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When I was sixteen (teen sex, virginity)

Frank's sex story: A story about me and my high school English teacher over 66 years ago. I left her secret notes just to make her curious. Finally she took the bait and we had a great 7 months.

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A short walk in the forest (straight, voyeur)

Frank's sex story: While walking in the woods, Pete hears noises. He finds them coming from a small tent. He listens. It is a girl and a guy. The guy was grunting and the girl was moaing. He could hear skin slapping. He waits hidden thinking he too might have a chance.

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My Uncle Joe (straight, incest)

Frank's sex story: It' s about a teenage girl who finds out about sex the easy way--from her Uncle Joe--who had married her mom's sister, the teen's aunt. The aunt died of cancer and the young uncle found a new outlet for his sex drive. The uncle finds out about the high school senior's sexuality by accident. They spend a long hot summer in his attic room (at least once a week).

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How I lost my Virginity (straight, first time)

Sannidhi's sex story: It is a sex story happened in my real life...Do u believe it or nt...But its real... Any one wanna spnd a night with me. My name is Sannidhi... I live in Mangalore...This story is my first story..

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My best friend's father and their friends (straight)

Ty's sex story: He has been fucking me for years, i am his slut, his whore, his fucktoy, his cumdamp and now his friends are using me too. I love it

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Our first time at an adult bookstore (straight)

Michael and Ellen's sex story: After a night of dancing and drinking we decided to check out a nearby adult bookstore. Our first time at a bookstore like this turned out quite interesting.

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