mouth. She swallowed load after load of his cum, not missing a drop. She sucked and licked at him until his flaccid meat slipped out from her lips. “Now, that’s what I call breakfast”, she said. “Let’s jump into a shower and I will see about getting you something to eat. You are going to need all of the energy you can get.”

With that, she jumped out of bed and dragged Mark into the shower. They played until the water began to get cold and then they dried each other off. Mark pulled on a pair of pants and a tee shirt. Janet just gathered up the clothes she had discarded the night before and naked, led Mark into the house. She said, “Go ahead and get some coffee going and I will get dressed before Sharon gets up.”

Mark started the coffee and was sitting at the table when Sharon walked into the kitchen. She smiled at him with a knowing look and got herself a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice. “Did you sleep well, Mark?”

Mark looked at her for a few seconds, wondering how much she knew. “Yes, I slept very well, how about you?”

“Yes, I did.”

Just then, Janet entered the kitchen, wearing a white blouse and a blue skirt. Sharon said, “We were just asking each other if we slept well. Did you sleep well Mom?”

Janet’s face turned red as she blushed. She shot a look at Mark and he shrugged his shoulders. “Yea, I slept pretty good Sharon.”

Janet pulled two cups down and poured coffee for her and Mark.
“What gets you up this early on a Saturday morning? You don’t usually poke your head out until at least ten on weekends.”

“I just thought I would get an early start today. I thought I might go see some friends and maybe go to the mall today. I thought you two might have some work to do and I would stay out of your way until at least 5:00 this evening so you wouldn’t be interrupted.” She couldn’t help but smile as she looked down at her cereal.

“Well, young lady, what makes you think you would be interrupting anything?”

“Just a feeling I had. You know how feelings are don’t you?” With that, Sharon put her dishes in the dish washer and left the kitchen. As she left, she looked at Mark and winked.

They heard her going up the stairs to her room and Janet turned to Mark and said, “I think the cat is out of the bag. I think she knows that I slept with you last night.”

“She must be okay with it or she wouldn’t have been that cheerful.”

Sharon left for the day and Mark and Janet spent the majority of the day either fucking or talking about fucking or recovering from fucking. As evening approached, they were both worn out and they went through the house removing any evidence of their escapades. They had made use of several pieces of furniture in several rooms. They had been like teenagers not being able to keep their hands off each other. They finally got everything under control by the time Sharon returned.

They knew that Sharon knew, and she knew that they knew that she knew, but no one said anything. As the days passed, Sharon would occasionally come to Mark for help with some piece of her homework and she would reward him with a hug. Sometimes she asked his opinion on some issue she had at school. She seemed to be making up reasons to interact with him at some point every day. She gave her mother knowing looks when she would come up on them when they were holding hands or standing very close to each other. She even saw them sharing a kiss but they did not notice her. One day she just could not restrain herself anymore and she walked up to Mark and gave him a big hug, pressing her body into his. “I am so happy about you and mom. You make her so happy.”

“She makes me very happy too.”

Mark still slept in his room above the garage but when there was no chance of being caught, he would sleep with Janet in her bed. Sharon gradually became bolder around Mark. She began wearing clothes that were more revealing. She went from shirts and jeans to tank tops and shorts. Then to short shorts that would sometimes show her camel toe. Then to tank tops without a bra. When Janet was working late, she moved to belly shirts without a bra and very short skirts with a thong.
Mark enjoyed her newfound freedom of dress but at the same time he sometimes felt nervous about the feelings that were aroused when he saw her teenaged body on display. Sometimes he had to leave the room to give his erection time to recede for fear that she would notice.

Summer vacation was coming up and Mark knew that that meant he would be alone in the house with Sharon more. He decided it was time to have a talk with Janet. “Janet, I am a little uncomfortable about some things Sharon is doing. She is being more and bold around me. She wears clothes that show more than I should be seeing and does things that are just plain teasing. I really don’t know what I should be doing about it.”

“Sharon is growing up. She is feeling those hormone surges that we all went through when we were 16. I know she has been teasing you and I admire your restraint. She wants to learn about all of the things having to do with sex and she is trying them out on you. I know that several of her friends are sexually active and I am reasonably sure that Sharon is still a virgin. Short of locking her up in a tower, I don’t know any way to stop her from learning those things. I guess it is fortunate that she is trying them out on you instead of some young horn dog that would take advantage of her. She stands less of a chance of getting hurt with you than with some guy that just wants to stick his dick in anything he can. I know it is hard on you, in more ways than one, but I would rather have you teach her what a physical relationship should be than some boy that would fuck her and then brag to all of his friends that she is easy. All I can say is just try to be sensitive to her needs and be gentle with her. By the way, Sharon has been on the pill since she was 14. So if anything happens, she is safe.”

“Are you giving me permission to teach her about sex? I don’t know what to do with that.”

“It isn’t exactly permission, but if it happens, I will understand and I won’t blame you for giving in to your passions too. I know what a good and thoughtful lover you are, and she could do a lot worse than learn from you.”

One morning after breakfast, Janet had gone to work and Mark and Sharon were alone in the kitchen. “What do you have planned today Sharon? Going to see your friends?”

“No, I think I’ll stay around here today. There is something I want to take care of.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Sharon’s face turned red and replied, “Maybe, I’ll let you know later.” With that, she returned to her room. Mark went to his room and was sitting on the sofa reading a book when there was a knock at his door.

“Come in.”

“Hi, Mark, I just came up to see what you are doing.”

Mark looked her over and saw she was wearing a very short skirt and a tank top. She was obviously not wearing a bra because he could see her nipples stretched tight against the shirt. They seemed to be engorged and he could see the outline of her puffy areolas through the thin fabric. Her breasts were almost as large as her mother’s. Her skirt came only to mid thigh, showing her long shapely legs. She seemed nervous and he said, “I was just reading a book, but I can read that any time. What did you have in mind?”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“I think you just did.”

She laughed and said, “I mean a personal question.”

“You can ask me anything you want. You know that I will always be here for you if you need something.”

“Sharon sat down on the sofa next to him and asked, “How do you know when it is all right to have sex with someone?”

“Wow that is a question. First, it has to be with someone that you know well. It has to be with someone that you trust. Someone that you know will not do you any harm. If you feel like you can tell that person your deepest darkest secrets and know that they will not laugh at you or betray you or use the knowledge against you, then that might be the person that you might want to have sex with. It also helps if that person gives you a tingly feeling just by being close to you. Someone you want to be with all the time and someone you think about when you are apart. Are you thinking about having sex with someone like that?”

“Well, yes, I am.”

“Have you had sex before?”

“No, I don’t even know how to start.”

“Tell me about this person you want to have sex with. Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Girl, EWW. It’s a male. He’s not exactly a boy. I’ve known him for quite a while and he makes me happy when he’s around.”

“Do you see him often?”

“Every day, but I don’t know how to let him know.”

“You might try to just give him a kiss.”

“Okay,” She leaned over and kissed mark. “It’s you I want to have sex with mark. I want you to teach me.”

“Are you sure?”

“You meet all of the requirements you mentioned. I have been teasing you forever hoping you would make love to me but you didn’t get the hints. I thought you didn’t like me.”

“I do like you. I just didn’t think it was right for me to take advantage of a beautiful young woman like you for my own pleasure.”

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“You are very beautiful, just like your mother.”

“Would you have sex with me?”

“No, but I would love to make love to you. I would be honored to be your first.”

Mark took her into his arms and tenderly kissed her lips. They kissed for several minutes before he let his tongue taste her lips, working between them and she began to open her mouth to accept his tongue. Her tongue began to respond to his and they explored each other’s mouth with growing passion.

Mark drew back, giving Sharon a chance to catch her breath. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. If at any time you want me to stop, I will. I want you to be the judge of how far we go and when we stop. Is that all right with you?”

“Yes, Mark, I want you to make love to me just like you would with Mom. I know you would never do anything to hurt her or me. I just know that I want you so bad.”

Mark eased Sharon down on the sofa and lay beside her. He again began kissing her lips and then all over her face. He kissed faster and faster until he had her laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. “That’s the smile I wanted to see. Making love is supposed to be fun.

She hugged him and he began to run his hands across her body. “I see you didn’t wear a bra. Did you do that for me?”

“Yes, I was hoping it would make you horny. Did it work?”

“Oh, yes, I am very horny. You can see for yourself.” He took her hand and guided it to his erection. She let her hand rub against his cock and she gripped it, trying to get her fingers around it.

“It’s really big, are you sure it will fit?”

“I’m sure it will fit. You are very flexible down there. It will hurt a little the first time but you will stretch to fit and after a few minutes, it will feel really good.”

“Will you do it right now?”

“No sweetheart, not now. We have a way to go before that happens. First, I want to get a taste of those lovely titties of yours.” Mark ran his hand up her abdomen and cupped her breast in his palm. He gave it a gentle squeeze and began rubbing in a circular motion and brushing the nipple with his thumb.

“Oh, that feels so good. I never knew it could feel that good.” With a final squeeze, Mark moved his hand down to the hem of her top and slipped his hand under, next to her skin. “This will feel even better.” He slowly worked across her stomach, massaging her sensitive skin as he went, passing her navel and stroking her ribs before again cradling her breast in his hand.

“Do you like that,” he asked as his finger flicked against her nipple. He pinched and tugged at the turgid bud as he kissed her neck.

“That is the best thing ever,” she whispered.

“No, this is even better,” he whispered as he lifted her shirt and replaced his hand with his lips. His tongue lapped at her nipple and he sucked her breast into his mouth. He lightly nipped at her and then moved to her other breast. Mark took her hands and lifted them over her head as he removed her shirt. As soon as her shirt was gone, she pulled him back to her breast. “Please don’t stop.” She mewed like a kitten and her breathing became faster and faster. “Will you take your shirt off too?” she asked.

Mark sat up and pulled his shirt over his head and Sharon jumped up and sat in his lap, pressing her breasts to his chest. “This is better than I ever imagined.” She could feel his cock against her pussy as she squirmed in his lap and kissed him.

“What other little treasures are you hiding from me?” Mark teased as he ran his hands down her back and squeezed her firm little ass.

“I guess I can show you”, she replied. She stood up and stepped away from him a few feet. She reached back and unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood there in a little pink thong. Her breasts were perched high on her chest with her rock hard nipples erect. She turned slowly to let Mark see her body. The thong barely covered her pussy lips and he could see that she had shaved herself for him. The strap of the thong disappeared between her cheeks, showing her tight, firm butt, tapering down to her athletic legs.

Mark could not contain himself any longer and he reached out and picked her up in his arms. He blew a raspberry on her flat belly as he carried her to his bed. Sharon couldn’t suppress her giggle. He placed her on her back and standing back up; he released his pants and dropped them to the floor. He also pushed his boxers down and kicked them away, giving Sharon her first look at a large erect cock, dripping with pre-cum.

Mark lay down beside Sharon and resumed kissing her. He moved back and forth from her lips to her breasts and across her stomach and back up her neck. His hands roamed, and caressed her body. He finally brought his lips to her mound. He slid the thong down her legs and let his tongue explore her fragrant slit. She spread her legs to give him room as he lowered his face to lick at the tender skin on the inside of her thigh. He licked from the bottom of her slit to the top where he let his tongue flick at her clit.

“Oh my God… Oh my God… Ooohhh…”

Mark slipped the tip of a finger into her hole, gently parting her lips. He worked it around stretching her and teasing as he nursed on her clit. He moved the finger deeper into her until he reached the barrier of her hymen. He drew back seeking the spot that he knew would release her climax. He felt her pussy clamp down on his finger as he pulled out and let his tongue replace it to drink up her cum as her orgasm overcame her. She screamed wordlessly as he pleasured her.

As Mark moved back up to hold Sharon, tears filled her eyes. “I never expected to ever feel like that. I just want to do that again and again. You are the most wonderful man in the world.”

Mark held her close for a while and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to continue?”

He felt her nod her head. He once again slipped his hand between her legs, fitting a finger into her box to prepare her for his manhood. As she began to loosen up he inserted a second finger into her eliciting a moan and a new flood of moisture from her love canal. Sensing that she was ready, he climbed between her legs and rubbed the tip of his cock on the opening of her hole. He pushed as the head worked between her virgin lips and into the core of her passion. He waited until she adjusted to his girth and looked down to her face to await her signal that she was ready to continue. She kissed his lips and whispered, “I’m ready now.”

Mark began to move deeper into her He bumped against the final barrier and with a push, he made her a woman. He did not move as she adjusted to the 7” shaft that had filled her. She cried out as her hymen split but quickly recovered. “That wasn’t as bad as I expected. I feel so full. Please don’t stop.”

Mark began to move. He took short strokes slowly at first. As she began to move with him, he moved faster and made his strokes longer. He pulled out until only the head of his cock was in her and then plunged the full length, burying himself into her cunt. He pumped harder and harder, his balls slapping against her ass. Her juices were flowing around his shaft, easing his pumping meat. Sharon began to cum, her cunt walls squeezing his shaft so tight he could barely move. His orgasm hit him suddenly and he pumped stream after stream of cum into the depths of her cunt. They writhed together until they collapsed. Sharon crawled onto Mark’s chest as he rolled off of her. She buried her face into his shoulder and tears streamed from her eyes as her emotions erupted.

“Are you okay,” Mark asked.

“Oh yes, I have never felt better. Thank you for being my first.” She hugged him as if she was afraid he would disappear. He held her until they both fell asleep.

When Mark opened his eyes she was gone. He sighed and wondered how he would tell Janet that he had fucked her daughter. He was working in the back yard, repairing the fence when Janet came home. After he finished the job and put his tools away, he went into the house. He found Janet and Sharon sitting in the living room. Janet had her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. Mark stood in the doorway, not knowing if he should enter or turn and run. As he stood there, Sharon looked up and saw him. She stood up and walked over to him and looked up into his eyes. As Janet turned around to look, Sharon threw her arms around him and planted a big kiss on his lips. Janet stood up and joined them. “Big day was it?”

“It was for me, Mom. I don’t think I will ever forget today.”

“No one ever forgets their first, do they Mark?”

“I’m sorry; I am not sure how to react in a situation in which I have had sex with a young woman and her mother.”

“Mark, if you treated Sharon half as good as you treat me, I think she is a very lucky girl. We are both very happy that you made her first a special experience for her.”

Sharon said, “I can hardly wait until we get to do that again. I have a few things I want to try.”

Janet laughed, “Mark, I think we have created a monster. I think she is going to wear you out until she gets this out of her system.”

“Mom, if it’s that good every time, I don’t ever want to get it out of my system.”

“Well, just save some for me. I don’t want Mark all worn out before I get home.”

Mark laughed and said, “Ladies, do we need to set up a schedule? Maybe we can just include it on my daily job list.”

“Mom, you can have him in the evenings if I can have him in the mornings.”

The three shared a hug and retired to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Mark sat in a chair and talked with them and Sharon came and sat on his lap while she peeled potatoes. He teased her as she worked, sliding his hands up to tickle the bottom of her breasts under her shirt. She responded by grabbing his cock and stroking him to an erection. They played and teased each other all evening. When bed time rolled around, Janet took Mark’s hand and said, “Okay mister, tonight you are sleeping in my bed.” She led him to her room and as the door closed, she began removing Mark’s clothes. As his pants and boxers hit the floor, she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth and began giving him a blowjob. He held the sides of her head and face fucked her for a few minutes. He then lifted her up and kissed her on the lips saying, “This isn’t fair, I want to taste you too.” He brought her over to her bed and pulled her clothing off as she had done to him. When she was naked, he lay down on his back and told her to sit on his face so he could eat her pussy.

Janet mounted mark and dropped her cunt onto his face and he drove his tongue into her as she swallowed his cock to the root. They sucked and stroked each other as if this was their last meal. Mark plunged his fingers into her cunt and battered her clit with his tongue. She began to cum, flooding his mouth with her juices. She sat up so she could hold her cunt to his mouth and scream out her orgasm. When she finished her climax, she once again sucked his throbbing cock deep into her throat and within a few strokes he emptied his balls as she swallowed load after load of his cum down her throat.

They collapsed and Janet turned back to lie face to face with Mark. They cuddled and kissed tenderly. “You make me so hot for you, I can barely stand it. I want to please you in every way I can. How do you do this to me?”

“The secret is that I care for you and I want to make you care for me.”

“Mission accomplished. I don’t ever want that to change. I am also so impressed with how you have treated Sharon. I couldn’t wish for her to be happier than you have made her.”

“Sharon is a beautiful and very sexy young woman. I don’t know how I resisted her for so long. She is as responsive as you. I was completely enchanted by her.”

“Sharon came to me as soon as I got into the house. She told me how she went to your room and seduced you. She also told me about the advice you gave her about choosing a sexual partner. Not every guy would do that for a young girl. Most would just fuck her as soon as the opportunity came up. I hope you will continue to be as caring with her in the future.”

“How about letting me care about you right now.” Mark moved over her and for the next hour or so, they made tender love to each other.”

The next day, Mark went about his duties but he would often turn around and find Sharon watching him as he worked. He came in at lunch time to get a sandwich. Sharon insisted on making it for him and sat with him while he ate. “Was there something you need? You have been watching me all morning like there was something you wanted to say.”

Sharon blushed and said, “I have been thinking of a good way to ask you if I could give you a blowjob. I have never given one and I want to try, especially after how you did what you did for me yesterday.”

“Are you sure you want to get into that? Some women like to do it and others don’t. It can be an acquired taste. Maybe you should wait until you have more experience before you try sucking a cock.”

“I thought about that but I figured it this way. I really liked having sex with you yesterday. My poor pussy is still kind of tender so it wouldn’t be a good idea to actually fuck today. I am still horny though so the logical alternative is to have oral sex with you. You already said you like to do it and I want to please you too. If you will show me how to do it, I want to suck your cock and have you cum in my mouth.”

“It sounds like you have given this some thought. I don’t see any flaws in your logic so I guess I will agree to go through with it with you. Where and when do you want to do it?”

“Well, I guess we should let lunch settle so how about in an hour in my room?”

“You have a date.”

An hour later, Mark went to Sharon’s room and knocked on her door. She told him to come in and he found her lying in bed with just a sheet over her. She said, “Will you get undressed for me? I wanted to be ready for you so I already did.” She pulled the sheet back and she was naked and indeed ready for him.”

Mark dropped his clothing to the floor and approached the bed. Sharon sat up on the side and as he approached her, she asked if she could touch his cock. “Help yourself, it’s all yours.”

Sharon took his member in her hand and examined it closely. She lifted it and reached below to cradle his balls in her palm. He cautioned her that his balls were very sensitive and should be handled gently. She stroked his cock and it began to swell in her hand. She leaned in and kissed the head and the side of his shaft. “It is so hard now when it was soft just a minute ago.” She squeezed the shaft and let her hand slide from the top to the base and back. A drop of lubricant formed at the tip and she picked it up and rubbed it between her fingers sampling its texture. When another drop formed she again touched it and brought it to her mouth, licking it off her finger. “It doesn’t really have much taste.”

Sharon next touched the tip of her tongue to the tip of his cock. She gave it a lick and then she licked around the head several times. “Am I doing it right, Mark?”

“You are doing fine sweetheart. The idea is to lick and suck on it like a Popsicle. You can put it in your mouth as far as you are comfortable with. I don’t expect you to get it all in your mouth the first time. Very few women do. If you feel like you are going to gag, just pull it out. If you swallow, it can sometimes help to get it in farther, but again, you don’t have to take it all.”

“Does Mom do this with you?”

“I probably shouldn’t talk about what your mother and I do but she does give me head and she is very good at it.”

“I want to be good at it too.” With that, she began to put his cock into her mouth. At first it was only the head but as she gained confidence, she worked it in deeper. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft to get it wet and then she sucked more and more of his shaft into her hot wet mouth.

Mark finally said, “You had better let me lay down. You are doing such a good job, my legs might give out.”

Sharon made room for him and he lay on his back with his head on a pillow. She again started to suck his cock, bobbing her head up and down and cradling his balls in her palm, gently rolling them around. She stopped a few times to give special attention to his nuts; she even sucked them into her mouth. Mark said, “Let me make you feel as good as you are making me feel.” She lifted her head up and smiled at his suggestion. He lifted her hips and lowered her pussy down onto his mouth. He began to lick and suck on her lips and he gave attention to her clit. It rose from its sheath proudly and he licked it, moving back and forth across it and sucking it into his mouth. Sharon returned her attention to his erection, taking more than half of it into her mouth before she felt the gag reflex begin. She swallowed as she sucked and the feeling passed as she continued to bob up and down his shaft. She began to force herself to see how much she could get into her mouth. By breathing through her nose and swallowing, she was finally able to take about five of his inches into her until it reached the beginning of her throat. She sucked harder and bobbed her head faster as her own climax approached. Mark held his orgasm back until he could make her cum. He wanted her to have her orgasm before he had his so she would get the most enjoyment for her efforts. He slipped a finger into her cunt and found that special place that gave her the stimulation he desired. When he found that spot, he sucked her clit between his lips and flicked his tongue rapidly across it. Sharon groaned and he felt her spasm against him and her cum flooded across his face. He moved his mouth to cover her cunt to capture the sweet nectar flowing from her body. Sharon sat up as her legs locked around his head, she screamed out her pleasure and shook as if she had electric current running through her. When that passed and she began to relax, she once again returned to giving Mark all the pleasure she could. She stroked his shaft as she sucked as much as she could get into her mouth. With her other hand, she held his balls. He soon was meeting her lips with thrusting hips. She could feel his cock begin to swell as he warned her that he was going to cum. She didn’t slow down and tried her best to swallow the blast after blast of cum that jetted into her mouth. She coughed at first when the first spurt surprised her but she held on and managed to swallow most of his load. Some escaped her lips to drip down her chin onto his balls and all over her hands. She continued to suck and swallow until he started to go soft in her mouth. As his cock slipped from her mouth, she licked up all of the cum that had escaped before. She licked his balls and when they were clean; she rolled over and licked the remainder from her hands.

“Sweetheart that was a wonderful blowjob. I can’t believe that was your first time. You are a natural born cock sucker. I have had very few that were any better. And to top it off, I love the way your pussy tastes. I could eat you forever. Did you enjoy that? Do you think it is something you would want to do again sometime?”

“I loved doing that for you. I didn’t mind the taste at all. Your cum was actually pretty tasty. I really liked it when you started to cum and it squirted into my mouth. A lot of it went straight to my stomach. My jaw got a little tired but I think with practice, that won’t be a problem. I really like the way you eat my pussy too. Your tongue feels really nice and it drives me crazy when you sucked on my clit. You can do that any time you want.”

“I hope we get to do that often baby. Between you and your mother, I am the happiest handyman in the country.”

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