Selling Candy (teen sex, virginity, oral sex)

Michael's sex story
Candy and Cookie gathered themselves from the bed. I recommended they grab a quick shower to clean themselves up – and wash away as much evidence of our recent activities as possible.

The girls were in and out of the shower in about 10 minutes, amidst much giggling, tickling and mutual-washing which had my almost worn-out cock threatening to come back to life. I looked at the clock, wondering if there was enough time for one more romp. The girls had been in my house almost two hours so, despite all desires to the contrary, I decided it best if they headed toward home.

Back in the bedroom, the girls pulled a couple of chaste, white blouses out of their backpacks and put them on before donning their Girl Scout vests and skirts. The last item of clothing they searched out was their panties, but both pairs had been shredded in the girls' and mine earlier rush.

“Oh, well,” Cookie said, with a grin. “I guess we'll have to go without.”

I kissed both girls goodbye and ushered them gently, but quickly, out the door. They immediately began running and, as I watched out the window, made a bee-line for their friend Angie's house, just across the street.

“Oh, crap,” I thought. “Here we go. They're going to blab what we did and I'm going to be in deep shit.”

But the rest of the evening passed uneventfully, meaning no cops or angry parents beating down my door. Exhausted from the days activities, I hit the sack around 10:30 p.m., but couldn't immediately get to sleep. I finally realized what was keeping me awake – the essence of the two girls was still in my bed.

I poked around a bit and eventually found the girl's shredded panties – lacy pink bikini and black thong, both still redolent with the perfume of teenage pussy, rolled up and stuffed inside the pillow case. The scent brought back memories of earlier in the day, causing my cock to swell rapidly. I had to jerk out two loads, one right after the other, before I could get to sleep.

The next two days passed unremarkably. I went to work on Monday, expecting my day to be interrupted by law enforcement, dragging me off to jail. When nothing happened, I started to relax and, by Tuesday, was almost back to normal.

Then, Tuesday night, almost as soon as I got home from work, there was a knock on the door. Still not 100 percent sure what to expect, I peeked out the security lens. All I saw was the tops of three heads of hair.

It's the girls. But who's the third? Oh, shit! I bet I can guess.

Sure enough, when I opened the door, I was immediately greeted by the smiling faces of Cookie and Candy, along with a girl I recognized from the home across the street, who must be Angie. I relaxed, slightly, glancing around quickly before inviting the girls inside.

“Hi,” Candy said. “Wanna fuck? Oh, yeah. This is Angie. She wants her cherry popped, too.”

I almost fell over at her blatant exclamation. Cookie smacked her on the arm and Angie just giggled. But I also noticed the nipples on her clearly-braless tits begin to swell at the thought.

“Um, hi yourself,” I said. “You want something to drink?”

“Yeah, sure,” Angie said. “How's about a beer?”

“How's about a cola,” I countered, walking toward the kitchen.

“Spoiled sport,” Angie laughed. “Yeah, cola would be fine.”

I busied myself at the refrigerator, getting glasses, ice and cola poured, grabbing a beer for myself, then almost dropped the glasses when I turned around. All three girls were seated at the kitchen table, topless, six young tits, unencumbered by bras, were looking straight at me.

“Well, you're not wasting any time,” I said, taking in the vision before me.

Candy's and Cookie's familiar little boobs looked great. Their friend, Angie, had by far the largest pair of the three, probably a medium B-cup, capped with hard, dusky areola and tight, pea-sized nipples. Despite her obvious young age, each nipple was pierced, with a small golden ring contrasting nicely with the dark nubbins.

She obviously caught me staring. She grinned and thrust her perky tits out slightly.

“You like?” Angie said, looking down at her tits. “I, um, did them myself.”

“You should see what else she has pierced,” Candy said with a laugh, which earned her a smack on each arm from both Cookie and Angie.

Angie then stood, her black cargo pants hanging very low on her hips, exposing most of the enticing “V” of her young Mons and the strings of what appeared to be a very small pair of thong panties. She stuck her hands in her pockets and hunched her shoulders forward slightly, which served to push the front of her pants down a little further. Either she shaved her young snatch, or she hadn't grown hair yet.

She just walked toward me, sauntered, really, a sultry grin on her young face. She looked up at me from under her jet-black bangs, reached out and cupped my crotch through my jeans.

“Why don't we get these off,” Angie said, dropping to her knees right there in my kitchen. “Let's have some fun.”

Without waiting for me to say anything, the young vixen started working on my belt. In no time, she had my jeans down around my ankles, gasping at the growing bulge in the front of my knit boxers. With an “ummmm” sound, she gripped the elastic waist of my underwear and pulled the down, freeing my rapidly-swelling cock.

“Oooo,” Angie said, looking up at me with lidded eyes. “That looks like a good one.”

No more words were spoken as she leaned forward, captured the head of my cock with her tongue and pulled it into her hot, wet mouth. I couldn't help but think, where were the girls like this when I was in high school? Then all conscious thought left my mind as she hoovered my shaft into the back of her mouth, the head butting up against the top of her throat.

She gagged slightly before she pulled back, my cock now glistening with her saliva in the dim light of the kitchen. She wrapped her hands around my ass, letting my boxers fall to join my jeans around my ankles, and pulled my cock back into her mouth. I set my hands on her head, holding her gently, guiding her movements as she bobbed up and down on my staff.

I'd almost forgotten about the other girls until I heard a moan coming from the other side of the room. I looked up to see Candy, spread out on the table top, with Cookie sitting between her legs, her mouth attached to her young friend's pussy like a pilot fish on the side of a shark. Candy had her top pulled up around her chest and was kneading her own tits through her bra. She pulled the thin, white garment up, gripping her own nipples and twisting, playing with her own nubbins and moaning at the sensations.

“Mmmm,” Angie said, stroking my spit-soaked cock as she glanced behind her at the action on the table. “That looks like fun.”

I reached down and pulled her to her feet, my hands under her arms, my thumbs teasing across her hard nipples. Stepping out of my jeans and boxers, I turned her around, lightly smacked her on the ass to “motivate” her, and guided her toward the table.

“Yes, it does,” I said. “Get your skinny little ass on the table.”

“Hey,” Angie complained. “It's not that skinny. I think I've got a nice butt.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Very nice. Now, get it up on the table.”

She giggled as she hopped into position. She started to lay back next to Candy, but I pulled her back into a sitting position and locked my lips on her right nipple, toying with the small gold ring with my tongue.

Angie arched her back and moaned. She pressed her tits tight to my face and wrapped her arms around my head as I feasted on her dusky nubbins. I ran my hands down her sides, undid the button and zipper on her cargo pants and slid my fingers into her panties, which were soaked with her arousal.

“Mmmmm,” she said.

I gently nudged her back onto the table, kissing and nibbling my way down her body as she went. I slid her pants and panties down and off, leaving her naked on my kitchen table. I saw a glint of gold at the top of her bald pussy as I leaned in. Looking closer, I found a tiny golden ring, matching the rings in her nipples, piercing the hood of her young clit.

“You do this one, too?” I asked, flicking my tongue across her clit for emphasis.

“Argh,” she groaned, her body twitching at the intimate contact. “Um, yeah. Used a … mmmm … sewing needle. Bored one day.”

“Didn't that hurt?” I asked, laving her rapidly-moistening snatch with my lips.

“Oh,” she moaned. “Yeah, it kinda hurt. But I kinda liked it. Guess I'm … ahhhh … into pain. A little. Enough talking now.”

Angie put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me into her cunt, effectively muffling my, making her desires clear. I took the hint, wrapped my hands around her tight, round ass and drove my tongue into her pussy.

The only sounds in the room now were moans, mixed with the wet slurping sounds of tongues in pussies. Cookie stood, stripped off the rest of her clothes and climbed on the table, straddling Candy in a 69. Looking up past Angie's writhing body, I had a perfect view of Cookie's tight little ass with her friend's tongue buried deep between the almost hairless lips of her pussy.

“Oh, shit!” Angie moaned suddenly. Her legs flew up in the air, came down to wrap around my shoulders, and she came. Her orgasm seemed to sneak up on her, exploding suddenly as she arched her back and pulled my face and tongue ever tighter against her pussy. Her natural lube flowed like a river as I watched, her stomach muscles twitching, her chest heaving. A deep red blush spread up her body as her orgasm washed over her.

“Oh, my God!” she moaned, collapsing back on the table.

Candy and Cookie weren't far behind, moaning out their own orgasms, writhing on my kitchen table. Candy was first, grabbing on to Cookie's ass, driving her fingers into her friend's pussy. Cookie came seconds later, with three fingers of Candy's right hand spreading and spearing the lips of her pussy.

So far, I was the only one who hadn't cum, my rock-hard cock leaking precum which dripped from the tip and pooled on the floor. I couldn't wait any longer. Even as Angie lay panting before me and Cookie and Candy climbed down from the table, I stood between Angie's limp legs, aiming my cock at her dripping, hairless pussy.

I pulled her closer to the edge of the table, placing her in perfect position. I slotted the head of my cock between Angie's nether lips, rubbing the head around her opening, spreading our combined juices around to lube the shaft. Her eyes popped open to find mine gazing down at her, lustfully.

“You ready for this, little girl?” I asked, trying to sound menacing … and failing badly. Angie just giggled at my mock-threatening tone, spreading her thighs wider and pulling her feet onto the edge of the table.

“Oooo, is the nasty man going to pop my cherry?” she said, matching my tone, playing the game. “You gonna split my little virgin pussy with your big, ol', nasty cock?”

Rather than answer, I wrapped my hands around her thin, coltish thighs and pressed forward. She groaned as the head split her labia, the blunt tip pushing her lips apart. There was a moment of resistance before the head popped past the tight ring of muscle guarding her portal of heaven.

I came to rest with about half my cock inside her vagina on the first thrust, but I didn't encounter the expected barrier of her hymen. I slipped back until just the head remained inside, then pushed in again. She groaned deep in her chest as I buried my cock in her sheath.

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “You're all the way inside me! I feel stuffed like a chicken!”

I couldn't help but chuckle. I ran my hands up her body and tweaked her rock-hard nipples, making her twitch again.

“Hey,” Angie said. “It didn't hurt. I thought it was supposed to hurt?”

“Maybe you busted your cherry by accident,” I said, struggling to talk with my cock buried in her young body. “That happens to girls sometimes, especially if they're athletic, like skater-chicks.”

“Yeah, maybe,” she said. “That's cool, then. Now, fuck me!”

“Yes, ma'am,” I said, giving her nipples another light twist, pulling on her gold piercings.

I slid out, slowly, then back in with a little more force. The walls of her vagina molded themselves to my cock. I could feel every ridge and ripple in her cuntal walls as I bottomed out, stroking my shaft like a hot, wet, clenching fist.

“Oh, yeah,” Angie moaned. “I like this. I'm gonna do this a bunch.”

I ground my groin into her crotch, making her moan again, my pubes tickling her exposed clit. I put my hands under her legs and lifted them up, tilting her pelvis back and up, giving me a straight shot to her depths. I started fucking her with long, slow strokes, slowly building up speed until I was slamming into her body. The table was shaking with each thrust, her perfectly round tits bouncing each time I filled her with my cock.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,” Angie chanted in time with my rhythm. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Her head rolled back on the table, her back arched and her muscles locked. A high-pitched whine issued from her lips, growing in volume and intensity as I pounded her into the table. Her pussy clamped around my cock once, twice, three times, then she burts in orgasm again.

“FUCK!” Angie cried. Her legs shot out straight into the air, her toes curled, as her cum washed over her. Her eyes, squeezed tightly shut, flew open, an almost mad, frenzied look in them as she twitched and writhed beneath me.

“Oh, shit!” I yelled. “Here I cum!”

I literally exploded, cum rocketing out of my cock to coat the walls of her vagina. I pressed as hard and deep into her as I could, the head of my cock butted up against the mouth of her cervix, and flooded her with my seed.

Blast after blast of cum fired from my cock like bullets from a gun. Angie twitched with each shot, groaning out an “Oh!” as I spilled myself inside her.

“God, I can feel him cumming!” she cried. “It's soooo hot in my pussy! Cumming in my pussy!”

Angie's body relaxed momentarily. Then she tensed up again as her last orgasm hit, growing, building on the one before. Her body was stiff as a board, arched against the table, only shoulders and hips holding her in place. Her knuckles were white where she had a death-grip on the edge of the tabletop.

“Oh, my God!” she finally moaned as her body relaxed. “Oh, God!”

Angie literally collapsed onto the table, her body going limp, as she appeared to lose consciousness for a second. I looked up then, spying Candy and Cookie seated across the table, eyes wide and bodies dripping with perspiration, hands in each other's cunts glistening with their own wetness. Apparently, they'd jilled each other off to the vision of the hot fuck in front of them.

“Wow!” Candy whispered. “That was fucking amazing!”

“Yeah,” Cookie said, extracting her fingers from her friend's snatch. “You came sooo hard. So did I.”

“So did I,” Angie said, her voice breathless and somewhat ethereal as she floated in the sexual afterglow. “Jeez, you can fuck!”

“You weren't so bad yourself, little girl,” I said with a grin as I walked toward the sink. I soaked a clean towel in cool water, brought it back to the table and started to clean my latest young lover.

Angie aimed a half-hearted kick at me.

“Little girl, my ass!” she said, laughing.

“Maybe next time,” I replied.

Angie's eyes got wide as she looked at me.

“I might just hold you to that,” she said.

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