My loyal setter (extreme sex, bestiality)

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Shane was registered and had a long blood line. But he was my sons pet, he was also my constant companion. I had no idea however, that he was my savior as well. He was a great watch dog, but spent as much of his time watching over the boys as their watch dog, he loved running after them.

My sons were in every sport in high school and junior high, I spent my time running them or at home making sure they were well fed and clothed. I also worked from my home doing bookkeeping, I spent a lot of nights at my desk while spending time with Shawn who laid at my side on a chair just for him. I had always wanted an Irish setter but I wanted a female, Shawn was a gift so I said nothing. By the time the boys were in high school Shawn was nine man years old. One day I had to have a repairman to the house. My built-in vaccim system was not sucking. The man came to the door, greeted by barks from Shawn.

As I opened the door Shawn lept forward, I grabbed his collar. I had never seen him do this before, I for some reason didn't scold him but I did hold him tight. the man explained who he was and i asked for credentials, he said all he had was his company card.

I said alright this way but as he approached Shawn went nuts it was all I could do to hold him back. The man smelled terrible like urine or worse, the closet that my vacuum was stored in wasn't but a few steps into the house. I noticed he didn't carry A tool chest or case of any kind. And now it was almost impossible to hold Shawn back. When the man looked back at me and smiled, I told him it was time for him to leave that I wouldn't hold my dog off any longer. He left and as he drove away I took his license number. I called the company and told them who was at the house and the name on the card. They said he was blonde thirty years old and I said stop, that isn't who was here, this man had dark hair about fifty years old, and so dirty he stunk. I never did find out who, what or where but I will forever thank Shawn ,he knew.

I was really greatful to have Shawn I just didn't know the extent of his loyalty and caring for me. I bought him different treats all the time and he was clear about what he liked. So after the incident with the man, I gave him some of his favorites one night as I sat doing books. He ate a few then I looked over to see that he was licking his penis instead of eating them. He would lick then whine and look at me, I thought oh god is something wrong with it? I looked a little closer but had to get out of my chair and kneel down next to him, in his chair. I looked as close as I could but I really had no idea if there was some thing wrong or not, it was strange looking. The floor felt darned good on my back so I decided to stretch out a bit before I started working again. Shawn jumped down by me thinking I was going to play with him. As I stretched my ass into the air And lowered it again, Shawn went behind me. I hadon my night gown with no underwear and he crotches me with his nose.
I called his name but he had his tongue out and started to lick me. I didnt resist it felt good right away. I have to admit I am a horny woman and love to fuck, but this was innocently different. I let him lick as his tongue found my vaginal whole I sighed. I looked around and said hold on baby I need to turn the lights out. I got up with him not wanting to stop, but I turned the lights out and took Shawn to the rec room where I could closed and locked the door. I got down on the floor again and hiked my nightie up and Shawn went right back using his tongue on me. I didn't expect what he did next because I thought dogs had to be In heat to fuck. So maybe he was or he didnt have to be. But ne got on my baxk with his front legs and started humping Me. It only took him seconds to hit my dripping hole and when he did he was like a jack hammer hitting me hard and fast.
My favorite fucking mode, oh I was the one in heat, I came so often i kept it good and wet. He was really going at me strong and I could feel him getting bigger but I had no idea about the knot. My god when that filled me I was in heaven I came so hard Shawn whined. I hoped this wasn't the end and it wasn't he stopped humping me but he and I were knotted together for two hours. It probably wouldn't have taken that long but I was moving him in me and out of me as much as i could , I had never had a huge cock before certainly not a knot. But it was spectacular, when I was finally exhausted and the knot and his cock fell out. Shawn wanted in his chair and went to the door, I finally stood and let him in, he laid there for another hour licking himself. I went and took a shower off the guest room and went back to work a happy lady.

I thought of little else the next day and after getting my work done I had several hours to fix dinner or play with Shawn. I didn't have to go far he was always by my side, I let him outside while I changed into an old robe and shed my underwear. When he came in he playfully ran around me as I laid on the rec room floor with my ass in the air. He again started with the lgicking and then his tongue found my hole. That's when he carefully mounted me and started humping, he hit my hole right off and I again came right away, he went at it much longer than he had the night before but that feeling of him getting larger and then the huge knot enveloped me and once again I came violently it was both painful and wondrous. Again he was done and we were ass to ass as he turned but I kept pushing and pulling and cumming, we stayed that way again until I was exhausted and went still. He slid out of me as did more sperm than I had ever seen. I hugged him and hugged him And he wanted to mount me again. I wanted that to but I had to go take the boys to wrestling. I always left Shawn in the house And he climbed up in his chair as I left. When I got to the boys wrestling meet, one of the moms asked if the boys could come to there house for dinner, saying she was having all of them for a spagetti feed. I asked when to pick them up and she said no, I am there school bus driver and I know where everyone lives, so I will bring them. I said great, my husband never ever made it home from the office until 7 or later but he always called. I rushed home to Shawn, this was so fucking hot for an old housewife, well I wasn't really old, I was only thirty I had been married already for almost fifteen years, a child bride. So having only had two men in my life and now a husband who was a workaholic this experience was exciting and forbidden.

As I parked in the garage and closed the door I was already wet. I figured Shawn would be up to it he didn't seem to mind going at it the second time. So I hurried upstairs and got my fuck robe on and took Shawn to the fuck room. He went right to It. The tongue came out right off and as soon as he knew he had the target he mounted me with gusto. The huge cock made me cum right away and I kept Shawn pumping me hard and harder. He lasted longer and I had put so much more into our fucking that I was getting tired, but when the knot came in me I was revived I came so hard and again and again. I kept Shawn going long after he wanted to quit. Oh my god i thought what have I done I am a fucking slave to my dogs cock. I wanted it agin right away, I was tired but reality still hadn't set in, I couldn't believe the feeling that such a huge cock made.

I wanted a dido that big, mine were all about 5-6' my husband had bought them for me. He didn't want me to go to the part of town the xxx store was located in. I would remember to ask him for one about 9' and big around but espacially a huge head. Shawn was on me now and I was beginning to get some reality back I was tired but the fuck was exceptional and I again kept it going.

By the time the boys were home and my husband and I ate, they all went off to bed. I looked for Shawn, finally I sat down at my desk, I heard whimpering and looked in the rec room to see Shawn licking his huge dick. I really could not help myself, I went in and closed the door and stripped my clothes and laid down for him. It happened all over again I loved it so much I couldn't remember when I was so satisfied, maybe my wedding honeymoon when my husband was only 17 and had the stamina of an elephant we fucked for 3 days with no
food just water to drink and a lot of sexual desires to be met. He had wanted to eat me for over a year but I was to timid, now he a starving man. But the only two positions at that time were pretty mild. He was all muscle and cock and we loved each other with abandone. We had been fucking for a year before but never as wild and , well there was this one time. We had skipped school and an old friendOf my husbands friend said we could use his house and gave us a key. We parked in his garage with no windows so we wouldn't have our car spotted. We went in and my then boyfriend kissed to me into oblivion and had my clothes almost off when he laid me on the made bed and took me right away. He came really fast, and went to run a bath. We both got in and he fucked me there but we got out onto the floor and he fucked me doggie style I was to embarrassed to enjoy much Of it and he felt bad. We laid on the bed then and he played with every inch of my skin sucking and licking himself Into a huge boner. I wasn't really ready yet but should have been, I was just to young. After year however I loved fucking him. I had fucked before I wasn't a virgin for him.

My first boyfriend was older by two years just like my husband. He was however the best kisser and fucker I would ever have In my life. He had a huge cock 8' and really big around. I was only 13 at the time he first took me. It was really my first time alone with him, he didn't hesitate he began kissing me the moment I walked into

his parents house with him, before I could even object I was so full of his fingers in me and the kisses to die for, he fucked my mouth with his tongue as he fucked me with his fingers, by the time he was ready to mount me I would have begged for it, but didnt know what to do as it turned out it was his first time to and he had trouble getting his huge coxk in my tight little pussy. When he finally did he was as upset about the pain as I was and he quit fucking me. He cleaned me up and took are of the linens we soiled with my blood.But the next time he had learned a few things and he fucked me all day long I was taught by a virgin to love being fucked. dated him for a year and a half and we fucked every time we were together, I still don't know why I didn't get pregnant. He was my perfect fucking mate but it wasn't ro be. He moved away and I didn't see him again until the day before my wedding to my husband. He came and wanted me but he was told to leave and not come back it was to late.

My husband was my perfect mate in all other ways, first of all he loved me more than anyone could love another person. As the years went by he proved this over and over again. Oh dont get me wrong I loved him and do with all my being and would do for him as ne has done for me. But sex is not part of his fortee. The older he gets the less I get. Dam but now I have Shawn.

I have to tell you the feeling of being fucked by a dog even a beloved dog is just that solid fucking. You can't imagine how good it is you don't have to please the other person just fuck to your own drummer and fuck me Shawn did. My husband was getting a little suspicious I was usually bugging him for sex. Now I didn't bother , that made me feel good to. I loved romance and being cared for myself. My first lover was a mans man he always opened my door he always made sure when he fucked Me that I wanted it more than he did. In much much later years I found out he had divorced many times and was a pervert Of sorts. He certainly had no respect for women. I still loved him at least his memory was still intact..

For some months now Shawn has been fucking his mistress on a regular basis, pretty much whenever I want it. God I love That part, whenever I want it, all I have to do now is head to the rec room. Shawn has gotten a lot better at fucking me longer.I suppose he is better trained at fucking me than my husband. And doggie style was always one of my favorites. I don't Have a lot of time Shawn will fuck me laying on my back, he doesn't much like it, he doesn't cum. And I am free to get up any time I want, but if I want the big huge woweee orgasm I have to have his knot.

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