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Strange Stepmom Sex (incest, straight)

bobbarkerson's sex story: I engaged and agreed to have sex with my stepmom with my wife's approval. Turns out to be the craziest sex I've ever had. Strange and a bit bizarre, but sex with her is good; I just want it to get better.

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A Gay Romance Gone South - Part 1 (anal sex, oral sex)

Harold Bank's sex story: I thought falling in love with the man of my dreams was where it was at. It wasn't; he became more than I could ever have imagined. Eric was unfaithful, abusive and down right mean as hell. But I wanted him so badly. No one should have to put up with anyone like Eric.

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Monica - Chapter 14 - Me and Nev use Monica for the day 2 (wife sharing)

Lee's sex story: Another meet with Nev, this time at the motel where we spent our first night as husband and wife on the day we got married. Both Nev and I thought it a fitting venue where we could give Monica a good dose of hot sex for the day and really use her well.

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Monica - Chapter 14 - Me and Nev use Monica for the day (wife sharing)

Lee's sex story: Monica was very relaxed with Nev, she enjoyed his sexual company and didn't let too many morals get in the way. So when I suggested we spend a day at a motel with him she was all for it and eager. The motel I chose was the one I took Monica to when I first fucked her and the one we spent our first loving night as husband and wife.

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Monica - Chapter 13 - Monica meets Neville (straight, wife sharing)

Lee's sex story: After John divorcing his wife we became concerned that he was playing the field and worried about where and whom he was hooking up with. So, after such a long relationship, we stopped meeting with him and moved on.

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Sorority football (teen sex, straight)

Sara's sex story: Football team take ot from me my virginity and leave me pregnant and ashamed for what i had done and what they had done

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