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DogBone's sex story
As I make my turn at the end of the field row and start heading back in the same direction, my dog Duke comes running out of no where. With his tongue hanging out he trots along side of me, barking off and on as he looks in my direction.

I shake my head no and tell him to 'Move on!' He's a persistent cuss
when he wants something.
Finally he gives up and stops dead in the freshly turned dirt and sits.

The sun and heat was beating down on me today like a fucking blowtorch. It
has been incredible hot and dry this whole summer. If I didn't us an
irrigation system, all my fields would have turned to dust by now. Thank God my
tractor has a sun shield overhead to keep my brain from frying. It's a hard living
for a young guy with a wife and two small sons. But I was born and raised on
a farm just like my daddy and his daddy before him. So it's the only life I
have know of.
Even without my shirt on, the sweat pours off me. Red dust sticks and cakes
on my upper body when a slight wind blows. But with my dark upper tan, it
doesn't show like you would think. My tight wranglers cling to my body and my
socks feel damp inside my boots. I could sure us a cold beer and a shower even
though it's only a little past noon. But I know I have to keep my tractor
moving. These fields aren't going to get turned by themselves.
I dream of being inside the root cellar where its dark and cool as I pull my
handkerchief out of my back pocket and dry the sweat dripping into my eyes.
As I make my turn at the end of the field row and start heading back in the
same direction, my dog Duke comes running out of no where. With his tongue
hanging out he trots along side of me, barking off and on as he looks in my
direction. I shake my head no and tell him to 'Move on!' He's a persistent cuss
when he wants something.
Finally he gives up and stops dead in the freshly turned dirt and sits. He's
smart enough to know I'll be coming back this way in a bit. I turn my head
back and watch him as I move further and further away. When I reach the end of
the row again, I turn and start back in his direction. In the distance I can
barely see him because I'm so far away. As I slowly inch closer I can tell he'
s still sitting waiting patiently for my return. As I approach again, he
gets up and starts wagging his tail and barks. No one could ever say he doesn't
give up without a fight. He's a real god dam pest sometimes.
Take for instance this morning when I was outside the barn at 5 AM. I was
putting fuel in the tractor getting ready for today's plowing, when here he
came. Fresh out of the shower and still drinking my coffee, I didn't see him
till I felt his big ass paws in the center of my back. He jumped on me from
behind. My coffee spilled all over my clean tee shirt and I was pissed. He knew I
was mad too the way I yelled at him. He booked it in the barn and didn't come
back till I was just about ready to hop in the seat and move out. I had just
put my one boot on the side to hop up when the next thing I knew he was
behind me again. He stuck his big ass head under my crotch and looked at me with
wanting eyes. I stopped my forward motion and looked down at him. His tail
was moving a hundred miles an hour and a low 'woof' came from him. Knowing we
were the only ones around I spoke to him like I would a human.
'No, your not getting any of that after the way you acted earlier. Besides,
you have been wanting it too much lately anyway. Go find yourself some dog in
heat and throw the rod to her why don't you! You're getting too bossy!'
That said, I hopped up into the seat and fired up the engine. When I put it
into gear it leached forward and he moved back. I hesitated just before I let
the clutch engage fully when I saw the way he was standing. He stood
sideways and was showing me his swelled cock in its sheath. The fat pink pointed
head was exposed slightly and a drip hung from its tip. Even though I had fucked
the old lady last night, I felt my cock respond with a jump. Shaking my head
no I still had to admire how powerful and handsome he looked standing that
way. Duke was a two-year-old blue tick coonhound. Beautiful spots covered his
beefy body. He stood tall and weighed about 100 lbs I figured by the weight I
had carried before from him on my back. He was all boy dog with a large
black nut sack that hung low between his hind legs. He stunk like all the animals
on the farm did, but I didn't seem to notice much anymore. I shook my head
no to him and told him to go back into the barn. I then gunned the engine and
pulled out. He stood and watched me as I disappeared into the dawn.
Now, here he was again trying to get me to give in and give him what he
wanted again. As he moved with me, I stopped the tractor and shut off the engine.
Jumping down off the platform into the tuned soil he approached me. With my
hands on my hips I looked around and made sure we were totally alone.
'You don't give up do you fucker,' I said to him? 'Your going to die of
heat stroke trying to get some off me you dumb mutt.'
As I stood talking to him he came up to me and started taking long hard
sniffs of my damp crotch. I turned from him and started to unzip my fly. Right
away he figured he had scored! But I kicked him away and moved closer to the
tractor to take a leak. Hauling my cock out I let go with a strong piss stream.
The dry ground below me turned dark brown as my liquid wet the parched
earth. He was quickly at my side trying to get a drink of my bladder. Knowing how
much he liked the taste of my piss, I turned and let him get a few laps. He
drank fast and chocked a few times trying his best to get it all. Once my flow
stopped I reached down and rubbed his ears.
'At least you like the taste of my piss, don't you boy!'
His tail wagged as he enjoyed my attention.
'I know you don't care if I'm dirty or smell do you? All your interested in
is weather I give it up to you aren't you'
He seemed to sense my mood for him was changing, and it was. I unbuttoned
the top clasp that held my pants on and pulled them low on my hips. Fishing my
cock back through the underwear opening to piss, I also pulled them low. His
noise went to my balls and he started to lick. All too quickly he was
cleaning my whole lower crotch area before he went for the tip of my cock. As his
hot tongue did laps around the head of my cock, I swelled to full hardness.
Pulling my jeans and underwear real low, I bowed my legs as he dug under my ball
sack for my moist hole. Lap after lap dug between my hairy butt crack
hitting my hole ever so often. As I leaned lower against the side of my tractor and
moaned, my legs opened more. Soon he was able to connect with my hole on
each tongue lap. I spit on my dirty ruff hand and gripped my cock and pumped it
hard. I wanted him to continue to lick at me forever, but when he stopped and
looked at me I knew it was time I offered something in return. Pulling my
tight dirty jeans back up over my hard cock, I nodded my head yes to him.
'OK, you win. Lets head over to the trees,' I said to him as I got back in
the seat. As I started the tractor again, he knew. He took off running for
the two tall trees we had in the middle of the two larger fields. I shook my
head with amazement that he wanted me so bad. I must be a dam good piece of
ass, I thought to myself as I spread my legs wide and steered the tractor
towards the tree grove.
It took me about 10 minutes to get there and Duke was waiting for me in the
shade. I parked the tractor so it would provide some privacy even though I
knew no one would ever be able to see us. As I jumped down and headed for him,
he barked. As I entered the shade the cooler air felt refreshing. As I undid
my pants again I complemented him on his making me realize I needed to take a
break. Just before I dropped my pants I realized I needed to wear my tee
shirt. Duke can get very aggressive and scratch the hell out of my sides. I had
a hard enough time explaining some of his scratches before to the wife; I didn
't need to add to the lies. Walking back into the strong sun to retrieve my
shirt, Duke barked again. I walked quickly back to him as I pulled on the tee
'Now were ready stud dog,' I yelled to him as I dropped my pants below my
knees and got down on the ground.
He came around behind me and started to lick my hole again. He went to work
on my low hangers just before he stopped and jumped my back. I quickly fell
into the role of his bitch as he bucked my hips trying to find his hole. His
cock squirted liquid between my crack on each failed attempt to penetrate me.
I didn't make things to easy for him on his first attempt because I wanted
more tongue action on my hole before I took his knot.
Jumping down in frustration, he went to work on my hole like I knew he
would. Digging and licking hard, I was in instant heaven. The tip of his tongue
pierced my hole a few times as he tried to get inside me. Duke and I had been
having sex for about a year and knew each other very well. We each knew what
the other wanted and needed. We had sex when we could and lately he wanted it
more and more. We usually fucked behind the hay bails at the back of the
barn, but we needed to be more careful now. My four-year-old son caught us tied
together two weeks ago. I had no idea he was outside. I thought his mother was
watching him. When he came around the corner and I saw him, I didn't panic,
but it was very hard not to do. I knew he was too young to understand what
was going on, so I went with that. He walked slowly to me and didn't seem to
care what was happening. Duke licked his face when he leaned close to him. We
talked for a bit as Duke panted in my ear and pumped me full of cum. I told
him in a calm voice to go back in the house and get ready for dinner. He did
what I asked but stopped just before he left and got a good look at us
together. At least I had my jeans up around my crotch and wasn't showing anything
this time.
So now I have been trying to cut Duke back. I haven't been giving into him
and it has frustrated him to no end. I know its best for the both of us, but it
's hard. Hell, I miss being with him also. When you're raised on a farm,
sex with the animals is not uncommon. As he jumps my back again I am brought
back to the moment.
This time I give in and lower my hips and line us up perfect. As I stare at
the brown dirt before me, I lock my arms and push my hips back against his
humping. He slips in my butt hole like a hot knife through butter. After about
10 quick bunny humps we are locked together as I feel the knot I know so well
swell against my prostate. As his cock swells and lengthens, I feel it snake
deeper and deeper in my guts. The pulsing of his cock quickly starts and the
breeding of me begins.
Once he's fully swelled in me, he turned off my back. It's still kind of
scary every time he does that. I don't like when he does it and most times he
stays on my back. I can actually feel his cock move inside me when he does it.
And I never know if he's going to try and pull me with him. So far that has
never happened.
Once he's settled we stand balls to balls and I can rise up some. A hot
breeze blows across us as I look over the fields. I am beginning to feel the
pressure of his large cum flow growing inside me. My hard cock is dripping snot
as I look under myself. I will give him a few more minutes of solemn ecstasy
before I will begin to jack myself off.
I can't wait any longer and quickly grab my cock and start to beat the band.
I can feel my cum climbing my tube fast as I don't need much stimulus to
finish myself off. As my butt hole muscles clinch tight, I can really feel the
size of his knot inside me. As I fire off load after load, my butt clamps his
knot. I have never had an as intense a nut as I do while knotted to him.
Once my climax subsides I am left spent still attached to him. This can be
the hardest part of having sex with a dog. He calls the shots on when the sex
is over between us. After about 15 minutes I feel the pressure on my hole and
prostate lessen. I know he's almost done with me and he will slip fast from
me. With a small squish sound, he pulls out and I moan loudly.
He walks off and leaves me and sits to clean himself up. As I get to my
feet, I stretch my stiff back out. I need to clinch my butt to be sure I don't
leak. Looking at the dry ground, I can see a wet spot from my load and a large
wet spot from him leaking while knotted to me. I feel the slight burn inside
me and I know I'm packed with a charged load. Before I pull my pants back up,
I pull my shirt off and dry my ass crack. All back together and ready to
finish my chores I walk towards the tractor when I hear him woof! Turning I yell
to him,
'Your welcome mother fucker. And that's going to have to hold you till the
weekend. Don't be coming around me wanting more till then you hear me!'

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