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Meeting Loveable Friendship People (gay, sex fantasy)

Skysun69's sex story: Young boys innocence being minipulated and brainwashed for an orgy party by male babysiter.. FANTASY STORY

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Me, Mom, and blue (animal sex, teen sex)

Dezie A.'s sex story: I'd just turned 16 yrs. old, me and blue were home alone, it was summer time, I was out of school for the summer,mom was at work, my brother's &sister were at summer camp, I'm the oldest so I stayed home to take care of blue, Oh Boy!! I was letting him fuck me all day, at lest 3 times a day, he was knotted in me, we were laying down, butt to butt, my door opened, mom was standing there, smiling at me, she said well I know you two do all day. And by the way he was trained by my mom!

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Happy Ending in Colombo (massage, threesome, straight)

victorsev's sex story: More than a relaxing oil massage in Sri Lanka. One white male with a small randy cock. Two Sri Lankan massage ladies..

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My Sister Mariah (teen sex, slut, cuckold)

matthewshane83's sex story: My car was turned into the BangBus, and I shamefully became my sister’s pimp. All afternoon, I drove around town to the sounds of slurping, kissing, and sucking.

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My Brother's Girlfriend is a Stripper (straight, cheating)

Jeremy's sex story: My brother, Paul, was always in the city. You could find him at any strip club, picking up the dancers and taking them home. That's where he met Abby.

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Trip with Friends (straight)

Riya's sex story: For the first time, a fun trip with my friends to Goa made me excited to do a lot over there.. Do read my experience in the story..

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