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Confessions part 2 - Taken (straight, indian, asian)

pachamal's sex story: this is about getting a new job, making friends, how a little mistake i made turned me in to a bitch. my co workers ravaging me and taking me and turning me in to their sex toy.

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Confessions part 1 - Life so far (straight, indian, asian)

pachamal's sex story: the story is about me. getting married,expectation from my husband.finding out my husband cheating on me. taking decisions about what to do with my life. moving out from my in laws house and facing the world to survive and taking care of my kids.

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Love after hours (cuckold, straight, cheating)

Hubby's sex story: My wife is a manager in a high street ladies fashion store, recently she took on her 1st boy employee, this shocked me as well as exiting me.

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My sister wanted my cock (incest, teen sex, straight)

Lance bangs's sex story: I don't know why but sex with your sister is really hot. I think because it's so wrong is why it's so hot. My sister Tamera, she enjoys sex. One day I was home and I think she thought she was alone, cause her door was wide open, she had double penetration anal videos pulled up and she was fingering her pussy.

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Uncle! I been want you To fuck me (incest, straight)

Uncle's sex story: Uncle I masturbated in front of you and you never even knew I was !! And I have to say I would get off every time like never before!!!

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My math teacher (straight, school sex, teen sex)

Lance bangs's sex story: There's always the one teacher in school who is just way to sexy to be a teacher, this is my story about fucking that teacher.

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