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The blonde married waitress (straight, cheating)

Thewidower22's sex story: A young girl marries out of High School and within months cheats on her husband. Desperation drives her to fucking and sucking other men.

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First gangbang surprise (straight sex story)

Sunita's sex story: We have been trying out something kinky for sometime. But this time it was bizarre and I did not know how to react. Am I angry or satisfied I don't know.

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My son made me pregnant (incest, teen sex)

Jessy Jose's sex story: Hi. My name is Jessy. I am an English teacher. My son's name is Fenil. My husband is in Gulf. He comes home once every year. This is the story how my son made me pregnant. I am a teacher. My husband is in Gulf. My son is 17.

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Life of a modern housewife (cuckold, straight)

Thewidower22's sex story: My wife's story of rape, lust, and desire for a big dick and how she gets the sex she needs. My story of watching my beautiful wife fucking other men.

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The teacher affair (straight, teen sex)

Janice's sex story: I have been having a sexual affair with my 50 year old Math teacher for two years, and still nobody suspects a thing.

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First sex facesitting (oral sex, fetish)

John's sex story: Oral sex face sitting and eating my own cum. Loving a fat hairy pussy. I love licking pussy and rimming ass holes on chubby women.

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