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Monica - Chapter 11- 10 years of John 2 (straight, wife sharing)

Lee's sex story: Well I couldn't get enough of watching my lovely wife hammered by John, when ever we met it was like she was having sex with 2 husbands. John done pretty much as he liked with Monica and there was very little that we didn't know about each other sexually.

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Birthday sex chronicles (straight)

Key127's sex story: Quest to fufill the birthday sex rutal , of getting two completely different woman to please me on my day

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Seduced by a girl 5 years younger than me (teen sex, straight)

tim s's sex story: At a age of 19 I was seduced by an over seed 14 year old. Starting with wearing see through teddies, spread legs, and brushing against my dick; she got what she was looking for.

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Old woman sex oral and more (straight, mature sex)

John's sex story: A next door neighbor from my teen years calls for help. For Oral and more. Plumbing and sex. Eating pussy, rimming ass and eating cream pie.

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First time eating pussy (lesbian, teen sex)

Angelica's sex story: I had known that I was bisexual for a long time so behind my moms back I would date girls because she's a Christian and thinks being gay is wrong and disgusting

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From The Chapel To The Kennel (rough sex, straight)

Wrulf's sex story: Crystal, a slutty bride, is mistreated by husband and other men following her wedding, although she gets perversely mounted in a later installment of this tale.

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